FIFA Points Complete Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

FIFA Points Complete Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team


If you want to know how the FIFA Points work, you are in the right place. Welcome to the FIFA Points Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.


If you want to know about FIFA Points to FIFA 15, click here



    September 30th, 2013
    To buy on XBox is now made with local currency
    Added three new questions/answers to the FAQ
    January, 16th 2014
    Updated the FIFA Points Prices with a new pack and a new currency (Euro)
    Added a new image of the store with FIFA Points prices


Introduction to the FIFA Points


FIFA Points Complete Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team


What are FIFA Points


The FIFA Points are the FIFA currency. They are used to buy packs.

FIFA Points were introduced for PC users in Ultimate Team 12 and added to Playstation and XBox in FUT 13, causing all the platforms use the same payment system.


How to Buy and Spend FIFA Points


FIFA Points are sold in bundles. They can be purchased in console’s Ultimate Team store. It is not possible to buy FIFA Points through the FUT 14 Web App, except for PC users. In order to buy FIFA Points, you will need to have Microsoft or Playstation currencies. Pay attention Microsoft Points are being retired, and transactions on Xbox are taking place using your local currency instead of Microsoft Point. You can learn more about it HERE.

After buying FIFA Points on the console with the respective currency, they will be available to spend in all Ultimate Team ecosystem, which includes the console, the FUT 14 Web App and companion app (for iOS and Android devices). If you are a Season Ticket subscriber, your 20% discount is automatically applied to the price of FIFA Point bundles.

FIFA Points have another advantage: Bulk Discounts. Purchasing larger FIFA Point bundles gives you a bigger discount and more bonus points. This offers great value to users who buy several packs in Ultimate Team. For example: buying a 2,000 FIFA Point bundle will give you 200 bonus FIFA Points, which is enough to buy two extra Gold packs.


FIFA Points Prices


Here are the list of FIFA Points prices:

Price [£] Price [€]
FIFA Points Included Bonus Normal Season Ticket Normal Season Ticket
100 0 0,79 0,65 0,99 0,89
250 0 1,99 1,59 2,49 2,09
500 0 3,99 3,19 4,99 4,19
750 0 5,49 4,79 6,99 5,89
1050 50 7,99 6,49 9,99 8,39
1575 75 11,99 9,69 14,99 12,49
2200 200 23,99 15,99 19,99 16,69
4600 600 31,99 23,99 39,99 33,39
12000 2000 79,99 63,99 99,99 83,39

Note: Prices may varies depending of the region

FIFA Points Complete Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

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FIFA Points Common Issues


If you receive an error message in FIFA 14 while purchasing FIFA Points, you should not proceed through the Xbox Live or PSN menus. Make sure to exit the purchase process completely by going back to the FUT Main Menu and restart it to receive your FIFA Points.

If you did proceed through the Xbox Live or PSN menus and have not received a FIFA Points purchase on XBox or Playstation, please contact the EA Support Center to ask for a refund and provide them the following information:

Gamertag/PSN ID;
Origin ID;
Photo / Screenshot of proof of purchase (must have Gamertag or PSN ID clearly on the screen);
Approximate time of the purchase.


FIFA Points Carry Over


FIFA Points Complete Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team


FIFA Points may be transferred between PS3-PS4 and between XBox 360-XBox One as many times you want. It works like coins and cards in which you can transfer in the two ways. However, it is not possible to share FIFA Points between different platforms.

You are allowed to transfer your FIFA Points from FUT 13 to FUT 14. But you can only do it once. The one-time transfer will take place in the early access or in the release date.


FIFA Points Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: When FIFA Points will be available ?
A: FIFA Points will be available for you to purchase as soon as you play FIFA 14 from a retail disc. If you are a PC gamer, FIFA Points are available since the FUT 14 Web App release (‘get more‘ in the top right corner).

Q: Where can I see how many FIFA Points I have ?
A: On the top right corner of your FUT dashboard, next to your coins.

Q: Is there any other way to buy FP besides do it through the console ?
A: Except for PC users that can do it in the FUT 14 Web App, there is no other way.

Q: Why is there a difference between the FUT menu showing MS Points and the Xbox Live transaction is in real currency ?
A: The FIFA 14 Ultimate Team store menus were finalized before Microsoft changed from Microsoft Points to real currency in their stores. That is why FIFA fans will see Microsoft Points instead of real currency in the FUT menu. The final price listed in the Xbox Live Marketplace during check-out is accurate and the Microsoft Point totals in the FIFA Ultimate Team menus will be changed to reflect those prices.

Q: When it will be possible to transfer FIFA Points from FUT 13 to FUT 14 ?
A: In the early access or in the release date. Don’t forget that it is a one-time transfer.

Q: Why are my FIFA Points not transferring to FIFA 14 ?
A: While a message appears about being able to transfer points from FIFA 13 to FIFA 14, this message is a one-time only transfer offer. If you’ve gone back into FIFA 13 to purchase FIFA Points after seeing this message, your points will not transfer over to FIFA 14.

Q: It is possible to buy FIFA Points in the Early Access version ?
A: No, it is not. But it is possible to use the one-time transfer FUT13-FUT14 in the early access.

Q: Which advantage Season Ticket gives me when I buy FIFA Points ?
A: 20% discount.

Q: Where can I find the FP prices ?
A: FIFA Point prices in your region will be available to view in the FUT 14 Store on your game retail. You can also view them above.

Q: How much FIFA Points should I buy ?
A: It depends on the number of packs you want to buy. For comparison, 1 FIFA Point corresponds to 50 coins when buying packs.

Q: There is any other way to buy packs besides using FIFA Points ?
A: Sure. Coins are accepted as a payment method to buy packs.

Q: I have bought 2,200 coins but I didn’t get the bonus. Why ?
A: You did. What you actually have bought was 2,000 FIFA Points. The other 200 were the bonus.

Q: There is any advantage to buy bigger bundles ?
A: Yes. The bigger the bundle, the higher is your bonus. You have to buy, at least, 1,000 FIFA Points to be rewarded with a bonus.

Q: It is possible to use FIFA Points to buy coins ?
A: No. FIFA Points can only be used to buy packs in FUT 14 store.

Q: How can I see the FIFA Points purchases history ?
A: Follow this path: PSN – Accounts Management – Transactions Managements – Transaction History.

Q: Is there any trouble if I buy FIFA Points using a different PSN region ?
A: Depends. The FIFA 14 copy region should match with your PSN region in order to work.

Q: How do I view and purchase my FIFA Packs using Points and Coins in the EASFC Companion App? ?
A: To purchase your FIFA Packs using your Points and Coins in the EASFC Companion App, you will need to purchase FIFA Points on your console. FIFA Points will only be visible on the Android and not on iOS. Additionally, iOS players are restricted to Coins and will not be able to see their current balance in the app.


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Ive got like a season ticket from fifa 13 where do i put it in it came in the case its like a leaflet


Hello, today i started playing the early release and transfered my fifa points from 13 to 14 but what i did not know was that it could only be done once so I bought some more and now they are stuck in 13, do you know if they will allow you to transfer them again in the full release or if there is anything else I can do?

Vic Rmz


I want to transfer my fifa 13 points to fifa 14. What I have to do? How can I transfer my fifa points? What you did?


Do you have to wait to buy Fifa Points on the Web App until they release the game? I can not find the “Get more” button on FIFA 14 Webb App.


I have started the web app a few days ago, if I buy fifa points on ps3 console can I still transfer them to web fifa app? I understand you are only allwed to transfer points once. But is it also a rule that you can only transfer fifa points from fifa 13 console to fifa 14 web app if its the first time you are using the web app?


yeah i’ve just launched the early release and found out that you can’t buy poins so went online and all I can see is that you can transfer the fifa points ONCE from fifa 13 to the early realease but no one says anything about if it does or doesn’t matter that you already launched the release,, can anyone help and answer?

Chris Scully

Is the price in us dollars or uk sterling?

Jake Lee

i have already logged into the early release but have not yet transfered any fifa points from fifa 13 as i have none on there, if i was to go on fifa 13 buy points then go back on the early release will i still be able to transfer them ?


If I don’t have the early release of FIFA 14, could I buy FP through FIFA 13 and use them on the web app? Or do I have to have the early release?


I don’t know if this is a valid question, but is there a way I can transfer my coins from Fifa 13, or get coins for my team or points or anything like that?

Declan Williamson

If you get the ultimate edition do you get the 24 packs all at once?


Are FIFA points bought with MSP or with real money off a credit card now?



So I allready played the early acces game, and traded on the web app of fifa 14. But never got the option of transfering fifa points. If i go and buy fifa points on 13, and i launch the early acces. Will like an option pop up to transfer them?



I’ve still got over 1000 fifa points on my fifa 13 (xbox 360) am i right to assume that i can transfer the points across when i get the game?


if i choose dont transfer carelessly, can i still have second chance to transfer my fifa point form FIfa 13 to Fifa 14??


i just got my fifa 14 for my PS3, but why i cant buy fifa points?? it says “we’re sorry but you currently cant add fifa points. please try again later”


can someone please tell me the prices in US dollars ? thanks.

george tallentire

i have 100 pound in my psn account, i would like to know would i get more packs if i bought the season ticket. please help me by friday thankyou

paul mccarthy

Hi is the ultimate team on android going to be the same ut I will be using on ps3 as its the same origin account.

paul mccarthy

Cheers for clearing that up


There’s a new option to buy 12,000 fifa points in fifa 14, any idea on the price on ps3?


When I go into the shop tells me says: error, please try again later.
I use PS3


Hello !

I bought the FIFA 14 early release on the PS3, I did not know that I couldn’t buy fifa points in here. But will I ever be able to buy FIFA points in the early release ? Or do I have to buy the disc game to do that ? Or wil there ever be a update so the Early release will become the normal FIFA 14 ?


Ok. Thanks very much !
How do I upgrade the full final game ?


What I mean is: Will I get this automaticly, or do I have to go to a certain page in FIFA 14 ? Or will it automaticly update without me knowing it ?


My psn Id country region is diffrent and i cant buy fifa points with my credit card because of my credit card not able to buy this another money type if i buy fifa points on my other psn ID can i use them for my diffrent region psn ıd fifa 14?


Does the season ticket discount only kick in when the full game is out? And does it only discount points spent on pack and not coins?


Hello Amazing article! 🙂 But is it possible to transfer all the Coins or FUT team form Fifa 13 (iOS) to Fifa 14 (iOS)?
Thanks! 😀


just wanted to ask if you buy fifa points on one account will you be able to use those fifa points on a different acount or all acounts


(…) but after all the hard work ive got nothing to show for it!! It dnt make sence


i bought 1500 microsoft points, is it possible to turn them into fifa points and how? whenever i try to turn them into fifa points it says ‘payment option visa’. how do i make it so it uses the microsoft points

josh killoran

i have bought 1600 msp and it won’t let me buy fifa point with them? any help??


I have bought 12,000 fifa points for 80 euros. I recieved an error message and didn’t got the points although i have already paid for it by paypal !!! what can i do please?

shane butterly

I bought the fifa points but they never arrived so I contacted the support line. They said take a screen shot and linked me to here. What exactly do I screen shot as I am on x box. Do I log into x box . com on the laptop or take a photo on my phone of the X box screen. And where do I look

Ross Taylor

Exact same thing has happened to me, have spent 4 hours of web chat’s trying to resolve the issue. The EA chat advisor requested a screenshot from me, I sent the only thing I had which was the order email from Microsoft, but they didn’t ask for anymore information and ended it with telling me it will take 5-7 days for a response!


Hi, I need to ask something.
Is there any trouble if I buy Fifa Point using a different PSN region?
OK, let say I redeem/purchase FP using Region 1 account, then I log in back Region 3 acc, but my FP gone. Means my FP only available in R1 account? Even same console? (My Fifa 14 is R1) , but my current account is R3.


Hi Rodrigo. I pre order FIFA 14 on PSN, and a friend of mine, said that pre orders on PSN come with a 24 gold packs for UT. But i can’t seen to find anything about it.

Do you know if the pre orders really come with 24 gold packs ?


Toni Stipica

im playing on tablet.i started ultimate team season and after tutorial i get reward,but i cant open to open it?

joel armstrong

I cant by fifa points on fifa. When i try to byt i get a message like this “‘We are sorry, you can not add FIFA-points at this moment, try again later.” What is wrong?


on 4/10/15 i bought fifa points with £ and xbox live didn`t download it ! took my money & no FIFA points !!! any one has that problem ? will i get it when xbox live service is up again ?


Hi im trying to purchase FIFA points and it keeps coming up with. Cheersan error and that there is a problem with the FIFA checkout have tried restarting process and still not going through help please


How to convert microsoft point to fifa point, without using the console?


Hello Rodrigo, I want to ask you a question maybe you know something about it.

I have bought 4,600 Fifa Points today ( October 7th ) and I got an error at checkout then a message popped out saying something about a failure in the system of some sort and then it said ” Can’t Download Fifa Points 4,600 ” in the top right corner of the screen. BUT the problem is that they got my money , $40 and I searched the internet for a solution, but it seems like no one knows what to do AND what’s worst is that I think EA knows about this problem and they do nothing to fix it. Any kind of response is very much appreciated.


i got over charged for fifa points


Hi Rodrigo, you sure have plenty of knowledge on this! A quick question, I have more than the 2370 fifa points required for the season ticket, but am unable to buy it. How do I use the points to buy the season ticket, my kids are eating v frustrated! Thanx


Hello mate! I just want to know if I can transfer fifa points between two account on the same ps3 system! Thanks

Kieran hones

Can u get me free fifa points please

Wayne Thorpe

For 2 days now ive tried to purchase points but alls i get is please try again later is there anything wrong ps3

afshan jarabi

hey” plz Help Me ” i will start fifa 14 in my fone & when i will open ultimate team it will load & auto exit, & i can play penelteiz e.t.c” But cant play plz help ????

Tony Perez

Hi I bought fifa points in my android fifa 14 app and as it was doing the transaction the app kicked me off. It charged me for the purchase but I didn’t get anything. When I click on the pack it says I already own it. What can I do? Someone please help.

Mikkel Svendsen

I’m wondering if we could get a heads-up on the issue concerning FIFA points? I still struggle with an error message.

It’s been a long time now, I reckon you guys could’ve earned yourself a couple $$ on packs if this had been solved already 😉


Hi we have somehow saved our credit card details in our sons fifa 14 game now he can just add packs without us checking it first. We would like to delete the saved card. do you know how?