FIFA 21 La Liga Forwards and Strikers



The forwards are the players on which fall the most responsibility of scoring goals.
Antoine Griezmann FranceFC Barcelona
Luis Suárez UruguayAtlético Madrid
Karim Benzema FranceReal Madrid
Iñaki Williams SpainAthletic Club
João Félix PortugalAtlético Madrid
Iago Aspas SpainRC Celta
Ezequiel Ávila ArgentinaCA Osasuna
Morales SpainLevante
Gerard Moreno SpainVillarreal CF
Diego Costa SpainAtlético Madrid
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Most goals are scored with the foot, so good shooting is a must-have attribute for a forward. The physical attribute is also important. It’s made of three stats: jump, to score with the head; strength, to dispute the ball with the opponents; and stamina, to sprint in goal’s direction. Depending on the style of play and formation, having good shooting and heading may not be enough for a striker. Especially in games that privilege counter-attack, pace is a very important attribute.
Karim Benzema FranceReal Madrid89
Antoine Griezmann FranceFC Barcelona87
Luis Suárez UruguayAtlético Madrid87
Iago Aspas SpainRC Celta84
Gerard Moreno SpainVillarreal CF83
Iñaki Williams SpainAthletic Club81
João Félix PortugalAtlético Madrid81
Paco Alcácer SpainVillarreal CF81
Diego Costa SpainAtlético Madrid80
Luka Jović SerbiaReal Madrid80
Luuk de Jong NetherlandsSevilla80
Maximiliano Gómez UruguayValencia80
Raúl García SpainAthletic Club80
Willian José BrazilReal Sociead80
Alexander Isak SwedenReal Sociead79
Ángel SpainGetafe FC79
Borja Iglesias SpainReal Betis79
Ezequiel Ávila ArgentinaCA Osasuna79
Kévin Gameiro FranceValencia79
Lucas Pérez SpainD. Alavés79
Mata SpainGetafe FC79
Morales SpainLevante79
Munir SpainSevilla79
Jorge Molina SpainGranada CF78
Loren SpainReal Betis78
87Luis Suárez UruguayAtlético Madrid90
89Karim Benzema FranceReal Madrid85
87Antoine Griezmann FranceFC Barcelona84
84Iago Aspas SpainRC Celta77
83Gerard Moreno SpainVillarreal CF76
81Paco Alcácer SpainVillarreal CF67
80Raúl García SpainAthletic Club81
79Ángel SpainGetafe FC62
79Lucas Pérez SpainD. Alavés75
78Jorge Molina SpainGranada CF67
81João Félix PortugalAtlético Madrid74
80Luka Jović SerbiaReal Madrid68
80Maximiliano Gómez UruguayValencia68
79Ezequiel Ávila ArgentinaCA Osasuna65
78Loren SpainReal Betis60
80Willian José BrazilReal Sociead67
79Alexander Isak SwedenReal Sociead65
79Mata SpainGetafe FC61
77Mariano Dominican RepublicReal Madrid61
77Roger SpainLevante61
81Iñaki Williams SpainAthletic Club72
80Diego Costa SpainAtlético Madrid65
79Kévin Gameiro FranceValencia74
80Luuk de Jong NetherlandsSevilla70
79Borja Iglesias SpainReal Betis64
80Diego Costa SpainAtlético Madrid86
87Luis Suárez UruguayAtlético Madrid83
80Raúl García SpainAthletic Club78
79Ezequiel Ávila ArgentinaCA Osasuna78
80Maximiliano Gómez UruguayValencia73
80Willian José BrazilReal Sociead74
81Iñaki Williams SpainAthletic Club78
79Borja Iglesias SpainReal Betis74
75Luis Javier Suárez ColombiaGranada CF71
77Mariano Dominican RepublicReal Madrid73
76Negredo SpainCádiz CF70
77Sergi Enrich SpainSD Eibar74
77Sergi Guardiola SpainR. Valladolid78
76Ante Budimir CroatiaCA Osasuna71
75Enes Ünal TurkeyGetafe FC76
89Karim Benzema FranceReal Madrid87
80Luuk de Jong NetherlandsSevilla69
79Mata SpainGetafe FC76
78Youssef En-Nesyri MoroccoSevilla76
80Luka Jović SerbiaReal Madrid80
78Loren SpainReal Betis76
76Martin Braithwaite DenmarkFC Barcelona77
83Gerard Moreno SpainVillarreal CF80
78Jorge Molina SpainGranada CF70
87Antoine Griezmann FranceFC Barcelona88
81Iñaki Williams SpainAthletic Club94
79Morales SpainLevante86
79Kévin Gameiro FranceValencia86
75Luis Javier Suárez ColombiaGranada CF86
84Iago Aspas SpainRC Celta82
79Ezequiel Ávila ArgentinaCA Osasuna82
79Alexander Isak SwedenReal Sociead82
81João Félix PortugalAtlético Madrid81
79Munir SpainSevilla80
76Martin Braithwaite DenmarkFC Barcelona80
76Alex Berenguer SpainAthletic Club80
87Antoine Griezmann FranceFC Barcelona79
77Mariano Dominican RepublicReal Madrid79
75Rubén Sobrino SpainValencia79
81Paco Alcácer SpainVillarreal CF78
79Lucas Pérez SpainD. Alavés77
77Roger SpainLevante77
83Gerard Moreno SpainVillarreal CF76
78Youssef En-Nesyri MoroccoSevilla76
76Santi Mina SpainRC Celta76
75Shon Weissman IsraelR. Valladolid76
80Luka Jović SerbiaReal Madrid75
89Karim Benzema FranceReal Madrid74
77Sergi Guardiola SpainR. Valladolid74
80Diego Costa SpainAtlético Madrid73
The Best FIFA 21 La Liga Forwards and Strikers
Suárez and Griezmann are the two best strikers playing in Spain. Pace and strength are the biggest differences between them. The French forward is faster but also weaker. We agree that the new Atletico signing may not be fast enough to fit in many squads but his work rate looks better than the ones from Griezmann, Benzema and Félix, for example.

For the third-position, it’s up to you to decide which is more important: a fast striker or a clinical finisher. On the first case, we suggest Iñaki Williams. Only 5 players in the world are faster than him. If you prefer the second option, then Benzema would be a wise decision.

Other good alternatives on this league include the FIFA ambassador and 5-star skiller João Félix and Iago Aspas.