FIFA Points Complete Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

FIFA Points Complete Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team


If you want to know how the FIFA Points work, you are in the right place. Welcome to the FIFA Points Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.


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    September 30th, 2013
    To buy on XBox is now made with local currency
    Added three new questions/answers to the FAQ
    January, 16th 2014
    Updated the FIFA Points Prices with a new pack and a new currency (Euro)
    Added a new image of the store with FIFA Points prices


Introduction to the FIFA Points


FIFA Points Complete Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team


What are FIFA Points


The FIFA Points are the FIFA currency. They are used to buy packs.

FIFA Points were introduced for PC users in Ultimate Team 12 and added to Playstation and XBox in FUT 13, causing all the platforms use the same payment system.


How to Buy and Spend FIFA Points


FIFA Points are sold in bundles. They can be purchased in console’s Ultimate Team store. It is not possible to buy FIFA Points through the FUT 14 Web App, except for PC users. In order to buy FIFA Points, you will need to have Microsoft or Playstation currencies. Pay attention Microsoft Points are being retired, and transactions on Xbox are taking place using your local currency instead of Microsoft Point. You can learn more about it HERE.

After buying FIFA Points on the console with the respective currency, they will be available to spend in all Ultimate Team ecosystem, which includes the console, the FUT 14 Web App and companion app (for iOS and Android devices). If you are a Season Ticket subscriber, your 20% discount is automatically applied to the price of FIFA Point bundles.

FIFA Points have another advantage: Bulk Discounts. Purchasing larger FIFA Point bundles gives you a bigger discount and more bonus points. This offers great value to users who buy several packs in Ultimate Team. For example: buying a 2,000 FIFA Point bundle will give you 200 bonus FIFA Points, which is enough to buy two extra Gold packs.


FIFA Points Prices


Here are the list of FIFA Points prices:

Price [£]Price [€]
FIFA PointsIncluded BonusNormalSeason TicketNormalSeason Ticket

Note: Prices may varies depending of the region

FIFA Points Complete Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

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FIFA Points Common Issues


If you receive an error message in FIFA 14 while purchasing FIFA Points, you should not proceed through the Xbox Live or PSN menus. Make sure to exit the purchase process completely by going back to the FUT Main Menu and restart it to receive your FIFA Points.

If you did proceed through the Xbox Live or PSN menus and have not received a FIFA Points purchase on XBox or Playstation, please contact the EA Support Center to ask for a refund and provide them the following information:

Gamertag/PSN ID;
Origin ID;
Photo / Screenshot of proof of purchase (must have Gamertag or PSN ID clearly on the screen);
Approximate time of the purchase.


FIFA Points Carry Over


FIFA Points Complete Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team


FIFA Points may be transferred between PS3-PS4 and between XBox 360-XBox One as many times you want. It works like coins and cards in which you can transfer in the two ways. However, it is not possible to share FIFA Points between different platforms.

You are allowed to transfer your FIFA Points from FUT 13 to FUT 14. But you can only do it once. The one-time transfer will take place in the early access or in the release date.


FIFA Points Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: When FIFA Points will be available ?
A: FIFA Points will be available for you to purchase as soon as you play FIFA 14 from a retail disc. If you are a PC gamer, FIFA Points are available since the FUT 14 Web App release (‘get more‘ in the top right corner).

Q: Where can I see how many FIFA Points I have ?
A: On the top right corner of your FUT dashboard, next to your coins.

Q: Is there any other way to buy FP besides do it through the console ?
A: Except for PC users that can do it in the FUT 14 Web App, there is no other way.

Q: Why is there a difference between the FUT menu showing MS Points and the Xbox Live transaction is in real currency ?
A: The FIFA 14 Ultimate Team store menus were finalized before Microsoft changed from Microsoft Points to real currency in their stores. That is why FIFA fans will see Microsoft Points instead of real currency in the FUT menu. The final price listed in the Xbox Live Marketplace during check-out is accurate and the Microsoft Point totals in the FIFA Ultimate Team menus will be changed to reflect those prices.

Q: When it will be possible to transfer FIFA Points from FUT 13 to FUT 14 ?
A: In the early access or in the release date. Don’t forget that it is a one-time transfer.

Q: Why are my FIFA Points not transferring to FIFA 14 ?
A: While a message appears about being able to transfer points from FIFA 13 to FIFA 14, this message is a one-time only transfer offer. If you’ve gone back into FIFA 13 to purchase FIFA Points after seeing this message, your points will not transfer over to FIFA 14.

Q: It is possible to buy FIFA Points in the Early Access version ?
A: No, it is not. But it is possible to use the one-time transfer FUT13-FUT14 in the early access.

Q: Which advantage Season Ticket gives me when I buy FIFA Points ?
A: 20% discount.

Q: Where can I find the FP prices ?
A: FIFA Point prices in your region will be available to view in the FUT 14 Store on your game retail. You can also view them above.

Q: How much FIFA Points should I buy ?
A: It depends on the number of packs you want to buy. For comparison, 1 FIFA Point corresponds to 50 coins when buying packs.

Q: There is any other way to buy packs besides using FIFA Points ?
A: Sure. Coins are accepted as a payment method to buy packs.

Q: I have bought 2,200 coins but I didn’t get the bonus. Why ?
A: You did. What you actually have bought was 2,000 FIFA Points. The other 200 were the bonus.

Q: There is any advantage to buy bigger bundles ?
A: Yes. The bigger the bundle, the higher is your bonus. You have to buy, at least, 1,000 FIFA Points to be rewarded with a bonus.

Q: It is possible to use FIFA Points to buy coins ?
A: No. FIFA Points can only be used to buy packs in FUT 14 store.

Q: How can I see the FIFA Points purchases history ?
A: Follow this path: PSN – Accounts Management – Transactions Managements – Transaction History.

Q: Is there any trouble if I buy FIFA Points using a different PSN region ?
A: Depends. The FIFA 14 copy region should match with your PSN region in order to work.

Q: How do I view and purchase my FIFA Packs using Points and Coins in the EASFC Companion App? ?
A: To purchase your FIFA Packs using your Points and Coins in the EASFC Companion App, you will need to purchase FIFA Points on your console. FIFA Points will only be visible on the Android and not on iOS. Additionally, iOS players are restricted to Coins and will not be able to see their current balance in the app.


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  1. Can you fix these shit servers sometime? I have tried to buy FP in one day now, Error E-82000171 is the problem, I just want to play normal, but these shit servers won’t let me! Do something fast or else you have lost one more customer!

    • The FIFA 14 Ultimate Team store menus were finalized before Microsoft changed from Microsoft Points to real currency in their stores. That is why FIFA fans will see Microsoft Points instead of real currency in the FUT menu. The final price listed in the Xbox Live Marketplace during check-out is accurate and the Microsoft Point totals in the FIFA Ultimate Team menus will be changed to reflect those prices.

  2. Until 2 weeks ago I think, I always bought FIFA points with my credit card, and diferent regions between PSN account and game region, but I cant buy anymore, What happened?

  3. hi, today i redeemed 20 dollars to my accout and then went to fifa piont and it got stuck on updating fifa catologe for 1 hour i closed my ps3 and reopened it it still got stuck what should i do

  4. can I add fifa points just from the website like giving my email and visa card information and the amount of points I wanna buy because there is something wrong with my ps3

  5. when I put my visa number and pass and ask for finish my mission he said to me error .. my friend said to me because ur acc is from united kingdom and now am living in ksa and my visa is from ksa too so how can I solve my problem ?

  6. I try to add fifa points ive got the money on my ps3 but it keeps saying were sorry but your currenly cant add fifa points need answers please help

  7. Morning,
    I have an XBOX ONE with Fifa 14 installed on the hard drive in england but when i go to buy points they are in dollars and i can’t buy any. Can you explain why and how I change it to sterling?

  8. We keep getting charges for fifa points via my sons xbox account. The account summary shows some as ‘charges’ and some as purchased. He seems to be unaware of the ones identified as charges. What is the difference between these. He really doesn’t seem to know how he is creating these charges.

  9. Hi
    I cant buy fifa points on my ps4 console… Always an error has occurred E-8200017… you maybe know what is problem???

  10. They are still not working it didn’t work when i got it it says We’re sorry,but you currently can’t add FIFA points please try again later and at the bottom it shows playstation store logo please i want my fifa points. 🙁

  11. Hi, I want to purchase some fifa points and open some packs but then it said Were sorry but you currently can’t add fifa points even though I have money in my account.

  12. Hi, I want to buy fifa points, but I can’t because the currency is in Euros and my local currency is Mexican pesos. How can I change the currency?

  13. hi rodrigo
    i just purchased fifa points on my android. how do i use it for transfers or etc?.. can i change the points to coins?.. currently i can only seem to buy packs on it.. but that does not help me with contracts or etc.. plz help.. n thx in advance

    • Hi.
      FIFA Points can only be used to buy packs. You can not change them by coins or anything else.
      You can buy packs, with FP, and then sell the content of the packs. With those coins you may buy contracts and whatever you need.
      We don’t recommend to buy packs. Check HERE why. If you really don’t mind to spend money, buy coins. It is much better. Just click on the MMOGA banner we have on the top right side of this page if you want to do it.

  14. Hi, just a question on the prices for FIFA points, are you sure they are right?

    Mainly this:

    1575 75 11,99 9,69
    2200 200 23,99 15,99

    1575 points for 11.99 (lets say 12 to make it easier)
    2200 points for 23.99 (lets say 24 to make it easier)

    who’s going to buy the 2200 points when you can get 3150 points for the same price (technically one pence less)

  15. I Checked On My Ps4 If I Had To Rebuy The Season Pass But Its Not Even Listed. Any One Knows Whats Going On Here?

  16. I Just Notices All Fifa Points Are Listed Reg Price, I Just Bought The Season Ticket In SepT 2013 But On My Ps3 It Does Show As Discounted Price? EA Are Really Screwing Their Customers, I Had To Rebuy The Game Full Price While Others Allowed Me To Buy Ps4 Copy For $9.99 Ps3 To Ps4, In Ps Vita 3 Times They Sell Us The Same Game FulL Prise W No FUT Ultimate Team, Now This With The Fifa Points. Im Starting To Think Fifa Needs A Competitor.

  17. I’m A Season Ticket holder WhY On Ps4 Points Pkg 12,000 Is Listed $99.99 Instead Of The Usual $79.00, ANy One Else Noticed This On Their Ps3 To Ps4 Transition?

  18. Hey,

    Just wondering, I originally created the account im using right now on the XBOX 360, but im going to get fifa 14 on the ps4 and I still want to keep my team is that possible.

  19. Is it possible to transfer coins from ios to ps3? have 13k coins on my iphone but never play it. Could do with them in my ps3 account 🙂



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