FIFA 21 La Liga Midfielders



Many of the FUT formations require some midfielders that have a natural aptitude to defend. Central defensive midfielders distinguish themselves for being especially aimed to help the back line. According to their attributes and their work rates, they can also be useful to start attacks. They occupy a very strategic position in the field.
Casemiro BrazilReal Madrid
Fernando BrazilSevilla
Lucas Torreira UruguayAtlético Madrid
Nemanja Gudelja SerbiaSevilla
Okay Yokuşlu TurkeyRC Celta
Zubeldia SpainReal Sociead
Nemanja Maksimović SerbiaGetafe FC
Sergio Busquets SpainFC Barcelona
William Carvalho PortugalReal Betis
Papakouli Diop SenegalSD Eibar
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You need to look at several attributes when choosing a central defensive midfielder: defending, to be able to support the back line; strength, to win possession more times; heading, to win the ball in aerial moves like goal kicks; pace, to cover as many spaces as possible; stamina, so he can equally participate in offensive and defensive plays (especially useful for players with high/high work rates); passing and possession, so that he can properly start attacks. In our opinion, the two first are the most important ones.

Usually, defensive midfielders are chosen to help the defence. So, it makes sense that they have high defensive stats. The area of the field occupied by CDMs is the one where most ball disputes happen. Strong players will have highest probabilities of winning the ball.
Casemiro BrazilReal Madrid89
Sergio Busquets SpainFC Barcelona87
Fernando BrazilSevilla83
Lucas Torreira UruguayAtlético Madrid81
Illarramendi SpainReal Sociead80
Mauro Arambarri UruguayGetafe FC80
William Carvalho PortugalReal Betis80
Iborra SpainVillarreal CF79
Nemanja Gudelj SerbiaSevilla79
Nemanja Maksimović SerbiaGetafe FC79
Zubeldia SpainReal Sociead79
Iván Marcone ArgentinaElche CF78
Papakouli Diop SenegalSD Eibar78
Montoro SpainGranada CF77
Oier SpainCA Osasuna77
Okay Yokuşlu TurkeyRC Celta77
Guido Rodríguez ArgentinaReal Betis76
Ibrahim Amadou FranceSevilla76
Luis Milla SpainGranada CF76
Maxime Gonalons FranceGranada CF76
Ramón Azeez NigeriaGranada CF75
Sergio Álvarez SpainSD Eibar75
89Casemiro BrazilReal Madrid86
87Sergio Busquets SpainFC Barcelona83
83Fernando BrazilSevilla82
81Lucas Torreira UruguayAtlético Madrid79
80Mauro Arambarri UruguayGetafe FC78
78Papakouli Diop SenegalSD Eibar78
80Illarramendi SpainReal Sociead77
79Iborra SpainVillarreal CF77
79Nemanja Maksimović SerbiaGetafe FC77
76Guido Rodríguez ArgentinaReal Betis77
80William Carvalho PortugalReal Betis75
79Nemanja Gudelj SerbiaSevilla75
79Zubeldia SpainReal Sociead75
77Okay Yokuşlu TurkeyRC Celta75
76Maxime Gonalons FranceGranada CF75
78Iván Marcone ArgentinaElche CF74
77Montoro SpainGranada CF74
77Oier SpainCA Osasuna74
76Ibrahim Amadou FranceSevilla74
75Sergio Álvarez SpainSD Eibar71
76Luis Milla SpainGranada CF70
75Ramón Azeez NigeriaGranada CF70
89Casemiro BrazilReal Madrid91
80William Carvalho PortugalReal Betis85
78Papakouli Diop SenegalSD Eibar85
79Nemanja Gudelj SerbiaSevilla84
77Okay Yokuşlu TurkeyRC Celta84
83Fernando BrazilSevilla82
78Iván Marcone ArgentinaElche CF81
79Iborra SpainVillarreal CF80
79Zubeldia SpainReal Sociead80
76Ibrahim Amadou FranceSevilla79
79Nemanja Maksimović SerbiaGetafe FC78
76Guido Rodríguez ArgentinaReal Betis78
75Sergio Álvarez SpainSD Eibar78
87Sergio Busquets SpainFC Barcelona77
80Mauro Arambarri UruguayGetafe FC76
77Oier SpainCA Osasuna75
75Ramón Azeez NigeriaGranada CF75
81Lucas Torreira UruguayAtlético Madrid74
76Maxime Gonalons FranceGranada CF72
76Luis Milla SpainGranada CF72
77Montoro SpainGranada CF70
80Illarramendi SpainReal Sociead69
The Best FIFA 21 La Liga Midfielders
Casemiro is the only good defensive midfielder playing in this league. He is the CDM who gives more security to the back line but he is also a good offensive player. He could be faster but compared with the other CDMs, he is OK.

If you don’t have enough coins to pay him, only Fernando will save you to get into troubles. He’s not a top defensive midfielder but his strength and defensive skills are good enough for most of the teams.

The major problem of La Liga CDMs is their pace. It’s incredible how there are so many slow players in this position. In our opinion, someone with less than 50 of pace should not be selected to your team, even if you think to apply him a chemistry style that boosts the pace. It’s the case of Sergio Busquets, William Carvalho, Iborra or Diop. Any of these would be a very interesting player if the was faster.


A lot of games are decided in the midfield and not close to the goals. The players that play in these zones are the ones that should create chances and set the pace of the game.
Frenkie de Jong NetherlandsFC Barcelona
Federico Valverde UruguayReal Madrid
Thomas Partey GhanaAtlético Madrid
Luka Modrić CroatiaReal Madrid
Marcos Llorente SpainAtlético Madrid
Koke SpainAtlético Madrid
Miralem Pjanić Bosnia And HerzegovinaFC Barcelona
Toni Kroos GermanyReal Madrid
Parejo SpainVillarreal CF
Canales SpainReal Betis
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Centre midfielders are responsible for discovering lines that break the opponent’s defence. Their passing quality has to be really good so they can assist forwards.

Good dribbling skills allows the team to move forward, creating potential problems to the other team.
Toni Kroos GermanyReal Madrid88
Luka Modrić CroatiaReal Madrid87
Frenkie de Jong NetherlandsFC Barcelona85
Koke SpainAtlético Madrid85
Miralem Pjanić Bosnia And HerzegovinaFC Barcelona85
Parejo SpainVillarreal CF85
Saúl SpainAtlético Madrid84
Thomas Partey GhanaAtlético Madrid84
Federico Valverde UruguayReal Madrid83
Canales SpainReal Betis82
Ivan Rakitić CroatiaSevilla82
Marcos Llorente SpainAtlético Madrid82
Héctor Herrera MexicoAtlético Madrid81
Campaña SpainLevante80
Francis Coquelin FranceVillarreal CF80
Merino SpainReal Sociead80
Dani García SpainAthletic Club79
Geoffrey Kondogbia CARValencia79
Joan Jordán SpainSevilla79
Rafinha BrazilFC Barcelona79
Andrés Guardado MexicoReal Betis78
Manu Trigueros SpainVillarreal CF78
Roque Mesa SpainR. Valladolid78
Roque Mesa SpainSevilla78
Rubén Alcaraz SpainR. Valladolid78
88Toni Kroos GermanyReal Madrid91
85Parejo SpainVillarreal CF90
87Luka Modrić CroatiaReal Madrid89
85Miralem Pjanić Bosnia And HerzegovinaFC Barcelona87
85Koke SpainAtlético Madrid85
82Ivan Rakitić CroatiaSevilla85
85Frenkie de Jong NetherlandsFC Barcelona84
82Canales SpainReal Betis83
80Campaña SpainLevante82
84Thomas Partey GhanaAtlético Madrid81
84Saúl SpainAtlético Madrid79
82Marcos Llorente SpainAtlético Madrid79
79Joan Jordán SpainSevilla79
79Rafinha BrazilFC Barcelona79
78Andrés Guardado MexicoReal Betis79
78Rubén Alcaraz SpainR. Valladolid79
77Franco Vázquez ArgentinaSevilla79
83Federico Valverde UruguayReal Madrid78
80Merino SpainReal Sociead78
77Óliver Torres SpainSevilla78
77Unai López SpainAthletic Club78
78Manu Trigueros SpainVillarreal CF77
80Francis Coquelin FranceVillarreal CF76
81Héctor Herrera MexicoAtlético Madrid75
79Geoffrey Kondogbia CARValencia75
87Luka Modrić CroatiaReal Madrid88
85Frenkie de Jong NetherlandsFC Barcelona87
85Miralem Pjanić Bosnia And HerzegovinaFC Barcelona85
82Canales SpainReal Betis83
79Rafinha BrazilFC Barcelona83
77Óliver Torres SpainSevilla82
88Toni Kroos GermanyReal Madrid81
85Parejo SpainVillarreal CF81
85Koke SpainAtlético Madrid81
84Thomas Partey GhanaAtlético Madrid81
84Saúl SpainAtlético Madrid81
82Marcos Llorente SpainAtlético Madrid81
80Merino SpainReal Sociead81
75Riqui Puig SpainFC Barcelona81
83Federico Valverde UruguayReal Madrid80
80Campaña SpainLevante80
80Francis Coquelin FranceVillarreal CF80
78Andrés Guardado MexicoReal Betis80
77Franco Vázquez ArgentinaSevilla79
77Unai López SpainAthletic Club79
82Ivan Rakitić CroatiaSevilla78
78Roque Mesa SpainR. Valladolid78
78Roque Mesa SpainSevilla78
79Joan Jordán SpainSevilla77
79Geoffrey Kondogbia CARValencia77
The Best FIFA 21 La Liga Midfielders
You have plenty of quality choices for this position no matter what is your play style. In our opinion, there are four players who stand out: Partey, if you need a good defensive midfielder; Modrić, if your goal is to find someone more focused on the attack; Valverde, a typical box-to-box; and Frenkie de Jong, if you want to a player balanced between the attack and the defence.

There are other good players that you can use like Llorente, who is the centre midfielder with the highest face stats, Koke and Pjanić. If you don’t mind to play with slower players, Kroos and Parejo, who are very similar, are very interesting options.


An attacking centre midfielder is responsible for creating chances to score. He should have a good dribbling, a decent passing, a high long shot stat and a great vision stat.
Nabil Fekir FranceReal Betis
Coutinho BrazilFC Barcelona
Martin Ødegaard NorwayReal Madrid
David Silva SpainReal Sociead
Isco SpainReal Madrid
Borja García SpainSD Huesca
Óscar SpainSevilla
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A central attacking midfielders need to have good passing stats, so he can assist forwards. If he is a good dribbler, he can make all the difference when the team is attacking.
David Silva SpainReal Sociead86
Isco SpainReal Madrid84
Coutinho BrazilFC Barcelona83
Martin Ødegaard NorwayReal Madrid83
Nabil Fekir FranceReal Betis83
Borja García SpainSD Huesca75
Óscar SpainSevilla75
86David Silva SpainReal Sociead88
83Martin Ødegaard NorwayReal Madrid84
84Isco SpainReal Madrid82
83Coutinho BrazilFC Barcelona82
83Nabil Fekir FranceReal Betis81
75Óscar SpainSevilla74
75Borja García SpainSD Huesca73
84Isco SpainReal Madrid89
86David Silva SpainReal Sociead88
83Coutinho BrazilFC Barcelona88
83Nabil Fekir FranceReal Betis87
83Martin Ødegaard NorwayReal Madrid84
75Óscar SpainSevilla77
75Borja García SpainSD Huesca74
The Best FIFA 21 La Liga Midfielders
There are only seven centre attacking midfielders playing in the first division of Spain. Our favourite is Fekir. He is a good example as you shouldn’t pick your players based on their rating. He has the best pace, shooting and physicality stat from these seven CAMs. He is also very good on the dribbling and passing. OK, he is the worst on defending but that’s something you would don’t on someone who plays in this position, right?

Coutinho, our second choice, is also good but not as strong as we would like. If you can’t live without a 5-star skiller, then it’s him who you need.

Ødegaard was another player who surprised us. His shoot could be better (2 stars weak foot doesn’t help), but he’s fast and good with the ball on his feet.


Wingers are usually responsible for giving game width in the attack.
Lionel Messi ArgentinaFC Barcelona
Portu SpainReal Sociead
Lucas Ocampos ArgentinaSevilla
Ángel Correa ArgentinaAtlético Madrid
Rodrygo BrazilReal Madrid
Suso SpainSevilla
Lucas Vázquez SpainReal Madrid
Trincão PortugalFC Barcelona
Hernâni PortugalLevante
Abdoulay Diaby MaliGetafe FC
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Pace is probably the biggest weapon of these players. They use it to escape opponents. However, to be fast isn’t enough to reach the opponent’s box. A good dribbling stat will help you to surpass the opponents’ players that appear on the way. When reaching the opponent’s box, the winger has to decide what to do. Normally, he decides to cross and that’s why it’s so important to have good passing stats.
Lionel Messi ArgentinaFC Barcelona93
Portu SpainReal Sociead83
Ángel Correa ArgentinaAtlético Madrid82
Lucas Ocampos ArgentinaSevilla82
Suso SpainSevilla81
Adnan Januzaj BelgiumReal Sociead80
Lucas Vázquez SpainReal Madrid80
Carlos Soler SpainValencia79
Fabián Orellana ChileR. Valladolid79
Ibai Gómez SpainAthletic Club79
Pedro León SpainSD Eibar79
Rodrygo BrazilReal Madrid79
Trincão PortugalFC Barcelona78
Aleix Vidal SpainSevilla77
Puertas SpainGranada CF77
Roberto Torres SpainCA Osasuna77
Rochina SpainLevante77
Samuel Chukwueze NigeriaVillarreal CF77
Hernâni PortugalLevante76
Jason SpainValencia76
Óscar Plano SpainR. Valladolid76
Abdoulay Diaby MaliGetafe FC75
Allan Nyom CameroonGetafe FC75
Brais Méndez SpainRC Celta75
Dimitri Foulquier FranceGranada CF75
75Abdoulay Diaby MaliGetafe FC93
76Hernâni PortugalLevante91
83Portu SpainReal Sociead90
77Samuel Chukwueze NigeriaVillarreal CF88
79Rodrygo BrazilReal Madrid87
93Lionel Messi ArgentinaFC Barcelona85
76Óscar Plano SpainR. Valladolid85
82Ángel Correa ArgentinaAtlético Madrid84
82Lucas Ocampos ArgentinaSevilla82
77Aleix Vidal SpainSevilla82
75Takefusa Kubo JapanVillarreal CF82
80Lucas Vázquez SpainReal Madrid81
75Allan Nyom CameroonGetafe FC80
79Carlos Soler SpainValencia79
78Trincão PortugalFC Barcelona79
80Adnan Januzaj BelgiumReal Sociead78
77Puertas SpainGranada CF78
76Jason SpainValencia78
81Suso SpainSevilla76
75Dimitri Foulquier FranceGranada CF76
79Ibai Gómez SpainAthletic Club75
79Fabián Orellana ChileR. Valladolid73
75Brais Méndez SpainRC Celta72
77Rochina SpainLevante70
77Roberto Torres SpainCA Osasuna66
93Lionel Messi ArgentinaFC Barcelona95
82Ángel Correa ArgentinaAtlético Madrid86
81Suso SpainSevilla85
80Adnan Januzaj BelgiumReal Sociead83
79Rodrygo BrazilReal Madrid83
78Trincão PortugalFC Barcelona83
77Samuel Chukwueze NigeriaVillarreal CF83
83Portu SpainReal Sociead82
82Lucas Ocampos ArgentinaSevilla82
75Takefusa Kubo JapanVillarreal CF82
77Rochina SpainLevante81
76Hernâni PortugalLevante81
80Lucas Vázquez SpainReal Madrid80
79Fabián Orellana ChileR. Valladolid80
79Ibai Gómez SpainAthletic Club79
79Carlos Soler SpainValencia78
79Pedro León SpainSD Eibar78
77Aleix Vidal SpainSevilla78
76Jason SpainValencia77
75Portillo SpainGetafe FC76
77Puertas SpainGranada CF75
77Roberto Torres SpainCA Osasuna75
76Óscar Plano SpainR. Valladolid75
75Abdoulay Diaby MaliGetafe FC74
75Dimitri Foulquier FranceGranada CF74
93Lionel Messi ArgentinaFC Barcelona91
79Pedro León SpainSD Eibar87
81Suso SpainSevilla82
83Portu SpainReal Sociead81
79Ibai Gómez SpainAthletic Club80
79Carlos Soler SpainValencia79
82Lucas Ocampos ArgentinaSevilla78
80Adnan Januzaj BelgiumReal Sociead78
80Lucas Vázquez SpainReal Madrid78
79Fabián Orellana ChileR. Valladolid78
77Roberto Torres SpainCA Osasuna78
77Rochina SpainLevante77
82Ángel Correa ArgentinaAtlético Madrid75
75Portillo SpainGetafe FC75
75Brais Méndez SpainRC Celta75
76Óscar Plano SpainR. Valladolid74
77Aleix Vidal SpainSevilla72
77Puertas SpainGranada CF72
76Jason SpainValencia72
75Allan Nyom CameroonGetafe FC72
78Trincão PortugalFC Barcelona71
79Rodrygo BrazilReal Madrid70
75Dimitri Foulquier FranceGranada CF70
76Hernâni PortugalLevante68
75Takefusa Kubo JapanVillarreal CF68
The Best FIFA 21 La Liga Midfielders
You know Messi. He’s a beast. With him on your team, you will have a lot of quality time playing FIFA. However, he’s very expensive and you probably will need to find a few alternatives to him.

In our opinion, Portu is the best alternative. He’s one of the fastest and also one of the strongest – two stats that are OP every single year. His passing and dribbling stats are also good and he has high stamina and high work rates. For more affordable squads, we recommend Ángel Correa and Lucas Ocampos.

Other interesting options include Rodrygo and Suso. The first is fast but has a bad passing, while with the other it is the opposite.


The left wingers have exactly the same role as their team mates from the other side.
Eden Hazard BelgiumReal Madrid
Ousmane Dembélé FranceFC Barcelona
Yannick Carrasco BelgiumAtlético Madrid
Vinícius Jr. BrazilReal Madrid
Oyarzabal SpainReal Sociead
Muniain SpainAthletic Club
Thomas Lemar FranceAtlético Madrid
Gonçalo Guedes PortugalValencia
Marco Asensio SpainReal Madrid
Cucurella SpainGetafe FC
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Pace is probably the biggest weapon of these players. They use it to escape opponents. However, to be fast isn’t enough to reach the opponent’s box. A good dribbling stat will help you to surpass the opponents’ players that appear on the way. When reaching the opponent’s box, the winger has to decide what to do. Normally, he decides to cross and that’s why it’s so important to have good passing stats.
Eden Hazard BelgiumReal Madrid88
Oyarzabal SpainReal Sociead84
Muniain SpainAthletic Club83
Ousmane Dembélé FranceFC Barcelona83
Marco Asensio SpainReal Madrid82
Yannick Carrasco BelgiumAtlético Madrid82
Cucurella SpainGetafe FC81
Gonçalo Guedes PortugalValencia81
Thomas Lemar FranceAtlético Madrid81
Joaquín SpainReal Betis80
Vinícius Jr. BrazilReal Madrid80
Enis Bardhi MacedoniaLevante79
Rubén García SpainCA Osasuna79
Vitolo SpainAtlético Madrid79
Cristian Tello SpainReal Betis78
Darwin Machís VenezuelaGranada CF78
Denis Suárez SpainRC Celta78
Jony SpainCA Osasuna78
Takashi Inui JapanSD Eibar78
Córdoba SpainAthletic Club77
Denis Cheryshev RussiaValencia77
Moi Gómez SpainVillarreal CF77
Oussama Idrissi MoroccoSevilla77
Toni Villa SpainR. Valladolid77
Amath Ndiaye SenegalGetafe FC76
80Vinícius Jr. BrazilReal Madrid95
83Ousmane Dembélé FranceFC Barcelona92
76Amath Ndiaye SenegalGetafe FC92
82Yannick Carrasco BelgiumAtlético Madrid91
78Cristian Tello SpainReal Betis89
88Eden Hazard BelgiumReal Madrid88
76Ansu Fati SpainFC Barcelona88
81Gonçalo Guedes PortugalValencia87
75Waldo SpainR. Valladolid87
78Darwin Machís VenezuelaGranada CF86
77Oussama Idrissi MoroccoSevilla84
78Jony SpainCA Osasuna83
77Córdoba SpainAthletic Club83
84Oyarzabal SpainReal Sociead81
83Muniain SpainAthletic Club81
81Cucurella SpainGetafe FC81
81Thomas Lemar FranceAtlético Madrid80
78Takashi Inui JapanSD Eibar80
82Marco Asensio SpainReal Madrid79
77Denis Cheryshev RussiaValencia79
79Rubén García SpainCA Osasuna78
75Ontiveros SpainSD Huesca78
79Vitolo SpainAtlético Madrid77
77Toni Villa SpainR. Valladolid77
79Enis Bardhi MacedoniaLevante76
88Eden Hazard BelgiumReal Madrid92
83Muniain SpainAthletic Club87
83Ousmane Dembélé FranceFC Barcelona86
80Vinícius Jr. BrazilReal Madrid86
82Yannick Carrasco BelgiumAtlético Madrid84
81Thomas Lemar FranceAtlético Madrid84
84Oyarzabal SpainReal Sociead83
82Marco Asensio SpainReal Madrid83
78Takashi Inui JapanSD Eibar83
79Enis Bardhi MacedoniaLevante82
77Toni Villa SpainR. Valladolid82
81Gonçalo Guedes PortugalValencia81
78Denis Suárez SpainRC Celta81
77Oussama Idrissi MoroccoSevilla81
76Amath Ndiaye SenegalGetafe FC81
80Joaquín SpainReal Betis80
78Darwin Machís VenezuelaGranada CF80
75Waldo SpainR. Valladolid80
81Cucurella SpainGetafe FC79
79Rubén García SpainCA Osasuna79
79Vitolo SpainAtlético Madrid79
78Cristian Tello SpainReal Betis79
77Córdoba SpainAthletic Club79
76Ansu Fati SpainFC Barcelona79
76Kenedy BrazilGranada CF79
88Eden Hazard BelgiumReal Madrid83
80Joaquín SpainReal Betis83
82Marco Asensio SpainReal Madrid81
81Thomas Lemar FranceAtlético Madrid81
84Oyarzabal SpainReal Sociead80
83Muniain SpainAthletic Club80
79Rubén García SpainCA Osasuna79
81Cucurella SpainGetafe FC78
79Enis Bardhi MacedoniaLevante78
78Denis Suárez SpainRC Celta78
83Ousmane Dembélé FranceFC Barcelona77
78Jony SpainCA Osasuna77
77Moi Gómez SpainVillarreal CF77
81Gonçalo Guedes PortugalValencia76
79Vitolo SpainAtlético Madrid76
77Denis Cheryshev RussiaValencia76
82Yannick Carrasco BelgiumAtlético Madrid75
78Takashi Inui JapanSD Eibar75
77Toni Villa SpainR. Valladolid75
76Nolito SpainRC Celta75
75Merquelanz SpainReal Sociead75
78Darwin Machís VenezuelaGranada CF74
78Cristian Tello SpainReal Betis74
75Ontiveros SpainSD Huesca73
76Kenedy BrazilGranada CF72
The Best FIFA 21 La Liga Midfielders
From the six face stats, Hazard is the best in three: shooting, passing and dribbling. If you join the 4/4 skills and perfect work rates, you get one of the best players on LaLiga and obviously, the best left-winger. Dembélé is far from his quality but has something unique: is 5 stars for both skills and work foot.

Carrasco is much cheaper than Vinicius but, in our opinion, he is a better player. The only reason we see that could make you pick the Brazilian is the 5-stars skills. However, let’s be honest: how many times you perform 5 stars moves while playing?

Muniain, Lemar and Oyarzabal are other decent choices. The first one could be much better if it wasn’t his work rates. Who the hell wants to play with a medium/low player?

A final mention to Cucurella. He may be useful in specific cases, since he is the player with the highest face stats.