FUT 13 Cards Duplicators and Coins Generators


There are many offers of cards duplicators, coins generators and other exciting cheats for FIFA Ultimate Team.

Discover all the truth about them …


The Truth About Cards Duplicators, Coins Generators and Other Stuff


This article was written to give you the greatest advice that anyone can ever give you about FIFA Ultimate Team: cards duplicators, coins generators and other similar stuff DO NOT exist. They are scam tactics. If you venture to go that way, you will almost certainly lose your coins and your best cards. Always follow the safety recommendations of EA Sports.

Every day we meet new stories of people who have been cheated. They searched an easy solution to their FUT financial problems  in the wrong place. They find gamers with huge amounts of coins and they think that they can also get it using these programs. They think wrong. These players have many FUT coins because they know how to win them honestly in the market, because they use some cheats that work or … because they are scammers which enriched thanks of those who falls into the trap of cards duplicators, coins generators and other stuff.

In most cases, they request your account information. Once transmitted, the scammer goes into your account and transfer everything that has value. When you come back, which sometimes is only possible using the security question, you see that they stole all your coins and that your squad was replaced by bronze players without value. In that case, there is not much to do. You can always complain to EA Sports (learn how to do it here), but the surest answer is that it’s your fault because you did not follow the safety recommendations. And they are right…


ATTENTION! There is no such thing as Cards Duplicators and Coins Generators!


The Scam Tactics


The scammers do everything to convince you to give your account details. They volunteer to help you using software with fancy names such as cards duplicators, coins generators, fifa ultimate team hack, etc …

The first one is supposed to duplicate the cards that you have. Typically, they require access to your account and ask you to choose the FIFA Ultimate Team cards that you want to duplicate. It’s a clever tactic because just want to duplicate those who already have valuable cards. And the scammers want exactly that: to cheat who has an account well stuffed.

The Coins Generators  are a bit simpler: they ask for your account information so that they can transfer an amount of coins in it. There are scammers that, to make the thing more credible, request a payment for this service. They earn double.

But the scam tactics do not end here. Not all who are cheated were looking to get rich quick. Some just wanted to see a squad that was supposed to be shared or to obtain technical support. But they made ​​the mistake of inserting their login and their password. This is indeed the number one rule if you do not want to be cheated: never give your information to anyone, even to EA Sports.


Cards Duplicators, Coins Generations and Other Stuff
The scammers imagination has no limits when it comes to cheating gamers


Searching for Cards Duplicators, Coins Generators and Other Stuff


What we’re doing now may cost us some retaliation but it’s important to show you how creative are the scammers. Let’s search for easy FUT coins.

We’ll start by looking for results well positioned in the search engines. One of the first we have obtained is a good example of what is done. The author begins by describing his unsuccessful experiences in trying to find a cards duplicator but continues saying that he finally found one that works. Typical. He asks a few coins in exchange to make the thing more reliable and he requests the user account information, essential to be able to duplicate. In order to win the trust of the user, he puts a picture of a super team that he built thanks to the cards duplicators. It does not prove anything.


Cards Duplicators, Coins Generators and Other Stuff
Example of a fake Players Duplicator


Also well positioned in the search engines is a popular website that “offers” the service of Coins Generators. Everything worth to convince the player to enter all his account information: fake positive feedback, promises that they are reliable, references to EA and lots of exclamation marks.


Cards Duplicators, Coins Generators and Other Stuff
Example of a fake Coins Generator with a huge form


The fraud is not always made ​​through a website. Another very common method is to use software created for this purpose. The player downloads the program (inclusive distributed via torrents), enter  his account information and then it sends to the scammer.


Cards Duplicators, Coins Generators and Other Stuff
Example of a program called 'Player Duplicator' built to collect accounts informations


But there are two platforms where this deal seems to thrive: Facebook and YouTube.

It is not difficult to find Facebook pages that offer cards duplicators, coins generators and other similar stuff. They fill the pages of ‘likes’ and fake feedback to convince the users to follow the method they recommend. They also use giveaways to attract more followers and make the page more attractive.


Cards Duplicators, Coins Generators and Other Stuff
Example of Facebook Paga that was supposed to create coins


In Youtube the method is similar. Most of the videos, like the image below, refers to the description or to a website where the account information is subtly requested. Some of them struggle a bit more and share squads that supposedly have been build thanks to these cheats.


Cards Duplicators, Coins Generators and Other Stuff
Example of YouTuve video that sends the user to a trap


It is obvious that the scammers try to use all available platforms and therefore also frequently attack in forums and blogs. As in this case there are moderators, the most common strategy involves making themselves pass as EA Sports employees. In the case of the image below, the scammer posted an article on a website apparently trustworthy. He promises thousands of coins, presents himself as an EA employee and uses an email address with the word ‘ea’.


Cards Duplicators, Coins Generators and Other Stuff
Example of an article that seems to be credible


There are hundreds of examples that we could continue to explore: cards duplicators, programs with names as suggestive as “FUT Hack”, websites that are authentic replicas of the official EA website, squad sharing links that redirect to other sites, etc …
It seems to be a lucrative business. Part of the stores that legitimately sells FUT Coins, are provided by scammers who use the methods explained here.


As you can see, you have to be very careful. In general, you can avoid all these schemes follow the five basic safety rules:

  1. Always double check the sign-in URL starts with: http://www.ea.com;
  2. Always make sure the URL does not redirect to another site;
  3. Never click links in emails asking for account information or claiming your account has been compromised;
  4. Never give out your account information ;
  5. Do not look for cards duplicators, coins generators and other similar stuff.


If you want to know how to earn coins legitimately, read our article about it.


Born in the late 70s, Rodrigo Lopes is a video game enthusiast. He started on the old ZX Spectrum 48k and has played every FIFA game to present day. He is an engineer, that also writes about FIFA games on another popular website. Rodrigo is an Ultimate Team expert, he loves football and is a huge Benfica fan. He has influenced thousands of FIFA gaming fans with his cutting edge insights and scientific level approach to writing about FIFA gaming modes. Join him on Google Plus.


  1. There are coin hacks that are one time use. Search YouTube for hacks that don’t require password. Use a secondary account as precaution, then transfer the coins. It’s called the kingx hack.

  2. I am only doing it because they claim to be partnered with ea and google approved and I am sick of scammers spoiling the game yes fair enough people are stupid enough to give out their personnel info so it is technically there fault for being idiotic but by claiming their ea partners and google approved people will feel a lot more safe entering this info But if they are legit then I will get what I asked for and if they are scammers then I will get nothing so really that’s your proof there nothing but scammers so…..

  3. I have found a website that is a generator but it claims to be partnered by ea and can only be used once per game I.e once for fifa 13 once for 14 it’s google approved so I’ve entered an old empty account and will wait the 48 hours and see if there is the players coins and points arrive on my account I doubt they will but here’s hoping because if it works I’ll share it with you all

      • If you mean me I won’t it’s just a secondary account that only has 1 tradable player and that’s evra I’m not that stupid I have a separate account that I use as my main account to play and that were my real team is I’m not crazy I just want to no if it works or not and if not I will just report it to ea to make sure no one else ends up losing everything because I have been hacked before and no how frustrating it can be especially since I didn’t give out any of my details at all so it can only be someone I no

  4. I have gave my details to a website that looks legit (i know its not) but anyway i have traded all my good players to my brothers team to keep them for me.. (its a fut that has nothing on it) plus i have software that can track who last logged into the account, so now its a waiting game… 😀

  5. It depends on what you mean by “coin generator”. I wrote my own program that handles buying and selling cards for profit. It is super simple. Sure, it won’t make me rich in a heart beat, but that’s not why I wrote it. That I did because I like programming.

    • Hi.
      What you wrote is what we call a autobuyer. A ‘coin generator’ is usually used to talked about a program in which you insert your account details and it credits coins there. It doesn’t exist.
      If you think to create a FUT database, talk to us.

      • I see. I have thought about storing the data I get from all the bids I make and how those auctions end, but I haven’t implemented anything like that yet.

        Also I’m going to write a program that utilizes some of the methods from this site so I can make more coins faster. Should be fun to try.

  6. I envy all of you that lost cards and money same happened to me I tried and failed a mistake i never make again the only way to make money is patients
    and a good trading mind buy low – sell high works better than so called generators. Regards to you all
    Rodrigo good page man


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