Ligue 1 Squad Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

Ligue 1 Squad Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team


For all those players that plan a FUT 15 team based on the Ligue 1, or that plan on building one, we’ve conducted an extensive analysis on the best players.

Here it is our guide of the main French league for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.


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Introduction to the FUT 15 Ligue 1 Guide


Building a team is the biggest challenge in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. It doesn’t need to be the best team, even because the budget may not allow it, but it needs to be the player’s stature for him to obtain success.

When choosing which players to play with, you will have to look carefully at their attributes. Choosing a team based on ratings is one of the most common mistakes on FUT 15. It’s precisely this aspect that this guide focuses on. For each position, and focusing on the truly important attributes, we’ll show who are the best athletes to choose.

It’s also important that the player checks to see if the player he chooses fits the formations he likes to play in. For example, a good full back will be useless if the player only uses formations with three defenders. According to those formations, the player must be cautious to look at the work rates, trying to relate them with the ones we advise in our Formations Guide.

Last but not least, it’s mandatory that you tune all of your team so that the individual and team chemistry be as high possible. For this last step to be easier, the majority of the players start to define the type of team they’re building. Some choose gathering players of the same nationality, while others decide to form a team of players from the same league. The most popular league is the Barclays Premier League. There are also more experienced players that can form hybrid teams without damaging the chemistry a lot.

All of these steps are necessary to have; it could be that the team is not always well built as it could’ve been. This article aims to help those that think or want to form a FIFA 15 Ultimate Team based on players from the Ligue 1. Even the ones have one, could take out some valuable conclusion from this guide that could help turn your team even better.

It’s important that the readers understand that this guide is simply guidance. It’s a theme too vast and the player’s combinations are almost infinite. Besides, there are various factors that influence the choices, like it’s one’s style of play, the formations used, the available budget, the preferences or even the time spent playing. There’s still one uncertain component: a good player for someone might not be for another. If there was a better team everyone would fight to get it. Part of the fun of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is this: everyone has their personal club and players.

Another important point and that must stay very clear is that whoever is reading this guide, it’s about some criteria we chose and should be of everyone’s knowledge:

  • Only Gold Players
    • In this guide we didn’t consider silver or bronze player. Most players don’t assume them to be a better option than gold players, so to simplify the guide’s analysis we didn’t include them. In the future we may come to publish guides exclusively talking about these categories.
  • Only Regular Players
    • In this guide we didn’t consider In Forms (IF). They’re extremely expensive and in most cases are not considered good value for money. They should only be used by players with generous budgets, that already have the best team possible and that want small upgrades.
  • Only Normal Players
    • In this guide we didn’t consider players that have been transferred to other clubs or that have been reviewed (UP). Only players that started their season in the Ligue 1 and with their original attributes were considered.
  • Only Original Attributes
    • In this guide we didn’t consider changes made on a players performance such happens when applying training or chemistry styles cards.
  • Position analysis
    • To make the comprehension of this guide easier we divided the players in nine distinct groups in order of their original position: Goalkeeper (GK), central backs (CB), right backs (RB and RWB), left backs (LB and LWB), central defensive midfielders (CDM) central midfielders (CM and CAM), right midfielders (RM, RW and RF), left midfielders (LM, LW and LF) and forwards (CF and ST).
  • Prices at the date of publication of the guide
    • In the chapter where FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Ligue 1 teams are suggested, the prices considered are the ones of December 2014. It’s natural that the prices have suffered some oscillations throughout the season, so they should only be considered as guiding prices.



    FUT 15 Ligue 1 Goalkeepers (GK)


    Goalkeepers are the players that are less used on field. Because of this they are also the disdained when building a team. Most players start their purchases with a forward, later they strengthen the midfield the defence and only later the goal. The truth is a good goalkeeper may be worth a lot of goals. It’s good investment because they’re normally the most economically accessible players.

    Sirigu is the most popular goalkeeper of this league.


    Salvatore Sirigu84PSGItaly
    Stéphane Ruffier83Saint-EtienneFrance
    Steve Mandanda82MarseilleFrance
    Cédric Carrasso81BordeauxFrance
    Vincent Enyeama80LOSC LilleNigeria
    Benoît Costil78Stade RennaisFrance
    Maarten Stekelenburg77AS MonacoNetherlands
    Kossi Agassa77Stade ReimsTogo
    Danijel Subašić76AS MonacoCroatia
    Anthony Lopes76Olympique LyonPortugal


    When choosing a good goalkeeper it’s not only down to his rating. There are two fundamental attributes for choosing a good goalkeeper: reflexes and diving.

    Enyeama is the goalkeeper with best reflexes in the world. Nobody is better than him.


    Vincent Enyeama90LOSC LilleNigeria
    Salvatore Sirigu87PSGItaly
    Stéphane Ruffier86Saint-EtienneFrance
    Benoît Costil83Stade RennaisFrance
    Anthony Lopes83Olympique LyonPortugal
    Steve Mandanda82MarseilleFrance
    Cédric Carrasso82BordeauxFrance
    Kossi Agassa79Stade ReimsTogo
    Maarten Stekelenburg78AS MonacoNetherlands
    Danijel Subašić76AS MonacoCroatia


    Diving is a fundamental attribute when choosing a goalkeeper. It measures the capacity for a goalkeeper to make a save when jumping.

    The three goalkeepers with higher rating are also the ones with better diving.

    Salvatore Sirigu85PSGItaly
    Steve Mandanda83MarseilleFrance
    Stéphane Ruffier82Saint-EtienneFrance
    Maarten Stekelenburg80AS MonacoNetherlands
    Benoît Costil78Stade RennaisFrance
    Anthony Lopes78Olympique LyonPortugal
    Cédric Carrasso78BordeauxFrance
    Vincent Enyeama77LOSC LilleNigeria
    Kossi Agassa77Stade ReimsTogo
    Danijel Subašić76AS MonacoCroatia


    The most experienced Ultimate Team players know that another leaning factor on a goalkeeper’s performance without considering the remaining four attributes: height. The more tall a goalkeeper is, better his chances of having a clean sheet.

    Stekelenburg is clearly the tallest goalkeeper playing in Ligue 1.


    Maarten Stekelenburg197AS MonacoNetherlands
    Salvatore Sirigu192PSGItaly
    Danijel Subašić191AS MonacoCroatia
    Kossi Agassa190Stade ReimsTogo
    Stéphane Ruffier188Saint-EtienneFrance
    Cédric Carrasso187BordeauxFrance
    Benoît Costil187Stade RennaisFrance
    Steve Mandanda185MarseilleFrance
    Anthony Lopes184Olympique LyonPortugal
    Vincent Enyeama182LOSC LilleNigeria


    The choice for the best Ligue 1 goalkeeper on FIFA 15 Ultimate team, is extremely easy.

    In our opinion, Salvatore Sirigu is the best choice. Besides being the best in diving, he’s also who has the best positioning and he is the second tallest goalkeeper from Ligue 1. For us, Stéphane Ruffier is the best alternative to the French Champion. Steve Mandanda and Enyema are also good goalkeeper but they are much shorter.


    Ligue 1 Squad Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

    Best Ligue 1 Goalkeepers in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team



    FUT 15 Ligue 1 Central Backs (CB)


    A goalkeepers task is made easier if in front of him are quality central backs. Their function is to stop the opponent from getting dangerously close to your team’s goal.

    The two centre backs from the Brazil National Team are the best Ligue 1 players playing in this position.

    Thiago Silva87PSGBrazil
    David Luiz82PSGBrazil
    Loïc Perrin80Saint-EtienneFrance
    Simon Kjær80LOSC LilleDenmark
    Marko Baša80LOSC LilleMontenegro
    Aymen Abdennour80AS MonacoTunisia
    Nicolas Nkoulou79MarseilleCameroon
    Ricardo Carvalho77AS MonacoPortugal
    Hilton77Montpellier HSCBrazil
    Papy Mison Djilobodji77FC NantesSenegal
    Milan Biševac77Olympique LyonSerbia
    Samuel Umtiti76Olympique LyonFrance
    Lamine Sané76BordeauxSenegal
    Moustapha Sall76Saint-EtienneSenegal


    On a central back, two attributes assume particular importance on their performance: defending and heading.

    A player with better defending will have an easier chance of dispossessing the opponent and avoid him reaching your box.

    Thiago Silva is the player with best defending stat in the world.


    Thiago Silva90PSGBrazil
    Loïc Perrin83Saint-EtienneFrance
    Simon Kjær82LOSC LilleDenmark
    Marko Baša81LOSC LilleMontenegro
    David Luiz80PSGBrazil
    Aymen Abdennour80AS MonacoTunisia
    Nicolas Nkoulou80MarseilleCameroon
    Milan Biševac79Olympique LyonSerbia
    Hilton78Montpellier HSCBrazil
    Ricardo Carvalho78AS MonacoPortugal
    Moustapha Sall78Saint-EtienneSenegal
    Christophe Kerbrat78EA GuingampFrance
    Samuel Umtiti77Olympique LyonFrance
    Mexer77Stade RennaisMozambique


    The new physical attribute shows the old heading capability but also how likely the players are to win game with their body. This is a crucial attribute when looking for the best centre back.

    Aymen Abdennour is the centre back with best physical in Ligue 1.


    Aymen Abdennour86AS MonacoTunisia
    Moustapha Sall85Saint-EtienneSenegal
    Papy Mison Djilobodji84FC NantesSenegal
    Oswaldo Vizcarrondo82FC NantesVenezuela
    Lamine Sané81BordeauxSenegal
    Thiago Silva80PSGBrazil
    Milan Biševac80Olympique LyonSerbia
    Samuel Umtiti79Olympique LyonFrance
    Christophe Kerbrat79EA GuingampFrance
    Jean-Armel Kana-Biyik79Stade RennaisCameroon
    David Luiz78PSGBrazil
    Marko Baša78LOSC LilleMontenegro
    Simon Kjær78LOSC LilleDenmark
    Loïc Perrin76Saint-EtienneFrance
    Nicolas Nkoulou75MarseilleCameroon


    Defending and heading may be useless against fast opponents. It’s necessary to fight fire with fire. No likes feeling impotent when seeing you get overrun by extremely fast players. Even though, in a way, centre backs aren’t that fast, every team needs one of these players with a high pace attribute.

    Only Marquinhos and Nkoulou are faster than David Luiz and Thiago Silva.


    Nicolas Nkoulou79MarseilleCameroon
    Thiago Silva78PSGBrazil
    David Luiz77PSGBrazil
    Samuel Umtiti74Olympique LyonFrance
    Christophe Kerbrat74EA GuingampFrance
    Papy Mison Djilobodji73FC NantesSenegal
    Aymen Abdennour72AS MonacoTunisia
    Loïc Perrin71Saint-EtienneFrance
    Lamine Sané71BordeauxSenegal
    Jean-Armel Kana-Biyik70Stade RennaisCameroon
    Mexer69Stade RennaisMozambique
    Simon Kjær66LOSC LilleDenmark
    Marko Baša65LOSC LilleMontenegro
    Hilton61Montpellier HSCBrazil


    Thiago Silva intercepts everything that is at his reach. He is one of the fastest central backs of the world. He has his room in any team.

    David Luiz is our second choice. He looks like Thiago Silva but with a much worse defensive stat and work rate. Aymen Abdennour is our cheap alternative.


    Ligue 1 Squad Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

    Best Ligue 1 Central Backs in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team



    FUT 15 Ligue 1 Right Backs (RB and RWB)


    Full backs have the role of troubling the mission of the wingers. Not only. In addition, good full backs also support their team mates on offensive maneuvers.

    There is no popular right back playing in Ligue 1.


    Gregory van der Wiel77PSGNetherlands
    Serge Aurier77PSGIvory Coast
    Aïssa Mandi75Stade ReimsAlgeria
    Christophe Jallet75Olympique LyonFrance
    Sébastien Corchia75LOSC LilleFrance
    François Clerc75Saint-EtienneFrance


    There are very important attributes in any right back: defending and pace.

    Since they’re defenders they should have good defending capacities. This reduces a team’s risk of conceding.

    The right backs playing in Ligue 1 are very balanced, even in defending stat.


    Serge Aurier76PSGIvory Coast
    Aïssa Mandi75Stade ReimsAlgeria
    François Clerc75Saint-EtienneFrance
    Christophe Jallet74Olympique LyonFrance
    Gregory van der Wiel73PSGNetherlands
    Sébastien Corchia73LOSC LilleFrance


    A flanked game tends to be faster than a game based in the middle of the field. The players that fill these spaces are obligated to be fast, both penetrating defensive and attacking moves of the team. Pace is one of the most important requirements for a good full back.

    Gregory van der Wiel and Serge Aurier are the only fast right backs playing in Ligue 1.


    Gregory van der Wiel85PSGNetherlands
    Serge Aurier83PSGIvory Coast
    Sébastien Corchia77LOSC LilleFrance
    Aïssa Mandi75Stade ReimsAlgeria
    Christophe Jallet74Olympique LyonFrance
    François Clerc71Saint-EtienneFrance


    Serge Aurier is undoubtedly the best right back playing on Ligue 1. He has the best shooting, dribbling, defending and physical stats. Gregory van der Wiel is the best alternative to him. Sébastien Corchia is our economic choice.


    Ligue 1 Squad Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

    Best Ligue 1 Right Backs in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team



    Best FUT 15 Ligue 1 Left Backs (LB e LWB)


    Left backs have exactly the same role of their team mates on the other flank. In other words, they try to make a winger’s job hard and participate on the team’s offensive manoeuvres.

    Maxwell is probably the left back most popular playing in Ligue 1.


    Layvin Kurzawa76AS MonacoFrance
    Lucas Digne76PSGFrance
    Henri Bedimo76Olympique LyonCameroon


    There is no much difference between the way how the left backs from Ligue 1 defend.


    Layvin Kurzawa75AS MonacoFrance
    Lucas Digne74PSGFrance
    Henri Bedimo74Olympique LyonCameroon


    Bedimo is the fastest left back playing in France.


    Henri Bedimo82Olympique LyonCameroon
    Lucas Digne80PSGFrance
    Layvin Kurzawa79AS MonacoFrance


    Our favourite to play in the left side of the defence is Henri Bedimo. Maxwell is better in four of the six main attributes, but the Lyon’s player is faster, defends almost as well and is great in other important stats like strength, stamina and aggression.


    Ligue 1 Squad Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

    Best Ligue 1 Left Backs in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team



    Best FUT 15 Ligue 1 Defensive Midfielder (CDM)


    Many of the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team formations require some midfielders that have a natural aptitude to defend. Central defensive midfielders distinguish themselves for being especially aimed to help the more retreated line of their teams. According to their attributes and their work rates, they can also be useful for starting attacks. They are players that occupy a very strategic position in the field.

    Toulalan, Matuidi and Thiago Motta are the three most popular CDM playing in Ligue 1.


    Jérémy Toulalan83AS MonacoFrance
    Blaise Matuidi83PSGFrance
    Thiago Motta82PSGItaly
    Rio Antonio Mavuba81LOSC LilleFrance
    Maxime Gonalons80Olympique LyonFrance
    Jérémy Clément77Saint-EtienneFrance
    Grégory Sertic76BordeauxCroatia
    Idrissa Gueye76LOSC LilleSenegal
    Didier Digard76OGC NiceFrance
    Alaixys Romao75MarseilleTogo


    There are a variety of attributes in a central defensive midfielder that you have to give attention: defending, so that the first defender of team works; strength, so that you win all brawls on a prone area of the field; heading, to win possession in aerial moves like goal kicks; pace, so that you cover the most terrain on the field as possible; stamina, so they can equally participate in offensive a defensive moves (especially useful for players with high/high work rates); passing and possession so that he can properly start attacks. In our opinion the two first are the most important.

    Normally using a central defensive midfielder is associated with having a deficit of elements in your defence. So, it makes sense that when you search for a player to occupy this position you’d want players that can defend.

    Matuidi is the CDM who has the best defensive skills in Ligue 1.


    Blaise Matuidi84PSGFrance
    Maxime Gonalons80Olympique LyonFrance
    Jérémy Toulalan79AS MonacoFrance
    Jérémy Clément79Saint-EtienneFrance
    Thiago Motta78PSGItaly
    Rio Antonio Mavuba78LOSC LilleFrance
    Idrissa Gueye75LOSC LilleSenegal
    Didier Digard75OGC NiceFrance
    Grégory Sertic73BordeauxCroatia
    Alaixys Romao72MarseilleTogo


    The area of the field occupied by the central defensive midfielders is the one where most ball dispute happen. Strong players will have a higher probability of winning the ball.

    There are four Ligue 1 defensive midfielders with better physical than Matudi.


    Alaixys Romao85MarseilleTogo
    Thiago Motta84PSGItaly
    Geoffrey Kondogbia84AS MonacoFrance
    Maxime Gonalons83Olympique LyonFrance
    Blaise Matuidi82PSGFrance
    Jérémy Toulalan82AS MonacoFrance
    Didier Digard80OGC NiceFrance
    Rio Antonio Mavuba78LOSC LilleFrance
    Jérémy Clément77Saint-EtienneFrance
    Grégory Sertic76BordeauxCroatia


    Blaise Matuidi is our first choice for this position. He is not only the fastest and who has the best defending and dribbling stats. He is a very balanced player with an amazing stamina (95) and a good work rate to play everywhere.

    Toulalan and Thiago Motta are too slow. We prefer Maxime Gonalons, our economic choice.


    Ligue 1 Squad Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

    Best Ligue 1 Defensive Midfielders in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team



    Best FUT 15 Ligue 1 Central Midfielders (CM e CAM)


    A lot of games are decided on the midfield and not close to the goals. The players that play in these zones are the ones that should create the game and define its rhythm.

    There are just a few centre midfielders playing in Ligue 1. João Moutinho is the most popular one.


    João Moutinho83AS MonacoPortugal
    Yohan Cabaye81PSGFrance
    Marco Verratti80PSGItaly
    Javier Pastore79PSGArgentina
    Clément Grenier77Olympique LyonFrance
    Yoann Gourcuff77Olympique LyonFrance
    Florent Balmont76LOSC LilleFrance
    Gueïda Fofana75Olympique LyonFrance
    Etienne Didot75Toulouse FCFrance
    Renaud Cohade75Saint-EtienneFrance
    Clément Chantôme75PSGFrance


    Central midfielders are responsible for discovering lines that break the opponents defence. Their passing quality has to be really good so they can assist forwards.

    João Moutinho, Cabaye and Pastore are the three Ligue 1 midfielders with best passing skills.


    João Moutinho83AS MonacoPortugal
    Yohan Cabaye82PSGFrance
    Javier Pastore81PSGArgentina
    Clément Grenier81Olympique LyonFrance
    Marco Verratti80PSGItaly
    Yoann Gourcuff80Olympique LyonFrance
    Florent Balmont78LOSC LilleFrance
    Etienne Didot78Toulouse FCFrance
    Renaud Cohade77Saint-EtienneFrance
    Clément Chantôme77PSGFrance
    Gueïda Fofana69Olympique LyonFrance


    As it happens with passing, on dribbling Pastore and Moutinho are again in the top 3.


    Marco Verratti84PSGItaly
    Javier Pastore83PSGArgentina
    João Moutinho82AS MonacoPortugal
    Clément Grenier79Olympique LyonFrance
    Yohan Cabaye78PSGFrance
    Yoann Gourcuff78Olympique LyonFrance
    Florent Balmont75LOSC LilleFrance
    Renaud Cohade75Saint-EtienneFrance
    Clément Chantôme73PSGFrance
    Etienne Didot72Toulouse FCFrance
    Gueïda Fofana71Olympique LyonFrance


    João Moutinho is for us the best centre midfielder of Ligue 1. He has a great stamina (91) and he is the best one in pace and passing. Cabaye is our second choice. He is fast, has a good dribbling and good passing but, just like the Portuguese player, he is too weak. Verratti is our economic choice.


    Ligue 1 Squad Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

    Best Ligue 1 Central Midfielders in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team



    Best FUT 15 Ligue 1 Right Wingers (RM, RW e RF)


    The wingers are responsible for giving game width in the attack. They’re normally very explosive players.

    Lucas is the only right winger from Ligue 1 with good international reputation.


    Romain Hamouma78Saint-EtienneFrance
    Florian Thauvin77MarseilleFrance
    Kamil Grosicki76Stade RennaisPoland
    Daniel Wass75Evian Thonon FCDenmark
    Lucas Ocampos75AS MonacoArgentina
    Yann Jouffre75FC LorientFrance


    There are three fundamental attribute on a winger: pace, dribbling and passing.

    Pace is probably the biggest weapon of these players. They use it to evade opponents and getting to the other side, many times through sprints on the side lines.

    Lucas is a player really really fast.


    Kamil Grosicki89Stade RennaisPoland
    Romain Hamouma84Saint-EtienneFrance
    Florian Thauvin83MarseilleFrance
    Lucas Ocampos80AS MonacoArgentina
    Daniel Wass77Evian Thonon FCDenmark
    Yann Jouffre74FC LorientFrance


    Just being fast doesn’t cut it to reach the opponents box, having good dribbling to surpass the opponents’ players that appear on the way.

    If Lucas’ pace was not enough, his dribbling should be enough to convince any one to use him.


    Romain Hamouma80Saint-EtienneFrance
    Florian Thauvin79MarseilleFrance
    Lucas Ocampos77AS MonacoArgentina
    Kamil Grosicki76Stade RennaisPoland
    Yann Jouffre75FC LorientFrance
    Daniel Wass73Evian Thonon FCDenmark


    When reaching the opponents box the winger has to decide what to do. Normally, they choose to cross to the forwards. That is why it’s important for them to have good passing.

    And the player with best passing skills is… Lucas.


    Yann Jouffre76FC LorientFrance
    Romain Hamouma75Saint-EtienneFrance
    Daniel Wass75Evian Thonon FCDenmark
    Florian Thauvin74MarseilleFrance
    Lucas Ocampos74AS MonacoArgentina
    Kamil Grosicki71Stade RennaisPoland


    To us and probably to everyone, it is extremely easy to choose the best right winger from Ligue 1: Lucas. The Brazilian player is the best one in all the most important attributes. Romain Hamouma is our economic choice. He is cheaper than Florian Thauvin and better than him in all the six basic attributes.


    Ligue 1 Squad Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

    Best Ligue 1 Right Wingers in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team



    Best Ligue 1 Left Wingers (LM, LW e LF)


    The left wingers have exactly the same role as their team mates from the other side.

    Lavezzi is the most popular left winger playing in Ligue 1.


    Ezequiel Lavezzi82PSGArgentina
    Dimitri Payet78MarseilleFrance
    André Ayew78MarseilleGhana
    Yohan Mollo76Saint-EtienneFrance
    Romain Alessandrini76MarseilleFrance
    Franck Tabanou75Saint-EtienneFrance
    Divock Origi75LOSC LilleBelgium
    Wahbi Khazri75BordeauxTunisia
    Serge Gakpé75FC NantesTogo


    Alessandrini and Gakpé are both even faster than Lavezzi.


    Romain Alessandrini91MarseilleFrance
    Serge Gakpé91FC NantesTogo
    Ezequiel Lavezzi87PSGArgentina
    Yohan Mollo87Saint-EtienneFrance
    Divock Origi85LOSC LilleBelgium
    André Ayew81MarseilleGhana
    Dimitri Payet78MarseilleFrance
    Franck Tabanou77Saint-EtienneFrance
    Wahbi Khazri76BordeauxTunisia


    No one has better dribbling than Lavezzi.


    Ezequiel Lavezzi85PSGArgentina
    André Ayew80MarseilleGhana
    Dimitri Payet80MarseilleFrance
    Yohan Mollo80Saint-EtienneFrance
    Romain Alessandrini79MarseilleFrance
    Serge Gakpé78FC NantesTogo
    Wahbi Khazri77BordeauxTunisia
    Divock Origi75LOSC LilleBelgium
    Franck Tabanou74Saint-EtienneFrance


    Payet is the best passer. Lavezzi is second.


    Dimitri Payet77MarseilleFrance
    Ezequiel Lavezzi75PSGArgentina
    Franck Tabanou75Saint-EtienneFrance
    André Ayew74MarseilleGhana
    Wahbi Khazri74BordeauxTunisia
    Yohan Mollo71Saint-EtienneFrance
    Romain Alessandrini70MarseilleFrance
    Serge Gakpé69FC NantesTogo
    Divock Origi67LOSC LilleBelgium


    Ezequiel Lavezzi is the best left winger of Ligue 1. For those that don’t want to pay so many coins for the PSG’s winger, Romain Alessandrini is a good alternative. Ayew is not as fast as Alessandrini or Gakpé but he is better in almost everything else, including strength, stamina and aggression, reason why he is our economic choice.


    Ligue 1 Squad Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

    Best Ligue 1 Left Winger in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team



    Best Ligue 1 Forwards (CF e ST)


    The forwards are the players on which fall the most responsibility of scoring goals.

    Ibrahimovic is the biggest name of Ligue 1.


    Zlatan Ibrahimović90PSGSweden
    Edinson Cavani86PSGUruguay
    Dimitar Berbatov81AS MonacoBulgaria
    Alexandre Lacazette79Olympique LyonFrance
    Lacina Traoré78AS MonacoIvory Coast
    Ola Toivonen78Stade RennaisSweden
    André-Pierre Gignac78MarseilleFrance
    Mevlüt Erdinç77Saint-EtienneTurkey
    Wissam Ben Yedder77Toulouse FCFrance
    Michy Batshuayi76MarseilleBelgium
    Valère Germain75AS MonacoFrance
    Cheick Diabaté75BordeauxMali
    Darío Cvitanich75OGC NiceArgentina
    Martin Braithwaite75Toulouse FCDenmark
    Lucas Barrios75Montpellier HSCParaguay


    To score goals shooting is necessary. If either by foot or head, the most important attribute for a forward are: shooting, heading and pace.

    Most goals are scored with the foot so good shooting is a necessary attribute for a forward.

    Only Cristiano Ronaldo has better shooting than Zlatan Ibrahimovic.


    Zlatan Ibrahimović91PSGSweden
    Edinson Cavani85PSGUruguay
    Dimitar Berbatov82AS MonacoBulgaria
    André-Pierre Gignac81MarseilleFrance
    Lacina Traoré79AS MonacoIvory Coast
    Ola Toivonen78Stade RennaisSweden
    Michy Batshuayi78MarseilleBelgium
    Alexandre Lacazette77Olympique LyonFrance
    Valère Germain76AS MonacoFrance
    Wissam Ben Yedder75Toulouse FCFrance
    Mevlüt Erdinç75Saint-EtienneTurkey
    Darío Cvitanich75OGC NiceArgentina
    Cheick Diabaté75BordeauxMali
    Martin Braithwaite74Toulouse FCDenmark
    Lucas Barrios74Montpellier HSCParaguay


    Jump, strength and stamina are the ingredients to the new physical attribute, very important when we are analysing the best forwards: jump to score with the head; strength to dispute the ball with the opponents; and stamina to sprint in direction of goal at any time of the game.

    Once again, Ibra is the player with best physical.


    Zlatan Ibrahimović86PSGSweden
    Edinson Cavani82PSGUruguay
    Cheick Diabaté82BordeauxMali
    Lacina Traoré77AS MonacoIvory Coast
    Mevlüt Erdinç75Saint-EtienneTurkey
    Ola Toivonen74Stade RennaisSweden
    André-Pierre Gignac73MarseilleFrance
    Lucas Barrios73Montpellier HSCParaguay
    Alexandre Lacazette72Olympique LyonFrance
    Martin Braithwaite72Toulouse FCDenmark
    Darío Cvitanich69OGC NiceArgentina
    Michy Batshuayi67MarseilleBelgium
    Valère Germain65AS MonacoFrance
    Dimitar Berbatov62AS MonacoBulgaria
    Wissam Ben Yedder59Toulouse FCFrance


    Depending on the style of play and formation having good shooting and heading may not be enough for a striker. Especially in games that privilege counter-attack, pace is a very important attribute.

    This is the weakest point of Ibrahimovic. Six other strikers are faster than him.


    Martin Braithwaite89Toulouse FCDenmark
    Alexandre Lacazette87Olympique LyonFrance
    Michy Batshuayi82MarseilleBelgium
    Wissam Ben Yedder81Toulouse FCFrance
    Edinson Cavani79PSGUruguay
    Lacina Traoré77AS MonacoIvory Coast
    Zlatan Ibrahimović76PSGSweden
    Mevlüt Erdinç76Saint-EtienneTurkey
    Valère Germain76AS MonacoFrance
    André-Pierre Gignac72MarseilleFrance
    Lucas Barrios72Montpellier HSCParaguay
    Darío Cvitanich72OGC NiceArgentina
    Ola Toivonen66Stade RennaisSweden
    Dimitar Berbatov64AS MonacoBulgaria
    Cheick Diabaté61BordeauxMali

    [vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″]

    There is a top forward on Ligue 1: Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The Swedish player is the best forward of this league. He is the one with better shooting, passing, dribbling, physical, ball control, shooting power, strength, long shooting, skills…

    If you don’t have enough coins to buy him, you may try Cavani. In previous years he had a bad work rate but now things are much better. Our economic choice is Alexandre Lacazette.

    [/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″]


    > 1
    Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    < 1
    Michy Batshuayi
    Alexandre Lacazette
    Lacina Traore
    Edinson Cavani

    Ligue 1 Squad Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

    Best Ligue 1 Striker in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team



    Ligue 1 Team Suggestions


    A lot of people think that this is the most important part of the guide. It’s not. The thing that is really important to know is how to choose player based on their role and style of play that fits each player. And that is made in the previous chapters. The team suggestions that follow are simple graphic indicators of what we wrote previously. They should serve merely as orientation because it’s impossible to build a team that fits everyone. They depend on various factors we don’t know such as budget, formation, style of play and player preferences.

    To try and explore the needs of the maximum player as possible we suggest three teams with different budgets and formations: 4-1-2-1-2 with unlimited budget, 4-3-3 with 25k budget and 4-4-2 with a 5k budget.


    Team with Unlimited Budget


    Ligue 1 Squad Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

    Click on the image to maximize it


    • First Squad
      • GK: Salvatore Sirigu
        7k | 5.5k | 5.5k

        RB: Serge Aurier
        0.7k | 0.6k | 0.8k

        CBR: Thiago Silva
        54k | 37k | 74k

        CBL: David Luiz
        4.4k | 3.3k | 2k

        LB: Henri Bedimo
        0.7k | 0.8k | 0.8k

        CDM: Blaise Matuidi
        2.7k | 2k | 1.7k

        RM: Lucas
        5.5k | 3.7k | 2.1k

        LM: Ezequiel Lavezzi
        2.3k | 1.6k | 1.2k

        CAM: João Moutinho
        0.8k | 1.3k | 0.8k

        STR: Edinson Cavani
        6k | 4k | 2.5k

        STL: Zlatan Ibrahimovic
        850k | 600k | 1685k

        Prices order:
        Playstation | XBox | PC

    • Substitutes and Reserves
      • GK: Stéphane Ruffier
        0.8k | 0.8k | 0.8k

        RB: Gregory Van Der Wiel
        0.7k | 0.7k | 0.7k

        CB: Aymen Abdenhour
        0.8k | 0.7k | 0.9k

        CB: Nicolas Nkoulou
        0.4k | 0.4k | 0.4k

        LB: Maxwell
        0.4k | 0.5k | 0.6k

        CDM: Maxime Gonalons
        0.4k | 0.4k | 0.4k

        RM: Romain Hamouma
        0.4k | 0.4k | 0.4k

        LM: Romain Alessandrini
        1k | 0.7k | 0.8k

        CAM: Yohan Cabaye
        0.7k | 0.8k | 0.8k

        ST: Alexandre Lacazette
        0.7k | 0.8k | 0.9k

        ST: Martin Braithwaite
        0.7k | 1.1k | 0.8k


    • Budget
      • Playstation: 941.1k coins (934.1k + 7.3k)
        Xbox: 667.1k coins (659.8k + 7.3k)
        PC: 1783.9k coins (1776.4k + 7.5k)


    • Summary
    • The choice for this team’s players was based on analysis made in the previous chapters.

      Sirigu is still the best Ligue 1 goalkeeper. He links very well with David Luiz and Thiago Silva, which is great if you are thinking to build a hybrid squad. Bedimo and Aurier ae the other two defenders.

      In Ligue 1, there is no one as good to keep the defence well protected as Matuidi. He is the player with higher stamina in the game. For the next position, João Moutinho is the most balanced player.

      On the wings, the team have two great players for affordable prices: Lucas and Lavezzi. In this league, no one can be compared with them.

      If your budget allows you, of course, Ibrahimovic and Cavani are the obvious choices for the attack line. For lower budgets, Lacazette is a interesting player.

      Once all the players reach maximum individual chemistry you can go without a manager for your squad. They’ll be of no use and still spend contracts.


    25k Budget Team


    Ligue 1 Squad Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

    Click on the image to maximize it


    • First Squad
      • GK: Stéphane Ruffier
        0.8k | 0.8k | 0.8k

        RB: Serge Aurier
        0.7k | 0.6k | 0.8k

        CBR: Nicolas Nkoulou
        0.4k | 0.4k | 0.4k

        CBL: David Luiz
        4.4k | 3.3k | 2k

        LB: Henri Bedimo
        0.7k | 0.8k | 0.8k

        CMR: João Moutinho
        0.8k | 1.3k | 0.8k

        CMC: Blaise Matuidi
        2.7k | 2k | 1.7k

        CML: Yohan Cabaye
        0.7k | 0.8k | 0.8k

        RW: Lucas
        5.5k | 3.7k | 2.1k

        LW: Ezequiel Lavezzi
        2.3k | 1.6k | 1.2k

        ST: Edinson Cavani
        6k | 4k | 2.5k

        Prices order:
        Playstation | XBox | PC

    • Substitutes and Reserves
      • GK: Vincent Enyeama
        0.6k | 0.6k | 0.8k

        RB: Gregory Van Der Wiel
        0.7k | 0.7k | 0.7k

        CB: Aymen Abdenhour
        0.8k | 0.7k | 0.9k

        CB: Loic Perrin
        0.7k | 0.6k | 0.9k

        LB: Maxwell
        0.4k | 0.5k | 0.6k

        CM: Maxime Gonalons
        0.4k | 0.4k | 0.4k

        CM: Marco Verratti
        0.4k | 0.5k | 0.4k

        CM: Thiago Motta
        0.7k | 0.7k | 0.7k

        RW: Romain Hamouma
        0.4k | 0.4k | 0.4k

        LW: Romain Alessandrini
        1k | 0.7k | 0.8k

        ST: Alexandre Lacazette
        0.7k | 0.8k | 0.9k


    • Budget
      • Playstation: 31.8k coins (25k + 6.8k)
        Xbox: 25.9k coins (19.3k + 6.6k)
        PC: 21.4k coins (13.9k + 7.5k)


    • Summary
    • The choice for this team’s players was based on analysis made in the previous chapters.

      Ruffier is the number two in the best Ligue 1 goalkeepers list. Abdenhour is, in our opinion, the third defender of this league but his work rates
      are not good to play with David Luiz, and for that reason we have chosen Nkoulou to take the Thiago’s spot. The fullbacks are cheap enough to be kept in the team.

      The central midfield position has to be Matuidi. The French player builds up the first barrier between your goal line and the opponent, making his defensiveness and physicality count. João Moutinho and Cabaye complete the midfield.

      While Lucas beats the concurrence on the right wing, Lavezzi do it in the opposite side.

      Over the attack line, Cavani is a great choice, especially now that he has decent work rates.

      If you still have some room in your budget, Sirigu is a player that would improve this squad.


    10K Budget Team


    Ligue 1 Squad Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

    Click on the image to maximize it


    • First Squad
      • GK: Vincent Enyeama
        0.6k | 0.6k | 0.8k

        RB: Sébastien Corchia
        0.4k | 0.4k | 0.4k

        CBR: Nicolas Nkoulou
        0.4k | 0.4k | 0.4k

        CBL: Samuel Umtiti
        0.4k | 0.4k | 0.4k

        LB: Layuin Kurzawa
        0.4k | 0.4k | 0.4k

        CMR: Maxime Gonalons
        0.4k | 0.4k | 0.4k

        CML: Marco Veratti
        0.4k | 0.5k | 0.4k

        RM: Romain Hamouma
        0.4k | 0.4k | 0.4k

        LM: Andre Ayew
        0.3k | 0.3k | 0.4k

        STR: Michy Batshuayi
        0.3k | 0.4k | 0.3k

        STL: Lacina Traoré
        0.6k | 0.6k | 0.7k

        Prices order:
        Playstation | XBox | PC

    • Substitutes and Reserves
      • GK: Cédric Carrasso
        0.4k | 0.4k | 0.4k

        RB: Christophe Jallet
        0.3k | 0.3k | 0.3k

        CB: Christophe Kerbrat
        0.3k | 0.4k | 0.4k

        CB: Marquinhos
        0.4k | 0.5k | 0.4k

        LB: Lucas Digne
        0.4k | 0.4k | 0.5k

        CM: Grégory Sertic
        0.4k | 0.4k | 0.4k

        CM: Javier Pastore
        0.5k | 0.4k | 0.5k

        RM: Florian Thauvin
        0.4k | 0.4k | 0.4k

        LM: Dimitri Payet
        0.3k | 0.4k | 0.4k

        ST: Mevlut Erdinç
        0.3k | 0.3k | 0.4k

        ST: André-Pierre Gignac
        0.4k | 0.4k | 0.4k


    • Budget
      • Playstation: 8.7k coins (4.6k + 4.1k)
        Xbox: 9.1k coins (4.8k + 4.3k)
        PC: 9.5k coins (5k + 4.5k)


    • Summary
    • The choice for this team’s players was based on analysis made in the previous chapters.

      Enyeama is one of the most expensive players in this squad but he’s most likely to be seen as an investment of certain return.

      Nkoulou is probably the ‘bets value for money’ you will ever find in Ligue 1. Umtiti, Kurzawa and Corchia are the three other defenders.

      On the midfield, Gonalons and Verratti complete each other well. The first one is a defensive midfielder, and the second is a young player that’s usually more advanced and is used to assisting his colleagues. Hamouma and Ayew, another player that it is very cheap, fill the wings in order to assist Traoré and Batshuayi.


    Follow our tips and you’ll become more successful on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team with your Ligue 1 Team.


    Born in the late 70s, Rodrigo Lopes is a video game enthusiast. He started on the old ZX Spectrum 48k and has played every FIFA game to present day. He is an engineer, that also writes about FIFA games on another popular website. Rodrigo is an Ultimate Team expert, he loves football and is a huge Benfica fan. He has influenced thousands of FIFA gaming fans with his cutting edge insights and scientific level approach to writing about FIFA gaming modes. Join him on Google Plus.


    1. Do you think IF Toulanlan is much better than Mangala as his price suggests? Is he worth the number of coins?
      Who do you think would be a better pairing with Koscielny?

    2. Hi there, I’m trying to make a ligue 1 team.
      For a 4-1-2-1 (2) formation who would you prefer at CAM
      2nd In-form Payet (CAM 81) or IF Pastore (CM 81)?
      and do you think payet is better value for money considering their current price ranges?
      Many thanks 🙂

    3. Hi Rodrigo

      I’m trying to make a ligue 1 serie a hybrid

      How could I improve a team(4-3-3) including

      Maxwell,David Luiz,Marquinhos,Aurier
      Cavani, Matuidi, Lucas
      Ibarbo, Lacazette, Cuadrado

    4. Hey Rodrigo this is my bpl squad (4-3-3) GK-De Gea LB-F.luis Cb-Kompany and koscienly Rb -Zableta Cm-rooney,Fabregas,Ozil St-Sturridge Lw&Rw -Alexis Sanchez and schurrle Can you suggest me better wings and CM

    5. hi again!

      well my ligue 1 squad

      gk stekenburg
      lb digne
      cbs kjaer luis
      rb wiel
      cdm motta matuidi
      cm veratti
      lw lavezzi
      rw lucas
      st gignac

      I use 4-3-3

      any suggestions?

    6. Hi Rodrigo! What changes would you make to this team?
      It’s a BPL squad and the formation is a 4 3 3 (4).

      GK: Cech
      RB: Zabaletta
      CBs: Mangala and Vertoghen
      LB: Clichy
      CMs: Cesc Fàbregas and Matic
      CAM: Özil
      RW: Willian
      LW: Schürrle
      ST: Sturridge

      Thank you.

    7. Hi Rodrigo. I have a BPL team. My formation Is a 4 3 3 (4).

      GK: Cech
      RB: Zabaleta
      CBs: Vertoghen and Mangala
      LB: Clichy
      CMs: Cesc and Matic
      CAM: Ozil
      RW: Wilian
      LW: Schurle
      ST: Sturrdidge

      What changes should I make?

    8. Great guide Rodrigo, I had almost exactly same team.

      Only two differences, both on the bench: I had Loic Perrin instead of Nkoulou. Nkoulou is much faster, but Perrin is better at tackling, interceptions, marking and heading.

      And it was difficult to pick between Ayew and Alessandrini. Ayew has much better stamina also better passing stats although Alessandrini has decent crossing. I went with Alessandrini because a winger has to be fast, unlike a centre back where I prefer defending and physical over pace. Alessandrini also is better at skills and weak foot, which is important to me since I tend to go inside with the wingers.


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