FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cards Guide – Types, Categories and Colours Explained

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cards Guide - Categories, Levels and Colours Explained

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It is really important to known the meaning of the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cards ? Why they have different types and colours ?

You will find the answers in this FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cards Guide.

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FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cards Guide – Introduction

FUT 14 is a FIFA game mode where you try to get the right cards to build the best team possible.

The first thing you should try to answer is ‘how the cards come into the game ?’.

The FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cards are created by EA that places them into the game by four methods:

  • when registering a new team (‘starter pack’);
  • when purchasing packages in the store;
  • when winning tournaments or seasons whose prizes are packages;
  • or when get Daily Gifts, Welcome Back packs and other prizes;


Any FUT 14 card can be classified according to its type and its category.
The type tell us what is the role of the card. The category tell us how good is the card.

For who has played FUT 13 or previous versions this may be a bit confused once these terms have changed. The old ‘Level’ is now called ‘Category’ and the old ‘Category’ is now called ‘Type’.


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cards Types

As you know, all you have in your FUT 14 club is cards.

These cards have different types, corresponding to different roles.

Let’s see which cards types exist in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team (just click over the card name which you are interested in learning more):


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cards Categories

No matter if we are talking about a player’s card, a staff card, a consumables card or a club item card, there is always a category associated to them. The category tell us how good a card is. It is the way we have to distinguished the cards of the same type.

There are three FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cards Categories:

  • Gold, the best one;
  • Silver;
  • Bronze, the worst one;


In the case of the players’ cards, their quality is measured by their ratings:

  • Gold, for ratings between 75 and 99.
  • Silver, for ratings between 65 and 74;
  • Bronze, for ratings up to 64;

Whether it is a regular card or an in form card, all players fit in one of these three categories.



FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Players’ Cards

All FIFA 14 Ultimate Team cards are gold, silver or bronze. We already said that. It is quite simple. But to players cards, the thing is a bit more complex.

You will find more information about staff cards, consumables cards and club items cards clicking above it. Now, we will explain better why players’ cards are different and why there are so many colours for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cards.


Regular FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Players’ Cards

At the beginning of the game, all the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Players’ Cards belong to the Regular category. These cards have the innate characteristics and attributes of the player.

When a card is released for the first time and assigned to its first owner, the physical condition is high, 99 of fitness, and are registered seven contracts, except for the players of starter pack that have 45 contracts.

As the game progresses, users can change many of the card features such as the preferred position and preferred chemistry style. However, these cards are still considered regular cards. Only the game system can create not-regular cards.


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cards Guide - Types, Categories and Colours Explained

FUT 14 Regular Cards


Upgraded FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Players’ Cards

The upgraded players’ cards, also known as UP cards, are usually released in January or February with the goal of adjust the players’ rating and players’ attributes to the reality. Only the players that have played much better than their FIFA 14 Ultimate Team ratings can get a UP version.

Physically, these cards are identical to the originals.


Transfer FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Players’ Cards

In order to keep the game updated, EA moves to FIFA 14 Ultimate Team what is happening in the transfer market.

When a player moves from his club to another one in the real world, EA Sports releases a new card of this player with the name of his new club and eventually his new league. This is the only difference you’ll find between the new card and his previous card.

From the time that the new cards are released, cards with the previous club will not be issued. That is, the same player can have cards from two different clubs: one that is being released in packs and the other that still be available on the market auction.

The most interesting thing about these cards is related to the fact that they can benefit your team chemistry since they allow new pairings of clubs, leagues and nationalities.


In Form (IF) FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Players’ Cards

One of the features that makes the game mode FIFA Ultimate Team so interesting is its dynamic component. During the season, and depending on the players’ form in the real world, EA releases In Form (IF) Cards that change the players’ attributes. By becoming owner of one of these cards, you are buying a player improved attributes.

IF Cards are the most valuable cards of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team and can be grouped into the following subcategories: Team of the Week (TOTW), Team of the Year (TOTY), Team of the Season (TOTS), Man of the Match (MOTM), Special Cards, Personal Cards and Legend Cards (only in XBox).


Team of the Week Cards

Each week, EA Sports selects a team of players based on their real performance on the previous week. These players are upgraded with a TOTW card which becomes available in packs for a week. Each TOTW has 18 players that can be of any level.

The first TOTW was released on September 18th. The last one is released one year later.

Each Team of the Week is announced at Wednesday at 3pm (UK time) and the cards are released in packs in the same day at 6pm.

The players ratings of TOTW cards are usually boosted in one, two or three points. The position of the players in these cards may change if, in the previous week, they played really well in a new position.

As you can see from the picture below, the TOWT cards are black.


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cards Guide - Types, Categories and Colours Explained

FUT 14 TOTW Cards


Team of the Year Cards

Every year, in early January, EA Sports build a team of players based on their real performance on the previous year. The players of this TOTY are selected from the voting of FIFPro, the world wide professional footballers association.

These players are upgraded with a TOTY card which becomes available in packs for a week (two days for each position and a final day with all players together). Each Team of the Year has 11 players that can be of any league.

The players ratings of TOTY cards are usually boosted in four, five or six points. The position of the players in these cards may change if, in the previous year, they played really well in a new position.

Excepting the personal and the special cards, these ones are usually the most expensive cards of the whole FUT 14.

As you can see from the picture below, the TOTY cards are blue.


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cards Guide - Types, Categories and Colours Explained

FUT 14 TOTY Card


Team of the Season Cards

Every end of the season (European calendar), in May and June, EA Sports build 8 teams of players based on their real performance on that season. Usually the TOTS that are released are: Gold Most Consistent but Never IF, Silver/Bronze Most Consistent but Never IF, Barclays PL, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, BBVA and Benelux. A All-Star MLS is released in late July.

These players are upgraded with a TOTS card which becomes available in packs for a week to each TOTS. Each Team of the Season has 23 or 18 players that can be of any categorie.

The players ratings of TOTS cards are usually boosted in four, five or six points. The position of the players in these cards may change if, in that season, they played really well in a new position.

As you can see from the picture below, the TOTS cards are blue.


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cards Guide - Types, Categories and Colours Explained

FUT 14 TOTS Cards


Man of the Match Cards

The Man of the Match cards are usually assigned to players that played very well in important matches, like champions league finals or continental tournaments finals.

These players are upgraded with a MOTM card which becomes available in packs for only 24 hours which makes them very rare. These players can be of any category.

The players ratings of MOTM cards are usually boosted in one, two, three or four points. The position of the players in these cards may change if, in that match, they played really well in a new position.

As you can see from the picture below, the MOTM cards are orange.


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cards Guide - Types, Categories and Colours Explained

FUT 14 MOTM Card


Special Cards

Time to time, EA needs to create a special card that does not fit in any of the other categories. These cards are usually released for celebration or charity reasons.

These players are upgraded with a Special card which becomes available in packs for a very limited time.

As you can see from the picture below, the special cards are blue with a red background.


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cards Guide - Types, Categories and Colours Explained

FUT 14 Special Card


Personal Cards

Personal cards are assigned by EA Sports to professional football players that play FUT 14 in a bid to make friends and gain exposure.

Each professional player chosen by EA has his own personal card. It is unique and can not be sold.

As you can see from the picture below, the personal cards are turquoise.


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cards Guide - Types, Categories and Colours Explained

FUT 14 Personal Card


Legends Cards

Legends cards are an exclusive content for XBox users. The players of these cards are some of the greatest football players of all time. Each football legend have unique attributes based on their skills and flair during the peak of their careers.

The legend cards are randomly inserted into FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Gold Packs in specific periods. It is possible to sell or buy them on the transfer market as any other card. These cards can only be used in special tournaments.

As you can see from the picture below, the legend cards are white.


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cards Guide - Types, Categories and Colours Explained

FUT 14 Legend Card


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Rare Cards

No matter if it is a player’s card or not, there is two kinds of cards: the normal ones and the rare ones.

Most of gamers thinks that the rare cards are better than the other ones and that they were created to help players to distinguish easily the best cards. It is not absolutely true. The rare cards are cards that have something unique. In the case of player’s cards, for example, the rare cards are assigned to players that have something that no other player has. It can be the tallest goalkeeper of his league, the only player from a country in a particular league or even a CB with an exceptional attribute compared to players with a similar overall.

These cards are usually more valuable than the other ones. Even the discard price is higher.

A player can not have associated with him a regular rare card and a regular not-rare card.

As you can see from the picture below, the rare cards are bright and with luminous aspect.


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cards Guide - Types, Categories and Colours Explained

FUT 14 Rare Cards


Graphic Signs on the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Players’ Cards

Sometimes you find a player card that has something different on it. If you don’t know what is it, we will try to help you.

When a player or a manager is out of contracts, their cards have a red folder sign on the top right side. It is very useful, specially when you are searching players or managers on the auction market.


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cards Guide - Types, Categories and Colours Explained

FUT 14 Player Out of Contracts


When a player is injured, his card has a red cross sign on the top right side. It is very useful, specially when you are on your main squad menu.


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cards Guide - Types, Categories and Colours Explained

FUT 14 Injured Player


When a player is suspended for at least the next game, his card has a red rectangle sign on the top right side. It is very useful, specially when you are on your main squad menu.


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cards Guide - Types, Categories and Colours Explained

FUT 14 Suspended Player


When someone applies a training card on a player, he will have better attribute(s) for one match. In order for anyone to recognise this, the player card has a rectangle with a different colour background. Surrounding the rating and the attributes that were improved is an arrow on the right side.


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cards Guide - Types, Categories and Colours Explained

FUT 14 Player with some improved attributes


All these signs are shown on any type of player card: Regular or IF, normal or rare.


The Colours of the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cards

We already explained in this article the different cards that you can find on FIFA 14 Ultimate Team. However, we will show you again all the FUT 14 cards colours:

  • Colour: Gold
  • Cards of gold category (regular cards on the case of players cards);

  • Colour: Grey
  • Cards of silver category (regular cards on the case of players cards);

  • Colour: Brown
  • Cards of bronze category (regular cards on the case of players cards);

  • Colour: Black
  • TOTW cards;

  • Colour: Orange
  • MOTM cards;

  • Colour: Blue
  • TOTS or TOTY cards;

  • Colour: Blue with a red background
  • Special cards;

  • Colour: Turquoise
  • Personal cards;

  • Colour: White
  • Legend cards;


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cards Guide - Types, Categories and Colours Explained

All the FUT 14 Players’ Card


You can learn more about the information that a player’s card has, clicking HERE.


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cards Guide – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How can I get a card ?
A: The first owner of a card is someone that gets it in a pack. You can try to buy packs, get it in tournaments/season prizes or buy it from another player in the auction house.

Q: What kind of cards exist on FIFA 14 Ultimate Team ?
A: According with its type, the cards can be players, staff, consumables (training and development) and club items.

Q: Where can I learn more about staff, consumables and club items ?
A: Here, here and here.

Q: Are the In Form cards only players cards ?
A: Yes. Only players’ cards can be In Form.

Q: Can a player change his rating or category ?
A: If you own a card, you cannot change it to another level or rating. What may happen is a new improved card of the player you have can be released.

Q: When an IF card is released, will my regular card of that player change to the improved version ?
A: No. You will need to buy the new card.

Q: How many of the same card can I have in my club ?
A: One. Excepting consumables, you can’t have repeat cards in your club.

Q: Which packs should I buy to get IF cards ?
A: Any one.

Q: When a TOTW card is released, does the regular card of that player stop being released ?
A: Yes. The regular card of that player stops being released during that week.

Q: A single player can have more than one TOTW card ?
R: Yes. Players can get a new TOTW card if they played even better than in the time that they got the previous TOTW card. That’s why the more recent is a TOTW card of the same player, but the rating will be higher.

Q: When an upgraded player card is released what happens to the old one ?
A: It stops being released in packs. You will be able to find it on the transfer market but not in packs.

Q: When a transfer player card is released what happens to the old one ?
A: It stops being released in packs. You will be able to find it on market auction but not in packs.

Q: When a transfer player card is released the rating and the attributes of that card are improved ?
A: No as this only happens sometimes when the player really deserves an upgrade.

Q: Can I own two cards of the same player with different clubs ?
A: Apparently yes. You can own two cards of the same player with different clubs but you cannot use them at the same time in the same team.

Q: I am playing with someone with a turquoise card. What does it mean ?
A: It means that you are playing against the real professional player of that turquoise card.



Born in late 70s, Rodrigo Lopes is a video game enthusiast. He started on the old ZX Spectrum 48k and played every FIFA game. This engineer, that also writes about FIFA games in another popular website, is an Ultimate Team expert, loves football and is a huge Benfica fan. Join him on Google Plus.

  1. nicoh1999 says:

    hey, i need to ask you something that does not relate to this but i need a lot of help
    i bought a player and 2 fitness cards and when i went to my transfers targets i couldnt use them, sell them, send them to my club, nothing. In my computer said “compleating…”, please HELP.

  2. christoffer says:

    Hi, I just had a small question for you. I just got Ramires twice, and I know that I cannot store two in the club, so I deleted my sold items in the trade pile to put the other up for sale. However, when I went to assign him, his card was gone (and so was all of the coins of course) I have not quick sold him either, he is just missing. Is this a regular thing in FUT?
    I have played the equivalent in NHL, but I have never experienced missing items. Thanks in advance

    • Hi.
      Something strange there. Are you sure that he is not in unassigned items list ? Try to enter in the console and in the FUT Web App too.

      • christoffer says:

        Yes, I am sure. It is as if his card just disappeared. However I have sent an e-mail to EA explaining the problem. Hope they will actually do something about it. Not that 20k is that much, but in early gaming all coins are helping in trading. Furthermore, since they charge ridiculous amounts to buy fifa points for those that want a easy way out, they should be able to at least fix these sort of issues?
        best rgds,

  3. To whom it may concern
    I bought some bronze packs and now have a lot of players but I can’t seem to figure out how to add them to my squad or active roster, I now can’t continue my league tournament because I don’t have enough players with the proper chemisty, ETC. Help would be great. Thank You

  4. Mehmet says:

    Hello. And first of all fifa 14 is a great game. I was just gonna ask a question. Can I add more than one chemistry style card to one player. Thanks.

    • Hi.
      Did you play FUT 13 ? If you answered yes, chemistry styles cards work like the position and formation cards. You can apply as many chemistry style cards you want but only one at a time.

  5. Mehmet says:


  6. Reoo says:

    Hi I’m new at ultimate team on ps3. I’m just wondering what’s the best pack’s to buy rare players. Special packs or premium gold packs? Thanks

  7. topgun says:

    Thanks for your fifa14 guide.
    I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy Note2 phone on which I bought the fifa14.
    I’m trying to put the players I bought onto my squad, but there’s no button or step to move them from ‘My Club’. I’m stuck.
    Please help.

  8. Gunner says:

    Hi Im playing on my s3 , not sure how to remove red cards off players

  9. Riphead says:

    Hi, i am wondering is it possible to give gifts to a friend on origin, like a player card.

    • Hi.
      It is possible to give EAS FC Catalogue items. See HERE how to do it.
      But there is not any easy way to do it with cards and coins. You need to place that card on transfer list and your friend needs to click on “transfer offer”. That’s the only way…

  10. Gunner says:

    Ty for before, another question . Can we vs friends in this game

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  12. arsalan says:

    Hey Great site. Quick question: I bought a gold player that had gold/silverish line on the top of the top (like the informs have after their in form week is over) – only one attribute was boosted. After i bought and used i realized that one boosted attribute is now back to normal.

    My question is what is the difference between a gold player with mostly all boosted attributes and one that has only one boosted attribute? Which is the inform. I would like to buy an in form player – someone whose attributes won’t go back to regular attribute after i buy and play him.

    thank you

    • Hi. Thank you.
      What you have bought was a player wit a training card applied. Click HERE and HERE to more info about it. That card have boosted only one attribute but there are training cards that improve all the attributes at once. But any of these cards only boost the stats for one match. After used, the player card backs to the normal one. You can buy them on transfer market – consumables filter (or players filter to players with that card already applied).
      An In Form card is a different thing. It is a completely new card which stats were permanent improved. The effect last forever. You can buy them on transfer market – players filter. You can learn more about it HERE.

  13. FIFA fan says:

    I have many red card players.I am not able to use them ( for a week at least!)
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  16. topgun says:

    Hi Rodrigo,
    I’ve discovered (by trial and error) the answer to adding my players from my club to my squad.
    So here’s the solution for those who own an android phone..(Galaxy Note2 in my case).
    -In the active squad screen, click on the player you want to replace.
    -A new window opens with the player’s pic and the heading ‘Quick Player Actions’… go to ‘Swap with Club’
    - Another new Club window opens with options of ‘Level, Position, Nationality, League…pick the Level of your player and the Position he’s playing in. Click on Search icon found on right side.
    - All the players in your club with the same position and level will pop up.
    - Highlight the player you want (by touching it) and click on ‘Swap’.
    - Go back to your squad and viola! your new player is ready.
    Hope this helps.
    Thanks again for your guides and taking time out to reply.
    All the best.

    • Hi.
      We want to thank you for giving us feedback about your problem. We are sure that there are thousands of players with the same question, so we will use your answer next time.
      It is quite similar to the consoles version but it has more menus.

  17. topgun says:

    Hi again,
    Glad I could be of help.
    I’ve encountered another problem. This has been going on the last couple of weeks and since you’re one of the few who replies, thought I’d ask you. You know I’m using the Samsung Note2. When I’m in the middle of a game it suddenly goes off and a pop up appears saying, ‘ We are sorry but there has been an error connecting to fifa14 Ultimate Team. You will be directed to the Home screen’. The only option I have is to hit the OK button.
    I’ve lost many bonus coins becoz of it. Today I played TOTW won the match but just as it ended, this came up again and the whole thing was gone.
    Total waste of time and effort and coins! Its very frustrating.
    Do the fifa14 team know about this? and how do I let them know.
    I always play using the wifi. So I don’t think that’s the issue.
    I know you don’t do android phones, but if you know of someone who does, please help.

    • Hi.
      As you said unfortunately I don’t have any device to try but I may talk about my console’s experience.
      This kind of error is usually related to connection problems. Most of the times it is our device that is not connecting well. I have published a GUIDE to help people to this kind of problems but in your case, if yu have sure that your connection is OK, I would contact EA Support Center. You may see how to do it HERE.

  18. Simon says:

    I have had players who have had red cards for between 5-10 games and I still can’t use them

  19. Tito says: I have a question from the squad you move from one player to the next, meaning from one position to the next; each player’s attributes are highlighted in the summary box (same box where your team’s formation is shown..well, for some of the players there are one or more small squares reflected at the bottom of the summary box..either green or blue..can’t really see what’s displayed in each you know what they represent..i couldn’t find anything on the EA website..thanks..

  20. Tito says:

    thanks Rodrigo..oh, is there really a way to get Messi in a pack..? :)

  21. Allan says:

    Hi Rodrigo, firstly: great article and thanks for replying to questions…I’m new to FUT and so don’t have much experience of what can be found in different packs. I have built up around 35,000 coins and want to spend them to better my team. I wanted your help to decide whether to buy a rare gold pack (12 items, mostly gold, all rare) for 25,000 or multiple premium gold packs (12 items, mostly gold, 3 rare) for 7,500…I’m going to try and sell the players I don’t need on the market so will hope to recover some of the coins spent on packs. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • Hi Allan.
      We have a good advice for you: don’t waste your coins on packs ! Believe us. We know that you have heard about someone that got good cards on packs but it is really rare. We already have done dozens of tests and if you talk with another experienced FUT players they all agree in this: buying packs is not a good way to get rich.
      If you want to do it anyway, we suggest the packs with higher ratio rare cards vs coins. The rare gold packs are usually the better ones.
      You can read HERE a good article about this topic.

      • Allan says:

        Thank you for your reply and the link to the interesting article on buying packs. I was thinking of buying packs for the contract cards but will try to get them cheaply on the transfer market instead…

  22. dankar says:


    Is there a pack for 25k (12 item all rare?!! )

    the only pack i can find is the premium gold pack for 7500 coins.

    and i was soooo lucky that i got Cristano Rinaldo in it.

    but after that I didnt even get a rare player card!!

    is there any connection between the two…meaning because I got CR on one pack they are not letting me get good cards after.

    or its only a matter of luck?


  23. Andrewgee740 says:

    What about the onetime upgrade packs? Are they worth getting? The one time gold upgrade gives 11 gold players and a manager. What do these packs contain?

    • In our opinion, no.
      When you place the mouse over the pack it says what it is inside. The gold pack gives you 11 gold players and a manager. The silver pack gives you 11 silver players and a manager.

  24. Ajay says:

    Many of my FUT Cards are not been able to be sold
    When I try to put them at auction it is been read as unreadable item
    And if I wanna quick sell it is at 0 coins so I don’t do it
    Plz rply as fast as possible
    Thanks you

  25. Ajay says:

    Is there any card by which we can increase the players speed for ever ??

  26. ajay says:

    how can i sell my coins of fifa ultimate team to someone?? its ios

    • Hi.
      The most difficult part is to find someone. Then, you just need to ask that person to place a card in the transfer market with the same BIN as the price agreeded. You buy his card, he get the coins and he pay to you.
      If you want to avoid the EA taxes, add him to your friend list and trade a card with him.

  27. Sal says:

    Hello Rodrigo, I have three questions:
    1. I have some consumables that are stored in the club that can not be applied to players? I can’t find them when I look for them from the squad menu and the only options I have when I go to the club are either to send them to transfer list or to quick sell them. what should I do?
    2. Can I apply a training card on a player that already has a chemistry style applied to him without deleting it?
    3. what is the easiest way to earn a legend card (white, blue, red, black…etc),?

    • Hi.
      1) These items are untradeable. You got them on the starter pack. But you can use them. Maybe you think that you can’t because you are trying to apply a healing card to a non-injured player or something like that. If any of these items are a contract, go to your active squad, choose a player and try to apply him that card. You will see that it works.
      2) Yes, you can. Training cards and chemistry styles are different things.
      3) You are talking about IF cards. Not Legends. The best way is to buy them on the market. Check THIS article to understand the differences between the cards.

  28. nash says:

    hey my players are stuck in transfer market for over a month.i told my problem a week ago and still they are working on it.can u help me out

  29. Barry says:


    I’m a little bit confused about the TOTW players, my question is: for example I bought Tuesday the player Lennon(just the normal gold card), and Wednesday is Lennon in the team of the week squad. so my question is: Does my Lennon card change to a black one?

  30. leo says:

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  33. ben says:

    I’m pretty sure a Joey Barton personal card was sold for fifteen million coins in fut so are you sure they can’t be sold? Also do you know of any special blue and red cards and if so who was it and how much was the upgrade. Thanks ,Ben

  34. afcfan98725 says:

    I play fut on a tablet but when I buy kits, I don’t know how to use them in my active squad.

  35. afcfan98725 says:

    OK thanks alot mate

  36. levi says:

    hey i just got a inform nasri and the problem is i dont know what do sell him right now for 250k somewer like that or keep him for 2/3 weeks and maybe his more worth the?

    • It is not easy to know. Usually the cards are more expensive on the day 0. After that, the price drops and it goes up again only several weeks later.
      In your case, I would sell him and use that coins to more trading.

  37. cris says:

    I play this on my phone my problem is I got a new a new player from a bronze card and it is on my club item and I try to put the player on my line up it wouldn’t let me please help me

  38. cris says:

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  39. Josh says:

    Hey man,

    I’m just a little confused with FUT 14 on my iPad/iPhone. I have both Jesus Navas, John Terry, and Zlatan Ibrohimovich in my club. Both Navas and Ibrohimovich are in my starting 11 and they have been placed in the TOTW once in the last two weeks. I thought that if you had a player and they were named in the TOTW then that card turned to an IF card. For example, on the Tuesday night before the release of TOTW 11, a website said that the market price of Carlos Vela has almost doubled. I could only think that this is because people have seen that he has performed well in the week leading upto the TOTW 11 and they want to invest in buying him because he’ll turn into an IF card and therefor the investor will gain a decent amount of money.

    Both my Navas and my Ibrohimovich are still normal rare gold cards and I’m very frustrated because if they were IF then I would make a lot of money and I would be able to further improve my 100 chem, 85 rating team.

    Thanks mate

  40. Bayo says:

    Hey bro,

    I am new to this but it’s getting interesting , I noticed that all the player I bought are out of contract and there is no available option of renewing it , what can I do?

    • You need contracts.
      Go to Transfers – Transfers Market – Consumables – Contracts and buy a couple of cards.
      Then go to your active squad, choose a player out of contracts, ‘apply consumable’ – ‘contracts’ and apply the card you bought.
      If you are new, check THIS page.

  41. Peter says:

    First I should say that what you do is awesome. I have been coming to this site since fifa 13. My question though is I have saved a million plus coins. And I’m thinking of getting Messi, Should I wait till during the toty release or buy now ? Also do you think it’s best to have a spread out team like IF reus, Lewy, Robben or to just spend on one crazy expensive player? In other words, an all round good bundesliga squad, or messi in a not-too-good BBVA squad ?

    • Thank you.
      In my opinion, we should invest in regular cards. IF cards are too expensive. Not a good value for money.
      I also prefer to make a god team instead to spend in only one amazing player.
      Finally, the prices of most expensive players are not dropping. I think that Messi’s price will not change, but it is only speculation.

      • Peter says:

        I understand IF cards are needlessly expensive. And I just read your bundesliga guide but I have to say the position change and upgrades on SIF lahm make him the best CM for a 4-3-3(2). I always had headaches about which 3 to use but that card stands out. I know your guides only consider normal cards but what do you think of him in midfield ? along side maybe gustavo and gundogan ? Thanks for replying by the way.
        It’s the same team I sold and a couple matches later I’ve got a million plus. To spend that money well I would have to build a team that contains the likes of Messi or IFs otherwise I would have like 500k siting in the club

        • Yes, we agree with you.
          If we consider the IF cards, Lahm IF 89 is amazing. We haven’t test him but his stats are the best you can get for a Bundesliga player in that position. A wonderful CM but a better CDM. Schweinsteige and Gudogan are our suggestions.

  42. Huang Ho says:

    Hi Rodrigo, you are great!! I just started a week ago and I’m going crazy with this game. Here is the question, I have bought a lot of gold cards, but now I want the yellow/black ones (TOTW cards I guess), is there any way to get them from regular packs, or there are special pacts with a TOTW card guaranteed?

    I’m not going to spend more money on pacts, cuz I saw on youtube that the ratio of good cards are extremelly low, but if there is a TOTW card guaranteed, I will give it a try for sure.

    Thx in advance, I’ll add this page to mw favorites!!

    • Hi. Thank you.
      First of all, pay attention to your sources on Youtube. If you want to know something about the Ultimate Team mode in which you can trust, you are in the right place: FIFA U Team website.
      There is no special pack with a TOTW card guaranteed. In fact, you can find a TOTW card in any pack with rare cards but it is really hard to get it.
      Follow your advice and stop buying packs. It is a big waste of money/coins. Read more about it HERE.

  43. G96 says:

    Hi mate, nice info you got up there! I just wanted to ask if the league of the Coach changes anything? For an example if My Coach has the Serie A league and all My players are from BPL. Do theyre attributes or chemistry become worse? Thanks!

    • Hi. Thank you.
      Yes, the league and the nationality of the manager is really important to the individual chemistry. Each player on your first eleven that has the same nationality OR play on the same league of the manager league, gets one extra individual chemistry point. In your example, if your coach has serie A and all your players are from BPL you should try to apply him a BPL changing card. Matching an individual player’s league and nation is not important.
      You can read more about it HERE.

  44. aris says:

    hi there! excellent site! just a question though: why is an IF player’s price affected so much? I mean, I get that the new card’s rating has been improved by a few points, but does it justify getting A LOT more expensive? AM I missing something here?


    • Hi. You are thinking well. They are so expensive because people with many coins always want to improve their teams with the best players. Once they have the team finished, the only way is to buy IF cards of the regular cards they already have.
      It makes no sense to pay so much coins by these cards. It was and it always be our opinion. We agree with you.

      • aris says:

        thank you very much for your responce!! and also, thanks for helping us all out! I doubt anyone working with the EA would be so helpful as you.


  45. Nijat says:

    Hello, Is buying and selling IF cards a good way of trading? The reason I’m asking that I’ve never seen anyone bid for IF cards as their prices are extremely high.

  46. FIFA fan says:

    Can we buy legend cards? Because i haven’t seen any

  47. FIFA fan says:

    How can we get personal cards?

  48. Reggie says:

    Hi Rodrigo…you are the greatest guru of FUT and FIFA in general that i have found and i thank you for all the great information….i was wondering if you know when we will start to see MOTM cards in FUT 14 (if at all) and also when can we expect to see TOTY cards….i have a lot of coins i have been saving in anticipation of these cards – especially MOTM….also still no Brazilian manager??? Wake up EA!!!

    • Hi. Thank you for your words.
      Let’s see:
      1) MOTM cards are usually released on the second half of the season. You will need to wait a bit more.
      2) TOTY players are known on next Monday, january 9th. I suspect that GK and defenders will be on packs from 13 to 15, midfielders from 15 to 17 and forwards form 17 to 19. I also think that EA Sports will release all the TOTY players on the weekend of 25 and 26.
      3) There will be no Brazilian manager. It is a shame. Don’t expect big changes about this subject. It is the same store of coins boost from teh EAS FC catalogue.

  49. DaMegatron82 says:

    Hi Rodrigo,
    I’m trying really hard to save up my coins to buy Robbie Fowler. When I do eventually get him can I use his card in any matches or is it just certain tournaments?

  50. Ben says:

    Hi Rodrigo, do you know if there will be special world cup cards, also are ea releasing a world cup game this year, thanks

  51. Thae says:

    Hi, thank u for good articles. Really appreciated.

    do u know whether the pack offered after some certain objectives were met also have IF and TOTY cards? Normally the cards from these packs are untradable but is there any possibility to get TOTY card from them. Thanks a lot

  52. Wriddhi Rahman says:

    Playing Fifa 14 on Samsung Galaxy SII Lte. Some of my players got red carded, but the red cards aren´t going away. Even though I have finished the season I played in and also finished another season. The red card is not going away. Please help. (ToT)

  53. william says:

    If a player receives an up card do you have to purchase new card or does it upgrade the card you already have

  54. Hamudi says:

    hi Rodrigo

    i have Mata and as we know thats he moved to Man Utd. my mata card will be UP to the new one?

  55. Owen Carrick says:

    If a player has moved teams can he have more than one card (a card from his old team and a card from his new team) and also if you open a pack would you get the card of his new club?

    • When a player moves from his club to another one in the real world, EA Sports releases a new card of this player with the name of his new club and eventually his new league. This is the only difference you’ll find between the new card and his previous card.

      From the time that the new cards are released, cards with the previous club will not be issued. That is, the same player can have cards from two different clubs: one that is being released in packs and the other that still be available on the market auction.

  56. Owen Carrick says:

    Another question I have quite a lot of coins so I’m wondering what to do with the coins whether to spend it on packs or make a team because a few of my mates have been packing Ronaldo and TOTY players

  57. Iasen says:

    Are players like adnan janzah and Ross Barkley gonna upgrade on fifa 14

  58. Keegan says:

    How do you renew contracts on IOS? I have tried for days, looking at websites of how to, and nobody has it! Also making players active on IOS, because all of my good players are not active. PLEASE HELP!

  59. Iasen says:

    Does mata have Manchester United card now

  60. Hamudi says:

    OMG Mata Cost 200K now new card.

  61. Emjo127 says:

    Hi Rodrigo!
    One question…does the inform card change it’s team if the player transfers to another club? Thanks mate!! Oh if you play on ios/tablet can you do a freekick I am such a bad freekick taker..thanks!

  62. liyona says:

    Is there any difference between team of the week cards and normal cards of that player beside +1 attribute point? Are they just expensive cause they are unique or they have other advantages?

  63. barry says:

    Hi, I’m playing Fifa 14 UT on playstation. Will all the cards, coins and staff of my team remain the same if I change to fifa 15 UT next year?

  64. Iasen says:

    When r the man if the match cards coming out
    And why is on my iPad when a buy player like de gea he is like 5k but on xbox 360/1 and ps 3/4 plzzzzz tell its annoying and what team do u go for

    • MOTM gets out usually during important European matches, like Champions League semi-finals and finals.
      Prices on mobile and consoles are very different because they don’t share the same market. It is a different game. Even the stats may be different.
      Check HERE many team you can build.

  65. Jim says:

    Can you apply contracts to IF cards? Thanks.

  66. Ali says:

    Hi, Rodrigo
    First of all, awesome article!! I am playing fifa 14 on iPad.
    How can I renew my player contract in my pad.

  67. Lol says:

    Can I get a turquoise card in a pack

  68. Jerome Link says:

    Hey I play fut on a tablet and 3 of my players are on a red card and they have missed a good few games when will they be able to play again?

    • Hi.
      The number of matches that they can not play is printed on their cards. Check if you have placed them on the reserves or if you have removed them from the main 23. They need to be on the reserves in order to work.

  69. Sean says:

    My friend is in FIFA and he was a team of the week selection last year. He and I share an account and we would like to request a personal card from EA. Is this possible? If so can you let me know who we need to email about this?

  70. sharath says:

    Hey I just wanted to know whether the colour of the card changes owing to the form of the player . I mean if he keeps scoring goals for my fut team will he turn black ?

  71. Harry says:

    Is there a pelé in fifa 14?? I can’t find him

  72. NB says:

    Hey just wanted to let you know MOTW cards are actually green.


  73. Anonym says:

    Smt. Strange happened to me:

    I’m playing FUT for some time now(on my iPad)and I have a quite good team.Of course,I wanted to improve it,so I bought Karim Benzema for 17.500 coins.Suddenly the connection was gone and I found myself in the main menu of FIFA 14.I went back to FUT,but couldn’t find Benzema nor the coins,so… 17.500 coins gone and no chance to get them back… What should I do?

  74. Leo says:

    Will there be a MOTM card for the World Cup

  75. Dieter 8/24 says:

    Hi again,some questions/

    1.Do you think,there will be a WC-Update this year for Brazil?Or smt. else maybe.

    2.I’m pretty sure,you know “MMGOA” I wanted to buy some coins… I have an iPad( Air if it’s useful or if there’s any difference to another iPad)… It does not show the current club of the card that’s being traded(but it does in the PS3) .But in MMGOA they ask for the club,what should I do?

    • I believe in something like special cards for WC. Maybe MOTM.
      If you want to buy to MMOGA do it by the banner we have at the right please.
      If you are not sure what you should do, try to contact them. We think that you should put the club of the card even if it is not showing it. For example: if you are sending Lloris, it is Spurs. If you don’t know, just google it. Be sure that they are asking the club of the player and not the club’s name (seller).

  76. newbienewber says:

    Can you use a player training to improve the attributes of a player and place said player on the transfer market to sell it for more money? I have often seen players on the transfer market with the ribbon around their rating and didn’t know if was just an extra rare player or one that had a training card applied.