FIFA 21 La Liga Defenders



A goalkeeper task is made easier if in front of him are quality central backs. Their function is to stop the opponent from getting dangerously close to your team’s goal.
Raphaël Varane FranceReal Madrid
Sergio Ramos SpainReal Madrid
Clément Lenglet FranceFC Barcelona
Diego Carlos BrazilSevilla
Éder Militão BrazilReal Madrid
Nacho Fernández SpainReal Madrid
Mario Hermoso SpainAtlético Madrid
Gabriel Paulista BrazilValencia
Dakonam Djené TogoGetafe FC
Felipe BrazilAtlético Madrid
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On a centre back, two attributes assume particular importance on their performance: defending and physical.

A player with good at defending will have higher chances of dispossessing the opponent and avoid him reaching his box. The physical attribute measures how likely the players are to win possession with their body.
Sergio Ramos SpainReal Madrid89
Piqué SpainFC Barcelona86
Raphaël Varane FranceReal Madrid86
Clément Lenglet FranceFC Barcelona85
Felipe BrazilAtlético Madrid84
José María Giménez UruguayAtlético Madrid84
Diego Carlos BrazilSevilla83
Samuel Umtiti FranceFC Barcelona83
Dakonam Djené TogoGetafe FC82
Gabriel Paulista BrazilValencia82
Raúl Albiol SpainVillarreal CF82
Stefan Savić MontenegroAtlético Madrid81
Bartra SpainReal Betis80
Éder Militão BrazilReal Madrid80
Iñigo Martínez SpainAthletic Club80
Mario Hermoso SpainAtlético Madrid80
Nacho Fernández SpainReal Madrid80
Yeray SpainAthletic Club80
Aïssa Mandi AlgeriaReal Betis79
Jules Koundé FranceSevilla79
Sidnei BrazilReal Betis79
Domingos Duarte PortugalGranada CF78
Laguardia SpainD. Alavés78
Pau Torres SpainVillarreal CF78
Unai Núñez SpainAthletic Club78
89Sergio Ramos SpainReal Madrid88
86Raphaël Varane FranceReal Madrid87
85Clément Lenglet FranceFC Barcelona87
86Piqué SpainFC Barcelona86
84Felipe BrazilAtlético Madrid86
84José María Giménez UruguayAtlético Madrid86
82Raúl Albiol SpainVillarreal CF86
82Dakonam Djené TogoGetafe FC84
82Gabriel Paulista BrazilValencia84
81Stefan Savić MontenegroAtlético Madrid84
83Samuel Umtiti FranceFC Barcelona83
83Diego Carlos BrazilSevilla82
80Yeray SpainAthletic Club82
80Éder Militão BrazilReal Madrid81
80Iñigo Martínez SpainAthletic Club81
79Jules Koundé FranceSevilla81
80Bartra SpainReal Betis80
80Mario Hermoso SpainAtlético Madrid80
80Nacho Fernández SpainReal Madrid80
79Aïssa Mandi AlgeriaReal Betis80
78Laguardia SpainD. Alavés80
78Pau Torres SpainVillarreal CF80
78Domingos Duarte PortugalGranada CF79
77Rúben Vezo PortugalLevante79
78Unai Núñez SpainAthletic Club78
84Felipe BrazilAtlético Madrid86
89Sergio Ramos SpainReal Madrid85
77Aridane SpainCA Osasuna84
84José María Giménez UruguayAtlético Madrid83
83Diego Carlos BrazilSevilla83
82Gabriel Paulista BrazilValencia83
86Raphaël Varane FranceReal Madrid82
79Sidnei BrazilReal Betis82
76Joris Gnagnon FranceSevilla82
75Dimitrios Siovas GreeceSD Huesca82
85Clément Lenglet FranceFC Barcelona81
80Éder Militão BrazilReal Madrid81
86Piqué SpainFC Barcelona80
82Dakonam Djené TogoGetafe FC80
80Iñigo Martínez SpainAthletic Club80
80Nacho Fernández SpainReal Madrid80
83Samuel Umtiti FranceFC Barcelona79
80Mario Hermoso SpainAtlético Madrid79
77Germán SpainGranada CF79
77Jeison Murillo ColombiaRC Celta79
75Pulido SpainSD Huesca79
78Laguardia SpainD. Alavés78
78Domingos Duarte PortugalGranada CF78
75Néstor Araújo MexicoRC Celta78
75Rodrigo Ely BrazilD. Alavés78
86Raphaël Varane FranceReal Madrid82
80Éder Militão BrazilReal Madrid78
80Nacho Fernández SpainReal Madrid78
83Diego Carlos BrazilSevilla77
79Jules Koundé FranceSevilla77
77Rúben Vezo PortugalLevante76
80Mario Hermoso SpainAtlético Madrid75
85Clément Lenglet FranceFC Barcelona74
77Jeison Murillo ColombiaRC Celta74
75Jean-Clair Todibo FranceFC Barcelona73
82Dakonam Djené TogoGetafe FC72
80Bartra SpainReal Betis72
89Sergio Ramos SpainReal Madrid71
80Iñigo Martínez SpainAthletic Club71
76Diego Llorente SpainReal Sociead71
76Vallejo SpainGranada CF70
75Postigo SpainLevante70
79Sidnei BrazilReal Betis69
78Unai Núñez SpainAthletic Club69
75Karim Rekik NetherlandsSevilla69
82Gabriel Paulista BrazilValencia68
80Yeray SpainAthletic Club68
75Juan Foyth ArgentinaVillarreal CF68
84José María Giménez UruguayAtlético Madrid67
79Aïssa Mandi AlgeriaReal Betis67
The Best FIFA 21 La Liga Defenders
Probably everyone agrees that Ramos and Varane are the two best centre backs playing on LaLiga Santander. It is not very important to know which one is better since all squads will need at least two CBs. If you have an unlimited budget, you will buy both. Varane has been gradually improved year after year in such way that this is the first time he is better than Ramos.

It’s more difficult to choose between Lenglet, Diego Carlos and Militão. They have several things in common but the highest defending stat in the first one is something we can not ignore. If you are looking for pacey players, Madrid’s centre-back may be a better option.

For teams with a lower budget, we highly recommend Nacho. He’s fast and keeps your goal safe. If you play with 5 defenders, you may try Felipe. In our opinion, Piqué is too slow to be selected to this top.


A goalkeeper task is made easier if in front of him are quality central backs. Their function is to stop the opponent from getting dangerously close to your team’s goal.
Carvajal SpainReal Madrid
Jesús Navas SpainSevilla
Capa SpainAthletic Club
Santiago Arias ColombiaAtlético Madrid
Rubén Peña SpainVillarreal CF
Sergi Roberto SpainFC Barcelona
Daniel Wass DenmarkValencia
Šime Vrsaljko CroatiaAtlético Madrid
Mario Gaspar SpainVillarreal CF
Damián Suárez UruguayGetafe FC
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Defending and pace are very important attributes for any right back.

As defenders that they are, they should have good defending capacities. This reduces a team’s risk of conceding. A flanked game tends to be faster than a game based in the middle of the field. The players that fill these spaces need to be fast, both penetrating defensive and attacking moves of the team.
Carvajal SpainReal Madrid86
Jesús Navas SpainSevilla84
Kieran Trippier EnglandAtlético Madrid83
Sergi Roberto SpainFC Barcelona83
Capa SpainAthletic Club81
Santiago Arias ColombiaAtlético Madrid81
Damián Suárez UruguayGetafe FC80
Daniel Wass DenmarkValencia80
Mario Gaspar SpainVillarreal CF80
Rubén Peña SpainVillarreal CF80
Šime Vrsaljko CroatiaAtlético Madrid80
Odriozola SpainReal Madrid79
Zaldúa SpainReal Sociead79
De Marcos SpainAthletic Club78
Emerson BrazilReal Betis78
Hugo Mallo SpainRC Celta78
Víctor Díaz SpainGranada CF78
Montoya SpainReal Betis77
Jorge Miramón SpainLevante76
Nacho Vidal SpainCA Osasuna76
Coke SpainLevante75
Martín SpainD. Alavés75
Sébastien Corchia FranceSevilla75
Sergiño Dest USAFC Barcelona75
86Carvajal SpainReal Madrid82
84Jesús Navas SpainSevilla80
83Kieran Trippier EnglandAtlético Madrid79
80Mario Gaspar SpainVillarreal CF79
80Damián Suárez UruguayGetafe FC78
80Šime Vrsaljko CroatiaAtlético Madrid78
79Zaldúa SpainReal Sociead78
83Sergi Roberto SpainFC Barcelona77
81Santiago Arias ColombiaAtlético Madrid77
80Daniel Wass DenmarkValencia77
75Coke SpainLevante76
81Capa SpainAthletic Club75
80Rubén Peña SpainVillarreal CF75
79Odriozola SpainReal Madrid75
78Hugo Mallo SpainRC Celta75
75Sébastien Corchia FranceSevilla75
78Emerson BrazilReal Betis74
78Víctor Díaz SpainGranada CF74
77Montoya SpainReal Betis74
75Martín SpainD. Alavés74
76Jorge Miramón SpainLevante72
78De Marcos SpainAthletic Club71
76Nacho Vidal SpainCA Osasuna71
75Sergiño Dest USAFC Barcelona67
84Jesús Navas SpainSevilla87
75Sergiño Dest USAFC Barcelona87
81Capa SpainAthletic Club83
80Rubén Peña SpainVillarreal CF82
81Santiago Arias ColombiaAtlético Madrid81
78De Marcos SpainAthletic Club81
86Carvajal SpainReal Madrid80
78Emerson BrazilReal Betis80
80Šime Vrsaljko CroatiaAtlético Madrid78
79Odriozola SpainReal Madrid78
83Sergi Roberto SpainFC Barcelona77
77Montoya SpainReal Betis76
80Mario Gaspar SpainVillarreal CF75
80Damián Suárez UruguayGetafe FC75
80Daniel Wass DenmarkValencia75
76Nacho Vidal SpainCA Osasuna74
83Kieran Trippier EnglandAtlético Madrid73
76Jorge Miramón SpainLevante73
78Víctor Díaz SpainGranada CF72
75Sébastien Corchia FranceSevilla72
79Zaldúa SpainReal Sociead69
78Hugo Mallo SpainRC Celta67
75Martín SpainD. Alavés67
75Coke SpainLevante66
The Best FIFA 21 La Liga Defenders
It’s missing a top-quality right-back on LaLiga. You will have to choose between the fastest one – Jesús Navas – and the strongest one – Carvajal. In our opinion, the Madrid’s fullback is slower than we would like but much better in the rest. Navas is a good player but loses the ball too easily when there is a physical challenge.

Capa is also an interesting player (he has the highest face stats) and costs much less than these two. A true bargain!


Left backs have exactly the same role of their team mates on the other flank. In other words, they try to make a winger’s job hard and participate in the team’s offensive manoeuvres.
Ferland Mendy FranceReal Madrid
Jordi Alba SpainFC Barcelona
Yuri Berchiche SpainAthletic Club
Marcelo BrazilReal Madrid
Renan Lodi BrazilAtlético Madrid
Marcos Acuña ArgentinaSevilla
Gayà SpainValencia
Junior Firpo SpainFC Barcelona
Álex Moreno SpainReal Betis
Pervis Estupiñán EcuadorVillarreal CF
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Defending and pace are very important attributes for any left back.

As defenders that they are, they should have good defending capacities. This reduces a team’s risk of conceding. A flanked game tends to be faster than a game based in the middle of the field. The players that fill these spaces need to be fast, both penetrating defensive and attacking moves of the team.
Jordi Alba SpainFC Barcelona86
Ferland Mendy FranceReal Madrid83
Gayà SpainValencia83
Marcelo BrazilReal Madrid83
Marcos Acuña ArgentinaSevilla83
Yuri Berchiche SpainAthletic Club83
Renan Lodi BrazilAtlético Madrid81
Escudero SpainSevilla80
Nacho Monreal SpainReal Sociead80
Cote SpainSD Eibar79
Jaume Costa SpainVillarreal CF79
Junior Firpo SpainFC Barcelona79
Pervis Estupiñán EcuadorVillarreal CF79
Nacho SpainR. Valladolid78
Alberto Moreno SpainVillarreal CF77
Álex Moreno SpainReal Betis77
Lucas Olaza UruguayRC Celta77
Mathías Olivera UruguayGetafe FC77
Rubén Duarte SpainD. Alavés77
Carlos Neva SpainGranada CF76
Clerc SpainLevante76
Toño García SpainLevante76
Youssouf Koné MaliElche CF76
Pedraza SpainVillarreal CF75
83Yuri Berchiche SpainAthletic Club80
80Nacho Monreal SpainReal Sociead80
83Gayà SpainValencia79
80Escudero SpainSevilla79
86Jordi Alba SpainFC Barcelona78
83Ferland Mendy FranceReal Madrid78
83Marcos Acuña ArgentinaSevilla78
79Jaume Costa SpainVillarreal CF78
79Cote SpainSD Eibar78
77Rubén Duarte SpainD. Alavés77
83Marcelo BrazilReal Madrid76
81Renan Lodi BrazilAtlético Madrid75
79Junior Firpo SpainFC Barcelona75
78Nacho SpainR. Valladolid75
79Pervis Estupiñán EcuadorVillarreal CF74
77Mathías Olivera UruguayGetafe FC74
76Carlos Neva SpainGranada CF74
77Lucas Olaza UruguayRC Celta73
77Álex Moreno SpainReal Betis70
77Alberto Moreno SpainVillarreal CF70
76Youssouf Koné MaliElche CF70
75Pedraza SpainVillarreal CF70
76Clerc SpainLevante69
76Toño García SpainLevante68
83Ferland Mendy FranceReal Madrid92
77Álex Moreno SpainReal Betis89
86Jordi Alba SpainFC Barcelona88
76Clerc SpainLevante86
77Alberto Moreno SpainVillarreal CF85
76Youssouf Koné MaliElche CF85
83Gayà SpainValencia84
81Renan Lodi BrazilAtlético Madrid84
83Yuri Berchiche SpainAthletic Club83
79Junior Firpo SpainFC Barcelona83
79Pervis Estupiñán EcuadorVillarreal CF83
78Nacho SpainR. Valladolid81
76Toño García SpainLevante80
75Pedraza SpainVillarreal CF80
83Marcelo BrazilReal Madrid79
76Carlos Neva SpainGranada CF78
77Mathías Olivera UruguayGetafe FC77
83Marcos Acuña ArgentinaSevilla76
77Lucas Olaza UruguayRC Celta76
79Jaume Costa SpainVillarreal CF75
80Escudero SpainSevilla72
79Cote SpainSD Eibar69
80Nacho Monreal SpainReal Sociead67
77Rubén Duarte SpainD. Alavés67
The Best FIFA 21 La Liga Defenders
Jordi Alba is not anymore the best left-back playing in Spain. If you want the best, you have to buy Ferland Mendy. He’s the fastest one and only Berchiche is stronger than him. We are sure that you will love his 5 weak foot stars and his 4 stars skills, as much as we love his high/high work rate and stamina.

Other good options include Berchiche and our good old friend Marcelo, who should only be used if you don’t want to focus on the defence.

Marcos Acuña deserves a special mention. He isn’t fast but he may be very useful in specific situations since he is the left-back with the highest face stats of the entire world.