FIFA 19 LaLiga Forwards Guide

FIFA 19 LaLiga Forwards Guide


Who are the best FIFA 19 LaLiga forwards? Let’s find out good centre forwards and strikers to your team!


FIFA 19 LaLiga Forwards Guide

The Best FIFA 19 LaLiga Centre Forwards and Strikers


The forwards are the players on which fall the most responsibility of scoring goals.

No other league has as good strikers as LaLiga. Messi, Suárez, Griezmann… can we stop?


Lionel Messi94FC BarcelonaARG
Luis Suárez91FC BarcelonaURU
Antoine Griezmann89Atlético MadridFRA
Diego Costa85Atlético MadridESP
Rodrigo84Valencia CFESP
Karim Benzema84Real MadridFRA
Gerard Moreno83Villarreal CFESP
Willian José83Real SociedadBRA
Aduriz83Athletic ClubESP
Carlos Bacca82Villarreal CFCOL
Williams81Athletic ClubESP
Michy Batshuayi81Valencia CFBEL
Wissam Ben Yedder81Sevilla FCFRA
Kévin Gameiro81Valencia CFFRA
Karl Toko-Ekambi80Villarreal CFCAM
Mariano80Real MadridDOM
Luis Muriel80Sevilla FCCOL
Maximiliano Gómez80RC CeltaURU
Santi Mina80Valencia CFESP
Sergi Enrich80SD EibarESP
Kike García80SD EibarESP
Cristhian Stuani80Girona FCURU
Ángel80Getafe CFESP
Antonio Sanabria79Real BetisPAR
Leo Baptistao79RCD EspanyolBRA


To score goals shooting is necessary. If either by foot or head, the most important attribute for a forward are: shooting, heading and pace.

Most goals are scored with the foot so good shooting is a necessary attribute for a forward.

The most rated strikers are also the ones with the best shooting stats: Messi, Suárez, Griezmann and Diego Costa.


Lionel MessiFC BarcelonaARG91
Luis SuárezFC BarcelonaURU90
Antoine GriezmannAtlético MadridFRA86
Diego CostaAtlético MadridESP83
Willian JoséReal SociedadBRA83
AdurizAthletic ClubESP82
LorenReal BetisESP82
RodrigoValencia CFESP81
Gerard MorenoVillarreal CFESP81
Michy BatshuayiValencia CFBEL81
Kévin GameiroValencia CFFRA81
MarianoReal MadridDOM81
Maximiliano GómezRC CeltaURU81
ÁngelGetafe CFESP81
Kike GarcíaSD EibarESP80
John GuidettiD. AlavésSWE80
Sergio LeónReal BetisESP80
CharlesSD EibarBRA80
Enes ÜnalR. Valladolid CFTUR80
Karim BenzemaReal MadridFRA79
Carlos BaccaVillarreal CFCOL79
Karl Toko-EkambiVillarreal CFCAM79
Cristhian StuaniGirona FCURU79
Jorge MolinaGetafe CFESP79
Borja IglesiasRCD EspanyolESP79


Jump, strength and stamina are the ingredients to the new physical attribute, very important when we are analysing the best forwards: jump to score with the head; strength to dispute the ball with the opponents; and stamina to sprint in direction of goal at any time of the game.

That’s here where we see that how good is Suárez. Messi, for example, is almost in the bottom of this list.


Diego CostaAtlético MadridESP87
Luis SuárezFC BarcelonaURU85
MarianoReal MadridDOM82
AdurizAthletic ClubESP81
Jorge MolinaGetafe CFESP81
Willian JoséReal SociedadBRA80
WilliamsAthletic ClubESP79
Sergi EnrichSD EibarESP79
Cristhian StuaniGirona FCURU78
MataGetafe CFESP77
Borja BastónD. AlavésESP77
John GuidettiD. AlavésSWE76
Borja IglesiasRCD EspanyolESP76
Karim BenzemaReal MadridFRA75
Kike GarcíaSD EibarESP75
André SilvaSevilla FCPOR75
Guido CarrilloCD LeganésARG75
Maximiliano GómezRC CeltaURU74
Santi MinaValencia CFESP73
Nikola KalinićAtlético MadridCRO73
Michy BatshuayiValencia CFBEL72
Luis MurielSevilla FCCOL72
Emmanuel BoatengLevante UDGHA72
RodrigoValencia CFESP71
Carlos BaccaVillarreal CFCOL71


Depending on the style of play and formation, having good shooting and heading may not be enough for a striker. Especially in games that privilege counter-attack, pace is a very important attribute.

William and Musa are the fastest strikers in the Spanish league. In other hand, Aduriz is one of the slowest strikers. Jorge Molina is on the bottom of this list with pace of… 38.


WilliamsAthletic ClubESP93
RodrigoValencia CFESP90
Seydou DoumbiaGirona FCIVC89
Lionel MessiFC BarcelonaARG88
Luis MurielSevilla FCCOL88
Emmanuel BoatengLevante UDGHA88
Antoine GriezmannAtlético MadridFRA86
Kévin GameiroValencia CFFRA85
Wissam Ben YedderSevilla FCFRA85
MarianoReal MadridDOM85
Juan Camilo HernándezSD HuescaCOL85
Karl Toko-EkambiVillarreal CFCAM84
Rubén SobrinoD. AlavésESP82
Nicola SansoneVillarreal CFITA81
Luis SuárezFC BarcelonaURU80
Gerard MorenoVillarreal CFESP79
Santi MinaValencia CFESP79
André SilvaSevilla FCPOR79
RogerLevante UDESP79
MunirFC BarcelonaESP79
Antonio SanabriaReal BetisPAR78
Leo BaptistaoRCD EspanyolBRA77
Karim BenzemaReal MadridFRA76
Michy BatshuayiValencia CFBEL76
Diego RolánCD LeganésURU76


Messi is the best FIFA 19 LaLiga forward, without any discussion. He has the best passing, dribbling and shooting stats. His natural position is CF but you can use him as a ST too. The only problem is his price forcing many players to find an alternative.

Suárez and Griezmann are amazing players. Both guarantees you many goals. The only weakness of the Atlético’s striker is his strength, something that Suárez is really good. For lower budgets there are many decent strikers. One of them is Rodrigo, who is much better this year. You can also play with Williams – great for runnings – or Diego Costa – good for crossings.

FIFA 19 LaLiga ForwardsTOP 10 STRIKERS

01 94 🇦🇷 Lionel Messi
02 91 🇺🇾 Luis Suárez
03 89 🇫🇷 Antoine Griezmann
04 84 🇪🇸 Rodrigo
05 85 🇪🇸 Diego Costa
06 81 🇪🇸 Williams
07 80 🇩🇴 Mariano Díaz Mejía
08 81 🇫🇷 Wissam Ben Yedder
09 84 🇫🇷 Karim Benzema
10 81 🇫🇷 Kévin Gameiro

FIFA 19 LaLiga Squad GuideBest FIFA 19 LaLiga Centre Forwards and Strikers



  1. Took me some time to get the team up and running but it feels pretty solid now.

    I havent been able to afford Messi yet. He does feel like a goal machine, but so does Suarez by now. Ive really learned his ways and moves.
    Griezmann I havent come by or tries so couldnt tell if he is good, but it is annoying playing against him.

    At this point this is my setup, 4-1-2-1-2 wide:

    GK: Courthois – he’s rock when supported by atleast one defender and long shots. He’s not too good with a fast passing attacking duo which will outplay him and his slow speed.

    LB: Marcello… so great to play with and runs so fast. Not much to say.
    RB: Orange card Carvajal – His base card is good, this one is even better.

    CB: trying to work out the best setup. I’ve playing with Varane and SBC liga Umtiti and they are both great. Today I bought Ramos but havent played with him yet. Besides them I’m also stocking Godin, but he doesnt feel good. My playstyle is constant pressure and fast build up in the 2nd half far up the pitch and Godin cant keep up if I get into a counter. So will probably stick to Varane and Ramos. You will love Varane for his height and heading ability. He has saved loads of crosses and corners for me.

    CDM: SBC liga Casemiro – he’s so damn good to midfield defend with. Put shadow on him and watch him run up to those pesky strikers and pick up the ball by simply stepping in front of the player. My only gripe with him is my playstyle and formation. For some reason I tend to get him pulled way too far up into the last 3rd. He sucks at attacking obviously and will lose the ball rather easily. But let him join the corners and he will score on a header or three.

    CAM: Have been using Modrich for quite some time. He’s very able in both passing, dribling and will even score here and there. If he gets alligned right, he has a powerful enough drive to land long shots. Since I play with constant pressure in the 2nd Modrich gets tired and I sub him with Kroos around 60-66 min.

    LM: Couthino is hard to avoid. Hes fast, he dribbles well and pass well. Im not good at crossing but I have no doubt he is good for that if you know how to. He will score here and there if the opportunity is right.
    He also gets tired with constant pressure, so if my ST isnt tired, I sub him with either Asencio, Douglas Costa or Mane. I cant really work out which of them works best for me.

    RM: Bale is freaking awesome. So fast. He constantly calls for the ball if the play is taking part to the right of the middle. Sent him a well placed lob pass and he will run it up. If the defender isnt too fast you can even score with him this way. He’s also very valuable for picking up Suarez’ shots on goal if they bounce back.
    Bale also gets tired in the 2nd and I also sub him with Ascensio, Costa or Mane. I dont like Dembele, it feels like he cant control the ball very well.

    ST: started out with Rodrigo and custom card Moreno. Was a fantastic duo. They read eachothers minds. Then I got SBC liga Aspas (89) and later SBC Fernand Torres along with Falcao.
    I ended up with buying Suarez base card and if you cant afford Messi, the Suarez is a great alternative. I think they made him a bit better than you’d expect. Hes decently fast, but he is also very very good at positioning himself for non direct passes. Add to that Suarez is very physical and if you apply moderate use of the shielding button along with few step overs he’s hard to beat. In some cases you can even make him score with a sneaky pass into a clump of defenders and he will place the ball in the bottom corner. He is also very good at turn and shoot inside the box. My best buy yet.
    I only sub him if he gets injured.
    If I dont sub CAM LM and RM at the same time I will sub Aspas for Falcao. I tried using Torres a lot and he is fast but something is off with him even though he is 92. Often gets into offside and cant keep the ball in close encounters.
    Today I also got Rodrigo base card again to try him out again with Suarez. Aspas is decent and high rated, but also tend to shoot a lot of balls above the frame if you get out on the edge of the box.

    So thats my experience so far.

    My other subs which are merely nice to have due to injuries / red cards:
    – LB Jordi Alba
    – RB Joao Cancelo or Semedo
    – CDM Doucoure SBC liga card

    I love the 4-1-2-1-2 wide. I started out playing 4-1-3-2, because I didnt know how to use the width.
    But now the 4-1-2-1-2 wide gives me both the option to run up the side as well as playing center field. The biggest issue is facing parked busses like 5-3-2 setups. That defense is hard to pick apart. Best opponent seems to be narrow formations since if play up the side and trick their defense to follow Modrich or Aspas out to the side it gives Suarez the room in the center to score.

  2. Hi i got a laliga team but i never really know what chem styles i should use i hope you could help me out
    I play 442
    Gk Courtois
    Rb Carvajal headliner
    Cb Varane
    Cb Sergio Ramos
    Lb Jordi Alba
    Rm Bale
    Cm Modric
    Cm Saul
    Lm Coutinho
    St Suárez
    St Griezmann

    Im thinking to start saving up for Messi
    Thank you for your help every single FIFA

  3. Hi, i’m using a 4-1-2-1 with dembele, promes as wings, rodrigo sa CAM and Inaki as CF. I need a second striker, should i go for Diego costa or gerard moreno black edition (road to Europa League final – 86 overall)?

    Thanks 😀

  4. Hello rodrigo,
    I’m using formation 4-4-1-1 with LM Koke scream, RM Gelson Martins, and CF Isco fut mas.
    I’m really confused to choose striker between Diego costa scream or Suarez NIF or Griezman NIF.
    only to those three players that I like following to my budget about 300.000 coins.

    please give me advice and what suitable chemistry for him.

  5. Sir i m extremely confused. I cant seem to decide between suarez and griezmann. I play 41212 and have ultimate scream diego costa. As for the other striker should i go for suarez or griezmann? As costa has physical stats but no pace or smoves or dribbling i think griezmann would be a nice way to cover him. But whats ur suggestion? I would use hunter on both suarez or griezmann

      • Thank you. Bought suarez. Could u suggest a chem style for the Halloween costa? Am currently using at engine but thinking of marksman or hawk

        • I think that he doesn’t need more shooting or physicality, which means that Engine will fit him better than Marksman or Hawk. If you plan to apply him another style as soon as his stats get refreshed, then I suggest a Catalyst card now.


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