FIFA U Team was founded by RODRIGO LOPES. It’s him who has the main role in this project.

Born in Funchal, Portugal, in the late 70s, he started very early in the world of technology and computer games. He surfs in the internet since 1997 and plays FIFA since the first game of the franchise.

RL, an engineer, loves computers, games, photography, football and cinema.

Despite a vast experience in similar projects, FIFA U Team was his first major challenge open to the community.

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SILVIO TEIXEIRA is someone very special that FIFA U Team is proud to have in the website.

He is from the time of the first games. There is a rumour that he may be one of the characters of Pong videogame. Silvio Teixeira have published to several magazines like Press Start, Press Enter, Electronic Gaming Monthly and PC Magazine Brasil. He has been part of many gaming websites too.

His literature degree took him to teach Portuguese and Computer for 12 years. He loves to write and can be found working in some new project in the advertising agency w3haus or by the facebook.

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PEDRO COELHO is a 21 year old from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who was never really encouraged to like football. Despite that, he became a big football enthusiast and a passionate Botafogo fan over his teenage years.

He’s been playing Ultimate Team since FIFA 12 and still doubts there will ever exist another football fantasy game as good as this.

Whilst being a Computer Engineering student who loves video games, football and bodybuilding, he takes a bit of his spare time to translate FIFA-related articles from Portuguese to English (and eventually the other way around) for he also enjoys being in contact with the English language. Moving to England is his biggest dream.

Pedro - Our Team