FIFA 21 La Liga Goalkeepers



Goalkeepers are the players that are used least on the field. Because of this, they are also first ignored when building a team. Most players start their purchases with a forward, later they strengthen the midfield, the defence and only later the goal. The truth is a good goalkeeper may be worth a lot of goals. They are a good investment because they are usually the most economically accessible players.
Jan Oblak SloveniaAtlético Madrid
Marc-André ter Stegen GermanyFC Barcelona
Thibaut Courtois BelgiumReal Madrid
Gerónimo Rulli ArgentinaVillarreal CF
Sergio Asenjo SpainVillarreal CF
Jordi Masip SpainR. Valladolid
Aitor SpainLevante
David Soria SpainGetafe FC
Neto BrazilFC Barcelona
Pacheco SpainD. Alavés
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When choosing a good goalkeeper, you shouldn’t focus only down on his rating. There are two fundamental attributes for choosing a good goalkeeper: reflexes and diving. The first measures a goalkeeper’s agility when making a save. The other measures the goalkeeper’s capacity to make a save when jumping.

The most experienced Ultimate Team players know that there is another leaning factor on a goalkeeper’s performance: height. The taller a goalkeeper is, the better are his chances of having a clean sheet.
Jan Oblak SloveniaAtlético Madrid91
Marc-André ter Stegen GermanyFC Barcelona90
Thibaut Courtois BelgiumReal Madrid89
Aitor SpainLevante83
David Soria SpainGetafe FC82
Gerónimo Rulli ArgentinaVillarreal CF82
Neto BrazilFC Barcelona82
Pacheco SpainD. Alavés82
Sergio Asenjo SpainVillarreal CF82
Tomáš Vaclík Czech RepublicSevilla82
Jasper Cillessen NetherlandsValencia81
Jordi Masip SpainR. Valladolid81
Marko Dmitrović SerbiaSD Eibar81
Álex Remiro SpainReal Sociead80
Unai Simón SpainAthletic Club80
Rui Silva PortugalGranada CF79
Andrés Fernández SpainSD Huesca78
Herrerín SpainAthletic Club78
Moyá SpainReal Sociead78
Claudio Bravo ChileReal Betis77
Jaume SpainValencia77
Joel Robles SpainReal Betis76
Leandro Chichizola ArgentinaGetafe FC76
Rubén Blanco SpainRC Celta76
Sergio Herrera SpainCA Osasuna76
91Jan Oblak SloveniaAtlético Madrid90
90Marc-André ter Stegen GermanyFC Barcelona90
89Thibaut Courtois BelgiumReal Madrid88
83Aitor SpainLevante86
82David Soria SpainGetafe FC84
82Gerónimo Rulli ArgentinaVillarreal CF88
82Neto BrazilFC Barcelona80
82Pacheco SpainD. Alavés84
82Sergio Asenjo SpainVillarreal CF82
82Tomáš Vaclík Czech RepublicSevilla85
81Jasper Cillessen NetherlandsValencia79
81Jordi Masip SpainR. Valladolid84
81Marko Dmitrović SerbiaSD Eibar82
80Álex Remiro SpainReal Sociead81
80Unai Simón SpainAthletic Club80
79Rui Silva PortugalGranada CF84
78Andrés Fernández SpainSD Huesca79
78Herrerín SpainAthletic Club74
78Moyá SpainReal Sociead78
77Claudio Bravo ChileReal Betis77
77Jaume SpainValencia79
76Joel Robles SpainReal Betis80
76Leandro Chichizola ArgentinaGetafe FC78
76Rubén Blanco SpainRC Celta74
76Sergio Herrera SpainCA Osasuna76
90Marc-André ter Stegen GermanyFC Barcelona88
91Jan Oblak SloveniaAtlético Madrid87
82Gerónimo Rulli ArgentinaVillarreal CF85
89Thibaut Courtois BelgiumReal Madrid84
83Aitor SpainLevante84
82Neto BrazilFC Barcelona84
82Sergio Asenjo SpainVillarreal CF84
82David Soria SpainGetafe FC83
80Álex Remiro SpainReal Sociead83
82Tomáš Vaclík Czech RepublicSevilla82
81Jordi Masip SpainR. Valladolid82
78Moyá SpainReal Sociead82
82Pacheco SpainD. Alavés81
81Jasper Cillessen NetherlandsValencia81
80Unai Simón SpainAthletic Club81
78Andrés Fernández SpainSD Huesca80
78Herrerín SpainAthletic Club80
76Rubén Blanco SpainRC Celta79
81Marko Dmitrović SerbiaSD Eibar78
79Rui Silva PortugalGranada CF78
76Joel Robles SpainReal Betis78
75Roberto SpainR. Valladolid78
77Claudio Bravo ChileReal Betis77
77Jaume SpainValencia77
76Sergio Herrera SpainCA Osasuna77
89Thibaut Courtois BelgiumReal Madrid199
76Sergio Herrera SpainCA Osasuna195
81Jordi Masip SpainR. Valladolid194
82Tomáš Vaclík Czech RepublicSevilla192
76Rubén Blanco SpainRC Celta192
76Joel Robles SpainReal Betis192
75Yoel SpainSD Eibar192
75Andriy Lunin UkraineReal Madrid192
80Unai Simón SpainAthletic Club191
79Rui Silva PortugalGranada CF191
82Pacheco SpainD. Alavés190
80Álex Remiro SpainReal Sociead190
82Sergio Asenjo SpainVillarreal CF189
82David Soria SpainGetafe FC189
91Jan Oblak SloveniaAtlético Madrid188
82Neto BrazilFC Barcelona188
78Moyá SpainReal Sociead188
76Leandro Chichizola ArgentinaGetafe FC188
90Marc-André ter Stegen GermanyFC Barcelona187
78Andrés Fernández SpainSD Huesca187
78Herrerín SpainAthletic Club187
82Gerónimo Rulli ArgentinaVillarreal CF186
81Marko Dmitrović SerbiaSD Eibar185
77Claudio Bravo ChileReal Betis185
76Yassine Bounou MoroccoSevilla185
The Best FIFA 21 La Liga Goalkeepers
Once again, it’s Jan Oblak who leads the top 10 of the best LaLiga goalkeepers. He is now the highest-rated GK in the game. In fact, no one is as good as him with the hands or has as good reflexes.

Marc-André ter Stegen is also a top-quality option. Courtois is not as good as the German player despite his amazing height.

For low-budget squads, Rulli is a great choice. He is in the top 3 for two of the most important attributes: diving and reflexes. It’s more difficult to pick the fifth-best goalkeeper. In our opinion, this position is in good hands (literally) whether you choose Masip, Asenjo and Aitor.