FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Seasons / Divisions Rewards

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Seasons / Divisions Rewards


How much coins do you get in each division ? Find here all the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team seasons / divisions rewards.


From July 22 to August 5, all the online rewards will be twice bigger


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Introduction to FUT 16 Seasons / Divisions Rewards


Even after the release of FUT Draft, seasons is still the most popular game mode inside FUT 16. You start in division 10 and try to win the most games possible in order to reach the division 1 title. Or at least, go as far as possible.

Each season has 10 games and your progress will be shown in the current season box with the points required for promotion, for the title and to avoid relegation to the division below. In your seasons history you can also see your all-time record (W-D-L), your titles won and your last match results. By clicking on the current season box you get to see, in addition to the stuff on the screen before, how many matches remain of your season, your current form (last five games), your rewards for the division and your last three results with opponent and score across the bottom.

You can play seasons on line or in single player mode. When you play on line you have only one league at each division to choose from. In single player mode, you have from 4 to 7 leagues to choose. Single player seasons may have entry requirements.

In this article we will show you the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team seasons rewards for on line and for single player mode, as well the points you need to reach for each goal.


FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Seasons / Divisions Rewards


FIFA 16 Ultimate Team On line Seasons / Divisions Rewards


Here are the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team seasons rewards for on line mode:

10TITLE>= 12 points2,000 coins
PROMOTION9 to 11 points1,600 coins
HOLDING<= 8 points950 coins
9TITLE>= 13 points3,000 coins
PROMOTION10 to 12 points2,400 coins
HOLDING6 to 9 points1,850 coins
RELEGATION<= 5 points1,300 coins
8TITLE>= 15 points4,000 coins
PROMOTION12 to 14 points3,200 coins
HOLDING8 to 11 points2,450 coins
RELEGATION<= 7 points1,550 coins
7TITLE>= 17 points5,000 coins
PROMOTION14 to 16 points4,000 coins
HOLDING8 to 13 points2,800 coins
RELEGATION<= 7 points1,750 coins
6TITLE>= 19 points6,000 coins
PROMOTION16 to 18 points4,800 coins
HOLDING10 to 15 points3,350 coins
RELEGATION<= 9 points1,900 coins
5TITLE>= 19 points7,000 coins
PROMOTION16 to 18 points5,600 coins
HOLDING10 to 15 points3,900 coins
RELEGATION<= 9 points2,200 coins
4TITLE>= 19 points9,000 coins
PROMOTION16 to 18 points7,200 coins
HOLDING10 to 15 points5,050 coins
RELEGATION<= 9 points2,850 coins
3TITLE>= 21 points11,000 coins
PROMOTION18 to 20 points8,800 coins
HOLDING12 to 17 points6,200 coins
RELEGATION<= 11 points3,100 coins
2TITLE>= 21 points13,000 coins
PROMOTION18 to 20 points10,400 coins
HOLDING12 to 17 points7,400 coins
RELEGATION<= 11 points3,400 coins
1TITLE>= 23 points15,000 coins + UT kit
HOLDING14 to 22 points7,500 coins
RELEGATION<= 13 points3,250 coins

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Seasons / Divisions Rewards


FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Single Player Seasons / Divisions Rewards


Here are the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team seasons / divisions rewards for single player mode:

Ultimate League1PSPPPWPSPP121,900 c91,500 c0300 cn.a.
World Tour0.5BABAABASAA151,100 c12900 c0300 cn.a.
A-League0.5AAAASPSASA121,200 c91,000 c0300 cn.a.
Football League 20.5ASSPASSPSS121,400 c + BP91,100 c0300 cn.a.
Ultimate League2PWPSPWPPPP142,400 c111,900 c71,500 c1,000 c
World TourA1AASASASAAS171,700 c141,400 c71,100 c0
ALJ League1SSSSPSPPSS141,900 c + JBP111,500 c71,200 c0
Airtricity League0.5SPSSSSPSSS141,500 c111,200 c7900 c0
Ultimate League2PPPWWWPWPP192,800 c + BP162,600 c92,000 c1,400 c
World Tour1SASASSAASS191,600 c + BCP161,700 c91,300 c + LPP0
Chile Campeonato1.5SPSSSPWPPW192,900 c162,300 c91,800 c0
SPFL1SSPSPSSPSS191,900 c161,500 c91,200 c0
Ultimate League2.5WPWLWPWWPP183,600 c + PBP153,100 c102,300 c1,700 c
World TourB1SPASSPSSPP232,200 c + SCP202,400 c121,800 c + LPP0
Football League 11SPPSPPPPWP232,900 c202,300 c121,700 c0
Polska Liga1.5PWPSPPPSPP232,400 c + SGP202,300 c121,700 c0
Superliga1.5PWPPWWWPWP234,000 c203,200 c122,300 c0
Ultimate League2.5PPPWPSPSPP203,600 c + SP173,600 c122,600 c1,900 c
World TourB1.5ASSASSASSS202,200 c + SCP172,000 c121,500 c0
Football League 11ASSASSSSPS202,800 c172,200 c121,600 c0
Polska Liga1SPSASSSASS202,900 c172,300 c121,700 c0
Superliga1SPSSPPSSPS203,800 c173,000 c122,200 c0
Ultimate League2.5WPWLWWLLWW224,500 c + PSP194,200 c132,900 c2,000 c
World TourC1.5PSPSPSSPSP252,300 c + MCP222,300 c131,600 c0
Raiffeisen SL1.5PSPPWSPWPP252,500 c + SCP222,500 c131,800 c0
Ligue 21.5WPSPPPWPPS252,700 c + SGP222,600 c131,800 c0
Tippeligaen2WWPWLWPWPP255,200 c224,200 c132,900 c0
Ultimate League3.5LWWWLLWLWL245,500 c + JSP215,200 c143,300 c2,200 c
World TourC1.5PPWPSSPSPP272,400 c + GCP243,100 c142,100 c+ LPP0
Allsvenskan1.5PWPWPPWWPP272,500 c + SCP242,500 c141,800 c0
Serie B1.5PWPWWPPWPP273,200 c + GCP243,000 c142,000 c0
Liga Adelante2.5WPWLWWWPWW276,100 c244,900 c143,300 c0
Ultimate League3.5WLLWLULLWL246,000 c + JPSP215,800 c143,700 c2,300 c
World TourC1.5PPSPPWPSPP262,700 c + GCP232,800 c151,800 c0
MLS2WPPPWLWPPW263,000 c + SCP233,000 c151,900 c0
2. Bundesliga2WPPPWLWPPW274,000 c243,400 c142,200 c0
L. Championship2.5WWLWWLWWLW277,200 c245,800 c143,700 c0
Ultimate League4.5LLULULLULL247,000 c + GP217,100 c144,500 c2,800 c
World TourD2PPWWPWPPWP283,000 c + GCP263,400 c152,200 c0
Eredivisie2.5WWLWWLWWWW285,400 c264,300 c152,700 c0
Liga Portuguesa2.5WWWWLWWLWW285,600 c264,500 c152,900 c0
Russian League3LWLWLWWLLW286,400 c265,100 c153,200 c0
Ultimate League5UUULUUUULU307,500 c + JGPn.a.n.a.156,200 c3,500 c
World TourD2.5WSPWWPPWLP283,000 c + CPn.a.n.a.153,200 c0
Ligue 1E3WLWLWWLWL285,500 c + GPn.a.n.a.154,200 c0
BundesligaF4LWLULLWLLU286,000 c + PGPn.a.n.a.156,100 c0
Liga BBVAG4WLULLWLULL286,000 c + PGPn.a.n.a.156,100 c0
Serie AH3.5WWLWLLWLLL286,000 c + GPn.a.n.a.154,500 c0
Barclays PLI4WLULLLULLL286,000 c + PGPn.a.n.a.156,300 c0


(1) Difficulty Level of Opponents

    B – Beginner
    A – Amateur
    S – Semi-Pro
    P – Professional
    W – World Class
    L – Legendary
    U – Ultimate


(2) Rewards

    BCP – Bronze Contracts Pack
    BP – Bronze Pack
    CP – Consumables Pack
    GCP – Gold Contract Pack
    GP – Gold Pack
    JBP – Jumbo Bronze pack
    JGP – Jumbo Gold Pack
    JSP – Jumbo Silver Pack
    JPSP – Jumbo Premium Silver Pack
    LPP – Loan Player Reward Pack
    MCP – Mixed Contracts Pack
    PBP – Premium Bronze Pack
    PGP – Premium Gold Pack
    PSP – Premium Silver Pack
    SCP – Silver Contracts Pack
    SGP – SIlver Gift Pack
    SP – Silver Pack


(3) ER – Entry Requirements

    A – Min. Team Chemistry: 80
    B – Min. number of players from one nationality: 4 in the squad’s Starting 11 Min. Team Chemistry: 75
    C – Min. Team Chemistry: 100
    D – Min. number of players from one league: 11 in the squad’s Starting 11
    E – Min. number of players from Ligue 1 (French League): 11 in the squad’s Starting 11. Exact Team Chemistry: 100
    F – Min. number of players from Bundesliga (German League): 11 in the squad’s Starting 11. Exact Team Chemistry: 100
    G – Min. number of players from Liga BBVA (Spanish League): 11 in the squad’s Starting 11. Exact Team Chemistry: 100
    H – Min. number of players from Serie A (Italian League): 11 in the squad’s Starting 11 and Subs. Exact Team Chemistry: 100
    I – Min. number of players from Barclays PL (English League): 11 in the squad’s Starting 11. Exact Team Chemistry: 100


FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Seasons / Divisions Rewards

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  1. Great guide, I looked for this information some time ago, but didn’t find it. I wanted to know if it’s worth to reach Division 1 offline. I found out: it is not worth.

    I play offline divisions. The easiest first division World Tour has four world class games and one legendary with 28 out of 30 points to be made. Almost impossible to win. Basically you have to win all games except one. Last year the same divisions had one game on world class, the rest on professional and semi-pro.

  2. Hi Rodrigo, again thanks for all your team’s work on this site.

    While it’s not as lucrative as the online mode, offline seems a lot easier and hence I’d argue it is worth player. I use my full team online but take my reserves for offline modes which tend to generate worthwhile-level of coins too. Again, I’m a fairly casual player so I’d like to see what your opinion is. I’m currently Division 6 for both..

  3. I am Div 3 offline & chose MLS a second time – hopefully hold the division again. When I looked at changing to the easier World Tour – it said entry reqts all Silver squad – is this right ?, thx

  4. I just won online D1. Amazing feeling. The special ultimate team kit you receive is a nice touch. This site has certainly helped me along the way. I very much appreciate it. Looking forward to FUT 17 now!!!

  5. Hi Rodrigo, great guidance, which is the best way to play matches and earn maximum amount of money like single player seasons, online PS or the tournaments? I’m bored of collecting money money money but i want a best way to earn more and more coins! Please help!?

  6. I won the division 9 title in the single player season but i did not receive the coins. Can you do anything about it?

  7. I swear im in division 2 rn (relegated) and i checked the rewards and it is
    Does anyone else have this or was it done by EA intentionally, and if so, what are the division 1 rewards?

  8. This isn’t right. At the moment I’m in division 3 online and the holding is 12300, promotion 17600, championship 22000


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