FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Squad Guide

FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Squad Guide


For all those players who plan to build a FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander squad, we’ve conducted an extensive analysis on the best players.

Here is our guide to the top Spanish league in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team.



LaLiga Santander
Centre Backs
Right Backs
Left Backs
Central Defensive Midfielders
Central Midfielders
Central Attacking Midfielders
Right Midfielders
Left Midfielders


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Introduction to the FIFA 18 LaLiga Squad Guide


Building a team is the biggest challenge in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. It doesn’t need to be the best team, this is because the budget may not allow it, but it needs to be the player’s stature for him to obtain success.

When choosing which players to play with, you will have to look carefully at their attributes. Choosing a team based on ratings is one of the most common mistakes on FUT 18. It’s precisely this aspect that this guide focuses on. For each position, and focusing on the truly important attributes, we’ll show you who are the best athletes to choose.

It’s also important that the player checks to see if the player he chooses fits the formations he likes to play in. For example, a good full back will be useless if the player only uses a formation with three defenders. According to these formations, the player must be cautious and look at the work rate. Try to relate them with the ones we advise in our Formations Guide.

Last but not least, it’s mandatory that you tune all of your team so that the individual and team chemistry will be as high possible. For this last step to be easier, the majority of the players start to define the type of team they’re building. Some choose to gather players of the same nationality, while others decide to form a team of players from the same league. There are also more experienced players that can form hybrid teams without damaging team chemistry a lot.

All of these steps are necessary to have; or it could mean that the team is not always well built as it could be. This article aims to help those that want to form a FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander squad. Even the players that already have a team based in this league, could take out some valuable conclusions from this guide that could help you make your team even better.

We received thousands of comments about similar guides that we have published in previous years. Most of them have asked us to help improve their teams and the players they had. It’s important that the readers understand that this guide is simply guidance. It’s a theme too vast and the player combinations are almost infinite. Besides, there are various factors that influence the choices, like one’s style of play, the formations used, the available budget, the preferences or even the time spent playing. There’s still one uncertain component: a good player for someone might not be for another. If there was a better team everyone would fight to get it. Part of the fun of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team is this: everyone has their personal club and players.

Another important point and that must stay very clear is that whoever is reading this guide, it’s about some criteria we chose and should be of everyone’s knowledge:

✔️ Only Gold Players
In this guide we didn’t consider silver or bronze player. Most players don’t assume them to be a better option than gold players, so to simplify the guide’s analysis we didn’t include them. In the future we may come to publish guides exclusively talking about these qualities.

✔️ Only Regular Players
In this guide, we didn’t consider In Forms (IF). They’re extremely expensive and in most cases are not considered good value for money. They should only be used by players with generous budgets, that already have the best team possible and that want small upgrades.

✔️ Only Normal Players
In this guide, we didn’t consider players that have been transferred to other clubs or that have been reviewed (UP). Only players that started their season in the LaLiga SAntander and with their original attributes were considered.

✔️ Only Original Attributes
In this guide, we didn’t consider changes made on a players performance such happens when applying training or chemistry styles cards.

✔️ Position Analysis
To make the comprehension of this guide easier we divided the players in ten distinct groups in order of their original position: Goalkeeper (GK), central backs (CB), right backs (RB and RWB), left backs (LB and LWB), central defensive midfielders (CDM), central midfielders (CM), central attacking midfielders (CAM), right midfielders (RM, RW and RF), left midfielders (LM, LW and LF) and forwards (CF and ST).

✔️ Fluctuation of Prices
In the chapter where FIFA 18 LaLIga Santander squads are suggested, we added a link where you can check anytime the updated prices.



LaLiga Santander

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Arguably no league has as good players as the main football competition in Spain. The qualification for the champion is made through the points system. Whichever team gathers the most points wins the league. The first four classified gain access to the champions league in the following year, while the fifth and sixth qualify for the Europa League and the last three trade places with the first two promoted from the Segunda División and with the play-off winner. Every season starts in August and finishes in May, having 38 game weeks with 10 matches each, being a total of 380 matches per season.

The LaLiga is the third most watched football league in the world and the best league classified in the UEFA league coefficients.

Started in 1928, LaLiga has only been conquered by nine clubs. The dominant clubs are Real Madrid and Barcelona, with a total of 33 and 24 titles. Atlético de Madrid (10), Atlético de Bilbao (8), Valência (6) and Real Sociedad (2) were the other teams that have won the league more than once, while Deportivo la Coruna, Real Bétis and Sevilla only won the title once.

There are many great player choices to make which will make an even better team for you to aim to build. But, since it’s the league with better players, their prices are high. Only the Premier League players are more expensive than these ones. To the players with a limited budget, there are other better options.

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FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Squad Guide
Total Players: 533
Gold Players: 310
Average Rating (Global): 75
Best New Cards:
Ousmane Dembélé
Éver Banega
Carlos Bacca
Highest Upgrades:
Theo Hernández (+9)
Carlos Soler (+9)
Highest Downgrades:
Tomás Pina (-6)
Nolito (-4)
Markel Bergara (-4)
Samu García (-4)



Best FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Goalkeepers


Goalkeepers are the players that are used least on the field. Because of this they are also first ignored when building a team. Most players start their purchases with a forward, later they strengthen the midfield, the defence and only later the goal. The truth is a good goalkeeper may be worth a lot of goals. They are a good investment because they are normally the most economically accessible players.

The goalkeepers with most prestige in La Liga Santander play in Madrid: Oblak and Keylor Navas. With having the best rating they are also the most searched for by this league’s teams so this makes them more expensive.


Jan Oblak88Atlético MadridSVN
Keylor Navas85Real MadridCOS
Marc-André ter Stegen85FC BarcelonaGER
Sergio Asenjo84Villarreal CFESP
Gerónimo Rulli83Real SociedadARG
Diego López83RCD EspanyolESP
Sergio Rico81Sevilla FCESP
Jasper Cillessen81FC BarcelonaNED
Adán81Real BetisESP
Moyá81Atlético MadridESP
Neto80Valencia CFBRA
Kiko Casilla80Real MadridESP
Arrizabalaga79Athletic ClubESP
Roberto79Málaga CFESP
Pau López77RCD EspanyolESP


When choosing a good goalkeeper it’s not only down to his rating. There are two fundamental attributes for choosing a good goalkeeper: reflexes and diving.

The first measures a goalkeeper’s agility when making a save. The best on this aspect are Marc-André ter Stegen and Gerónimo Rulli.


Marc-André ter StegenFC BarcelonaGER86
Gerónimo RulliReal SociedadARG86
Keylor NavasReal MadridCOS85
Sergio AsenjoVillarreal CFESP85
Jan OblakAtlético MadridSVN84
Sergio RicoSevilla FCESP83
NetoValencia CFBRA83
AdánReal BetisESP82
RobertoMálaga CFESP82
ArrizabalagaAthletic ClubESP81
Diego LópezRCD EspanyolESP80
SergioRC CeltaESP80
MoyáAtlético MadridESP79
Andrés FernándezVillarreal CFESP79
JaumeValencia CFESP79


Diving is a fundamental attribute when choosing a goalkeeper. It measures the capacity for a goalkeeper to make a save when jumping.

In this attribute, is Navas who has a slight advantage over the other LaLiga Santander goalkeepers.


Keylor NavasReal MadridCOS87
Sergio AsenjoVillarreal CFESP86
Gerónimo RulliReal SociedadARG85
MoyáAtlético MadridESP85
Jan OblakAtlético MadridSVN84
Marc-André ter StegenFC BarcelonaGER84
NetoValencia CFBRA84
SerantesCD LeganésESP81
Sergio RicoSevilla FCESP80
AdánReal BetisESP80
RobertoMálaga CFESP80
Andrés FernándezVillarreal CFESP80
Jasper CillessenFC BarcelonaNED79
Rubén BlancoRC CeltaESP79
ArrizabalagaAthletic ClubESP78


The most experienced Ultimate Team players know that another leaning factor on a goalkeeper’s performance without considering the remaining four attributes: height. The more tall a goalkeeper is, better his chances of having a clean sheet.

This is the weakness of Navas and Diego Alves. None of them are even in this TOP 15.


Costel PantilimonRC DeportivoROM203 / 6′8″
Diego LópezRCD EspanyolESP196 / 6′5″
Sergio RicoSevilla FCESP194 / 6′4″
NetoValencia CFBRA192 / 6′4″
RobertoMálaga CFESP192 / 6′4″
AdánReal BetisESP191 / 6′3″
Kiko CasillaReal MadridESP191 / 6′3″
IraizozGirona FCESP191 / 6′3″
Jan OblakAtlético MadridSVN189 / 6′2″
Sergio AsenjoVillarreal CFESP189 / 6′2″
Gerónimo RulliReal SociedadARG189 / 6′2″
MoyáAtlético MadridESP189 / 6′2″
Pau LópezRCD EspanyolESP189 / 6′2″
ArrizabalagaAthletic ClubESP188 / 6′2″
Mariano BarbosaVillarreal CFARG188 / 6′2″

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Oblak is undoubtedly the best option to the goal. He has the best positioning and handling in the entire LaLiga Santander.

It’s much more difficult to pick the second best goalkeeper. In our opinion, this position is in good hands (literally) whether you choose Marc-André Ter Stegen, Keylor Navas or Sergio Asenjo. The first one plays better with his feet, while the second one has better handling. However, it’s the Villareal goalkeeper who looks to be better: he’s taller, faster and has better positioning. We know you probably prefer to use the goalkeepers from Real Madrid or Barcelona because they are more popular but if you do, you would be wasting money. They are no better than Asenjo.

For those who want an even cheaper option, Rulli is a good alternative.

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FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Squad Guide


Best Players
1 Jan Oblak
2 Sergio Asenjo
3 Marc-André ter Stegen
4 Keylor Navas
5 Gerónimo Rulli

Economic Choice
Sergio Asenjo

FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Squad GuideBest FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Goalkeeper



Best FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Centre Backs


A goalkeeper task is made easier if in front of him are quality central backs. Their function is to stop the opponent from getting dangerously close to your team’s goal.

Sergio Ramos is once again the centre back with best reputation in the LaLiga Santander.


Sergio Ramos90Real MadridESP
Diego Godín88Atlético MadridURU
Piqué87FC BarcelonaESP
Raphaël Varane85Real MadridFRA
Aymeric Laporte84Athletic ClubFRA
José María Giménez83Atlético MadridURU
Samuel Umtiti83FC BarcelonaFRA
Javier Mascherano83FC BarcelonaARG
Ezequiel Garay83Valencia CFARG
Stefan Savić82Atlético MadridMON
Víctor Ruíz82Villarreal CFESP
Iñigo Martínez82Real SociedadESP
Nacho Fernández81Real MadridESP
Simon Kjær81Sevilla FCDEN
Daniel Carriço80Sevilla FCPOR


On a centre back, two attributes assume particular importance on their performance: defending and physical, which represents strength, stamina, aggression and jumping.

A player with good at defending will have an easier chance of dispossessing the opponent and avoid him reaching your box.

It’s the case of Sergio Ramos. It’s really hard to get past them. The most experienced players, like Godín and Piqué, are normally those who have a higher rating with this attribute..


Sergio Ramos90Real MadridESP
Diego GodínAtlético MadridURU88
PiquéFC BarcelonaESP86
Aymeric LaporteAthletic ClubFRA86
José María GiménezAtlético MadridURU85
Raphaël VaraneReal MadridFRA84
Ezequiel GarayValencia CFARG84
Stefan SavićAtlético MadridMON83
Víctor RuízVillarreal CFESP83
Samuel UmtitiFC BarcelonaFRA82
Javier MascheranoFC BarcelonaARG82
Iñigo MartínezReal SociedadESP82
Nacho FernándezReal MadridESP81
Simon KjærSevilla FCDEN81
Gustavo CabralRC CeltaARG81


The physical attribute shows the old heading capability but also how likely the players are to win game with their body. This is a crucial attribute when looking for the best centre back.

In this chapter, the players from the LaLiga Santander are very balanced.


Sergio RamosReal MadridESP83
Iván RamisSD EibarESP83
Dimitrios SiovasCD LeganésGRE83
Rúben SemedoVillarreal CFPOR82
GálvezSD EibarESP82
LaguardiaD. AlavésESP82
Martín MantovaniCD LeganésARG82
José María GiménezAtlético MadridURU81
Víctor RuízVillarreal CFESP81
SidneiRC DeportivoBRA81
EtxeitaAthletic ClubESP81
David LópezRCD EspanyolESP81
BrunoGetafe CFESP81
Gabriel MercadoSevilla FCARG81
Ezequiel GarayValencia CFARG80


Defending and heading may be useless against fast opponents. It’s necessary to fight fire with fire. No one likes feeling impotent when seeing you get overrun by extremely fast players. Even though, in a way, centre backs aren’t that fast, every team needs one of these players with a high pace attribute.

This is where Diego Godín, Piqué and Javier Mascherano are weak. There are much faster players in LaLiga, like Varane, the fastest one.


Raphaël VaraneReal MadridFRA79
Ximo NavarroUD Las PalmasESP78
Sergio RamosReal MadridESP76
Nacho FernándezReal MadridESP76
Jeison MurilloValencia CFCOL75
Gabriel MercadoSevilla FCARG75
Samuel UmtitiFC BarcelonaFRA74
Clément LengletSevilla FCFRA73
VallejoReal MadridESP73
Rúben SemedoVillarreal CFPOR72
BigasUD Las PalmasESP72
Luís HernándezMálaga CFESP72
Iñigo MartínezReal SociedadESP71
José María GiménezAtlético MadridURU70
ÁlvaroVillarreal CFESP70

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Sergio Ramos is our number one choice for this position. Fast and with good defending and attacking attributes, the Madrid’ defender is for that the without a chance most expensive of all central backs of the La Liga. Despite his high quality, you have to pay attention to this player because of his work rate high/medium. You need to choose very well who will be his team mate in the center of the defence. We recommend Varane, because he is the second best centre back of this league and has the perfect work rate to play with him.

Except you are playing with a 5xx formation, we don’t recommend to use Mascherano, Piqué or Godín. They are too slow. Umtiti is much cheaper and a better choice.

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FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Squad Guide


Best Players
1 Sergio Ramos
2 Raphaël Varane
3 Samuel Umtiti
4 Diego Godín
5 Piqué

Economic Choice
Aymeric Laporte



FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Squad GuideBest FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Centre Backs



Best FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Right Backs


Full backs have the role of troubling the job of wingers. In addition, good full backs also support their team mates on offensive manoeuvres.

Carvajal and Juanfran are the only right-back from the LaLiga Santander who have such a big rating.


Carvajal84Real MadridESP
Juanfran83Atlético MadridESP
Nélson Semedo81FC BarcelonaPOR
Sergi Roberto81FC BarcelonaESP
Mario Gaspar81Villarreal CFESP
De Marcos81Athletic ClubESP
Hugo Mallo80RC CeltaESP
Šime Vrsaljko79Atlético MadridCRO
Sébastien Corchia79Sevilla FCFRA
Capa78SD EibarESP
Victor Sánchez78RCD EspanyolESP
Juanfran78RC DeportivoESP
Aritz Elustondo77Real SociedadESP
Montoya77Valencia CFESP
Roberto Rosales77Málaga CFVEN


There are very important attributes for any right back: defending and pace.

Since they’re defenders they should have good defending capacities. This reduces a team’s risk of conceding.

Carvajal is the player that best fits this aspect.


CarvajalReal MadridESP82
JuanfranAtlético MadridESP80
Mario GasparVillarreal CFESP80
Sergi RobertoFC BarcelonaESP79
Victor SánchezRCD EspanyolESP79
Aritz ElustondoReal SociedadESP78
Hugo MalloRC CeltaESP77
Šime VrsaljkoAtlético MadridCRO77
Sébastien CorchiaSevilla FCFRA77
Carlos MartínezReal SociedadESP77
Nélson SemedoFC BarcelonaPOR76
Antonio RukavinaVillarreal CFSRB76
BóvedaAthletic ClubESP76
MontoyaValencia CFESP75
De MarcosAthletic ClubESP74


A flanked game tends to be faster than a game based in the middle of the field. The players that fill these spaces are obligated to be fast, both penetrating defensive and attacking moves of the team. Pace is one of the most important requirements for a good full back. Even in FIFA 18.

Nelson Semedo is the fastest LaLiga Santander right back in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. The Portuguese international player is far superior in this aspect when compared to every LaLiga full back, except with his teammate Aleix Vidal.


Nélson SemedoFC BarcelonaPOR92
Aleix VidalFC BarcelonaESP91
Michel MacedoUD Las PalmasBRA87
De MarcosAthletic ClubESP86
CapaSD EibarESP86
MontoyaValencia CFESP83
CarvajalReal MadridESP82
JuanfranAtlético MadridESP82
Mario GasparVillarreal CFESP81
Šime VrsaljkoAtlético MadridCRO81
JuanfranRC DeportivoESP79
Sergi RobertoFC BarcelonaESP77
Sébastien CorchiaSevilla FCFRA77
Roberto RosalesMálaga CFVEN77
BóvedaAthletic ClubESP75

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Nelson Semedo was a great signing for FC Barcelona but also for this League. He is by far the best right back playing in Spain. No one is faster or has a better dribbling than him.

Juanfran is the best alternative to the Portuguese young player.

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FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Squad Guide


Best Players
1 Nélson Semedo
2 Carvajal
3 Juanfran
4 Mario Gaspar
5 De Marcos

Economic Choice

FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Squad Guide - RBBest FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Right Backs



Best FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Left Backs


Left backs have exactly the same role of their team mates on the other flank. In other words, they try to make a winger’s job hard and participate in the team’s offensive manoeuvres.

On LaLiga Santander, there is a left back that stand out more than the other ones: Marcelo.


Marcelo87Real MadridBRA
Jordi Alba85FC BarcelonaESP
Filipe Luís85Atlético MadridBRA
Gayà79Valencia CFESP
Lucas Digne79FC BarcelonaFRA
Jaume Costa79Villarreal CFESP
Antunes79Getafe CFPOR
Escudero79Sevilla FCESP
Balenziaga79Athletic ClubESP
Jonny77RC CeltaESP
Luisinho77RC DeportivoPOR
Diego Rico76CD LeganésESP
Aarón Martín76RCD EspanyolESP
Theo Hernández75Real MadridFRA
Luna75Levante UDESP


Besides being the high rated LB, Marcelo is also the one who defends better in this league.


MarceloReal MadridBRA82
Filipe LuísAtlético MadridBRA82
Jordi AlbaFC BarcelonaESP81
BalenziagaAthletic ClubESP78
Aarón MartínRCD EspanyolESP78
Miguel TorresMálaga CFESP78
De la BellaReal SociedadESP78
JonnyRC CeltaESP77
Jaume CostaVillarreal CFESP76
AntunesGetafe CFPOR76
EscuderoSevilla FCESP76
LuisinhoRC DeportivoPOR76
GayàValencia CFESP75
Lucas DigneFC BarcelonaFRA75
Diego RicoCD LeganésESP74


Jordi Alba is once again the fastest left back in the Spanish league. He makes his speed his biggest threat.


Jordi AlbaFC BarcelonaESP93
GayàValencia CFESP86
Theo HernándezReal MadridFRA84
Jaume CostaVillarreal CFESP83
AntunesGetafe CFPOR80
Lucas DigneFC BarcelonaFRA80
Filipe LuísAtlético MadridBRA79
MarceloReal MadridBRA78
JonnyRC CeltaESP77
Diego RicoCD LeganésESP76
Dani CastellanoUD Las PalmasESP76
BalenziagaAthletic ClubESP75
EscuderoSevilla FCESP75
LunaLevante UDESP73
SiqueiraAtlético MadridBRA72

 [vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″]

This isn’t an easy choice: Marcelo is the most balanced left back but Jordi Alba is much faster. It’s up to you to decide which is more important to you.

Filipe Luís is a decent alternative but, if you are looking for someone cheaper, you should pick Gayà. Except the physical, he has everything you need.

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FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Squad Guide


Best Players
1 Marcelo
2 Jordi Alba
3 Filipe Luís
4 Gayà
5 Lucas Digne

Economic Choice

FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Squad Guide - LBBest FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Left Backs



Best FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Defensive Midfielder


Many of the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team formations require some midfielders that have a natural aptitude to defend. Central defensive midfielders distinguish themselves for being especially aimed to help the more retreated line of their teams. According to their attributes and their work rates, they can also be useful for starting attacks. They are players that occupy a very strategic position in the field.

Casemiro and Busquets are by far the most popular defensive midfielders in this league.


Sergio Busquets86FC BarcelonaESP
Casemiro85Real MadridBRA
Steven N’Zonzi83Sevilla FCFRA
Dani García81SD EibarESP
Javi Fuego80RCD EspanyolESP
Guido Pizarro78Sevilla FCARG
Gonzalo Escalante78SD EibarARG
Celso Borges78RC DeportivoCOS
Mosquera78RC DeportivoESP
Javi García78Real BetisESP
Thomas Partey77Atlético MadridGHA
Marcos Llorente77Real MadridESP
Daniel Torres77D. AlavésCOL
Johannes Geis77Sevilla FCGER
Recio77Málaga CFESP


There are a variety of attributes in a central defensive midfielder that you have to give attention: defending, so that the first defender of team works; strength, so that you win all brawls in a prone area of the field; heading, to win possession in aerial moves like goal kicks; pace, so that you cover the most terrain on the field as possible; stamina, so they can equally participate in offensive and defensive moves (especially useful for players with high/high work rates); passing and possession so that he can properly start attacks. In our opinion the two first are the most important.

Normally using a central defensive midfielder is associated with having a deficit of elements in your defence. So, it makes sense that when you search for a player to occupy this position you’d want players that can defend.

The three highest rated CDMs are the ones who defend better.


CasemiroReal MadridBRA84
Sergio BusquetsFC BarcelonaESP82
Steven N’ZonziSevilla FCFRA80
Javi FuegoRCD EspanyolESP78
Gonzalo EscalanteSD EibarARG77
Javi GarcíaReal BetisESP77
Celso BorgesRC DeportivoCOS76
Guido PizarroSevilla FCARG74
Dani GarcíaSD EibarESP73
Thomas ParteyAtlético MadridGHA73
Johannes GeisSevilla FCGER73
CampañaLevante UDESP73
Geoffrey KondogbiaValencia CFFRA73
Papa Kouli DiopRCD EspanyolSEN73
Daniel TorresD. AlavésCOL72

The area of the field occupied by the central defensive midfielders is the one where most ball disputes happen. Strong players will have a higher probability of winning the ball.

There’s a lot of muscle between the LaLiga Santander central midfielders. N’Zonzi, Papa Kouli Diop and Casemiro are good examples of that.


Steven N’ZonziSevilla FCFRA88
CasemiroReal MadridBRA86
Papa Kouli DiopRCD EspanyolSEN85
Guido PizarroSevilla FCARG84
Thomas ParteyAtlético MadridGHA83
Sergio BusquetsFC BarcelonaESP81
Javi GarcíaReal BetisESP81
Geoffrey KondogbiaValencia CFFRA81
Manu GarcíaD. AlavésESP81
Dani GarcíaSD EibarESP80
Daniel TorresD. AlavésCOL80
Jefferson LermaLevante UDCOL80
Gonzalo EscalanteSD EibarARG79
Javi FuegoRCD EspanyolESP78
TimorGirona FCESP78

 [vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″]

In our opinion, Casemiro is the right choice for this position. He is the CDM who gives more security to the back line but he is also a good offensive player. However, you will need a lot of coins to buy him.

There are also good options that are available at a cheap price who are still good quality-wise, like Steven N’Zonzi, our economic choice. There is no reason to pay 30 times more by Busquets. Zonzi is much faster and has better physical stats, while the Barcelona’s midfielder has a great vision and defends very well, but the overall difference between them is not as big.

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FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Squad Guide


Best Players
1 Casemiro
2 Sergio Busquets
3 Steven N’Zonzi
4 Guido Pizarro
5 Javi García

Economic Choice
Steven N’Zonzi

FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Squad Guide - CDMBest FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Central Defensive Midfielders



Best FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Centre Midfielders


A lot of games are decided in the midfield and not close to the goals. The players that play in these zones are the ones that should create the game and define its rhythm.

It’s in midfield that there’s more quality in the LaLiga Santander. Some of the world’s best footballers play there. It’s the case of the Kroos, Modrić, Rakitić and Iniesta.


Toni Kroos90Real MadridGER
Luka Modrić89Real MadridCRO
Ivan Rakitić87FC BarcelonaCRO
Iniesta87FC BarcelonaESP
Isco86Real MadridESP
Koke84Atlético MadridESP
Bruno84Villarreal CFESP
Saúl82Atlético MadridESP
Mateo Kovačić82Real MadridCRO
Jonathan Viera82UD Las PalmasESP
Parejo82Valencia CFESP
Beñat82Athletic ClubESP
Arda Turan82FC BarcelonaTUR
André Gomes82FC BarcelonaPOR
Manu Trigueros82Villarreal CFESP


Centre midfielders are responsible for discovering lines that break the opponents defence. Their passing quality has to be really good so they can assist forwards.

Kroos, Iniesta and Parejo have a great passing stat.


Toni KroosReal MadridGER88
IniestaFC BarcelonaESP87
ParejoValencia CFESP87
Luka ModrićReal MadridCRO86
Ivan RakitićFC BarcelonaCRO86
KokeAtlético MadridESP86
BeñatAthletic ClubESP84
Xabi PrietoReal SociedadESP84
IscoReal MadridESP82
Mateo KovačićReal MadridCRO82
GraneroRCD EspanyolESP82
Jonathan VieraUD Las PalmasESP81
Arda TuranFC BarcelonaTUR81
Denis SuárezFC BarcelonaESP81
Manu TriguerosVillarreal CFESP80


A Centre midfielder usually needs creativity. Good dribbling allows the team to move forward, creating potential disequilibrium’s.

LaLiga centre midfielders supremacy is also showed through their dribbling. Iniesta and Modric are two of the best dribblers in the world.


IniestaFC BarcelonaESP90
Luka ModrićReal MadridCRO89
IscoReal MadridESP89
Jonathan VieraUD Las PalmasESP86
Mateo KovačićReal MadridCRO84
Arda TuranFC BarcelonaTUR84
RafinhaFC BarcelonaBRA84
Denis SuárezFC BarcelonaESP83
Ivan RakitićFC BarcelonaCRO82
Andrés GuardadoReal BetisMEX82
Toni KroosReal MadridGER81
KokeAtlético MadridESP81
Manu TriguerosVillarreal CFESP81
SaúlAtlético MadridESP81
Dani CeballosReal MadridESP80

 [vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″]

Luka Modrić is, in our opinion, the best centre midfield of this league. The Croatian is a box to box player, who attacks but also helps the defence.

Isco and Kroos are both great alternatives to Modrić. The first one is fast and tries to make the difference in the last third of the field. His team mate on Real Madrid has a more defensive style but still is the best player to assists the strikers. If you don’t have money for these players, you can try Rakitic.

Koke is a quality player who can be used in medium budget squads. If you still need someone cheaper, take a look to Turan and Jonathan Viera.

[/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″]

FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Squad Guide


Best Players
1 Luka Modrić
2 Isco
3 Toni Kroos
4 Ivan Rakitić
5 Iniesta

Economic Choice

FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Squad Guide - CM Best FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Centre Midfielders



Best FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Central Attacking Midfielders


An attacking centre midfielder is responsible for creating chances to score. He should have a good dribbling, a decent passing, a high long shot stat and a great vision.

There are no many good CAM’s in this league. Marco Asensio is one of the few exceptions.


Marco Asensio84Real MadridESP
Éver Banega83Sevilla FCARG
Franco Vázquez82Sevilla FCITA
Ryad Boudebouz81Real BetisALG
Raúl García81Athletic ClubESP
Fabián Orellana80Valencia CFCHI
Ganso80Sevilla FCBRA
Emre Çolak79RC DeportivoTUR
Canales79Real SociedadESP
Bojan79D. AlavésESP
Alen Halilović77UD Las PalmasCRO
Pablo Fornals77Villarreal CFESP
Jozabed77RC CeltaESP
Camarasa76Real BetisESP
Adrián González76Málaga CFESP


How we explained, the central attacking midfielders need to have good passing stats, so they can assist forwards.

Banega is back to this league and to the top passers table.


Éver BanegaSevilla FCARG85
GansoSevilla FCBRA84
Marco AsensioReal MadridESP83
Ryad BoudebouzReal BetisALG82
Raúl GarcíaAthletic ClubESP82
CanalesReal SociedadESP80
Franco VázquezSevilla FCITA79
Emre ÇolakRC DeportivoTUR78
Fabián OrellanaValencia CFCHI76
BojanD. AlavésESP76
Alen HalilovićUD Las PalmasCRO76
Pablo FornalsVillarreal CFESP76
Adrián GonzálezMálaga CFESP75
CamarasaReal BetisESP73
JozabedRC CeltaESP72


If a CAM is a good dribbler, he can make all the difference when the team is attacking.

Banega is also the centre attacking midfielders with best dribbling stat.


Éver BanegaSevilla FCARG84
Franco VázquezSevilla FCITA84
Marco AsensioReal MadridESP83
Fabián OrellanaValencia CFCHI83
Ryad BoudebouzReal BetisALG81
Emre ÇolakRC DeportivoTUR81
GansoSevilla FCBRA80
Alen HalilovićUD Las PalmasCRO80
CanalesReal SociedadESP78
BojanD. AlavésESP78
Raúl GarcíaAthletic ClubESP77
GabrielCD LeganésBRA77
Adrián GonzálezMálaga CFESP76
Pablo FornalsVillarreal CFESP75
JozabedRC CeltaESP74

 [vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″]

Marco Asensio is the only centre attacking midfield who can be compared to the quality CMs of this league. He is much faster than Banega and has better shots. However, there is no reason to be so much expensive when compared to the Sevilla’s midfielder price.

Vázquez, Boudebouz and Raúl García are all decent cheap alternatives to these two.

[/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″]

FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Squad Guide


Best Players
1 Marco Asensio
2 Éver Banega
3 Franco Vázquez
4 Ryad Boudebouz
5 Raúl García

Economic Choice
Éver Banega

FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Squad Guide - CAMBest FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Central Attacking Midfielders



Best FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Right Wingers

RM | RW | RF

The wingers are responsible for giving game width in the attack. They’re normally very explosive players.

The best wingers in the world play in LaLiga Santander: Ronaldo on the left side; Messi and Bale one the right side.


Lionel Messi93FC BarcelonaARG
Gareth Bale89Real MadridWAL
Ousmane Dembélé83FC BarcelonaFRA
Carlos Vela82Real SociedadMEX
Lucas Vázquez82Real MadridESP
Williams81Athletic ClubESP
Samu Castillejo80Villarreal CFESP
Pablo Sarabia80Sevilla FCESP
Pedro León80SD EibarESP
Hernán Pérez79RCD EspanyolPAR
Nordin Amrabat79CD LeganésMOR
Keko79Málaga CFESP
Joaquín78Real BetisESP
Carles Gil78RC DeportivoESP
Susaeta78Athletic ClubESP


There are three fundamental attributes for a winger: pace, dribbling and passing.

Pace is probably the biggest weapon of these players. They use it to evade opponents and getting to the other side, many times via sprints on the side lines.

LaLiga Santander is extremely well served in this chapter. Gareth Bale is one of the fastest player in the whole game.


Gareth BaleReal MadridWAL94
WilliamsAthletic ClubESP93
Ousmane DembéléFC BarcelonaFRA91
Cristian TelloReal BetisESP90
Lionel MessiFC BarcelonaARG89
Jesús NavasSevilla FCESP88
Samu CastillejoVillarreal CFESP86
Joel CampbellReal BetisCOS85
Carlos VelaReal SociedadMEX84
Hernán PérezRCD EspanyolPAR82
Lucas VázquezReal MadridESP81
Nordin AmrabatCD LeganésMOR81
MunirD. AlavésESP81
KekoMálaga CFESP79
Óscar RomeroD. AlavésPAR78


Just being fast doesn’t cut it to reach the opponents box, having good dribbling to surpass the opponents’ players that appear on the way.

There are a lot of players gifted in dribbling, but no one can be compared to Lionel Messi. Excepting Pelé and Maradona, it’s him who has the best dribbling stat in the game.


Lionel MessiFC BarcelonaARG95
Ousmane DembéléFC BarcelonaFRA88
Gareth BaleReal MadridWAL86
Pablo SarabiaSevilla FCESP83
Carlos VelaReal SociedadMEX82
Lucas VázquezReal MadridESP82
JoaquínReal BetisESP82
Samu CastillejoVillarreal CFESP81
Pedro LeónSD EibarESP81
Nordin AmrabatCD LeganésMOR81
Jesús NavasSevilla FCESP81
Hernán PérezRCD EspanyolPAR80
KekoMálaga CFESP80
Cristian TelloReal BetisESP80
WilliamsAthletic ClubESP79


When reaching the opponents box the winger has to decide what to do. Normally, they choose to cross to the forwards. That is why it’s important for them to have good passing.

Once again, Messi is the best one.


Lionel MessiFC BarcelonaARG86
Gareth BaleReal MadridWAL84
Pedro LeónSD EibarESP83
SusaetaAthletic ClubESP82
Lucas VázquezReal MadridESP81
JoaquínReal BetisESP81
Pablo SarabiaSevilla FCESP80
Samu CastillejoVillarreal CFESP79
KekoMálaga CFESP78
Carles GilRC DeportivoESP78
Carlos VelaReal SociedadMEX77
Nordin AmrabatCD LeganésMOR76
Ousmane DembéléFC BarcelonaFRA75
Óscar RomeroD. AlavésPAR74
Juan Pablo AñorMálaga CFVEN74

 [vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″]

Lionel Messi is clearly the most indicated players to occupy this position in a team without budget restraints. He is the one with best passing, shooting and dribbling. The only problem is his price. If you are rich but not so much, Bale is also a top-quality winger. If he still is too expensive for your wallet, try Dembélé, our third choice.

For those that can’t pay so many coins, Williams, Carlos Vela and Lucas Vázquez might be an option. From these three wingers, Williams is the best one.

[/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″]

FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Squad Guide


Best Players
1 Lionel Messi
2 Gareth Bale
3 Ousmane Dembélé
4 Williams
5 Carlos Vela

Economic Choice

FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Squad Guide - RM, RW e RFBest FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Right Wingers



Best FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Left Wingers

LM | LW | LF

The left wingers have exactly the same role as their team mates from the other side.

Cristiano Ronaldo is clearly the best player for this position. Not only in these league, but in the whole world.


Cristiano Ronaldo94Real MadridPOR
Yannick Carrasco85Atlético MadridBEL
Vitolo83UD Las PalmasESP
Nicolás Gaitán83Atlético MadridARG
Deulofeu82FC BarcelonaESP
Roberto Soriano80Villarreal CFITA
Denis Cheryshev79Villarreal CFRUS
Michael Krohn-Dehli79Sevilla FCDEN
Oyarzabal79Real SociedadESP
Nolito79Sevilla FCESP
Pablo Piatti79RCD EspanyolARG
Jurado79RCD EspanyolESP
Takashi Inui78SD EibarJAP
Jefferson Montero78Getafe CFECU
Morales78Levante UDESP


Now that Ronaldo’s pace was downgraded, Deulofeu is the fastest left winger playing in Spain.


DeulofeuFC BarcelonaESP93
Cristiano RonaldoReal MadridPOR90
Jefferson MonteroGetafe CFECU90
Mubarak WakasoD. AlavésGHA89
Yannick CarrascoAtlético MadridBEL88
MoralesLevante UDESP88
Alexander SzymanowskiCD LeganésARG88
JonyMálaga CFESP84
Takashi InuiSD EibarJAP83
Pablo PiattiRCD EspanyolARG82
Nicolás GaitánAtlético MadridARG81
MuniainAthletic ClubESP81
VitoloUD Las PalmasESP80
Denis CheryshevVillarreal CFRUS80
Adnan JanuzajReal SociedadBEL79


CR7 is clearly the most highlighted left wingers of LaLiga in this chapter.


Cristiano RonaldoReal MadridPOR90
Yannick CarrascoAtlético MadridBEL87
DeulofeuFC BarcelonaESP87
Takashi InuiSD EibarJAP86
Nicolás GaitánAtlético MadridARG84
VitoloUD Las PalmasESP82
MuniainAthletic ClubESP82
JuradoRCD EspanyolESP81
Jefferson MonteroGetafe CFECU81
Adnan JanuzajReal SociedadBEL81
Andreas PereiraValencia CFBRA81
Roberto SorianoVillarreal CFITA80
Pablo PiattiRCD EspanyolARG80
NolitoSevilla FCESP80
MoralesLevante UDESP80
Gonzalo CastroMálaga CFURU80


Ronaldo, always him, shares the table’s top position of this stat with Michael Krohn-Dehli.


Cristiano RonaldoReal MadridPOR82
Michael Krohn-DehliSevilla FCDEN82
Nicolás GaitánAtlético MadridARG81
Roberto SorianoVillarreal CFITA80
JuradoRCD EspanyolESP80
VitoloUD Las PalmasESP79
Yannick CarrascoAtlético MadridBEL78
Fayçal FajrGetafe CFMOR77
NolitoSevilla FCESP76
OyarzabalReal SociedadESP76
JonyMálaga CFESP76
Andreas PereiraValencia CFBRA76
Ibai GómezD. AlavésESP76
DeulofeuFC BarcelonaESP75
Pablo PiattiRCD EspanyolARG75

 [vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″]

Ronaldo is the most expensive player in the game. His price prohibits him from lots of budgets, proving the worth of the player. He’s without a doubt the best La Liga left winger and, for many people, the best player in the world. Among all the left wingers of this league, he is the one with best passing, dribbling and physical. But there is more: except the ICONS, he has the best shooting of the game and he is one of the few that can perform any skill move.

For those who can’t pay as many coins for the captain of Portuguese National Team, the alternative is Carrasco. The Atlético’s winger is a good player but may also be too expensive for your wallet. In that case, try Deulofeu. He’s much cheaper and only a bit worse.

[/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″]

FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Squad Guide


Best Players
1 Cristiano Ronaldo
2 Yannick Carrasco
3 Deulofeu
4 Nicolás Gaitán
5 Vitolo

Economic Choice

FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Squad Guide - LM, LW e LFBest FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Left Wingers



Best FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Forwards


The forwards are the players on which fall the most responsibility of scoring goals.

The most popular strikers of LaLiga Santander are players that could play in any club in the world: Luis Suárez, Antoine Griezmann and Karim Benzema.


Luis Suárez92FC BarcelonaURU
Antoine Griezmann88Atlético MadridFRA
Karim Benzema86Real MadridFRA
Aduriz84Athletic ClubESP
Iago Aspas83RC CeltaESP
Kévin Gameiro83Atlético MadridFRA
Willian José82Real SociedadBRA
Carlos Bacca82Villarreal CFCOL
Wissam Ben Yedder81Sevilla FCFRA
Lucas Pérez81RC DeportivoESP
Cédric Bakambu81Villarreal CFDRC
Fernando Torres81Atlético MadridESP
Leo Baptistao80RCD EspanyolBRA
Simone Zaza80Valencia CFITA
Luis Muriel80Sevilla FCCOL
Sergi Enrich80SD EibarESP
Ángel Correa79Atlético MadridARG
Luciano Vietto79Atlético MadridARG
Nicola Sansone79Villarreal CFITA


To score goals shooting is necessary. If either by foot or head, the most important attribute for a forward are: shooting, heading and pace.

Most goals are scored with the foot so good shooting is a necessary attribute for a forward.

The best strikers are also the ones who have the best shooting stats: Suárez, Griezmann and Benzema.


Luis SuárezFC BarcelonaURU90
Antoine GriezmannAtlético MadridFRA85
Karim BenzemaReal MadridFRA84
AdurizAthletic ClubESP83
Iago AspasRC CeltaESP83
Kévin GameiroAtlético MadridFRA83
Willian JoséReal SociedadBRA82
Lucas PérezRC DeportivoESP82
Ángel CorreaAtlético MadridARG80
Nicola SansoneVillarreal CFITA80
John GuidettiRC CeltaSWE80
Carlos BaccaVillarreal CFCOL79
Wissam Ben YedderSevilla FCFRA79
Simone ZazaValencia CFITA79
Cédric BakambuVillarreal CFDRC78
Fernando TorresAtlético MadridESP78
Luciano ViettoAtlético MadridARG78
Florin AndoneRC DeportivoROM78
Paco AlcácerFC BarcelonaESP78
Borja BastónMálaga CFESP78


Jump, strength and stamina are the ingredients to the new physical attribute, very important when we are analysing the best forwards: jump to score with the head; strength to dispute the ball with the opponents; and stamina to sprint in direction of goal at any time of the game.

That’s here where Suárez confirms how good he is. Only Zaza has better stats than him. Griezmann, for example, is almost in the bottom of this list.


Simone ZazaValencia CFITA84
Luis SuárezFC BarcelonaURU81
Florin AndoneRC DeportivoROM80
AdurizAthletic ClubESP79
Sergi EnrichSD EibarESP79
Cristhian StuaniGirona FCURU78
Willian JoséReal SociedadBRA76
John GuidettiRC CeltaSWE75
Kike GarcíaSD EibarESP75
Karim BenzemaReal MadridFRA74
Cédric BakambuVillarreal CFDRC74
Borja BastónMálaga CFESP74
PortuGirona FCESP73
Luis MurielSevilla FCCOL72
RogerLevante UDESP72
Lucas PérezRC DeportivoESP71
Carlos BaccaVillarreal CFCOL70
Jonathan CalleriUD Las PalmasARG70
Fernando TorresAtlético MadridESP69
Sergio LeónReal BetisESP69


Depending on the style of play and formation, having good shooting and heading may not be enough for a striker. Especially in games that privilege counter-attack, pace is a very important attribute.

Rodrigo is the fastest striker playing in Spain. This year, he received an upgrade on this pace of 7 points. p>

RodrigoValencia CFESP91
Luis MurielSevilla FCCOL89
Kévin GameiroAtlético MadridFRA87
Cédric BakambuVillarreal CFDRC87
Antoine GriezmannAtlético MadridFRA86
Wissam Ben YedderSevilla FCFRA83
Nicola SansoneVillarreal CFITA83
Luis SuárezFC BarcelonaURU82
Ángel CorreaAtlético MadridARG82
Adalberto PeñarandaMálaga CFVEN82
Iago AspasRC CeltaESP81
Lucas PérezRC DeportivoESP81
RogerLevante UDESP81
Antonio SanabriaReal BetisPAR80
Leo BaptistaoRCD EspanyolBRA79
PortuGirona FCESP79
Karim BenzemaReal MadridFRA78
Florin AndoneRC DeportivoROM78
Carlos BaccaVillarreal CFCOL77
JuanmiReal SociedadESP77

 [vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″]

Suárez is the best FIFA 18 LaLiga forward, without any discussion. He has the best passing and shooting, and is also the second best in dribbling and physical stats. However, he is very expensive forcing many players to choose another forward.

Griezmann is the best alternative to Suárez. The only weakness of the Atlético’s striker is his strength, something that Benzema, our third choice, is really good.

There is a lack of quality strikers for medium budget squads. The best three we found were Kévin Gameiro, Aduriz and Bakambu. You should choose according to your preferences. Gameiro is who scores more goals but his heading is poor. Aduriz is a kind of target man who plays well with his feet and head, but you will not see him sprinting. Finally, Bakambu is opposite: he’s fast but plays better in a counter-attack style.

[/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″]

FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Squad Guide


Best Players
1 Luis Suárez
2 Antoine Griezmann
3 Karim Benzema
4 Kévin Gameiro
5 Aduriz

Economic Choice
Cédric Bakambu

FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Squad Guide - CF e STBest FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Forwards


FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Squad Suggestions

Ideas to help you building your FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Squad

A lot of people think that this is the most important part of the guide. It’s not. The thing that is really important to know is how to choose players based on their role and style of play that fits each player. The team suggestions that follow are simple graphic indicators of what we wrote previously. They should serve merely as orientation because it’s impossible to build a team that fits everyone. They depend on various factors we don’t know such as budget, formation, style of play and player preferences.

To try and explore the needs of the maximum player as possible we suggest three teams with different budgets and formations: 4-1-2-1-2 with unlimited budget, 4-3-3 with medium budget and 4-4-2 with a low budget.


FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Squad with Unlimited Budget


FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Squad GuideClick on the image to maximize it

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/4″]

🇸🇮 GK: Jan Oblak
🇵🇹 RB: Nelson Semedo
🇪🇸 CBR: Sergio Ramos
🇫🇷 CBL: Raphaël Varane
🇧🇷 LB: Marcelo
🇭🇷 CDM: Luka Modrić
🇦🇷 RM: Lionel Messi
🇵🇹 LM: Cristiano Ronaldo
🇪🇸 CAM: Isco
🇺🇾 STR: Luis Suárez
🇫🇷STL: Antoine Griezmann

[/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/4″]

🇪🇸 GK: Sergio Asenjo
🇪🇸 RB: Carvajal
🇨🇲 CB: Samuel Umtiti
🇺🇾 CB: Diego Godín
🇪🇸 LB: Jordi Alba
🇧🇷 CDM: Casemiro
🇬🇧 RM: Gareth Bale
🇧🇪 LM: Yannick Carrasco
🇩🇪 CAM: Toni Kroos
🇫🇷 ST: Karim Benzema
🇫🇷 ST: Kévin Gameiro

October 2017


Playstation 4 Playstation 4
4,135,000 coins (starting eleven)
4,920,000 coins (starting eleven + subs)

XBox One Xbox One
4,275,000 coins (starting eleven)
4,995,000 coins (starting eleven + subs)

Origin PC
7,245,000 coins (starting eleven)
8,225,000 coins (starting eleven + subs)


If you want to know the current prices of any player or of the full squad, please click here.


The choice for this team’s players was based on the analysis made previously.

Oblak is the natural choice to the goal. However, who to put as his replacement presents one of the most difficult decisions. Asenjo, Ter Stegen and Navas are all good goalkeepers and you will be fine with either of them.

Sergio Ramos keeps on being the boss of the defensive foursome for all and a few more reasons. His weakest point is the attacking work rate and that’s why someone more defensive should play next to him. That’s the case of Varane. On the right side, Nelson Semedo was a great addition while on the left it’s difficult to choose between Alba and Marcelo. Our preference goes to the Madrid’s fullback because he is a much more balanced player.

Although Modric is originally a CM, he also can play as CDM if you have an attacking style. He is a box to box player but, if you think you need someone more suitable to give security to your defensive line, you should pick Casemiro instead of him. For the next position, Isco is our favorite but it’s up to you to decide how you will use the Madrid’s midfielders Casemiro, Kroos, Modric and Isco for these two spots.

On the wings, this league has the two best players in the world: Messi and Ronaldo. It is a waste to leave such talent like Bale out of this team but, if you want, you can move Messi to striker, opening a room for the Madrid’s winger on the right side. You can give full chemistry to Messi if you use his TOTW card or you can get a decent chemistry if you apply him a RW-RF card. One thing is guaranteed: he will play much better as striker than Griezmann. The other spot of the attack is obviously for Luis Suárez, an amazing goal machine.

Once all the players reach maximum individual chemistry via loyalty (achieved by each player after 10 matches for your club or by being pack pulled) you can go without a manager for your squad. They’ll be of no use while wasting contracts.


FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Squad with Medium Budget


FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Squad GuideClick on the image to maximize it

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/4″]

🇪🇸 GK: Sergio Asenjo
🇵🇹 RB: Nelson Semedo
🇨🇲 CBR: Samuel Umtiti
🇫🇷 CBL: Aymeric Laporte
🇪🇸 LB: Gayà
🇪🇸 CMR: Koke
🇫🇷 CMC: Steven N’Zonzi
🇭🇷 CML: Mateo Kovacic
🇪🇸 RW: Williams
🇪🇸 LW: Deulofeu
🇫🇷 ST: Kévin Gameiro

[/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/4″]

🇩🇪 GK: Marc-André Ter Stegen
🇪🇸 RB: Carvajal
🇺🇾 CB: José Maria Giménez
🇪🇸 CB: Nacho Fernández
🇫🇷 LB: Lucas Digne
🇦🇷 CM: Éver Banega
🇦🇷 CM: Guido Pizarro
🇪🇸 CM: Jonathan Viera
🇲🇽 RW: Carlos Vela
🇦🇷 LW: Nicolás Gaitán
🇪🇸 ST: Aduriz

October 2017


Playstation 4 Playstation 4
85,000 coins (starting eleven)
115,000 coins (starting eleven + subs)

XBox One Xbox One
55,000 coins (starting eleven)
80,000 coins (starting eleven + subs)

Origin PC
90,000 coins (starting eleven)
125,000 coins (starting eleven + subs)


If you want to know the current prices of any player or of the full squad, please click here.


The choices for this more affordable team players was based on analysis made previously.

In goal, Asenjo is good enough to keep your goal safe.

Umtiti and Laporte are both fast and solid defensively. Nelson Semedo is the only player who keeps his spot in this team while Gaya’s assertiveness completes our defending foursome.

To the central position of the midfield, our preference goes for N’Zonzi, since he has the muscle that every midfield needs and also for his balanced attacking and defensive skills. Koke and Kovacic complete the midfield.

While Deulofeu beats the concurrence on the left wing, Williams do it on the opposite side.

Over the attack line, you have three decent options. As we already explained, you should pick Gameiro, Aduriz or Bakambu according to your needs.

If you still have some room in your budget, Filipe Luís, Casemiro, Rakitić, Carrasco and Benzema are players that would improve this squad a lot.


FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Squad with Low Budget


FIFA 18 LaLiga Santander Squad GuideClick on the image to maximize it

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/4″]

🇦🇷 GK: Gerónimo Rulli
🇪🇸 RB: Juanfran
🇪🇸 CBR: Nacho Fernández
🇪🇸 CBL: Iñigo Martínez
🇪🇸 LB: Gayà
🇫🇷 CMR: Steven N’Zonzi
🇪🇸 CML: Jonathan Viera
🇲🇽 RM: Carlos Vela
🇦🇷 LM: Nicolás Gaitán
🇨🇩 STR: Cédric Bakambu
🇨🇴 STL: Luis Muriel

[/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/4″]

🇧🇷 GK: Neto
🇪🇸 RB: Mario Gaspar
🇵🇹 CB: Rúben Semedo
🇦🇷 CB: Gabriel Mercado
🇫🇷 LB: Lucas Digne
🇦🇷 CM: Guido Pizarro
🇹🇷 CM: Arda Turan
🇪🇸 RW: Lucas Vázquez
🇪🇸 LW: Vitolo
🇮🇹 ST: Simone Zaza
🇪🇸 ST: Lucas Pérez

October 2017


Playstation 4 Playstation 4
20,000 coins (starting eleven)
29,000 coins (starting eleven + subs)

XBox One Xbox One
15,000 coins (starting eleven)
23,000 coins (starting eleven + subs)

Origin PC
23,000 coins (starting eleven)
33,000 coins (starting eleven + subs)


If you want to know the current prices of any player or of the full squad, please click here.


The choice for this budget team was based on analysis made previously.

Gerónimo Rulli is our choice for the goal. However, if you have a few more coins, upgrading to Asenjo would be a good improvement. The Spanish players Juanfran, Nacho, Iñigo Martínez and Gayà complete the defence.

In the midfield, N’Zonzi and Viera complement each other well. The first one is strong, quick and aggressive, while the second is a player that usually pushes forward to assist his colleagues. Vela and Gaitán fill the wings in order to assist Zaza and Lucas Pérez who have both been chosen for their combination of pace and finishing stats.


Follow our tips and you’ll become more successful on FIFA 18 Ultimate Team with your La Liga Santander Team.



  1. Hi Rodrigo,

    this is my squad now, do you have any suggestions to improve it?
    I have 90.000 coins to spend.

    41212 wide
    Isco IF
    Telles IF-Desailly-Ferdinand-Vrsjalko IF

  2. Hello Rodrigo,
    What is your opinion about Ter stegen UP, Iago Aspas Up, Paulinho Up, Jordi Alba Up, Koke Up and Saul Up
    Thank you
    a greeting

  3. Hi Rodrigo.
    I need your opinion. Now, I use 4-1-2-1-2 (narrow). This is my team.
    griezmann-ben yedder(IF)

    iniesta, rakitic, asensio, gameiro, paulinho, koke

    I will use same back four and casemiro, and only change my frontline. I use paulinho and koke better than iniesta and rakitic but don’t know why.

    Any suggestions for improvement?

  4. Hi i am currently using a 4-3-3 (2)
    my Team
    Coutinho(Lw) -Benzema(St) -Dembele (Rw)
    Carrasco(lm play/ as cm)-Casemiro(cdm)- Koke(cm)
    Alba (lb) -Varane (cb)-Umtiti (cb) -Semedo (rb)

    Bench: kiko casila (gk),gaya (lb), laporte, (cb) n’zonzi (cdm), kovacic(cm) deulofeu (LW) gameiro (st)

    I currently have 50000 coins but i cant decide myself. spend money to upgrade asenjo for oblak or doing doing something else like buying modric. What do you advise

    • Diego Costa is a player with a similar level of Benzema. Maybe he could reach the third place in this guide for CF/ST.
      Coutinho is a player with a similar level of Carrasco. Maybe he could reach the second place in this guide for LM/LW.

  5. Rodrigo,

    I have been using your high budget squad for a few weeks now. I am having a much tougher time but I assume it is partly because it takes time to get better with new players and my competition has gotten much better. But a few things:

    1. I am having a hard time utilizing Ronaldo at LM. He has a rough first touch and his ability to make cuts and avoid tackles seems worst than Carrasco. He just doesn’t impress me. And now when I face a Ronaldo I am easily able to shut him down because he dribbles so far ahead of himself and has poor balance. He is very easy to defend.

    2. Bale at RM has no stamina. He plays ok but I prefer Dembélé or IF Wass. Am I not doing something right?

    3. Suarez is a machine but I am having trouble finding a striker to complement him. I find Griezmann to be better than Messi. Griezmann is unstoppable in tight places with his balance and ball control. Messi is also too short to handle crosses is this formation.

    I really need advice on Ronaldo. For $2MM coin, I have to get a return on the pitch

    • Hi.
      Ronaldo is the best player in the game, but we all play differently. So, a good player for me may not be for you and vice-versa. The same applies to Messi and Bale.
      However, you were the first player to say that these 3 players are not as good as other ones. Maybe you should try other formations, tactics and instructions.

  6. Hey Rodrigo!
    These are my squads, (I change formation in-game)
    I play 4231 and will change to Messi to CCAM ST Martial LCAM Jesus RCAM
    or Neymar LCAM Mbappe ST Jesus RCAM

    Well I’m stuck between Messi-Neymar or Messi-Suarez basically. What do you think,
    which one is the best in your opinion?

    And when I have enough coins for Suarez-Neymar-Bale, should I sell Messi and go for them? Thank you !!

  7. Hi Rodrigo,
    I have a question about Griezemann is it better to play him CAM or ST? and which is the best chemistry style for him in any of the two cases ?, as I want to boost up a bit his physical side?

  8. Great stuff. Thank you very much. Would love to hear your opinion on my squad.

    I run a LaLiga 4-3-1-2. I am very hard to score against but I also don’t great many opportunities.

    GK- Herrerin
    CB- Laporte, Varane
    RB- Semedo
    LB- Alba
    CM- Casmeiro
    LCM- Iniesta
    RCM- Modric
    CAM- Banega or Isco
    ST- Benzema
    ST- Adruiz

    Is it better to have all green lines or is orange the same as long as it is 100?

    Would I still be solid defensively if I switched to 4-1-2-1-2 and picked up better attackers.

    I normally don’t get to many shots off but I can usually count on Benzema to put one in the back of the net.


    • Hola Emilio!
      The colours of the lines don’t have any importance, as long as you have all individual chemistries 10.
      Usually, the most difficult part is not conceding goals. I don’t think you need to change your formation. 4312 is not a defensive formation. In my opinion, you should try to replace Aduriz by someone better. If Griezmann is out of your budget, why don’t you try Gameiro?

      • Thank you for your response! I actually picked up Ramos and Oblak.

        As far as Griezmann goes, I have never played with him but I find him easy to defend against. I was thinking about going with the following strikers: Suarez and Messi, with Bale as RM. the problem is that it will take some time for me to get Suarez. Gameiro is cheap so maybe he would work in the meantime. Is Griezmann really a worth having on the squad? I do have serious scoring issues.

  9. Hi Rodrigo 🙂

    I need your advice, because I don’t know what to do now. I have two squads, first:
    Oblak – Carvajal, Varane, Godin, Jordi Alba – Casemiro (CM), Modric (CM), Isco (CAM) – Carrasco, Muriel (83 – Futmas), Dembele, and second squad:
    Oblak – Semedo, Pique, Umtiti, Filipe Luis – Koke (CM), Kovacic (CM), Asensio (CAM) – Deulofeu, Gameiro, Williams.

    I didn’t play for a while, but now I coma back, earn 160k and I want to buy someone who can improve my squad. I’m playing with tqo squads, whe first haven’t got enoguh stamina I play with second. I was thinking about Griezmann. Muriel is good, very good, but I want a crack on ST. Will Griezmann be good decision to buy? Maybe better decision will be earn more money and buy Bale. Luis Muriel has 92 pace (+Hawk), good shots, driblling etc. But I want to change something, there is something I miss in my squad when I’m playing. I would be very grateful if you can answer me 🙂
    Best regards 🙂

  10. Hi Rodrigo,

    I need your advice about two things:
    First the formation and it’s customized tactics,
    I don’t know if it’s a mistake or not or old fashioned but I used for a while to play with 3-5-2 but as much as it gave me power to the midfield it made me suffer also so much pressure some times on the CBs when I play against teams has world class wingers.
    My question is which formation you prefer I am hesitated between 4-1-2-1-2 or 4-3-2-1 what are the advances of both?and if you pick one which you think it’s more balanced? And what Custome tactic you would use with it?

    Now my Squad is average and I use more 4-3-2-1:

    Wissam Ben Yeder
    Deulfeou- Ousmane Dembele
    Koke- N’zonze(Tolissio)- Asensio( Ben Yenega)
    Gàya-la porte-Umtiti-Nelson Semedeo

    I know I need to get better players in some positions would appreciate your advice about this point too, sorry fo my long post 🙂

    • Hi. 41212 is still the most popular formation, so I assume you have more chances to like it. You can see the difference between bot formations here. We are working on a custom tactics guide to be published in a few weeks.
      About your team, you have decent players for your budget. With a small effort, you can try to upgrade your ST for Gameiro.

  11. Hello Rogrigo.
    Asenjo – Semedo, Varane, Umtiti, Alba – Saul (special 84) – Modric, Wass (special 83, just great) – Asencio – Gameiro, Benzema
    I would buy Vrselic special as RB.
    Please advice, many, many thanks for your work.

    • Hi again, Alin.
      You have a nice team. Most of the players you are using are the ones we also recommend on our guide.
      Once again, I haven’t tried Vrsaljko IF. Obviously, his numbers are much better but I am always sceptical about IF cards. If you don’t mind to spend those coins, go ahead.

  12. Hello.
    I use 4-2-3-1 compact.
    Asenjo – Semedo, Laporte, Umtiti, Alba – Casemiro, Saul (special 84) – Deulofeu, Asencio, Williams – Iago Aspas (special, 86).
    Still having problems in defending.
    What do you suggest, I will ask you about Italian teams cause the second team is from there.
    I was thinking buying Carrasco (though Deulofeu is topscorer) and Varrane.
    What is your opinion on my team and on additions to made?

  13. Hi, This is my current team, playing on X-box. Switched earlier from 4-3-3 to now 4-4-1-1 after having too many troubles in defense. I am still having a lot of trouble defending, but it is getting better.

    Carrasco – Koke – N’Zonzi – Dembele
    Gaya – Gimenez – Laporte – Carvajal

    Subs: Delefeu, Inaki, Kovacic, Semedo (replaced Carva into main team, bought for 3,800 to defend better on the flanks), Vasquez, Turan, Mascherano (was a disaster when he was in the main team and had to get Gimenez as a cheap replacement).

    I do not particularly like the current formation as the mid-field to attack transition is difficult and want to explore 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 both possible with current players… but also 4-3-1-2, which worked really well in Fifa 17 for me but requires a completely different set of players – I will need a really good striker and need to sell Dembele and Carrasco.

    Any suggestions on key players to be purchased, and on the formation?

    • Hi. I don’t know what budget you have, but Varane would be a great addition to any formation.
      Following the description you made, I think you should use a formation with one CDM. In that way, you will have free players to attack. 41212, for example, is a good choice. You can use most of the players you have now in that formation.

      • Thanks, really appreciate the tip and the whole article. Just got Varane (12k), Benzema and Alba for 18k each (looks like steep drops in prices). Next up thinking about Iniesta and Casemiro to bolster the midfield.

        I have changed to 4-3-3 for now (N’Zonzi as CDM) for better passing triangles but excited to try 41212. I can sell Carassco and Dembele, and try to re-install Gameiro (or something better) for pace.

        On budget, I think I will have generated about 60k from trading in the next week, sitting on about 12k for now.

  14. I’ve currently got
    Carrasco – Gameiro – Dembele
    I’ve kept 4-3-3 purely so I can utilise the stronger players I’ve packed or poached. I’m tempted to change to a 41212 for a more direct attack but am uncertain how to most effectively utilise these players. I’ve also got SBC Gignac which if I get Griezmann I could line up aside gameiro otherwise SIF aspas is on my radar (both of these could be useless choices, if I knew I wouldn’t pose the question)

    Obviously there are other areas I need to improve (GK,CB,CDM) but for now they’ve been sufficient. (Limited budget)


    • Griezmann is an expensive player. Haven’t understood how do you plan to get him.
      If I was you, I would start by the players you can afford and see how good they are. As soon as you have a better budget, you may try the best ones. But yes, give a try to 41212, one of the most used formations.

  15. Hi
    My team is lloris semedo varane umtiti alba kroos modric dembele Isco carrasco greizmann 4-2-3-1(2) how would you suggest to improve this only have 70k to spend

  16. Really good guide ! I just got myself the whole medium budget team and i would like to know what to upgrade from now on and how can i get a good amount of coins ?
    Thanks !

  17. Nice article! Thanks! I sold my Premier League Team, because it did not work for me. I have 550000 Money. My Team finally: Oblak, Jordi Alba, Varane, Umtiti, Semedo, Isco, Casemiro, Kroos, Asensio, Griezman, Gameiro Tactic:4-1-2-1-2(2) I love this Team. Fantastic (Semedo, Casemiro, Asensio very very good) Thanks your help!!! Have you another idea? I will Modric buy if i have money and after Sergio Ramos and Suarez.
    I’m sorry for English

  18. hey there. i got some issues with midfield/forward. imo Isco and Modric are to slow as CAM, so most of the time, my attackers are on their own. maybe i should change some positions, or tactics? got some lack of “manpower” if i try to switch fast to attack. Got the idea to switch Bakambu or Griezmann to CAM. Some other suggestions?

    My Tactic: 4-1-2-1-2
    My Team:
    Griezmann, Benzema, Gameiro, Bakambu (IF)
    Modric, Isco, Iniesta, Carrasco, Dembele, Deulofeu, Williams, Pique (atm as CDM)
    Ramos, Godin, Varane, Jordi Alba, Semedo (This “all Black” Card. Dont know the english name of it)

  19. Now Im playing 4-1-2-1-2 (2):
    Bakambu Gameiro
    Iniesta Modric
    Marcelo Varane (PtG) Umtiti Semedo (OtW)
    with subs: Muriel, Aspas (IF), Rakitic, Wass (IF), Kovacic (Haloween), Kross, Alba, Gimenez, Vsraljko, Carvahal, Navas

    any ideas? Benzema looks too slow for my team, Busquets also. I can buy every player till 100-150k.

    what you think about playing 4-3-2-1 and changing it to 4-1-2-1-2 (2) in 1min of match? I could play sth like that:
    Carrasco Williams
    Modric Iniesta
    Alba Varane Umtiti Semedo

    and what you prefer on CAM in that way: Gameiro and Bakambu or Isco And Rakitic?
    Isco – Iniesta Modric or Gameiro – Isco Modric ?

    • Hi.
      According to EA, making subs will affect the chemistry but we don’t know if we should trust them. If you do, then your second team is not an option.
      You already have a good team. It’s time to see if Griezmann price drops.

  20. Hey thanks for the the guides! I use them avidly but could you please help? I’m really struggling and on a massive loosing streak! I don’t fund so have small budget.
    41212 narrow
    Digne – Giménez – Laporte – Carvalho
    Gamero – IF Sanbria

    Where to improve next? My def on paper is the best I can afford but I can’t keep a clean sheet!

  21. Hey, great guide !

    Can You help me more?
    It’s my squad:
    4-1-2-1-2 (2):
    Gameiro – Bakambu
    Iniesta – Rakitic
    Marcelo Umtiti Laporte Semedo (OtW)

    res: Muriel, Ben Yeder, Asensio, Kovacic, Koke, Busquets, T.Hernandes (OtW), Gimenez, Marscherano, Carvahal, Lopez
    + Williams/Vela and Carrasco/Deulofeu when I want to play some games with 4-3-2-1 formation.
    (there is no 1st or 2nd squad, Im changing squad with res all the time to have 99 fitness all the time)

    Any hard mistakes in this squad?
    Now I have 350k (Kante in pack for Squad Battles :D) and so many players to buy: Varane, Oblak, Alba, Modric, Kross, Ramos, Griezzman and so many players to test: J.Viera, Turan, Paulinho, Saul, Sanabria (IF), Dembele, Wass (IF), Bakambu (IF)

    Tell me please: what to change / buy / do with my squad 🙂

  22. Why not Saul instead of Pizarro for backup CM in medium and low budget. He isn’t expensive, is better in most stats besides a little bit of strength and aggression.

    • Hi.
      Saul is too expensive for the low budget squad.
      He is not in the medium budget squad because we decided to use a CDM for that position. Obviously you can use him since he is globally a better player than Pizarro, but be sure that his physical stats are good enough to keep your backline safe.

  23. ” Choosing a team based on ratings is one of the most common mistakes on FUT 18 ” then I can say that you made so many mistakes in this guide,and what I can’t believe is that you didn’t even mention Paulinho…

      • trying to be smart? it’s not about that,the fact is that he is complete player,amazing player,very good stats,much better than most players you’ve mentioned,and still you’re the one who choose player by ratings

        • It looks that you are alone. If you like him, go ahead, play with him. Just don’t tell us we choose players by rating. Just look at the pictures of best players for each position and you will see how wrong you are.

          • I agree with youre rankings.. ive been playing and studying this game for a very long time and the only time I would pull in Rafinha or Paulinho is to support a Chem on another Brazilian player. He doesn’t have very good stats, he has medicore stats.
            Ive used Viera, Asenjo and Vittolo and have had amazing success (finishing top 100 in SQB and fairing a little over 50/50 in weekend league record).

            Keep up the good work. you should try and do a mix league 100% chem report.


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