FUT 13 Chemistry: Where They Can Play

The Most Complete Chemistry Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team


Do you have a formation on FUT 13 that you usually play but do not know what positions you can put your players without damaging your chemistry?
Find out here with our help. We answer you.

We show, for each position and for each formation, how the FUT 13 chemistry is affected when the players play in a different position from that they are used to.

FUT 13 Chemistry: Goalkeeper

Good: GK
Players Positions and FIFA Ultimate Team Chemistry - GK

FUT 13 Chemistry: Right Back

Good: RB and RWB
Adapted: LB, CB and RM
Química FUT - RB

FUT 13 Chemistry: Central Back

Good: CB
Adapted: RB, LB and CDM

Players Positions and FIFA Ultimate Team Chemistry - CB


FUT 13 Chemistry: Left Back

Good: LB and LWB
Adapted: RB, CB and LM
Players Positions and FIFA Ultimate Team Chemistry - LB

FUT 13 Chemistry: Right Wing Back

Good: RB and RWB
Adapted: RM
Players Positions and FUT Chemistry - RWB

FUT 13 Chemistry: Left Wing Back

Good: LB and LWB
Adapted: LM
Players Positions and FUT Chemistry - LWB

FUT 13 Chemistry: Center Defensive Midfielder

Good: CDM
Adapted: CB and CM
Players Positions and FUT Chemistry - CDM

FUT 13 Chemistry: Center Midfielder

Good: CM
Adapted: RM, LM, CDM and CAM
Players Positions and FUT Chemistry - CM

FUT 13 Chemistry: Center Attacking Midfielder

Good: CAM
Adapted: RM, LM, CM and CF
Players Positions and FUT Chemistry - CAM

FUT 13 Chemistry: Right Midfielder

Good: RM
Adapted: RW, CM and CAM
Players Positions and FUT Chemistry - RM

FUT 13 Chemistry: Left Midfielder

Good: LM
Adapted: LW, CM and CAM
Players Positions and FUT Chemistry - LM

FUT 13 Chemistry: Right Wing

Good: RW
Adapted: RM and LW
Players Positions and FUT Chemistry - RW

FUT 13 Chemistry: Left Wing

Good: LW
Adapted: LM and RW
Players Positions and FUT Chemistry - LW

FUT 13 Chemistry: Centre Forward

Good: CF
Adapted: CAM and ST
Players Positions and FUT Chemistry - CF

FUT 13 Chemistry: Striker

Good: ST
Adapted: CF
Players Positions and FUT Chemistry - ST

The values ​​of each image represent the change in the chemistry points to a player with the right formation. These values ​​are only indicative, not exact, because the individual chemistry also depends of the links that the player has with his teammates.

To learn more about this subject, please read our FUT 13 Chemistry Guide.


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  1. There are a lot of mistakes in this article:
    LM’s and RM’s can’t play as CAM’s.
    CM’s can also play as CDM’s.
    I think a CF can play as a CAM.

    • Hi.
      You did not realize the article.
      We will try to explain to you. You can put a player wherever you want. The only problem is that they will not play as well, because their individual chemistry will be damaged.
      What you are talking is a different thing. You are thinking about applying training position cards. In that case it is possible these sequences: RB-RWB; LB-LWB; RM-RW-RF; LM-LW-LF; CDM-CM-CF-CAM-ST.
      But the article is much more deeper than that. We want to show you how much the individual chemistry will be affected, for each formation, if you play in a different position than the natural one.
      We are probably who more who knows about FUT. We do not commit that kind of mistakes.
      To learn more about chemistry (it seems that you need it) try to check our Chemistry Guide.

  2. I have to agree with the other comment… I don’t think he is talking about position cards. I play my LM Neymar at CAM and he has the red boot not orange and gets no chemistry 🙁 Also, your guide says CM gets no chemistry when playing DM when they do. I think you need to research things further before they go on your site (despite your ‘superior’ FUT knowledge)

    • Sorry to have to say this but we still think that we may be right.
      We still don’t know why both say that a RM/LM can’t play as CAM. It’s true that on FUT 13 in-game, a RM/LM can’t play as a CAM. But it’s different on FUT Web App and Squad Creators. He gets orange boot and 2 chemistry points. You can confirm this on futwiz, chuzzz or futhead. We did it again and we still got the same result. Try it yourself, please.
      About the CM-CDM we also don’t realize what is the problem. A CM can play as CDM.
      Everybody makes mistakes. We love when somebody advice us since we can correct and give better information to our readers. But this time we don’t understand what is the problem. Everything seems fine. Except one thing. We write this post to FUT 12. That’s why we don’t have RF and LF.
      We work a lot everyday to bring original and quality content to the community. That’s why we know so much about FUT. We research a lot before publishing. We don’t agree with you at all. For some reason we have so many thousands visits everyday. Did you find on the net any article about chemistry so good as our guide ?

  3. Why lm red when playing 4-2-3-1 as a cam on the left? In other matches that position is listed as lam or lm, its midfield on the left… Also think there should be customised formations in ut.

  4. plz reply, i playu 4-2-3-1 with diego alves gk,
    juanfran rb,miranda cb, pepe cb, fabio coentrao lb, sergio busquetes cdm(ledt side),khedira cdm(right side), fernando torres cf,soldado st,ozil cam(on the right side),and the other cam on the right side i want di maria but he is only available as rw,rf,rm which is the best option and how much chemistry will i get.

    • Hi.
      We made with FGN a chemistry calculator where you can try all these scenarios. You can change for example between RW, RF and RM and automatically get the chemistry. It is much easier than squad builders. You can access the calculator HERE (available from 30th August).

  5. I have Landon Donovan (RM) and I want to be able to play him in a 4-2-3-1, preferably at CF. If I change him to RF will he be able to play CF with an orange boot? He gets a red boot when I try to put him at CF now. Thanks!


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