Liga BBVA Squad Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

Liga BBVA Squad Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team


For all those players that plan a FUT 14 team based on the Liga BBVA, or that plan on building one, we’ve conducted an extensive analysis on the best players.

Here is our guide of the main Spanish league for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.


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Introduction to the FUT 14 Liga BBVA Guide


Building a team is the biggest challenge in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team. It doesn’t need to be the best team, even because the budget may not allow it, but it needs to be the player’s stature for him to obtain success.

When choosing which players to play with, you will have to look carefully at their attributes. Choosing a team based on ratings is one of the most common mistakes on FUT 14. It’s precisely this aspect that this guide focuses on. For each position, and focusing on the truly important attributes, we’ll show who are the best athletes to choose.

It’s also important that the player checks to see if the player he chooses fits the formations he likes to play in. For example, a good full back will be useless if the player only uses formations with three defenders. According to those formations, the player must be cautious to look at the work rates, trying to relate them with the ones we advise in our Formations Guide.

Last but not least, it’s mandatory that you tune all of your team so that the individual and team chemistry be as high possible. For this last step to be easier, the majority of the players start to define the type of team they’re building. Some choose gathering players of the same nationality, while others decide to form a team of players from the same league. The most popular leagues are the Brazilians and the Barclays Premier League. There are also more experienced players that can form hybrid teams without damaging the chemistry a lot.

All of these steps are necessary to have; it could be that the team is not always well built as it could’ve been. This article aims to help those that think or want to form a FIFA 14 Ultimate Team based on players from the Liga BBVA. Even the ones have one, could take out some valuable conclusion from this guide that could help turn your team even better.

It’s important that the readers understand that this guide is simply guidance. It’s a theme too vast and the player’s combinations are almost infinite. Besides, there are various factors that influence the choices, like it’s one’s style of play, the formations used, the available budget, the preferences or even the time spent playing. There’s still one uncertain component: a good player for someone might not be for another. If there was a better team everyone would fight to get it. Part of the fun of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team is this: everyone has their personal club and players.

Another important point and that must stay very clear is that whoever is reading this guide, it’s about some criteria we chose and should be of everyone’s knowledge:

  • Only Gold Players
    • In this guide we didn’t consider silver or bronze player. Most players don’t assume them to be a better option than gold players, so to simplify the guide’s analysis we didn’t include them. In the future we may come to publish guides exclusively talking about these categories.
  • Only Regular Players
    • In this guide we didn’t consider In Forms (IF). They’re extremely expensive and in most cases are not considered good value for money. They should only be used by players with generous budgets, that already have the best team possible and that want small upgrades.
  • Only Normal Players
    • In this guide we didn’t consider players that have been transferred to other clubs or that have been reviewed (UP). Only players that started their season in the Liga BBVA and with their original attributes were considered.
  • Only Original Attributes
    • In this guide we didn’t consider changes made on a players performance such happens when applying training or chemistry styles cards.
  • Position analysis
    • To make the comprehension of this guide easier we divided the players in nine distinct groups in order of their original position: Goalkeeper (GK), central backs (CB), right backs (RB and RWB), left backs (LB and LWB), central defensive midfielders (CDM) central midfielders (CM and CAM), right midfielders (RM, RW and RF), left midfielders (LM, LW and LF) and forwards (CF and ST).
  • Prices at the date of publication of the guide
    • In the chapter where FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Liga BBVA teams are suggested, the prices considered are the ones of the date of the guide’s publication: December 2013. It’s natural that the prices have suffered some oscillations throughout the season, so they should only be considered as guiding prices.



    Liga BBVA


    No league has so good players as the main football competition of Spain. The qualification of the champion is made through the made points system. Whichever team gathers the most points wins the league. The first four classified gain access to the champions league of the next year, while the fifth and sixth qualify to the Europa League and the last three trade places with the first two qualified of the Segunda División and with the play-off winner. Every season starts in August and finishes in May, having 38 game weeks with 10 matches each, being a total of 380 matches per season.

    The Liga BBVA is the third most watched football league in the world and the best league classified in the UEFA league coefficients.

    Started in 1928, La Liga has only been conquered by nine clubs. The dominant clubs are Real Madrid and Barcelona, with a total of 33 and 23 titles. Atlético de Madrid (9), Atlético de Bilbao (8), Valência (6) and Real Sociedade (2) were the other teams that won more than once, while Desportivo da Corunha, Real Bétis and Sevilha only won the title once.

    As to last season, the Liga BBVA lost some good players such as Llorente (Juventus), Demichelis (Manchester City), Thiago Alcantara (Bayern FC), Toulalan (Monaco), Javier Saviola (Olympiakos), Roque Santa Cruz, Essien, Kaká, Ricardo Carvalho (Monaco), Callejón (Napoli), Albiol (Napoli), Higuain (Napoli), Álvaro Negredo (Manchester City), Jesus Navas (Manchester City), Tino Costa (Spartak Moscovo), Gago (Boca Juniors) e Soldado (Tottenham). But, the biggest out transfers were the move of Ozil from Real Madrid to the Gunners by 50 million Euros and the move of Falcao from Atlético Madrid to Monaco by 60 million Euros.

    These transfers didn’t necessarily make the Liga BBVA weaker. The Spanish teams spent 355 million Euros on strong reinforcements: Guilavogui (Atlético de Madrid), Bojan (Barcelona), Carvajal (Real Madrid), Kevin Gameiro (Sevilha) e Pabón (Valência). But the biggest signings of the season happened in Madrid and Barcelona. Gareth Bale and Neymar have joined to La Liga by 157 million Euros, almost half of the all money spent by the all Liga BBVA clubs this season.

    The choices are a lot for which our guide will certainly be useful as to building a team with players from this league. But, since it’s the league with better players, their prices are high. Only the Barclays PL players are more expensive than these ones. To the players with a limited budget, there are other better options.



    FUT 14 Liga BBVA Goalkeepers (GK)


    Goalkeepers are the players that are less used on field. Because of this they are also the disdained when building a team. Most players start their purchases with a forward, later they strengthen the midfield the defence and only later the goal. The truth is a good goalkeeper may be worth a lot of goals. It’s good investment because they’re normally the most economically accessible players.

    Despite his downgrade, Iker Casillas is still the more popular goalkeeper from Liga BBVA. Only Thibaut Courtois, Valdés and Diego López have a rating that can be compared. For having the best rating they are also the most searched by this league’s teams so they’re more expensive.


    Casillas 86 Spain Real Madrid
    Thibaut Courtois 84 Belgium Atlético de Madrid
    Victor Valdés 83 Spain FC Barcelona
    Diego López 83 Spain Real Madrid
    Diego Alves 81 Brazil Valencia CF
    Claudio Bravo 81 Chile Real Sociedad
    Andrés Fernández 80 Spain CA Osasuna
    Guaita 80 Spain Valencia CF
    Wilfredo Caballero 79 Argentina Málaga CF
    Beto 78 Portugal Sevilla FC


    When choosing a good goalkeeper it’s not only down to his rating. There are two fundamental attributes for choosing a good goalkeeper: reflexes and diving.

    The first measures a goalkeeper’s agility when making a save. The best on this aspect are Iker Casillas and Diego Alves. No one on whole FIFA 14 has better reflexes than they have.


    Casillas 90 Spain Real Madrid
    Diego Alves 90 Brazil Valencia CF
    Thibaut Courtois 86 Belgium Atlético de Madrid
    Andrés Fernández 86 Spain CA Osasuna
    Wilfredo Caballero 86 Argentina Málaga CF
    Claudio Bravo 85 Chile Real Sociedad
    Guaita 85 Spain Valencia CF
    Victor Valdés 83 Spain FC Barcelona
    Javi Varas 83 Spain Sevilla FC
    Carlos Idriss Kameni 83 Cameroon Málaga CF


    Diving is a fundamental attribute when choosing a goalkeeper. It measures the capacity for a goalkeeper to make a save when jumping.

    Also in this aspect, Casillas and Diego Alves are the best on Liga BBVA. The Brazilian and Buffon are the goalkeepers with best diving in the world.


    Diego Alves 90 Brazil Valencia CF
    Casillas 89 Spain Real Madrid
    Andrés Fernández 86 Spain CA Osasuna
    Claudio Bravo 84 Chile Real Sociedad
    Oscar Ustari 83 Argentina UD Almería
    Thibaut Courtois 82 Belgium Atlético de Madrid
    Victor Valdés 82 Spain FC Barcelona
    Javi Varas 82 Spain Sevilla FC
    Carlos Idriss Kameni 82 Cameroon Málaga CF
    Diego López 81 Spain Real Madrid


    The most experienced Ultimate Team players know that another leaning factor on a goalkeeper’s performance without considering the remaining four attributes: height. The more tall a goalkeeper is, better his chances of having a clean sheet.

    This is Casillas’ weak point. Even though he can’t be considered a short goalkeeper, the truth is he’s 14 cm short of the mighty Thibaut Courtois, this gold goalkeeper holds the title of tallest Liga BBVA Goalkeeper. Diego López from Real Madrid and Casilla RCD Espanyol are both above 1,90 m.


    Thibaut Courtois 199 Belgium Atlético de Madrid
    Diego López 196 Spain Real Madrid
    Casilla 191 Spain RCD Espanyol
    Guaita 190 Spain Valencia CF
    Diego Alves 188 Brazil Valencia CF
    Wilfredo Caballero 186 Argentina Málaga CF
    Carlos Idriss Kameni 186 Cameroon Málaga CF
    Casillas 185 Spain Real Madrid
    Claudio Bravo 185 Chile Real Sociedad
    Moyá 185 Spain Getafe CF


    The choice for the best Liga BBVA goalkeeper on FIFA 14 Ultimate team, is easy.

    In our opinion, even though he was downgraded, Casillas is still the best choice. Besides being the best with one of the two most important attributes and the second best on the other, he’s also the fastest. For us, Diego Alves is the best alternative to the Spanish goalkeeper. Despite not having a good positioning and a decent handling, he is the best of the world in the two more important attributes. He is a huge bargain.

    For those who frequently pass the ball to the goalkeeper, Claudio Bravo is a choice to be considered. Besides Casillas and Diego Alves, our suggestions are Courtois and then Valdés. The Belgian is the goalkeeper from La Liga with best handling and the Spanish is the one with best positioning.


    Liga BBVA Squad Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team - GK

    Best FUT 14 Liga BBVA Goalkeeper



    FUT 14 Liga BBVA Central Backs (CB)


    A goalkeepers task is made easier if in front of him are quality central backs. Their function is to stop the opponent from getting dangerously close to your team’s goal.

    Sergio Ramos and Piqué are the central backs with the best reputation in the Liga BBVA. The remaining good players to consider because of experience are Puyol, Pepe and Mascherano, and by irreverence, Raphael Varane is the main one.


    Piqué 86 Spain FC Barcelona
    Sergio Ramos 86 Spain Real Madrid
    Javier Mascherano 84 Argentina FC Barcelona
    Puyol 83 Spain FC Barcelona
    Diego Godín 83 Uruguay Atlético de Madrid
    Pepe 83 Portugal Real Madrid
    Adil Rami 82 France Valencia CF
    Raphaël Varane 81 France Real Madrid
    Miranda 81 Brazil Atlético de Madrid


    On a central back, two attributes assume particular importance on their performance: defending and heading.

    A player with better defending will have an easier chance of dispossessing the opponent and avoid him reaching your box.

    It’s the case of the best rated player: Piqué. It’s really hard to get past him. The most experienced players are normally those who have a higher rating on this attribute. Puyol and Mascherano prove this.


    Piqué 86 Spain FC Barcelona
    Javier Mascherano 85 Argentina FC Barcelona
    Puyol 85 Spain FC Barcelona
    Sergio Ramos 84 Spain Real Madrid
    Diego Godín 83 Uruguay Atlético de Madrid
    Jérémy Mathieu 83 France Valencia CF
    Pepe 82 Portugal Real Madrid
    Adil Rami 81 France Valencia CF
    Raphaël Varane 81 France Real Madrid


    On a game partially made difficult on stopping an opponent’s header in our box, possessing good heading is even more important on a central back than it was before. Allow him to be superior in your box when defending air balls but it’s also worth it on set pieces, like corners where a central backs jump may just be worth some goals.

    In this chapter Ricardo Costa and Sergio Ramos are the strongest ones. They are not very tall but they have the best heading and the best jumping. If you choose to not buy one of them, Diego Godín, Varane and Miranda handle it pretty well.

    Though Jérémy Mathieu is one of the tallest central backs he’s far behind on the Liga BBVA list of players with good heading. He isn’t an isolated case: the tallest central back in the league, Federico Fazio has dreadful heading and a terrible jumping. A player to avoid at all cost, even for his low speed.


    Ricardo Costa 87 Portugal Valencia CF
    Sergio Ramos 86 Spain Real Madrid
    Adil Rami 84 France Valencia CF
    Diego Godín 83 Uruguay Atlético de Madrid
    Miranda 83 Brazil Atlético de Madrid
    Raphaël Varane 82 France Real Madrid
    Mikel San José 82 Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao
    Lopo 82 Spain Getafe CF
    Piqué 81 Spain FC Barcelona


    Defending and heading may be useless against fast opponents. It’s necessary to fight fire with fire. No likes feeling impotent when seeing you get overrun by extremely fast players. Even though, in a way, centre backs aren’t that fast, every team needs one of these players with a high pace attribute.

    The major difference between Piqué and Sergio Ramos is their pace. The Madrid’s player is the fastest of Liga BBVA and one of the fastest in the world. But there are other fast players in La Liga. The second on the list is Iñigo Martínez, a cheap option. Pepe and Miranda are also fast players and possess better attributes, in a way that either one of these two present themselves as a viable for a defence based on the Liga BBVA.


    Sergio Ramos 80 Spain Real Madrid
    Iñigo Martínez 77 Spain Real Sociedad
    Miranda 76 Brazil Atlético de Madrid
    Jérémy Mathieu 76 France Valencia CF
    Pepe 74 Portugal Real Madrid
    Loukas Vyntra 74 Greece Levante UD
    Raphaël Varane 70 France Real Madrid
    Héctor Moreno 70 Mexico RCD Espanyol
    Mikel Gonzalez 69 Spain Real Sociedad
    Javier Mascherano 68 Argentina FC Barcelona


    Piqué intercepts everything that is at his reach. But, if the style of play of the team is to concede extremely fast counter-attacks we don’t advise him. He’s an extremely slow defender that compromises the team in fast attacks. For that Sergio Ramos is our number one choice for this position. Fast and with good defending and attacking attributes, the Madrid’ defender is for that the without a chance most expensive of all central backs of the Liga BBVA.

    Benefiting from their popularity and their characteristic for a good chemistry, Puyol, Pepe and Mascherano come up as being one of the first choices for teams based on the main Spanish League. They are without a doubt good players for this position but there are other cheaper solutions. Like, Miranda and Varane. The Brazilian has the second best average between the three most important attributes we considered.

    If you are searching for someone really cheap, choose Iñigo Martínez. He is the number three of that list.


    Liga BBVA Squad Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team - CB

    Best FUT 14 Liga BBVA Central Backs



    FUT 14 Liga BBVA Right Backs (RB and RWB)


    Full backs have the role of troubling the mission of the wingers. Not only. In addition, good full backs also support their team mates on offensive maneuvers.

    For all players with a good budget, to choose the best right back is something very simple. Dani Alves is by far the best one.


    Dani Alves 84 Brazil FC Barcelona
    Juanfran 79 Spain Atlético de Madrid
    Jesús Gámez 79 Spain Málaga CF
    João Pereira 79 Portugal Valencia CF
    Iraola 78 Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao
    Carlos Martinez 78 Spain Real Sociedad
    Arbeloa 77 Spain Real Madrid
    Carvajal 77 Spain Real Madrid
    Montoya 77 Spain FC Barcelona
    Cristian Sapunaru 76 Romania Elche CF


    There are very important attributes in any right back: defending and pace.

    Since they’re defenders they should have good defending capacities. This reduces a team’s risk of conceding.

    Juanfran is the players that best fits this aspect. The only other players that offer any type of competition are Jesús Gámez and Dani Alves.


    Juanfran 81 Spain Atlético de Madrid
    Jesús Gámez 80 Spain Málaga CF
    Dani Alves 79 Brazil FC Barcelona
    Iraola 78 Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao
    Arbeloa 78 Spain Real Madrid
    Cristian Sapunaru 78 Romania Elche CF
    Sergio Sánchez 78 Spain Málaga CF
    Carlos Martinez 77 Spain Real Sociedad
    João Pereira 76 Portugal Valencia CF
    Antonio Rukavina 76 Serbia Real Valladolid


    A flanked game tends to be faster than a game based in the middle of the field. The players that fill these spaces are obligated to be fast, both penetrating defensive and attacking moves of the team. Pace is one of the most important requirements for a good full back.

    Between all of the right backs of Liga BBVA, Dani Alves is the fastest one. His team mate Montoya and the Portuguese João Pereira are the only ones that may be considered fast players.


    Dani Alves 90 Brazil FC Barcelona
    Montoya 88 Spain FC Barcelona
    João Pereira 86 Portugal Valencia CF
    Juanfran 83 Spain Atlético de Madrid
    Carvajal 83 Spain Real Madrid
    Hugo Mallo 81 Spain RC Celta de Vigo
    Iraola 79 Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao
    Antonio Rukavina 78 Serbia Real Valladolid
    Valera 76 Spain Getafe CF
    Jesús Gámez 74 Spain Málaga CF


    Dani Alves is undoubtedly the best right back playing on Liga BBVA. He is the fastest one and has the best shooting, passing and dribbling. His weakest point is his heading but with a work rate high/low he will not be at the defence many times.

    If you don’t have enough coins to buy him, choose Juanfran or João Pereira. They are very similar, but the Spanish defends better and the Portuguese attacks better. The only good reason for a such big difference in their prices is because one is a rare card and the other not.


    Liga BBVA Squad Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team - RB

    Best FUT 14 Liga BBVA Right Backs



    Best FUT 14 Liga BBVA Left Backs (LB e LWB)


    Left backs have exactly the same role of their teamm ates on the other flank. In other words, they try to make a winger’s job hard and participate on the team’s offensive manoeuvres.

    A team’s left flank has even less options than the right but that doesn’t necessarily mean it has less quality. There are three players that stand out in this position: Marcelo, Jordi Alba and Filipe Luís.


    Marcelo 83 Brazil Real Madrid
    Filipe Luís 82 Brazil Atlético de Madrid
    Jordi Alba 82 Spain FC Barcelona
    Fábio Coentrão 79 Portugal Real Madrid
    Emiliano Insua 77 Argentina Atlético de Madrid
    Adriano 77 Brazil FC Barcelona
    Eliseu 76 Portugal Málaga CF
    Antunes 76 Portugal Málaga CF
    Damià 75 Spain CA Osasuna
    Fernando Navarro 75 Spain Sevilla FC


    Marcelo and Filipe Luis’ joint experience in the Liga BBVA, contribute decisively to make these two the two best defending left backs in the league.


    Marcelo 81 Brazil Real Madrid
    Filipe Luís 81 Brazil Atlético de Madrid
    Emiliano Insua 80 Argentina Atlético de Madrid
    Jordi Alba 79 Spain FC Barcelona
    Fábio Coentrão 76 Portugal Real Madrid
    Adriano 76 Brazil FC Barcelona
    Damià 76 Spain CA Osasuna
    Fernando Navarro 76 Spain Sevilla FC
    Eliseu 75 Portugal Málaga CF
    Antunes 74 Portugal Málaga CF


    Jordi Alba is the fastest left back in the world. The second one also plays in Spain: Eliseu. They make their speed their biggest threat, differing from other players from this position. All of them are a lot slower.


    Jordi Alba 92 Spain FC Barcelona
    Eliseu 89 Portugal Málaga CF
    Antunes 84 Portugal Málaga CF
    Filipe Luís 83 Brazil Atlético de Madrid
    Marcelo 82 Brazil Real Madrid
    Fábio Coentrão 81 Portugal Real Madrid
    Balenziaga 79 Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao
    Damià 78 Spain CA Osasuna
    De la Bella 78 Spain Real Sociedad
    Emiliano Insua 76 Argentina Atlético de Madrid


    To choose the best Left Back from Liga BBVA is a hard task. Marcelo is slightly better than Alba in almost every stats, but the pace of the Spanish player can make the difference many times. What he lacks in these attributes he highly compensates with his pace. Even so, our preference goes to Marcelo by being a more balanced player.

    Of all the remaining players, Eliseu is our cheapest choice. He doesn’t have the same efficiency as the others we referred but he’s fast enough to cause some offensive damage and possesses a good work rate to support the defence. The also Portuguese Fábio Coentrão is an interesting player too.


    Liga BBVA Squad Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team - LB

    Best FUT 14 Liga BBVA Left Backs



    Best FUT 14 La Liga Central Defensive Midfielder (CDM)


    Many of the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team formations require some midfielders that have a natural aptitude to defend. Central defensive midfielders distinguish themselves for being especially aimed to help the more retreated line of their teams. According to their attributes and their work rates, they can also be useful for starting attacks. They are players that occupy a very strategic position in the field.

    The supremacy of Busquets, Xabi, Khedira and Song over all other Liga BBVA central defensive midfielders is extremely clear.


    Sergio Busquets 85 Spain FC Barcelona
    Xabi Alonso 85 Spain Real Madrid
    Sami Khedira 84 Germany Real Madrid
    Alexandre Song 83 Cameroon FC Barcelona
    Mario Suárez 79 Spain Atlético de Madrid
    Bruno 79 Spain Villarreal CF
    Javi Fuego 78 Spain Valencia CF
    Camacho 78 Spain Málaga CF
    Iborra 77 Spain Sevilla FC
    Iturraspe 77 Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao


    There are a variety of attributes in a central defensive midfielder that you have to give attention: defending, so that the first defender of team works; strength, so that you win all brawls on a prone area of the field; heading, to win possession in aerial moves like goal kicks; pace, so that you cover the most terrain on the field as possible; stamina, so they can equally participate in offensive a defensive moves (especially useful for players with high/high work rates); passing and possession so that he can properly start attacks. In our opinion the two first are the most important.

    Normally using a central defensive midfielder is associated with having a deficit of elements in your defence. So, it makes sense that when you search for a player to occupy this position you’d want players that can defend.

    The CDM with best defending stats is Khedira. Excepting Camacho, he is also the player that have better heading so he is a really good choice for teams that want to complicate an opponent’s game in the space between the midfield and the defence.


    Sami Khedira 84 Germany Real Madrid
    Sergio Busquets 83 Spain FC Barcelona
    Alexandre Song 83 Cameroon FC Barcelona
    Xabi Alonso 81 Spain Real Madrid
    Mario Suárez 80 Spain Atlético de Madrid
    Bruno 79 Spain Villarreal CF
    Javi Fuego 78 Spain Valencia CF
    Papa Kouli Diop 78 Senegal Levante UD
    Camacho 77 Spain Málaga CF
    Iborra 76 Spain Sevilla FC


    The area of the field occupied by the central defensive midfielders is the one where most ball dispute happen. Strong players will have a higher probability of winning the ball.

    There’s a lot of muscle between the central defensive midfielders of Liga BBVA. Once again, Khedira is the one that stands out. On the other hand there’s Iturra. The Chilean player rarely wins a physical brawl due to being the weakest central defensive midfielder from the main Spanish League.


    Sami Khedira 89 Germany Real Madrid
    Alexandre Song 86 Cameroon FC Barcelona
    Papa Kouli Diop 86 Senegal Levante UD
    Iborra 85 Spain Sevilla FC
    Mario Suárez 84 Spain Atlético de Madrid
    Sergio Busquets 78 Spain FC Barcelona
    Xabi Alonso 77 Spain Real Madrid
    Javi Fuego 76 Spain Valencia CF
    Iturraspe 76 Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao
    Mikel Rico 76 Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao


    Out of all the choices that are necessary to make when creating a Liga BBVA team, the central defensive midfielder is probably the most difficult one. The four players with best ratings are the ones that can make this job with success. No other player can guarantee quality on the field.

    Despite having the higher rating, Busquets is the the weakest from the four players. Xabi Alonso is amazing on ball control, passing and vision but he is not good on pace, stamina and other physical attributes. As we already showed, Khedira is the best central defensive midfielder in the most important attributes. However, it is not enough to make him our first choice. Our favourite is Song, who is almost as good as the German on defending, heading and strength. He has amazing physical stats and he is much faster than most of CDMs.


    Liga BBVA Squad Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team - CDM

    Best FUT 14 Liga BBVA Central Defensive Midfielders



    Best FUT 14 Liga BBVA Central Midfielders (CM e CAM)


    A lot of games are decided on the midfield and not close to the goals. The players that play in these zones are the ones that should create the game and define its rhythm.

    There is many quality in the Liga BBVA midfield. Some of the world’s best footballers play there. It’s the case of the Spaniards Xavi, Iniesta and Fàbregas.


    Xavi 89 Spain FC Barcelona
    Iniesta 89 Spain FC Barcelona
    Cesc Fàbregas 86 Spain FC Barcelona
    Luka Modric 85 Croatia Real Madrid
    Isco 84 Spain Real Madrid
    Beñat 82 Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao
    Xabi Prieto 81 Spain Real Sociedad
    Ivan Rakitic 81 Croatia Sevilla FC
    Koke 81 Spain Atlético de Madrid
    Verdú 80 Spain Real Betis Balompié


    Central midfielders are responsible for discovering lines that break the opponents defence. Their passing quality has to be really good so they can assist forwards.

    Even though Xavi, Iniesta and Fàbregas share the top table of the players with best passing skills, the first one stands out by being who does it better in whole world. In all leagues, only Pirlo may be compared with these three players in this attribute.


    Xavi 92 Spain FC Barcelona
    Iniesta 91 Spain FC Barcelona
    Cesc Fàbregas 90 Spain FC Barcelona
    Luka Modric 86 Croatia Real Madrid
    Xabi Prieto 86 Spain Real Sociedad
    Ivan Rakitic 86 Croatia Sevilla FC
    Beñat 84 Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao
    Trashorras 84 Spain Rayo Vallecano
    Koke 83 Spain Atlético de Madrid
    Granero 83 Spain Real Sociedad


    Iniesta and Xavi’s supremacy is also showed through their dribbling. Only Isco can be compared with these two players in this aspect.


    Iniesta 91 Spain FC Barcelona
    Isco 88 Spain Real Madrid
    Xavi 86 Spain FC Barcelona
    Luka Modric 86 Croatia Real Madrid
    Marko Marin 86 Germany Sevilla FC
    Adrián 85 Spain Atlético de Madrid
    Jonathan Viera 85 Spain Rayo Vallecano
    Ander Herrera 84 Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao
    Muniaín 84 Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao
    Cesc Fàbregas 82 Spain FC Barcelona


    Modric and Isco are cheaper players that can perform well their roles as central midfielders. The Croatian is a box to box player while the Spanish has natural attacking tendencies.

    Our cheapest choice falls to Koke. Even though he isn’t good defensively, the Spanish is fast dribble and is a good passer.


    Liga BBVA Squad Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team - CM e CAM

    Best FUT 14 Liga BBVA Central Midfielders



    Liga BBVA Right Wingers (RM, RW e RF)


    The wingers are responsible for giving game width in the attack. They’re normally very explosive players.

    The right side of the midfield was in earlier seasons one of the strongest points of Liga BBVA based teams. The move of Navas to the BPL and the downgrade of Alexis Sánchez have weakened this position. The passage of Pedro from left to right side, came as a solution to this problem.


    Ángel Di María 86 Argentina Real Madrid
    Pedro 85 Spain FC Barcelona
    Alexis Sánchez 82 Chile FC Barcelona
    Carlos Vela 82 Mexico Real Sociedad
    Sofiane Feghouli 81 Algeria Valencia CF
    Patrick Ebert 80 Germany Real Valladolid
    Pedro León 79 Spain Getafe CF
    Lassane Bangoura 76 Guinea Rayo Vallecano
    Augusto Matías Fernández 76 Argentina RC Celta de Vigo
    Isaac Cuenca 75 Spain FC Barcelona


    There are three fundamental attribute on a winger: pace, dribbling and passing.

    Pace is probably the biggest weapon of these players. They use it to evade opponents and getting to the other side, many times through sprints on the side lines.

    On the Liga BBVA, only the young player Lassane Bangoura is faster than Di Maria. They are the only players with a pace over 90.


    Lassane Bangoura 91 Guinea Rayo Vallecano
    Ángel Di María 90 Argentina Real Madrid
    Alexis Sánchez 87 Chile FC Barcelona
    Carlos Vela 86 Mexico Real Sociedad
    Pedro 84 Spain FC Barcelona
    Sofiane Feghouli 84 Algeria Valencia CF
    Patrick Ebert 80 Germany Real Valladolid
    Isaac Cuenca 77 Spain FC Barcelona
    Pedro León 76 Spain Getafe CF
    Augusto Matías Fernández 73 Argentina RC Celta de Vigo


    Just being fast doesn’t cut it to reach the opponents box, having good dribbling to surpass the opponents’ players that appear on the way.

    There are a lot of player gifted in dribbling, being Di Maria, Vela and Feghouli the best. The Argentine adds to the good dribble, the best crossing of whole FUT 14.


    Ángel Di María 86 Argentina Real Madrid
    Carlos Vela 86 Mexico Real Sociedad
    Sofiane Feghouli 86 Algeria Valencia CF
    Pedro 85 Spain FC Barcelona
    Alexis Sánchez 85 Chile FC Barcelona
    Lassane Bangoura 83 Guinea Rayo Vallecano
    Isaac Cuenca 83 Spain FC Barcelona
    Patrick Ebert 80 Germany Real Valladolid
    Pedro León 79 Spain Getafe CF
    Jose Carlos 77 Spain Rayo Vallecano


    When reaching the opponents box the winger has to decide what to do. Normally, they choose to cross to the forwards. That is why it’s important for them to have good passing.

    Only Di Maria, Pedro Léon and Patrick Ebert offer good quality passing. Lassane Bangoura for example could’ve been an option to consider filling this slot in virtue of his fantastic pace, but he’s affected negatively for missing frequently passes to his more forward team mates.


    Pedro León 84 Spain Getafe CF
    Ángel Di María 83 Argentina Real Madrid
    Patrick Ebert 83 Germany Real Valladolid
    Pedro 80 Spain FC Barcelona
    Jose Carlos 80 Spain Rayo Vallecano
    Sofiane Feghouli 77 Algeria Valencia CF
    Alexis Sánchez 74 Chile FC Barcelona
    Isaac Cuenca 74 Spain FC Barcelona
    Carlos Vela 73 Mexico Real Sociedad
    Augusto Matías Fernández 73 Argentina RC Celta de Vigo


    Di Maria and Pedro are clearly the most indicated players to occupy this position in a team without budget restraints. Our preference goes toward the Madrid’s winger that is the best on four of the six main attributes and help the defence more due to his work rates high/high.

    From the most popular there’s also Alexis Sánchez. That even though has good stats, he is not much better than Vela or Feghouli, our economic choices.


    Liga BBVA Squad Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team - RM, RW e RF

    Best FUT 14 Liga BBVA Right Wingers



    Liga BBVA Left Wingers (LM, LW e LF)


    The left wingers have exactly the same role as their teammates from the other side.

    Cristiano Ronaldo is clearly the best player for this position. No one can be compared with him. The change of Iniesta to the central of the field, brought even more visibility to the Portuguese supremacy.


    Cristiano Ronaldo 92 Portugal Real Madrid
    Arda Turan 84 Turkey Atlético de Madrid
    David Villa 83 Spain Atlético de Madrid
    Andrés Guardado 81 Mexico Valencia CF
    Antoine Griezmann 80 France Real Sociedad
    Cristian Rodríguez 80 Uruguay Atlético de Madrid
    Cristian Tello 79 Spain FC Barcelona
    Giovani dos Santos 79 Mexico Villarreal CF
    Ibrahim Afellay 79 Netherlands FC Barcelona
    Gonzalo Castro 79 Uruguay Real Sociedad


    Even though they’re fast, Cristian Tello and Andrés Guardado are far away from Ronaldo, the fastest left winger of the world.


    Cristiano Ronaldo 93 Portugal Real Madrid
    Cristian Tello 89 Spain FC Barcelona
    Andrés Guardado 87 Mexico Valencia CF
    Giovani dos Santos 85 Mexico Villarreal CF
    Ibrahim Afellay 84 Netherlands FC Barcelona
    Gonzalo Castro 82 Uruguay Real Sociedad
    Antoine Griezmann 81 France Real Sociedad
    Diego Perotti 81 Argentina Sevilla FC
    Pizzi 81 Portugal RCD Espanyol
    Diego Castro 81 Spain Getafe CF


    Ronaldo is clearly the most highlighted left winger in this chapter. In the world, only Ribéry is better than him. Turan and Giovanni dos Santos have good dribbling too.


    Cristiano Ronaldo 91 Portugal Real Madrid
    Arda Turan 88 Turkey Atlético de Madrid
    Giovani dos Santos 87 Mexico Villarreal CF
    David Villa 85 Spain Atlético de Madrid
    Diego Perotti 85 Argentina Sevilla FC
    Andrés Guardado 84 Mexico Valencia CF
    Antoine Griezmann 84 France Real Sociedad
    Cristian Tello 83 Spain FC Barcelona
    Ibrahim Afellay 83 Netherlands FC Barcelona
    Gonzalo Castro 83 Uruguay Real Sociedad


    Turan is clearly the best fitted passer between the remaining left wingers. His team mate Cristian Rodríguez is also better on passing than the super player Cristiano Ronaldo.


    Arda Turan 84 Turkey Atlético de Madrid
    Cristian Rodríguez 80 Uruguay Atlético de Madrid
    Cristiano Ronaldo 79 Portugal Real Madrid
    Andrés Guardado 78 Mexico Valencia CF
    Ibrahim Afellay 78 Netherlands FC Barcelona
    Antoine Griezmann 77 France Real Sociedad
    Simão 77 Portugal RCD Espanyol
    Giovani dos Santos 76 Mexico Villarreal CF
    Reyes 76 Spain Sevilla FC
    David Villa 74 Spain Atlético de Madrid


    Ronaldo is the most expensive player of the game. His price is prohibits him from lots of budgets, proving the worth of the player. He’s without a doubt the best Liga BBVA left winger and, for many people, the best player of the world. Among all the Liga BBVA left wingers, he is the one with better dribbling, pace, heading and shooting. But there is more: he has the best shooting of the game and he is one of the few that can perform any skill.

    For those that don’t want to pay as many coins for the captain of Portuguese National Team they have David Villa, Turan and Guardado. Only Ronaldo is better than the Mexican player on the average of the the three most important attributes we considered. Turan is really great on passing and dribbling but too slow for this position. David Villa is the most expensive of these three players but not the better one. We suggest him for who is looking for a player with good shooting skills and a wonderful penalty taker. Physically he is too weak.


    Liga BBVA Squad Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team - LM, LW e LF

    Best FUT 14 Liga BBVA Left Wingers



    Liga BBVA Forwards (CF e ST)


    The forwards are the players on which fall the most responsibility of scoring goals.

    Three of the eight most expensive FUT 14 players are forwards that play on Liga BBVA, which shows very well the high quality for this position. The three times Golden Boot winner Lionel Messi is the player with the higher rating in the whole game. The big signings Neymar and Gareth Bale are the other two players.


    Lionel Messi 94 Argentina FC Barcelona
    Gareth Bale 87 Wales Real Madrid
    Karim Benzema 85 France Real Madrid
    Neymar 84 Brazil FC Barcelona
    Diego Costa 83 Brazil Atlético de Madrid
    Jonas 81 Brazil Valencia CF
    Rubén Castro 80 Spain Real Betis Balompié
    Aduriz 79 Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao
    Kévin Gameiro 78 France Sevilla FC
    Agirretxe 77 Spain Real Sociedad
    Hélder Postiga 77 Portugal Valencia CF
    Carlos Bacca 76 Colombia Sevilla FC
    Sergio García 76 Spain RCD Espanyol
    Roque Santa Cruz 76 Paraguay Málaga CF
    Morata 76 Spain Real Madrid


    To score goals shooting is necessary. If either by foot or head, the most important attribute for a forward are: shooting, heading and pace.

    Most goals are scored with the foot so good shooting is a necessary attribute for a forward.

    Lionel Messi is the second best shooter of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team. Only Cristiano Ronaldo is superior. Besides his team mate Neymar, Bale and Benzema possess an above average shot. This means the best forwards are the ones that best shooting.


    Lionel Messi 89 Argentina FC Barcelona
    Gareth Bale 84 Wales Real Madrid
    Karim Benzema 82 France Real Madrid
    Neymar 80 Brazil FC Barcelona
    Diego Costa 78 Brazil Atlético de Madrid
    Jonas 78 Brazil Valencia CF
    Aduriz 76 Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao
    Kévin Gameiro 76 France Sevilla FC
    Charles 76 Brazil RC Celta de Vigo
    Rubén Castro 75 Spain Real Betis Balompié
    Carlos Bacca 74 Colombia Sevilla FC
    Sergio García 74 Spain RCD Espanyol
    Dorlan Pabón 74 Colombia Valencia CF
    Agirretxe 73 Spain Real Sociedad
    Manu Del Moral 73 Spain Elche CF


    On FUT 14, knowing how to head gained another importance. Plenty of goals are born like this.

    Unlike with shooting there’s no proportionality between players with high ratings and players with good heading. Of the four more popular only Bale and Benzema appears in the list of 10 forwards with better heading. Neymar is the second last of this list. Aduriz is the number one.


    Aduriz 88 Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao
    Agirretxe 80 Spain Real Sociedad
    Jorge Molina 80 Spain Real Betis Balompié
    Diego Costa 78 Brazil Atlético de Madrid
    Hélder Postiga 77 Portugal Valencia CF
    Karim Benzema 76 France Real Madrid
    Roque Santa Cruz 75 Paraguay Málaga CF
    Gareth Bale 74 Wales Real Madrid
    Morata 74 Spain Real Madrid
    Charles 74 Brazil RC Celta de Vigo
    Carlos Bacca 70 Colombia Sevilla FC
    Leo Baptistao 70 Brazil Atlético de Madrid
    Lionel Messi 69 Argentina FC Barcelona
    Kévin Gameiro 68 France Sevilla FC
    Rubén Castro 66 Spain Real Betis Balompié


    Depending on the style of play and formation having good shooting and heading may not be enough for a striker. Especially in games that privilege counter-attack, pace is a very important attribute.

    Bale and Neymar have brought more speed to the Liga BBVA forwards. Messi has now competition on this chapter. In a way, the 21 Forwards of this league are fast players, but not as fast as Bale. Among all the FUT 14 forwards, only Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is superior.


    Gareth Bale 93 Wales Real Madrid
    Lionel Messi 92 Argentina FC Barcelona
    Neymar 90 Brazil FC Barcelona
    Dorlan Pabón 85 Colombia Valencia CF
    Karim Benzema 84 France Real Madrid
    Rubén Castro 83 Spain Real Betis Balompié
    Diego Costa 82 Brazil Atlético de Madrid
    Manu Del Moral 82 Spain Elche CF
    Carlos Bacca 81 Colombia Sevilla FC
    Kévin Gameiro 80 France Sevilla FC
    Morata 77 Spain Real Madrid
    Leo Baptistao 77 Brazil Atlético de Madrid
    Jonas 76 Brazil Valencia CF
    Sergio García 76 Spain RCD Espanyol
    Hélder Postiga 75 Portugal Valencia CF


    Messi is the best Liga BBVA forward, without any discussion. However, he is extremely expensive forcing many players to choose another forward. That choice is subjective because it depends of the play style of each player. In our opinion, Garth Bale is the most balanced one. He is very fast, has good dribbling and good defensive stats. He plays better as a CAM than as a ST. He has the best average between the three most important attributes we considered. Even better than Messi.

    For those that don’t have the money to pay for him, there is a new player that came this season to spice up the Spanish League: Neymar. Even though he isn’t a cheap player, he should be one of the first choices of any player that doesn’t cross to the box all the time. Neymar is one of the few with 5 stars on skills and on weak foot.

    Far from Benzema and Diego Costa quality, Rúben Castro is our cheapest choice. The Spanish may cause a lot of damage on the opponents defence. If you only want a cheap forward with good heading, choose Aduriz.


    Liga BBVA Squad Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team - CF e ST

    Best FUT 14 Liga BBVA Forwards



    Liga BBVA Team Suggestions


    A lot of people think that this is the most important part of the guide. It’s not. The thing that is really important to know is how to choose player based on their role and style of play that fits each player. And that is made in the previous chapters. The team suggestions that follow are simple graphic indicators of what we wrote previously. They should serve merely as orientation because it’s impossible to build a team that fits everyone. They depend on various factors we don’t know such as budget, formation, style of play and player preferences.

    To try and explore the needs of the maximum player as possible we suggest three teams with different budgets and formations: 4-1-2-1-2 with unlimited budget, 4-4-2 with 100k budget and 4-3-3 with a 20k budget.


    Team with Unlimited Budget


    Liga BBVA Squad Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

    Click on the image to maximize it


    • First Squad
    • GK: Iker Casillas (35k)
      RB: Dani Alves (55k)
      CBR: Sergio Ramos (35k)
      CBL: Pepe (1.5k)
      LB: Marcelo (12k)
      CDM: Alexandre Song (1k)
      RM: Di Maria (35k)
      LM: Cristiano Ronaldo (2,100k)
      CAM: Iniesta (90k)
      STR: Lionel Messi (1,600k)
      STL: Gareth Bale (850k)

    • Substitutes and Reserves
    • GK: Diego Alves (1k)
      RB: João Pereira (0.5k)
      CB: Piqué (6k)
      CB: Miranda (1k)
      LB: Jordi Alba (7k)
      CDM: Sami Khedira (1k)
      RM: Pedro (6k)
      LM: Andrés Guardado (0.7k)
      CAM: Xavi (60k)
      ST: Neymar (310k)
      ST: Karim Benzema (21k)


    • Budget
    • 5,228 million coins (4,814k + 414k)

    • Summary
    • The choice for this team’s player was based on analysis made in the previous chapters.
      In goal, Casillas is still our favourite. In centre back position, Pepe wins over Piqué in the first squad because the Spanish pace and his work rates may compromises the team in fast attacks. Sergio Ramos is unquestionable and he already has a risky high/medium work rate. We suggest to use Piqué only on formations that use 5 defenders. The full backs chosen were fast enough and equally balanced. Dani Alves is the only good choice for the right side, while on the left side Marcelo should only be passed over in favour of Alba for those who want even more speed.
      The two wingers are untouchable, the same happens with Messi in the attack. Neymar is not in this team because in this formation we believe that Bale is better than him as a ST and Iniesta as a CAM. For those that don’t cross to the head or for those who wants a fastest midfield, Neymar can take the place of Bale or Iniesta. Xavi can also be placed on a high quality midfield.


      100K Budget Team


      Liga BBVA Squad Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

      Click on the image to maximize it


      • First Squad
      • GK: Diego Alves (1k)
        RB: João Pereira (0.5k)
        CBR: Pepe (1.5k)
        CBL: Piqué (6k)
        LB: Jordi Alba (7k)
        RM: Pedro (6k)
        CMR: Cesc Fàbregas (20k)
        CML: Alexandre Song (1k)
        LM: Andrés Guardado (0.7k)
        STR: Karim Benzema (21k)
        STL: Diego Costa (9k)

      • Substitutes and Reserves
      • GK: Thibaut Courtois (1.5k)
        RB: Juanfran (1k)
        CB: Miranda (1k)
        CB: Rapahel Varane (1k)
        LB: Filipe Luís (2k)
        RM: Alexis Sánchez (2.5k)
        CM: Isco (8k)
        CM: Luka Modric (7k)
        LM: Arda Turan (1k)
        ST: Ruben Castro (0.7k)
        ST: Aduriz (0.6k)


      • Budget
      • 100k coins (73,7k + 26,3k)

      • Summary
      • The choice for this team’s players was based on analysis made in the previous chapter.
        In goal, Diego Alves is a cheaper alternative to Casillas. In the defence Piqué takes the place of Sergio Ramos. If you don’t feel safe with his pace and work rates, give a try to Miranda.
        The full backs are still very fast but much cheaper.
        On the midfield, Fàbregas is a good investment but to choose who will play with him is a bit harder. On a 442 formation it may be a good option to use someone more defensive, like Song, but if you want to try something more risky, try Modric. Pedro and Guardado are to us the best choices to the wings while on the attack we suggest the Benzema and Diego Costa.


      20K Budget Team


      Liga BBVA Squad Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

      Click over the image to maximize it


      • First Squad
      • GK: Diego Alves (1k)
        RB: João Pereira (0.5k)
        CBR: Pepe (1.5k)
        CBL: Miranda (1k)
        LB: Filipe Luís (2k)
        CMR: Ander Herrera (0.8k)
        CM: Alexandre Song (1k)
        CML: Koke (0.9k)
        RW: Carlos Vela (1k)
        LW: Andrés Guardado (0.7k)
        ST: Ruben Castro (0.7k)

      • Substitutes and Reserves
      • GK: Claudio Bravo (0.7k)
        RB: Montoya (0.6k)
        CB: Raphael Varane (1k)
        CB: Iñigo Martinez (0.4k)
        LB: Eliseu (0.5k)
        CM: Sami Khedira (1k)
        CM: Marko Marin (0.6k)
        CM: Beñat (0.7k)
        RW: Sofiane Feghouli (0.6k)
        LW: Arda Turan (1k)
        ST: Aduriz (0.6k)


      • Budget
      • 18.8k coins (11.1k + 7.7k)

      • Summary
      • The choice for this team’s players was based on analysis made in the previous chapter.
        In goal Diego Alves is a true penny saver. In front of him, Pepe and Miranda close the path to goal with the precious help of Song. The Barcelona’s player is a very useful element in these types of formation for giving defensive security in midfield and setting free team mates to start attacks. João Pereira and Luís Filipe are the full backs. They are both a case of good value for money. The biggest new of this team is the double Koke / Herrera that with their pace, dribbling, and above average passing give width to the attack. On the last third of the field, Vela and Guardado are great players that support the striker Ruben Castro. For who likes to cross to the box, Aduriz is a better option. This position is the one that, for who have more coins, should invest. Diego Costa, for example, would be perfect on this team.



      Hybrid Squads


      Building a hybrid team is not usually an easy task. The biggest difficulty is finding key player to join between different leagues.

      The Liga BBVA has the better average ratings. Because of that it’s more prone to allow the build-up of hybrid teams with other leagues. The team with greatest quality is the result of the combination of BBVA and BPL. David Silva, Mata, Navas, Soldado, Negredo and Torres are key players in this connection. There are also Belgium defenders like Kompany that can connect really well with Thibaut Courtois and let’s not forget that there is also the perfect connection between Aguero and Messi.

      Building a good Hybrid team based in the BPL and Bundesliga is also possible. Javi Martinez, Dante and Diego are essential in this transiction, as it may happen with Khedira and Benzema.

      On an inferior level, the BBVA still connects reasonably with other leagues, especially with the Serie A (Llorente, Joaquín, Valero, Tevez, Higuain, Milito).

      Follow our other league guide to easily build your hybrid team.


      Follow our tips and you’ll more successful on FIFA 14 Ultimate Team with your Liga BBVA squad.


    Born in the late 70s, Rodrigo Lopes is a video game enthusiast. He started on the old ZX Spectrum 48k and has played every FIFA game to present day. He is an engineer, that also writes about FIFA games on another popular website. Rodrigo is an Ultimate Team expert, he loves football and is a huge Benfica fan. He has influenced thousands of FIFA gaming fans with his cutting edge insights and scientific level approach to writing about FIFA gaming modes. Join him on Google Plus.
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    i have 120k to make a squad and i was thinking 4-3-3 (4)(attack)
    LW Villa – For long shots
    ST Benzema
    RW Di Maria
    CAM Isco
    CM Modric
    CM Fabregas
    LB Marcelo
    CB Miranda
    CB Sergio Ramos
    RB Montoya
    GK Courtois
    Need help with the bench


    What are your thoughts on a 4-2-3-1(2) vs a 4-1-4-1, in each case with Benzema up top and Fabregas, Modric And Song in the middle? Thanks, great guide!


    Hey Rodrigo,

    Great Guide, I’ve built the a BPL team based on your guide and it plays like a dream. I decided to use the first team only and use a BBVA team as the subs.

    ATM I’m using 4-1-2-1-2

    LB/RB Marcelo/Dani Alvez
    CB Ramos/Pepe
    CDM Song
    RM Di Maria
    CAM Iniesta

    I want your suggestion on the Lm and the two Strikers. I Have 600k budget for Lm and the two strikers. I know you don’t like In Forms but I’m open to IF’s. What would you recommend?


    I prefer 4-3-3(4) formation . Please suggest any improvements .
    Rb- Dani Alves / Pereira
    CB – Ramos / pepe / varane
    LB – alba / luis (marcelo is too slow for me )
    Rcm – xabi alonso and benat
    Lcm – fabregas , hererra
    Cam – modric , isco
    Rw – di maria , pedro , vela
    Lw – afellay (1st choice ) , tello . (Tried villa did not like him )
    Gk – casillas / alves .
    St – benzema / castro


    HI! Some quastions
    1.Will they be a bundesliga guide?
    2.Is any league “op”?
    3. Will You explain for us how the market crash (cause the TOTY) works and what we can do to make the best profit?
    Just found that site 1 week ago I’m totally lovin it


    This is my team can you suggest can improvements, no messi or ronaldo


    I have a budget of 140k.I was trading that time.


    Hey rodrigo,Left undecided with which formation to use with my bbva team but the players I have are as follows.Please decide a best team with a good formation.I don’t mind doing any position changes or applying chemistry styles.Aslo mention the best player you got in packs.Mine is IF Pedro 87.
    Casillas at GK
    Courtious at GK
    Sergio Ramos at CB
    Gerard pique at CB
    Mascherano at CB
    Dani Alves RB
    Marcelo LB
    Busquets at CM
    Alonso at CDM
    Fabregas at CM
    Modric at CAM
    Khedira at CDM
    Turan at LM
    Di Maria at RM
    David villa at LM
    Isco at ST
    Diego costa at ST
    Benzema at ST
    Higuain at ST

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi thanks for the guide I was lucky to gain a messi recently and build a team around him hut stuck on which formation to play. Currently I play a 4-4-1-1 with mixed success. Team as follows.
    Gk. Casillas
    Rb. Daniel alves
    Cb pique
    Cb ramos
    Lb alba
    Cf messi
    Those two empty slots have players but open ro suggestions on choice of formation
    And plsyers please


    Please I want help with my squad…..i love playing on strength and pace
    BBVA 4-3-3(4)
    GK Diego lopez
    RB Carvajal
    CB varane ‘fuckin good heading
    CB Ricardo costa ”same heading as varane
    LB Filipe luis
    CM modric
    CM Koke
    CAM Isco
    RW Pedro ”should i change him
    ST ruben castro ”for me better than costa
    LW Alexis Sanchez
    Now am out of coins….Pedro is worth 9k should i sell him and get ana affordable right winger


    BTW Sanchez at LW makes it 100 chem

    Francesco C

    With who’d you complete this:
    (As LB i have Alba, but because of my indesicion on that role i put Marcelo)

    What do you think about Insua? Because he seems good in attacking and defending sense (and he got a really nice shot)

    And have you some advices for my team?

    P.S: I like that the LB/RB are really good at defending, in fact i think that, being defenders,they HAVE TO defend good…

    Thanks in advance, and i hope i wrote it good, cause I’m Italian…


    Hi, I plan to build the 20k team but with some improvements. Could you recomend some for me. Thanks


    I am looking for a striker. Should i take neymar or benzema IF?
    benzema if is stil cheaper than neymar.
    thanks for your help.
    best regards p.


    Hi Rodrigo,

    Please can you make me a 250k BBVA team in 4-1-2-1-2 formation. I would like it to be on playstation. I saw you recommended a 250k bbva team to someone but it actually turned out to be 340k, so please can you make sure it is 250k on playstation as I want to build the team before I go to bed (it is 00:05). Sorry to be so pushy, I would greatly appreciate it if you could do this for me. Thank you 🙂


    Rodrigo I have 170k to make a squad what should I do?


    Which one would you recommend your 100k liga bbva team or your 100k bpl team


    Hi Rodrigo, my team is as follows
    GK Casillas
    LB Alba
    CB Ramos
    CB Piqué
    RB Alves
    CDM Busquets
    CM Iniesta
    CM Fabregas
    LW Villa
    ST Benzema
    RW Pedro
    my next move is looking to replace Villa – debating buying Di Maria and then playing him or Pedro out of position (Pedro’s 5* weak foot makes this a strong option?) In the longer term I plan to get the LW IF Pedro but until I can afford him do you think this would be my next best step? Apart from this and maybe Xavi to replace Fabregas, do you think there are any other improvements I could make short of spending huge money and looking at the likes of Neymar etc.
    Many thanks,


    Hey Rodrigo, this is my BBVA 4-1-2-1-2 team
    Who do you think I should replace? Thanks



    This is my team (4-3-3)(4)

    GK Casillas
    RB Juanfran
    CB Ramos
    CB Pepe
    LB Marcelo
    CM Fabregas
    CAM Isco
    CM Modric
    RW Di Maria
    ST Benzema
    LW Villa




    My team is 4-3-3


    Who would you add to that side,under 10k really,I was thinking Diego Costa and iv seen him for around 4k but iv also seen him with all his stats increased by 10 points for 13k,is this change permanent?
    I like LLorente because he’s good in the air but he is painfully slow,I also ain’t too keen on Guardado but there isn’t much other options,not in La liga anyway,would you say having a player from another league and country would work or would it affect the chemistry too much?


    Player field/ reserve
    Gk : casillas / diego lopez
    Cb : pepe ramos / varane pique costa
    Lb: marcelo / alba coentrao
    Rb : alves / perreira
    Cm: iniesta(left) song(middle) modric (right) /
    Xabi alonso
    Cam : isco
    St : benzema / di maria ( i use him in the moment has st) pretty good scorer
    The problem ia iniesta not able to do nice plays with him and i find him slow!
    Need help!


    I forgot to say i even have sanchez vela diego costa has well and i got only 20k


    He has a 8 of chemistry but im waiting to get 200k to start with neymar and move di maria has a rm and isco that i have is the one of totw ill try after my sleep with koke! It might work


    Hola Rodrigo!
    I play in 3-4-3 formation and try to leave my opponents without a ball, so passing and dribbling are very important for me. Now my players are:
    CB(L): Mascherano (I think I have to change him to Miranda, right?)
    CB(R): Ramos
    LM: Guardado (just love this player a lot!)
    CM: Xavi (Maybe I should change him to Fabregas-IF or Busquets perhaps?.. it is very strange, but he seldom is in dangerous attacks and I just don’t know why)
    RM: Jesus Navas (has 8 of personal chemistry)
    LW: Pedro IF
    ST: Neymar
    RW: Di Maris IF

    Can you please help me to improve my squad or maybe just give some comments about:
    1. Changing Mascherano to Miranda IF;
    2. Changing Xavi to Fabregas IF/Busquets/Alonso/Modric
    3. Changing Navas to Di Maria and buying Sanchez IF to be a RW
    4. Something else maybe )))

    P.S. Guide is amazing )


    Hey Rodigo lopes! i really love this formation and team ! but i didn´t have enough coins to buy messi so i use neymar instead 🙂 this is my team and i really love this team!


    I have a budget of about 1.2 million coins. Please could you recommend a team because from your guide I couldn’t tell what would be a good team if you have more than 100k but not 5 million. Thanks


    Am about to buy this squad what’s your opinion
    I don’t like playing w/ wingers espicially in BBVA
    Formation 4312
    GK Courtois
    RB Carvajal
    CB Varane
    CB Pepe
    LB Marcelo
    CM Modric
    CM Song
    CM Fabregas
    CAM Isco
    ST Benzema
    ST Costa
    PS3 with 130k budget


    i prefer playing by counter attacks


    would you recommend this squad or a barclays squad with the same budget 130k
    GK Lloris
    RB Richards
    CB David Luiz
    CB Kaboul
    LB Clichy
    CM Fellaini
    CM ???
    CM ???
    CAM Nasri
    ST Benteke
    ST Remy


    Need help upgrading my team
    Gk – casilias

    Cb- pique
    Cb- godin inform
    Cb- Sergio Ramos

    LM- d villa
    CM – xavi
    CM- iniesta
    Rm- di marria inform

    Lw- Pedro inform (87)
    St- neymar
    Rw- Sanchez inform (84)

    Also have benzema inform on bench and 800k available would u suggest selling benzema and buying bale , if so who should I replace bale with ? Or should I keep coins and wait for toty ?


    Hello, Rodrigo I have a 4-5-1 with Courtois, Joao Pereira, Miranda, Pepe, Filipe Luis, Song, Vela, Guardado, Koke, Isco and Diego Costa. Could you tell me which players I could buy to improve this team? Thanks.


    I have a 4-5-1 with:
    GK: Courtois
    CB: Sergio Ramos and Pique
    RB: Dani Alves
    LB: Marcelo
    CM: Xabi Alonso and Cesc Fabregas and Luka Modric
    RM: Di Maria
    LM: David Villa
    ST: Karim Benzema
    Chemistry: 100
    Rating: 84
    My question is how is my rating 84 while when l was playing with Juanfran instead of Dani Alves the rating was 85???
    And my subs are:
    Diego Lopez
    Jordi Alba
    Diego Costa


    By the way I love your website it help a lot
    Can you teach me a way to earn coins.
    Does this work for iOS FIFA.
    Hope you can help!


    i sell iOS coins, contact me


    Muito bom seu guia, fiz um time baseado em seu guia. É meu primeiro time da liga bbVA, então veja se ficou bom. Só os titulares lógico:

    Formação: 4-1-2-1-2

    GOL: Diego Alves
    LD: Pereira
    ZAG: Miranda
    ZAG: Pepe
    LE: Marcelo
    VOL: Song
    MD:Di maria
    ME: Turan
    MEI: Fabregas
    ATA: Benzema

    Eu já imagino em futuras contratações, como: Cassilas, Daniel alves, Sérgio ramos, Iniesta, CR7, Neymar, bale lógico, mas ta muito salgado$$… kkkkkkkkkkkkk Obrigado por qualquer ajuda, gostaria muito da sua opinião sobre o ata que está sobrando e pelo time formado e o qual vou formar.


    hey rodrigo lopes! do you think i should build this team ? i really like the formation on my bundesliga team

    ray p.

    Hello there what players would you get to build a high chemistry hybrid team between bbva and bpl with 200k budget/ what formation would you use?


    Hey Rodrigo, your site is amazing and very helpful. I currently have a bbva team and wonder if you could help me strengthen it. My style of play is counter attacks and tend to play in the center of the field. Currently I have a 433(2) with Marcello, Ramos, pique, and alves on defense. Fabregas as cdm. Xavi and iniesta as cm. On LW I have Pedro 87 if. And right wing I have Sanchez 84 if. And neymar as st.
    Any help would be great.


    Hi Rodrigo,

    Thank you for the amazing guides! I wonder if you could help me fine-tune my team. I am playing with a 4-1-2-1-2, creating a hybrid team.
    current starting line-up 100% chemistry.
    There are a few positions that i am unsure of, please see my line-up below. Those positions with additional players alongside are the ones that I need help with. Obviously, as i get more coins, I will start to look at the Rooney, Ronaldo, Messi, Iniesta, Silva etc…

    RM: NAVAS (NANI??)
    ST: ETO O

    Would love your advice on whether any of the bracketed players might fit in better.

    thanks a stack from South africa!


    Hi Rodrigo! Your page is fantastic! I was bored with my bundesliga squad than i choose The bbva league now…

    I bought my players before checking Your advices.. Now i need Your help!!

    41212 (2)
    Dani Alves
    Felipe Santana
    Javi Martinez
    Neymar (cam)
    …??? I dont know which st to choose with messi..

    I have Costa.. But benzema maybe is a better option.. (No founds to buy Bale =(..

    What would u recommend?

    Thank you so much


    Hey! Thanks for great squad guides!
    I have just bought a nice BPL squad in a 41212:
    GK: Cech
    RB: Richards
    CB: Kaboul
    LB: Clichy
    CDM: Yaya Toure
    RM: Navas
    LM: Hazard
    CAM: Rooney
    ST: Agüero
    ST: Etoo/Jovetic

    Yesterday I bought an IF Hazard for 255k on open bid and sold for 585k BIN so now I have 650k in the bank. Do you think I should buy a good bench for my BPL team or should I buy a good Bundesliga or Liga BBVA squad? In case you think I should buy a new squad could you suggest a team for 650k? Want to buy the players tonight when TOTY Attackers are released!


    Forgot to mention that the new squad would be for fitness. I play in Div 1 online and won it a couple of times so I would use the two squads one-two games at a time to regain fitness for the players if I buy another squad.


    Hey Rodrigo! Nice Guide, i really appreciate it!
    I need your help, i have a BBVA-Team and want to improve it, i got all your recommended Players from the team with the unlimited budget (or can afford them), except Messi, Bale and C.Ronaldo.
    I dont’t cross that much, i like to attack through the middle of the field and i like counter-attacks. Can you recommend me a formation?
    Thank you very much in advance.


    Hey Rodrigo..amazing site you have here and have been on it a number of times.

    This is my Ultimate team so far on the Xbox one. Tell me what you think and what you think are some smart changes. Thanks.

    5 star rated 84 with 100% Chem

    St- Benzema
    LM- Villa
    CM- Modric
    CDM- Rakitic (IF)
    CM- Fabregas
    RM- Di Maria
    LB- Alba
    CB- Mascherano
    CB- Pique
    RB- Srna (IF)
    GK- Casillas

    Running a 4141 formation


    Hi rodrigo.. your comments are really helpful and i would appreciate your advice. My hybrid consists of a middle 4 of cdm . Ramires , lm.willian , RM. Naval. My current cam is Mata, but i also have fabregas available to me. Your thoughts on the better combination?? They play behind eto o and jovetic . Cheers.

    Luc Cox

    hello i can’t choose between these two teams: and
    maybe you have some other suggestions for a team my budget is around 250k and i like to build up trough the middle and then give a pass to someone who can score so i usually have 2-3 players in my team who can score a goal.
    thank you very much

    Luc Cox

    ohw sorry and i forgot to say that the budget is for playstation


    Hello Rodrigo,

    First, thanks for your advice on my BPL team, now not using Cavani in it and have saved up for Rooney. Could you say who is better between Soldado and Hernandez to go in front of Rooney?

    Now, I have around 10,000 coins on PC for a BBVA team. Could you suggest a team of similar budget better than this 4-3-3 (5) false 9 team?

    Pereira, Pepe, Puyol, Coentrao
    Benat, Song, Koke
    Vela, Rakitic, Turan

    This team has 99 chemistry.

    Luke Cachia

    Hi Rodrigo, thank you so much for you guides !

    Could you please build a BBVA team for me? Budget is 1 mil.

    Thanks and Kind Regards,



    I am after some tips for my hybrid squad. I have 80k spare cash. Playing 433 (4)
    Casilas, alves, Ramos, kompany, clichy, iniesta, mata, toure, di Maria, etoo and Willian. Your suggestions would be much appreciated


    Hey great guide, I have decided to build a liga bbva squad, I like to have my players close to each other I want to attack with speed and quick pass and move but struggling to find a formation to suit it. I think either 4231(2), 41212, 352 will be the best options but what starting 11 would you recommend with an unlimited budget for Liga BBVA


    Hey mate, thanks for this awesome guide. The only thing I’m struggling with here, is that most of the players have low defensive work rates ie) Alves.. so does that mean they’re actually poor defenders?


    Hi Rodrigo, I need your help for my hybrid team.
    Gk: Casillas
    Rb: Montoya Cb: Pique Cb: Ramos: Lb: Marcelo
    Cdm: Alonso (must be Spanish to link with cam)
    Rm: Pedro Cam: Isco Lm: Willian
    St: Benzema St: Remy (link with Benzema)

    I was thinking to buy Cazorla or Mata ( better link with Willian) and Torres to replace Remy but then low link for Benzema 🙁 same story if I put Navas in place of Pedro…
    Do you have any suggestion for best chem?


    Hai rodrigo I’m making a bbva team and I’m going to make it the same as your unlimited coins team except I can’t afforded bale messi and Ronaldo, who do you think I should replace them with? I already have costa, benzema and villa from old squads. What should I do?


    Oh and should I replace pepe with pique?


    Hoping you can help me. I just did a re-organization of my squad because kept on being slaughter 5-0 and crap like that. Pls tell me what you think of my team and where to improve on. your article really helped me a lot.


    Alves pepe ramos marcelo

    fabregas Xavi

    Pedro Iniesta Haran