FUT 16 Web App Most Common Problems

FUT 16 Web App Most Common Problems


There are many people asking us for help about FUT 16 Web App. But there are many more who still have problems. As always, we are here to try to help you and we have compiled some suggestions to the FUT 16 Web App Most Common Problems.


FUT 16 Web App Most Common Problems


I am registered in Origin but I can’t get into the FUT 16 Web App.

The FUT 16 Web App early access is only for who have created a security question/answer before August 1st 2015. If you are a new player, you will need to play in the console first before you can access to the Apps.

FUT 16 Web App Most Common Problems


I don’t know how to enter in FUT 16 Web App.

Follow these simple steps:
1) Type “https://www.easports.com/fifa/ultimate-team/web-app” in the address bar of your internet browser.
2) Choose the main console where you will play.

FUT 16 Web App Most Common Problems

3) Enter the answer to the security question.

FUT 16 Web App Most Common Problems

4) Confirm the club name and its abbreviation.

FUT 16 Web App Most Common Problems

5) You are ready to go !


I can’t get into the FUT 16 Web App. It’s says to try later.

Clean the cache of your browser and try other browsers (best results are being reported to us with Firefox). If it doesn’t work, that’s because the servers are overloaded and you will have to wait.


I can access to the FUT 16 Web App but the market is unavailable.

If you haven’t played FUT 15 in the console where you plan to play FUT 16, the Apps will not make available the market’s earlier access. You need to validate your FIFA 16 account in the new console to unlock the market.


I can’t see the full screen of FUT 16 Web App.

Use CTRL- to zoom out until you see the whole window.


I can’t get into the FUT 16 Web App on my mobile.

The App to mobile devices is the Companion App and it will be available only after you access the FUT 16 Web App.


I can’t buy FIFA Points in the Web App

FIFA Points are only available before the game release in the early access of EA Access subscribers.


Where is my daily gift ?

Daily Gifts are available in the FUT 16 Web App starting on September 15th. It is limited to one per day. In the days you don’t open the Web App, you will loose the daily gift of that day. Pick yours up each day at 12am UK.


I no longer can access the FUT 16 Web App.

If you had access to the FUT 16 Web App but no longer have, even if you haven’t made any change, you should know that EA Sports is blocking App access to all players that haven’t played FIFA 16 in the console until midnight of October 1st (UK time). To keep using this App, you will need to buy the game.


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  1. Hello Rodrigo,

    I have Fifa 14 for my Ipad 2. During 2014, I have accessed the web app to view my Ultimate Team, and it worked fine. Now, I want to access my Ultimate team for Fifa 14 once again via Web app. I logged on to my account for origin, which worked fine. Now, all I can do is use Fifa 16 UT, which is not what I want at all! Is there any way I can view my origin Fifa 14 Ultimate Team through the web app today? Or is it outdated?


  2. when I log in to web app, they say “It looks like you don’t have a FUT Club.” … what is the problem with EA ???

  3. On the Companion App, I am trying to sell my team, but it say that the action can’t be done because this card doesn’t exist, do you know how to fix it?

  4. I Cant use the transfer market on FUT 16 web app! Its says to continue laying o unlock it? When will it be unlocked?

  5. While using the app to open the free packs I had. The app froze after the screen where you see the animation of the pack opening to see the best player. I had IF Coutinho 85CF, I am very happy at this time…….But then I click continue. Only to see the player has changed to NULL -1/0 or something and was in my duplicates.. I took the screen shot. I tried to contact EA through help but got stuck on a blank screen. Any advice you can give would be great.

  6. When I want to play a match in FUT the team doesn’t load up its just comes up wit a football pitch! Anyone had this sort of problem or can advice me in anyway to try and sort this problem out

  7. Hi
    When I go onto my mobile Webb app and try to swap a player in my team or try to move a player it says ” This action cannot be performed because the item specified could not be found”
    Please tell me what i should do!
    Kind regards

  8. Rodrigo,

    I used to play FUT 15 on PS3, and had acessed the Web App daily during last years, getting my gifts normally. Although, I changed for the PS4 on the FUT 16, and made another account (I used to have an american acc, now I got a brazilian one). I mixed the accounts on Origin, but since then the Web App don’t give me the daily prizes anymore. Everyday I enter the app both by smartphone ou PC, but never got a simple gift. Do you figure what happened?


  9. when i go on the web app in chrome I go on web app login and do everything it shows my gamer tag but it doesnt
    show anything in ultimate team its just a black screen in the middle
    pls help

  10. everytime I buy contracts they go straight to my club but don’t appear when I go to apply consumables but when I search for them in ‘my club’ they are their. I tried sending them to the transfer list and then going into ‘actions’ and selecting place on consumables, but this didn’t work either. the only contracts I can use are the ones from packs, am I doing something wrong or is this a glitch?

    • This is basic but I have to ask: you are applying players contracts on players, right? Because managers contracts can not be applied to players.
      Have you tried to go to ‘my club’ and apply the contract from there?

  11. On the FUT16 companion android after i login there are only 3 slides to scroll and a ling to a wb page. I can’t do nothing and I don’t know why. Can you help me?

  12. I have PS4, Fifa 16. Got the iOS companion. Can’t swap any players on squad builder. Says I don’t have that item in my club although I have the players it won’t let me add them or swap them around. The same with managers etc. Anyone else have same issue

  13. hai i have fifa16 on my mobile.when i touch ultimate team on screen it isn’t going in what is the problem.i have mobile with 3gb ram,lollipop os .can u reply it to my email as soon as possible?

  14. Hi i can’t user my transfer market on the companion app. It says i have to continue to play to unlock the transfer market. Do you know how i can fix it

  15. I have a problem with FUT16 and can’t fix it.
    I got an Ultimate Team on PS4 in FIFA 16 and have played FUT15 also in PS4 (FIFA15) but after the 1th August.
    The website says everytime that i haven’t a FUT TEAM what isn’t true:

    “It looks like you don’t have a FUT Club.
    Join the community of millions by purchasing FIFA 16 and creating your first Ultimate Team.”

    Could somebody help?


  16. Rodrigo,
    when i log in, i receive a message says “Early access to the FUT Web App for returning FUT 15 users has ended”. and “To continue using FUT Web, you need to purchase a copy of FIFA 16 and login to Ultimate Team”. the problem is that i live in KSA and FIFA 16 is not available here till now. Can i continue logging in till i buy he CD ?

  17. I have been playing FUT on xbox one on fifa 16 for three days now when will I be able access the transfer market?

  18. Rodrigo, desde cedo, estou com o mesmo problema.

    A procura de jogadores não acontece no mercado via webAPP. “Sorry, it looks like something went wrong and an unknown error has occured. Please refresh your browser to restart FUT Web.”

    O que faço? Já limpei cache, já conectei em outros navegadores, outros computadores, e nada.

    O que pode ser isso? Tenho o jogo no Xbox ONE. É impressionante a quantidade de bugs no Fifa 16 até agora

  19. Dear: I can make a connection with the web app, but it says i haven’t played any game, have no coins, have no team … when i entered the first time i had to fill in the secret question but the secret question i used (nickname) wasn’t available on the web app… so i think there must be the problem? Can i do this again?
    this is the first time i want to use the app, before i played FIFA 14 and 15

  20. Hey my issue is that i have the game and i have been playing on ps4 but it still says that i dont have a fut team nor the game and that i need to buy it. All this when i try to log on the web app

  21. I just got a PS4 today, and have played like 10 games now, but I can’t enter the wep App at all, why is that?

  22. Hey umm I downloaded the companion app and entered my name and posword then answerd the security question then the asked about fut security qustion?? I don’t remember it what should I do ?

  23. Mine keeps saying ‘Continue playing FUT on PS4 to unlock access to the transfer market’ but I played a multiple times on ps4 already but it still doesnt work. Pls reply this really sucks.

  24. I have been able to use the transfer market to trade on the web app before but now every time I search the market an error message pops up saying to refresh the page. I do this and it still doesn’t work. Is there something I can do to get it working again?

  25. So now fifa 16 has come out already and i need help.

    i LOVE trading when im at school but i can’t do that cause my web app / companion app isn’t allowing me to get on the transfer market it tells me to “continue playing FUT 16 on PlayStation 4 to unlock the acces to transfer market.” i had fifa 15 on ps3 and now 16 on ps4 what could i do to get the market to work on my phone/ computer

  26. Boas Rodrigo, antes de mais quero te felicitar pelo excelente post. Estou com um problema que alguns que estão aqui também estão a ter, eu consigo usar a web fut e tenho acesso ao meu plantel, e eo meu clube mas quando vou ver o mercado aparece uma frase “continue playng FUT on ps4 to unlock access to the transfer market”, é verdade que é a primeira vez que jogo FUT na ps4 e tive

    • Olá. Antes de mais obrigado.
      Se já jogou FIFA 16 na sua PS4, então só tem de aguardar para que as funcionalidades do mercado da Web App sejam liberadas. A EA leva alguns dias para confirmar as novas contas.

  27. On the companion app i have players on my transfer list and transfer targets saying processing at the end of the auction. Been like it for ages, dont know if theyve sold or not and havent got any coins from them

  28. I have played FIFA 16 on my ps4, but it still says ‘continue playing FIFA 16 on your ps4 to unlock the transfer market’, why?

  29. I have played fifa 16 in my PS4 but it says transfer market will be unlocked once I keep playing it? How long do I need to play it for?

  30. I have an xbox one and im trying to trade on the web app but it says keep playing FUT 16 on xbox one to unlock access to the transfer market what do I do

    • You started playing FIFA 16 on your XBox One, one or two days ago, right ? Then, if you are using the right account, wait a few days more. EA say that they need a few days to check each account.

  31. Webapp keeps telling me I have no FUT Team. I already played several matches on my PS4. The webapp shows my correct origin ID but no experience or anything.

  32. Hi Rodrigo,

    I am having a problem activating the transfer market on both the web app and companion app and wondered if you may be able to help. I up until recently had a PS3 and played FIFA 15 on this console. Having planned upgrading to the PS4 for a while, when the web app became available again I selected the PS4 as the console I’d be using. I have now purchased a PS4 with FIFA 16, moved my account over and spent until the early hours of this morning playing. Having returned to the web app, I’m still presented with the same message. Is there something I need to do or should be doing?

    Kind Regards

    • Hi Chris. EA Sports have announced that they need to check the new accounts. In other words, after you play FIFA 16 in your new console, you will have to wait a few more days until they release Apps for you.

  33. I bought fifa 16 at gamestop and want to use the web app because its not letting me create a club on ultimate team. It says that I have a censored word when ive tried many different words. I go on the web app and says that I have to buy the game online. I already have the game and is telling me to buy it online. what do I do? I just want to play ultimate team.

    • According to EA Sports: “New FUT users are receiving a censored word error message when they try to create a FUT Club name. FUT Club names that should not be blocked are still receiving this error message. We are working to resolve this issue.


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