FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Managers Guide

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Managers Guide


In FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, there is no staff more important than Managers. Find out how you can use them.

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FIFA 16 Managers’ Roles


Among the five types of staff cards, the managers are clearly the most important ones. They develop two roles which take part on the main parts of the game. If you’re an experienced player, the managers are the only staff cards that you really need to get. You can afford to ignore any of the other staff types if you know how to manage your squad well. Going without managers won’t do you any good, though.


Manager cards have basically two functions:

  • extend the players’ contracts
  • contribute to individual chemistry

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Managers Guide


Contracts Boost


As we’ve already said, all staff are responsible for increasing the effect of consumables. For managers, those are contracts. You just need to store the manager cards in “My Club” and let the system do the rest, it will automatically identify the amount of bonus you’ll get for every contract applied according to how many of them you have.

Still don’t get it? We’ll explain in more detail. The contracts are positively influenced according to the managers a club has. Each manager card displays a contract bonus percentage. When you apply a contract, its effect is multiplied by the sum of the coefficients of all the managers your club has. No matter how many managers you have, the sum of their coefficients will stop at 50% of bonus, for that is why you should supervise them so you don’t waste coins. When you reach 50% you should stop, unless you really need a manager with a specific nationality to affect one or a few players’ chemistries. Also, check if you’re buying managers that contribute with at least 1%. The non-rare silver and bronze managers give no bonus.




This year it is more difficult to reach the 50% boost because there are less managers. To buy all rare gold managers, for example, it is not enough. There are only 11 in the game (33%). You will have to divide your purchases also by the 35 gold non-are managers (35%), the 18 silver rare (36%) and the 18 bronze rare (18%).

If you need help to reach the 50% boost at the least cost possible, follow our suggestion:

    Gold Rare Managers (11 cards | 33% bonus | 5,000 coins investment)
    B. Rogers, S. Pioli, M. Pochettino, M. Allegri, J. Mourinho, L. Villas-Boas, R. Vitória, M. Pellegrini, R. Martínez, L. Van Gaal, A. Wenger.
    Gold Non Rare (11 cards | 11% bonus | 1,650 coins investment)
    R. Maran, E. Di Francesco, S. McClaren, S. Bilic, T. Sherwood, G. Ventura, A. Neil, G. Monk, G. Gasperini, A. Mandorlini, M. Hughes.
    Silver Rare (3 cards | 6% bonus | 900 coins investment)
    D. Rossi, G. Iachini, E. Howe.


When you are applying a contract, you can check how big is the current managers’ boost of your club. You just need to look to the ‘staff modifier’ percentage. If you sum the coefficients of all the managers your club has, you should get the same percentage.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Managers Guide

In this case, the managers you have stored in your club give you a boost of 12%, which means that Messi will not get 13 but 14 contracts.



Chemistry Boost


Besides reducing costs for contracts, managers are also responsible for a small bonus applied to the chemistry

Manager’s effect doesn’t limit itself just for the most important consumables of the game. They’re also crucial for defining the players’ individual chemistries. The manager you choose for a squad can increase one point of individual chemistry for each player starting the match. On his limit, he can increase the squad’s chemistry overall by 11 points, one for each player. That’s pretty significant.

What determines if he gives a player bonus or not? Or if it is his nationality and league. If one of them match, the player gets one point. If not, he gets nothing. Even if they match both nationality and league, the bonus will never be more than one point. If the players already have maximum individual chemistry (10) there’s no point on using a manager since there won’t be anything to improve and you’ll still be spending contracts.

For chemistry improvement, the process of choosing a manager should be done mainly according to nationality. Their league can be changed if you apply manager league consumables, in case you want it to match a player’s, but you can’t do the same for the nationality.

When you start looking for a manager to increase your squad’s chemistry, don’t follow the most frequent nationality in the team. What matters is giving bonus to the players that have lower chemistry. These are the ones you should pay attention to. Try having a manager with a nationality that benefits ones and a league that benefits others.



Managers’ Contracts


Only the manager sitting on your team bench needs contracts

Other than nationality, league and bonus percentage, the manager cards also display another important information: the number of contracts. Just like the players, managers also spend contracts every match they participate. When they run out of contracts, you need to apply new ones so they can stay on the bench for the next match. The type of contracts they need also receive bonus according to the amount of manager cards you have in the club, including the one you’re using. The rest of the managers don’t spend contracts.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Managers Guide

To buy contracts for managers go to Transfers – Transfers Market – Consumables – Contracts



Should I buy Managers ?


In our opinion, managers are the only staff you should worry about.

If you were able to build a team where all players have 10 points of individual chemistry, you can dispense managers on the bench. But don’t take this too seriously, because the budget associated to this is usually around 10 coins per match. If your squad’s rotation implies on using managers with different leagues and nationalities, try switching managers from the bench to the ones you’ve got stored in your club according to what you need before starting a match. Remember that the manager’s popularity and rarity doesn’t make a difference when they go on the bench. All managers are equal when they move to the squad, it doesn’t even matter if you switch your gold manager to a bronze one, they’ll influence the chemistry equally as long as their league and nationality are the same.

Apart from the initial investments, each manager’s 1% bonus represents almost one coin saved per match

When talking about bonus for contracts, your objective should be to gather enough managers in order to reach the 50%. In this case it doesn’t matter the nationality, league or the remaining contracts a manager has. If you already have your main manager and your goal now is to reach the 50% contract bonus, search in the market by managers running out of contract. They are usually cheaper and it doesn’t make any difference to you. You should only focus on reaching the total 50% spending the less possible. This is where the calculation comes in. For this objective, buying popular managers won’t make sense because they may cost way too much, you can use these coins to buy several other managers. Check, for example, if there are any rare silver managers cheaper than non-rare gold ones. The average total coins spent in order to reach 50% of contract bonus revolves around 7.500 coins, being its approximated return 40 coins per match. In a long term the managers will be able to spare you thousands of coins, except if you don’t intend to play more than 200 matches, because in this case the investment won’t be fulfilled. If you want to start saving your coins early, it’s important that you start collecting managers as soon as possible. Although, it’s also early when the game starts that they are more expensive, due to the immense demand and small supply. It’s up to you to manage to buy these cards without spending much more than the average value we gave you.



Managers List


The complete list of managers in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team can be consulted below:


B. HasiGold Non RareAlbania1%
G. MartinoGold RareArgentina3%
M. PochettinoGold RareArgentina3%
A. MohamedSilver RareArgentina2%
C. BustosSilver Non RareArgentina0%
G. AlfaroSilver Non RareArgentina0%
G. Barros SchelottoSilver Non RareArgentina0%
J. FalcioniSilver Non RareArgentina0%
R. LunariSilver Non RareArgentina0%
P. SánchezBronze RareArgentina1%
G. ArnoldBronze RareAustralia1%
K. MuscatBronze RareAustralia1%
J. AloisiBronze Non RareAustralia0%
T. PopovicBronze Non RareAustralia0%
T. WalmsleyBronze Non RareAustralia0%
D. CanadiBronze Non RareAustria0%
D. KühbauerBronze Non RareAustria0%
O. KononovGold Non RareBelarus1%
M. Preud’hommeGold Non RareBelgium1%
H. VanhaezebrouckSilver RareBelgium2%
P. MaesSilver RareBelgium2%
B. PeetersSilver Non RareBelgium0%
F. DurySilver Non RareBelgium0%
F. MazzuSilver Non RareBelgium0%
Y. VanderhaegheSilver Non RareBelgium0%
H. van VeldhovenBronze RareBelgium1%
J. MathijssenBronze RareBelgium1%
J. WalemBronze RareBelgium1%
S. VrevenBronze Non RareBelgium0%
Y. FerreraBronze Non RareBelgium0%
D. KalezićBronze Non RareBosnia H.0%
R. Ferretti OliveiraGold Non RareBrazil1%
B. LimaBronze Non RareBrazil0%
F. FerreiraBronze Non RareBrazil0%
M. PellegriniGold RareChile3%
M. SalasSilver Non RareChile0%
N. AcostaBronze Non RareChile0%
R. RuedaSilver RareColombia2%
A. GameroSilver Non RareColombia0%
L. ÁlvarezSilver Non RareColombia0%
G. HernándezBronze Non RareColombia0%
J. SánchezBronze Non RareColombia0%
S. BilićGold Non RareCroatia1%
T. FrankSilver Non RareDenmark0%
M. WieghorstBronze Non RareDenmark0%
A. PardewGold Non RareEngland1%
G. MonkGold Non RareEngland1%
S. McClarenGold Non RareEngland1%
T. SherwoodGold Non RareEngland1%
E. HoweSilver RareEngland2%
K. LoweBronze Non RareEngland0%
A. WengerGold RareFrance3%
A. DesmaraisBronze Non RareFrance0%
A. MartinBronze Non RareFrance0%
J. LefevreBronze Non RareFrance0%
J. KlinsmannGold Non RareGermany1%
P. ZeidlerSilver Non RareGermany0%
F. FodaBronze RareGermany1%
F. SchillingBronze Non RareGermany0%
H. KerstingBronze Non RareGermany0%
G. AnastasiouSilver RareGreece2%
G. DonisSilver RareGreece2%
H. KolviðssonBronze Non RareIceland0%
O. KristjánssonBronze Non RareIceland0%
R. KristinssonBronze Non RareIceland0%
M. AllegriGold RareItaly3%
S. PioliGold RareItaly3%
A. MandorliniGold Non RareItaly1%
E. Di FrancescoGold Non RareItaly1%
E. RejaGold Non RareItaly1%
G. GasperiniGold Non RareItaly1%
G. VenturaGold Non RareItaly1%
R. MaranGold Non RareItaly1%
D. RossiSilver RareItaly2%
G. IachiniSilver RareItaly2%
S. BuenoSilver RareMexico2%
V. VucetichSilver RareMexico2%
E. MezaSilver Non RareMexico0%
I. AmbrizSilver Non RareMexico0%
J. De la TorreSilver Non RareMexico0%
B. RodgersGold RareN. Ireland3%
M. O’NeillSilver RareN. Ireland2%
T. WrightBronze Non RareN. Ireland0%
L. van GaalGold RareNetherlands3%
D. AdvocaatGold Non RareNetherlands1%
G. van BronckhorstGold Non RareNetherlands1%
R. KoemanGold Non RareNetherlands1%
A. SchreuderSilver RareNetherlands2%
D. LodewegesSilver Non RareNetherlands0%
E. ten HagSilver Non RareNetherlands0%
E. van de LooiSilver Non RareNetherlands0%
H. FräserSilver Non RareNetherlands0%
J. StegemanSilver Non RareNetherlands0%
J. van den BromSilver Non RareNetherlands0%
P. BoszSilver Non RareNetherlands0%
R. JansSilver Non RareNetherlands0%
A. GroenendijkBronze RareNetherlands1%
E. FaberBronze RareNetherlands1%
H. de JongBronze RareNetherlands1%
J. StreppelBronze RareNetherlands1%
J. van ‘t SchipBronze RareNetherlands1%
J. VremanBronze Non RareNetherlands0%
R. DeilaSilver RareNorway2%
B. IngebretsenSilver Non RareNorway0%
H. BergSilver Non RareNorway0%
HareideSilver Non RareNorway0%
K. IngebrigtsenSilver Non RareNorway0%
D. FagermoBronze RareNorway1%
G. BakkeBronze Non RareNorway0%
J. GrindhaugBronze Non RareNorway0%
J. HalvorsenBronze Non RareNorway0%
L. BohinenBronze Non RareNorway0%
M. MjeldeBronze Non RareNorway0%
V. HansenBronze Non RareNorway0%
J. CardozoSilver Non RareParaguay0%
M. SkorżaSilver Non RarePoland0%
K. MoskalBronze Non RarePoland0%
M. ProbierzBronze Non RarePoland0%
P. StokowiecBronze Non RarePoland0%
R. WarzychaBronze Non RarePoland0%
W. FornalikBronze Non RarePoland0%
J. dos Santos MourinhoGold RarePortugal3%
L. Cabral Villas-BoasGold RarePortugal3%
R. Pinho da VitóriaGold RarePortugal3%
J. Pinheiro de JesusGold Non RarePortugal1%
M. Saraiva da SilvaGold Non RarePortugal1%
V. Lopes PereiraGold Non RarePortugal1%
P. Mota Vieira MartinsSilver RarePortugal2%
P. Faria CaixinhaSilver RarePortugal2%
J. Machado GonçalvesSilver Non RarePortugal0%
M. Marques MachadoSilver Non RarePortugal0%
T. DunneBronze Non RareRep. Ireland0%
D. AlenichevGold Non RareRussia1%
L. SlutskiyGold Non RareRussia1%
R. BilyaletdinovSilver RareRussia2%
R. RakhimovSilver Non RareRussia0%
Y. SeminSilver Non RareRussia0%
A. NeilGold Non RareScotland1%
D. McInnesSilver Non RareScotland0%
S. BaxterSilver Non RareScotland0%
A. ArchibaldBronze Non RareScotland0%
E. MerrickBronze Non RareScotland0%
G. LockeBronze Non RareScotland0%
J. HughesBronze Non RareScotland0%
J. McNamaraBronze Non RareScotland0%
M. CanningBronze Non RareScotland0%
S. MihajlovićGold Non RareSerbia1%
M. SlavoljubSilver RareSerbia2%
A. JankovićSilver Non RareSerbia0%
R. MartínezGold RareSpain3%
E. Sánchez FloresGold Non RareSpain1%
J. Lopetegui ArgoteGold Non RareSpain1%
J. PizziSilver Non RareSpain0%
B. CisnerosBronze Non RareSpain0%
E. HermidaBronze Non RareSpain0%
G. MolinaBronze Non RareSpain0%
A. AlmSilver Non RareSweden0%
J. LennartssonSilver Non RareSweden0%
M. HaglundSilver Non RareSweden0%
H. LarssonBronze RareSweden1%
J. AnderssonBronze RareSweden1%
K. JonevretBronze RareSweden1%
P. GerhardssonBronze RareSweden1%
P. SwärdhBronze RareSweden1%
H. EklundBronze Non RareSweden0%
J. CedergrenBronze Non RareSweden0%
J. JönssonBronze Non RareSweden0%
R. HansenBronze Non RareSweden0%
R. SandbergBronze Non RareSweden0%
GüneşGold Non RareTurkey1%
H. HamzaoğluGold Non RareTurkey1%
A. AvciSilver RareTurkey2%
M. BakkalSilver Non RareTurkey0%
G. MatosasSilver Non RareUruguay0%
B. BradleyBronze Non RareUSA0%
M. HughesGold Non RareWales1%
T. PulisGold Non RareWales1%


This is the only list you will find of the managers that really are in the game FIFA 16 Ultimate Team




Born in the late 70s, Rodrigo Lopes is a video game enthusiast. He started on the old ZX Spectrum 48k and has played every FIFA game to present day. He is an engineer, that also writes about FIFA games on another popular website. Rodrigo is an Ultimate Team expert, he loves football and is a huge Benfica fan. He has influenced thousands of FIFA gaming fans with his cutting edge insights and scientific level approach to writing about FIFA gaming modes. Join him on Google Plus.


  1. This doesn’t make sense to me, you’re telling me that by having a [email protected] load of managers in my club, I can get up to 50% bonus on the contracts?

    I always thought that it was only the one manager assigned to the specific team, that gave a bonus of up to 3%.

    This doesn’t seem very realistic, I mean which club has 12-15 managers, coaching one team?

    Anyway thanks for the tip, I’ll try and look into this tomorrow.

  2. Boas Rodrigo. Estou a ter um problema com os treinadores. Por mais gold rare/non rare que compre não aumento o bónus de contrato. O que devo fazer?


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