Basic Tutorials Guides for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

Basic Tutorials Guides for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team


FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is a complex game for who is starting to play. Follow the basic tutorials and the videos published in this page to understand better how everything works.


Basic Tutorials Guides for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team


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Introduction to the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team


Here’s your chance to build the Ultimate Team you’ve always dreamed of! At the beginning of FUT, you will go through an icebreaker match where you will familiarize yourself with the core mechanics of the game. After that first match, you will be given your very own starter squad of players. Once you begin playing matches and earning coins, you will be able to trade players on the Transfer Market, open Packs and earn coins to build your squad.

The best team is the one you build yourself. It isn’t just about assembling all the top players together in one squad. There are many factors that influence how well your players play with one another. In FUT, building the best possible squad requires smart decisions on and off the pitch.

The more matches you play, the better you will become. Challenge friends in the all new Friendly Seasons mode or play Offline and Online Seasons to earn coins. With those coins you can buy packs or use the Transfer Market to find Players that can improve your Squad’s Chemistry!

You will also find that there are consumable items in the game. These are items you can use to further customize your club. Initially, you will be given consumable items such as a Stadium, Ball, Home and Away Kit, a Badge, and a default Club Name. Through opening Packs and searching for consumable items on the Transfer Market, you can find specific items to personalize your club with.

FUT is all about building your club, your way, so get started now!




Transfer Market of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team


FUT has the world’s biggest Transfer Market with millions of transfers made daily. This is where you can purchase any Item for your Squad or sell the Items that you no longer need.

Every day, there are millions of player transfers made in FIFA Ultimate Team™. Players, kits, contracts and more can be traded in the Transfer Market.

Learn how to successfully buy and sell items to maximize value and discover how to find deals on items that will help improve your team.




How to Earn Coins


As you improve your squad in FIFA Ultimate Team™, the challenge will get more intense.

Coins are the main currency of FIFA Ultimate Team, and they will allow you to purchase players and other items in the Transfer Market to keep pace with the competition.

Earn coins by playing any match in FIFA Ultimate Team, including Online and Offline Seasons, Tournaments, and Special Tournaments, which may offer very large coin rewards for winning. Coins can also be earned by selling players, coaches or other items in the Transfer Market.






Coins can also be earned by selling players, coaches or other items in the Transfer Market. Coins can also be earned by selling players, coaches or other items in the Transfer Market. The FUT Store is where you purchase packs containing a variety of players and items depending on the pack type. Packs found in the store are the first place you’ll get a chance at finding a Team of the Week In-Form Player Items when it’s first released.

Accelerate your team’s development by purchasing Packs. There are three types of Packs available, each offering something different to help build your FIFA Ultimate Team.






Chemistry is the connective tissue between your Players in FIFA Ultimate Team. By building up your Squad’s Chemistry, you will increase your Player’s performance on the pitch. High Chemistry is vital in building a strong Squad and beating your opponents in FUT!

In FIFA Ultimate Team™, building the best possible side requires strong Chemistry. It’s mainly about the relationships between players. Both players and teams perform at their best when their Chemistry is high, and you’ll see the results on the pitch in the form of stunning passes and epic goals.

Chemistry can be built in a number of ways. Putting players in their preferred positions and linking them with fellow players from the same Club or League will produce Chemistry. You can also build Chemistry by pairing players who have the same nationality or enlisting a manager with the same nationality as players on the roster.

Players who have been loyal to a club will obtain a Chemistry boost. Whereas a player signed via the Transfer Market will need to play ten matches before becoming loyal, all players obtained through Packs or who were initially on a squad will automatically have this boost applied.




IF Cards


Player Items in FIFA Ultimate Team™ are found in Packs, or bought and sold through the Transfer Market.

They are three major group categories: bronze, silver, and gold. Their overall rating determines which class they belong in. Gold items have higher overall ratings while bronze items have a lower overall ratings. The higher the overall rating, the better the player.

These items are then broken down even further into Normal, Rare, and In-Form Items. Rare and In-Form Items are more difficult to come by and some are only available for a limited time.



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