FUT United for FIFA 16 – Quick Guide

FUT United for FIFA 16 - Quick Guide


Do you want to know what FUT United for FIFA 16 is and how it works ? Do you want to know how to get the chance to win VIP tickets and many FUT 16 coins ? If you answered yes to any of these two questions, keep reading..


If you are looking for the second edition of FUT United for FIFA 16, click here


FUT United for FIFA 16 – Quick Guide


Q: What is FUT United for FIFA 16 ?
A: FUT United is an event that EA organizes for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team players.

Q: When FUT United for FIFA 16 will take place ?
A: Between November 13 7:00pm (UK time) and November 16 11:59pm (UK time), 2015

Q: How many editions FUT United has ?
A: Two. The first one on November and the second one on February.

Q: When the second edition of FUT United will take place ?
A: Probably in February.

Q: When FUT United for FIFA 15 was ?
A: 14-16 November and 6-8 February.

Q: Which are the highlights of FUT United for FIFA 16 ?
A: FUT United is know by three main offers: the chance to get VIP tickets for three big matches or win 1 million coins; a special tournament; and special Happy Hours.

Q: What exactly are the prizes ?
A: One (1) package which includes round-trip airfare and accommodations for two people to see three Barclays Premier League matches; ten unique winners of 1 million coin prize packs for use in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team; and 3,000 winners of one 15k Jumbo Premium Gold Pack (one pack each to 3,000 random players).

Q: Which matches are ?
A: Southampton vs Arsenal | Sat, Dec 26 8:45 PM
Manchester United vs Chelsea | Mon, Dec 28 6:45 PM
Leicester City vs Manchester City | Tue, Dec 29 8:45 PM.

Q: How can I be eligible for these prizes ?
A: Play and win any FIFA Ultimate Team match (which includes the mode’s introductory match, Seasons, Tournaments, Challenges, both online and offline) in FIFA 16 except FUT Draft.

Q: This contest is valid for which countries ?
A: Austria, Bulgaria, Canada (excluding Quebec) Chile, France, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, the United States (including the District of Columbia and excluding Florida and New York).

Q: When do I need to win a match to get the chance to win these prizes ?
A: Between 7PM GMT on November 13, 2014 and 11:59PM GMT on November 16, 2015.

Q: These prizes are available for all platforms ?
A: These prizes are an exclusive for Playstation, XBox and PC platforms.

Q: How is the FUT United Tournament ?
A: It is a online / single player tournament that takes place during the weekend and with good prizes. You can know more about it here.

Q: In which days happy hours will be released ?
A: Everyday during FUT United.

Q: Which Happy Hours takes place during the FUT United for FIFA 16 weekend ?
A: Check here please.

Q: Can we expect 100k Jumbo Rare Players Packs ?
A: Yes. Last year, only 15k, 35k and 50k packs were released. This year EA is more aggressive in the packs offer, so 100k packs are not out of question for this FUT United’s first edition. (100k packs were released)

Q: Will EA Sports release free packs to everyone ?
A: Probably not. However, Daily Gifts are live until November 16.

Q: What will happen to the market due to FUT United for FIFA 16 ?
A: Most of the prices will go down, especially during the best Happy Hours and gifts. However, don’t expect a huge drop. A crash like happen with Black Friday, FUTMas or TOTY are out of question. If you want, you can sell your players before FUT United begins (as soon as possible) and buy them back next week.

Q: Where I can know more about FUT 16 United ?
A: Here (available soon).

Q: Where I can know more about FUT United for FIFA 15 ?
A: Here and here.

Q: Where I can know more about FUT United for FIFA 14 ?
A: Here.

Q: Where I can know more about FUT United for FIFA 13 ?
A: Here.


FUT United for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team



    • Até ao fim do jogo. Desde o início que a tendência é sempre de queda. Existem algumas pequenas oscilações pelo meio. Uma delas é esta do Black Friday. No último fim de semana de novembro os preços serão inferiores e depois aumentam novamente um pouco.

  1. It says thet it only are valid i some countries. Does that mean you cant win if you are from a country thar aren’t on that list

  2. Hola, mira compre a lacazzette a 500k porque estaba entre 590, 600k, buen me arriesgue lo compre.
    Ahora esta 200k, perdi 300k, porque pasa estas cosas, va a volver a subir el jugador?
    o perdi todo mi esfuerzo??

  3. rodrigo i can buy one 100k pack and two 50k packs. When should i open them?
    During FutUnited or black friday?
    I was thinking i will open it off during the futunited. Try to sell the unwanted players before black friday. And then buy some decent players during friday crash

  4. I have a 50k BPL team. And have 17k coins. Should i sell all my players (Buy them back at the end) and open packs, buy fifa points, or should I just keep everything?

  5. Rodrigo, novamente o Brasil não entrou no sorteio da viagem, você sabe por que? E quando vai aumentar o número de jogadores? No PS3 tem poucas transferências.

  6. Hi Rodrigo

    Will there be a big price drop on premium players like last years game when this tournement came out?



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