FUT 14 Calculators – Individual and Squad Chemistry

FUT 14 Calculators - Match Profits


In a partnership with the FIFA Game News website, we have built several FUT 14 calculators that make the things easier to the players and help them to understand better how the game works. The first of these calculators are the one that allow you to find out the individual and squad chemistry.


FUT 14 Calculators – Individual and Squad Chemistry


If you have read our chemistry guide (click HERE to access it), you probably already know that it is not easy to calculate the chemistry. We have explained step by step how to get it but the truth is that a slow process.

For that reason we created, in a partnership with the FIFA Game News website, two calculators that make the things easier. You only have to input a couple of fields and you will get the chemistry that you want to know. Since there are two different chemistries, we have created two calculators: one for the individual chemistry and another one for squad chemistry.

This tool is much more powerful than most of the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team players thinks. They can find out the chemistry on their active squad menu or in any squad builder, but only these calculators can help them to analyse what they will have to change to get the chemistry they want. Instead wasting time testing different scenarios, with these FUT 14 calculators they can see in real time how the chemistry changes for any new change they make.



Besides the individual and squad chemist calculators, we also have built another calculators that we will introduce you soon, including match profit calculator, trading profit calculator, taxes calculator and discard prices calculator. Use them and share them with your friends.



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