FUTMas Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

FUTMas Guide for FIFA 15


With Christmas also comes the FUTMas for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. We want you to be aware of everything, so we created a short questions and answers guide. Find out when the best packs will be available and how you can take advantage from them this season.


FUTMas Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team


Q: What is FUTMas ?
A: FUTMas is an initiative created by EA Sports to celebrate the Christmas season. During the FUTMas there is a new Happy Hour or a new tournament every day.

Q: When is FUTMas ?
A: Every year, during the Christmas season. In FIFA 15, it takes place between December 19th and January 2nd.

Q: Are there Daily Gifts during the FUTMas ?
A: Yes. Daily Gifts are assigned every day between December 19th and January 2nd.

Q: What is the schedule of FUTMas for FIFA 15 ?
A: It is announced only when it happens. To know all the Happy Hours check the following chapter.

Q: FUTMas and ’15 Days of FIFA’ are the same thing ?
A: No. The only thing they have in common is that they are released during the Christmas season. During the ’15 Days of FIFA’, EA Sports offers special gifts to the followers of their social channels.

Q: Which Happy Hours are expected to occur during FUTMas ?
A: From the experience of previous years, the following packs should be released:
Jumbo Rare Players Packs (100k)
Mega Packs (35k)
Premium Gold Players Packs (25k)
Rare Consumables Packs (20k)
Jumbo Premium Gold Packs (15k)
Premium Gold 13 Packs (7.5k)
Gold 13 Packs (5k)
Consumables Packs (3k)


FUTMas Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team


Q: Are there new packs during FUTMas ?
A: Yes. Gold 13 Packs and Premium Gold 13 Packs are only available only during FUTMas. They are just like Gold Packs and Premium Gold Packs, for the same price, but with an extra free card.

Q: When will 100k packs be released ?
A: In the previous years, 100k packs were released on December 26th and January 1st. We think they will be released again on these two days.

Q: It is possible to know which packs will be released on which days ?
A: No. We can only speculate on the basis of what happened in previous years:

    December 19 to December 24
    Gold 13 Packs (5k), Premium Gold 13 Packs (7.5k), Jumbo Premium Gold Packs (15k), Premium Gold Players Packs (25k) and Mega Packs (35k)
    December 25
    Mega Packs (35k)
    December 26
    Jumbo Premium Gold Packs (15k), Rare Consumables Packs (20k), Premium Gold Players Packs (25k), Mega Packs (35k), Jumbo Rare Players Packs (100k)
    December 27 to December 31
    Premium Gold Players Packs (25k), Rare Consumables Packs (20k), Jumbo Premium Gold Packs (15k), Premium Gold 13 Packs (7.5k)
    January 1
    Jumbo Rare Players Packs (100k)
    January 2
    Premium Gold Players Packs (25k), Jumbo Premium Gold Packs (15k)

Q: Is there any limit on the amount of packs we can buy ?
A: Yes. The limits are the usual ones. You can see them here. However, on Boxing Day (December 26th) and on the last day (January 2nd), there isn’t an individual limit. There are global limited quantities which means that whoever comes first is the first to be served. The lighting rounds take place every two hours and the best packs are usually the last ones to be released.

Q: How different are the tournaments released during the FUTMas ?
A: They have better prizes.

Q: How FUTMas affects the market ?
A: The FUTMas has a significant impact on the FUT 15 market, especially on days when the best packages are released (December 26th and January 1st). On these days lots of packs are sold and many new gamers start playing the game. There are more cards on the market and the prices are lower. Usually the prices drop more than 20%, which means that you can buy cards and sell them shortly after by very considerable profit margins.

Q: How to profit with FUTMas ? When should I sell and buy cards ?
A: It is very easy to make coins during the FUTMas. You just need to sell and buy at the right time. Don’t buy packs. Take the chance to build a better squad or to buy low and sell higher.
For someone less experienced, the best thing to do is to sell everything as soon as possible and (re)buy the cards during Happy Hours featuring 100k packs. The prices will be higher a few days after the biggest happy hours, even with TOTY coming (January 12th).
We suggest to the most experienced gamers to pay attention to the estimated dates for the FUTMas’ Happy Hours in order to buy and sell the cards several times during this period.


FUTMas Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team


FUTMas Calendar for FIFA 15


    Friday, December 19
    – Mega Packs (35k)
    – One free untradeable Gold pack

    Saturday, December 20
    – Rare Consumables Pack (20k)

    Sunday, December 21
    – Premium Gold Players Packs (25k)

    Monday, December 22
    – Consumables Packs
    – FUTMas Cup Tournament

    Tuesday, December 23
    – Jumbo Premium Gold Pack (15k)

    Wednesday, December 24
    – Rare Gold Pack (25k)
    – One Untradeable Rare Gold Pack for free

    Thursday, December 25
    – Two Untradeable Rare Mega Packs for free
    – Mega Packs (35k)
    – Jumbo Premium Gold Packs (15k)

    Friday, December 26
    – Rare Gold Packs all day
    – 12 Lightning Rounds with new Packs every two hours (limited quantities):

      12am Rare Players Packs (50k)
      2am Consumables Packs (3k)
      4am Premium Gold Players Packs (25k)
      6am Mega Packs (35k)
      8am Premium Silver Players Packs (7k)
      10am Rare Players Packs (50k)
      12pm Premium Bronze Players Pack (1.8k)
      2pm Rare Consumables Packs (20k)
      4pm Rare Players Pack (100k)
      6pm Gold Contracts Pack (0.8k)
      8pm Mega Pack (35k)
      10pm Rare Players Pack (100k)

    Saturday, December 27
    – Jumbo Premium Gold Packs (15k)

    Sunday, December 28
    – Rare Gold Packs (25k)

    Monday, December 29
    – Rare Consumables Packs (20k)
    – New Year’s Open Tournament

    Tuesday, December 30
    – Premium Silver Players Packs (7k)
    – Premium Bronze Players Pack (1.8k)

    Wednesday, December 31
    – Jumbo Premium Gold Pack (15k)

    Thursday, January 1
    – Jumbo Rare Players Pack (100k)

    Friday, January 2
    – Rare Gold Packs (25k)
    – Jumbo Premium Gold Packs (15k)
    – 4 Lightning Rounds with new Packs every two hours (limited quantities):

      4pm Rare Players Pack (50k)
      6pm Premium Gold Players Packs (25k)
      8pm Mega Packs (35k)
      10pm Jumbo Rare Players Packs (100k)

This is the final list of all FUTMas Happy Hours


Born in the late 70s, Rodrigo Lopes is a video game enthusiast. He started on the old ZX Spectrum 48k and has played every FIFA game to present day. He is an engineer, that also writes about FIFA games on another popular website. Rodrigo is an Ultimate Team expert, he loves football and is a huge Benfica fan. He has influenced thousands of FIFA gaming fans with his cutting edge insights and scientific level approach to writing about FIFA gaming modes. Join him on Google Plus.

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Thank you for those information. Very interesting.


Should I sell all my players and buy them again on 19th? If so, by when should i sell my players?

Also, another question, do prices of NIF cards go up when their TOTY is released? So should i buy those players before the TOTY release?

BTW Bharadwaj asked what happened to the player review he sent. Is it fine or does he need to change sonething?


Great review as always. So I should stay away from packs right since I’ve had shit luck in recent times?


Great info thanks. Unfortunately I was caught off-guard for the black friday deals, so will be ready this time.

So buy during next 100k day, sell just before the next 100k, buy again, then sell all before the TOTY. Will TOTY crash the market more than Black Friday?

So far I’ve found players worth 40-60k seem to be the best to buy when prices drop.


Sir please tell me the exact hours after when I can buy 100k packs ….because whenever I bought any rare player packs I got no better players with 85+ rating..
So when will be the best oppertunity for me to get 85+ players in that 100k pack?


How much will aguero and toure cost during the futmas


I know on Black Friday he went down to about 298k for BIN. I’ve money saved up to buy him when he gets this cheap again.


Hi Rodrigo
I have a simple question
The market will stabilize somehow between FutXmas and TOTY? There will be like 10 days after Xmas and before TOTY, where there will not be any special events going on. So, will the market prices go up something between these days? Maybe I could buy 5k players during FutXmas and sell them just before TOTY


Hello Will Robben Fall to 500-600k ? I Think 750k are to much.


want to buy a team tonight, but i want it to be a team that can win games with. what kind of team should i buy and what price range so i am not losing lots of profit during futmas


So basically u will know the offers of futmas the same time as anyone else, when they launch? Da fuck am I doing here then?


Hello ,
Nice article as always hope you help me in this FUTmas it is the first time for me to catch it as i am a new player , just a few months ago
I have 600k coins right now could you please recommend me the best way to use them , i see that the 100k rare players pack are on the market right now should i go for one !
Ps : i never buy a pack only 3 or 4 times in the first of the game to comple some objectives ; 600k from trading in the market
My main squad :
St: karim benzema , cerci , baca , lacazette
Midfielders: james , modric , grizemann , arda turan , koke , gabi , feghouli , reus , jesus navas
Defense: pepe , varane , otamendi , carvajal , marcelo , coentro , montoya , arbeloa
Gk: casillas , moya

HAla M4DR1d

I wanna know…Ronaldo price down,buy him now or wait litlle more?


Wasted hars earned 105k on promo pack… Bloody ea


Sterling was best i got


Will prices on none informs go back up after toty is over or will they stay relatively similar to their crash price for the remainder of the season? And will informs crash during toty and go back to normal after toty? Lastly will informs crash more during the 100k pack futmas or during toty and which toty day will cause the biggest crash in your experience?


Look who I got on the first day of futmas: http://youtu.be/MM6XCpvoMCQ

Kieran murnane

I’m getting fifa points for Xmas
Should I spend them on Christmas or wait forTOTY


I have a simple question , i bought a group of players for 18500 and start selling them for 25000 is that consider a legit profit or should i increase the selling price ??


When will it be 50K and 100K packs?


Hi Rodrigo,

I now have 370K should I gona trade or should I wait till TOTY and buy then?

greetz Lars


Rodrigo, I noticed prices dropped about two or three days ago. Are they going to drop again? When? I wanna buy Suarez


I have 400k and want to but a good bundesliga team, when should i buy the team?


Rodrigo, I starting using your tips on trading and already make a profit of it, so thank you for that.

I have currently have a liga bbva team which cost me 14k but it was a great value for that money. I got players like Ter Stegen, Jordi Alba, Xavi and Rakitic. I’m thinking of selling this team right now so I could make a profit, I’m trying to get to 400k.

I wanna buy a first class liga bbva team and keep it for certain time since I’m going in a trip so would not be trading for a while. The deal is a want to get Suarez in my team, the cheapest I’ve seen him is in 540k, currently is 610k. Could I will be able to buy him in December 26? Or should I go for a first class BPL team, with Aguero, Yaya and Di Maria?


think you may have it wrong, its not a players pack today, just rare gold pack, unless i’m missing something!


Hey when should i buy legends and during toty?when defender, midfielders, fowards or all of them are released?and how much will they fall?
Should i price fix silver ifs of the firsts totw like for example if ekdal during toty?( i have 1.7 m)
When will lacazette be cheaper when futmas 100k packs are released or during toty?
Thx for answering and merry chrismas


Hi Rodrigo,

Can you explain me how a boxing day works (I read that dec. 26 wil be boxing day)? I new to Fut and i have no idea how it works. Does is mean that there gone be 100k packs each 3 hours or that there gone be diffrent packs every 3 hours? And when do I invest my coins: At the and of the day or just after the release of the pack?

P.S. srry if my english is a bad, I am Dutch and English never have been my best point ;).

Greetz, Yvan


Hey rodrigo great guide.
I recently bought 50 euro worth of fifa pionts which is 5650 pionts.
Shall I wait until team of the year 100k packs come out or should I buy the futmas 100k packs on the 26 of December.
Can I please have your advise on which I should get. Let me know ASAP.
Thank you


Hi thanks a lot for the well detailed article. do you think there is a good chance 100k packs will be released by the 26th?

Shredded City

So the packs release on britain time at midnight? So for january 26, around which time frame would be the best time to buy players? 3am-6am? noon-3pm? etc


Rodrigo prices on BPL are dropping, Di Maria is already in 36k and Toure in 49k, should I still wait for tomorrow to buy? Which is the best time to buy? UK time.

Suarez is getting lower, I saw him right now in 490k, still too much for my budget.


First up. Good article, and articles. I read regularly and have profited greatly.
My only question is this:

I have received, like everyone I’m sure, a number of Xmas gift packs. Do these have expiry dates?? Apologies if this is written.

Many thanks
Keep up the good work.


Hi Rodrigo,

I want to buy an BPL squad with Di Maria, Diego Costa, Sanchez, Kompany and Ramires, I can afford it now but will it drop a lot during 100K packs? Di maria is the most important for me and now he is about 165K do you have any idea wat his price will be during 100K packs tonight?

Merry X-Mas and greetz,



hi rodrigo, i want to build a big team , when should i buy that team ?? and when should i sell that team ??
thank you and sorry for my english


Did the 100k packs pass?its 9:24 here in Greece …


I meant 21:24 sorry


Hi, Rodrigo. Two things

1. I don’t know if was because the market crashed or something but I bought Di Maria and the card doesn’t appear in the new articles, I have tried to reset the game and nothing, the card appears has succesful bid, I bought him but not in the new articles, what can I do?

2. A friend make the mistake of buying Aguero at 151k when he was around 60k. He asked me when is the best moment for selling him without losing too much money?


Hi mate

Is it just me or did the market barely crash during 100k happy hours yesterday? on playstation fwiw


I have the same question man…if this is called a crash then bye bye Bpl I’m buying serie a..I hope on a bigger crash on January


Hi rodrigo. Thanks for the guide and all te explanation here in comments. I managed to buy most of the team on 26 with 15% discount. I will buy 3 more players i need at 1st and sell all team before 10th to buy back during TOTY. Can you just please let me know if its better to sell all now for example today and buy all back on 1st? Also from your experience during ladt year how prices look during toty start-end. Should you buy players during full team release or at the begginning of Toty week? Yhanks

P.s if this obe double post,please delete previous one.


Buddy, do you know if packs won in tournament can expire? I was thinking maybe to keep my 35k pack till toty…
Thanks! 😉


Thx for reply mate. Got it, but one more question please. How did it look last year and/or 2012 with 1st january and toty week as it comes to packs? 1st january there was a limit for 100k per account or lightoning rounds like 26th this year? And how is it on 18th? Thanks


So I managed to get some decent deals on the 26th i guess. When should i sell? 30 or 31st? then buy again on the next 100k happy hour?


what time according to the uk time will the 100k packs come out on january 1st.


Hi Rodrigo, great site. You said earlier you expect the Jan 1 crash to be more severe than the Dec 26 crash. How long should it take prices to get to where they are right now after that Jan 1 crash?

Shredded City

Should we even sell our informs now and buy back on Jan 1? Because these informs won’t be released in the 100k packs upcoming since they were from previous TOTWs so their supply wouldn’t go up aka wouldn’t the price stay the same?


Rodrigo here in pc version have to buy something 4 rare gold pack of futmas today (31/12)…


Hi Rodrigo

How sure are you that 100K packs will be released on january 1st? And big wil be the impact on players like: di maria, kompany or courtois?

Greetz Lars


Just managed to pick an IF Lallana. When do i sell?


Hi Rodrigo, I manage to buy Suarez in 360k. Was a good deal right?

When will be the best moment to sell, and to buy again?

Happy new year!


Nice article man. U help me a lot. But can u tell me who is the best player for me to buy so that i can guarantee selling it later after its price raise again? Ps3 console. Thankyou man! Im trying to make good profit!


Hey man I bought some player cheap when can I sell them


Guys, hi im from manila philippines just wNna share… I got ronaldo in lightning round pack hehehe