Formations Guide for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Formations Guide - Reviews and Work Rates


To choose the right formation is very important to achieve success in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. We help you with our guide. Even if you have made ​​that decision, be sure to read this article. You will find that the options are many and there is always room for improvement.


How to Choose the Formation for your FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Club


Before even starting to sign players, you should start by setting the formation that will implement on your squad. If you leave the decision for later, you will not equip your squad with players who really need and you will be penalized in the chemistry of the team. You can solve the problem by buying new players and formation cards but the investment will be very high.

The most common question is: How do I decide the formation that I’ll use ?

There is no one exact answer, but you should consider a few factors:

  • what is your playing style ?
  • with which formations you are most familiar and which ones you like most ?
  • your budget allows you to bet on more expensive formations ?
  • the players that you think are essential fit into in which formations ?
  • what are the formations best suited to the goals you set for your FUT 13 club ?



All the Formations for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


The formations of FIFA 13 Ultimate Team remained the same as previous versions. Check out, one by one, the sixteen FUT 13 formations:

  • 3-4-1-2
  • 3-4-2-1
  • 3-4-3
  • 3-5-2
  • 4-1-2-1-2
  • 4-2-2-2
  • 4-2-3-1
  • 4-3-1-2
  • 4-3-2-1
  • 4-3-3
  • 4-4-1-1
  • 4-4-2
  • 4-5-1
  • 5-2-1-2
  • 5-2-2-1
  • 5-3-2

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FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Formations



One of the less popular formation. The key element of this squad is the CF. You should invest some coins on a really good player for this position.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Formations - 3-4-1-2

Very attacking formation.

Defensively weak and susceptible to dangerous counter-attacks.

Needs pacy defenders and wingers with a medium defensive work rate.



Similar to the 3-4-1-2 formation, with a change to the forward players. Even less popular than the previous one.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Formations - 3-4-2-1

Very attacking formation with three players right in front.

Defensively weak and susceptible to dangerous counter-attacks.

Needs fast defenders and wingers with a medium defensive work rate.



Similar to 3-4-2-1, with the change of forwards to wingers.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Formations - 3-4-3

Attacking formation.

It offers plenty of width in attack which makes it suitable for those who love crossing.

Defensively weak and susceptible to dangerous counter-attacks.

Needs fast defenders and wingers with a medium defensive work rate.



One of the most solid formations. The key element of this squad is the CAM. You should invest some coins on a really good player for this position.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Formations - 3-5-2

Very compact formation that provides 5 or even 7 elements to defend when you need to hold on a result.

Suitable for those who like to dominating.

The RM and LM need to have winger attributes but also medium defensive work rate.

Inadequate if the opponent plays with fast wingers.



The most popular and most expensive of all formations. Widely used in real football, this formation in diamond shape has the CAM as key element.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Formations - 4-1-2-1-2

Good defensively since sometimes CDM plays like a CB. Suitable for those who like to play through the middle.

Balanced formation that offers defensive security in midfield.

Too narrow.

Building a squad with good chemistry is very expensive in this formation



Formation much appreciated by the FUT 13 players. Allows multiple offensive options but with the security of two CDM in defence.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Formations - 4-2-3-1

It has three types of attacking players increasing the range of offensive possibilities.

Two CDM’s give plenty of cover at the back.

The CAM’s play on the wings and may not have the required attributes.

The CDM’s can become very tired because they are forced to defend and to fill empty midfield.



It is one of the most balanced formations. Similar to 4-4-2 but with players more qualified to defend and others to to attack.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Formations - 4-2-2-2

Have enough players when defending or attacking

Suitable for anyone who likes to have possession of the ball and to anyone who likes to give freedom to CAM’s.

The CAM’s play on the wings and may not have the required attributes.

Requires some practice time to become familiar with the formation.



One of the formations most recommended for those who like to play through the middle. The key element of this squad is the CF. You should invest some coins on a really good player for this position.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Formations - 4-3-1-2

The CF and the two ST make this formation extremely dangerous in attack.

Suitable for those who like to play through the middle.

Very narrow formation. Crossings hardly happen.



Similar to 4-3-1-2 but with two CF’s and only one ST or similar to 4-3-3 but the left and right forwards are tucked inside rather than to the wings.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Formations - 4-3-2-1

It is wider in the attack than 4-3-1-2.

Suitable for those who like to play through the middle.

A bit narrow formation, specially on the midfield.



One of most famous formations on FUT 13. Earned greater notoriety for having been adapted by Barcelona in last years.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Formations - 4-3-3

The closeness and the balance of the six men from the front allows safe passing game between them.

Chance of fast attacks on the wings.

Only one ST may be insufficient.

Insufficient players that help the back four.



Widely used in the world of football and in the Barclays PL in particular. Similar to 4-4-2 but one of ST backs for CF.

Ultimate Team Formations - 4-4-1-1

Better for a passing team and less direct.

The CF can be used to be the creative force or to break up play.

The CF drops too deep and leaves you isolated up top.

Some of the mid fielders should have good defensive attributes to help the back four.



The classic formation. Widely used in the world of football and the second most used in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. Organised structure of defenders and mid fielders moving as a line up and down the pitch.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Formations - 4-4-2

The safest option for those players not too sure on what formation to go with.

Solid and good for attack through the middle or on the wings. Fullbacks can support wingers.

Formation a bit predictable for opponents.

Some of the mid fielders should have good defensive attributes to help the back four.



Formation that puts 5 players in midfield, two of them supporting the striker. For many years, it was the favourite formation of many European teams.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Formations - 4-5-1

Suited to players who prefer to build play patiently.

Probably the best formation for who wants to keep the ball.

Not good for direct play and long ball styles.

CM often tends to get lost and caught out of position.



Formation used by fewer FIFA 13 Ultimate Team players. Similar to 5-2-2-1 but with two ST with a more creative CF option.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Formations - 5-2-1-2

Strong defence with space for wingbacks to run into.

The best formation for who likes to play in counter-attack.

Can be narrow attacking wise limiting options.

It depends too much on CF so he must be really good.



One of less popular formations on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. Similar to 5-2-1-2 but with 1 up top supported by a left and right forward either side.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Formations - 5-2-2-1

Probably the formation more solid defensively.

Suitable for who likes to play in counter-attacks.

Very weak if the opponents put many players in the midfield.

The RF/LF’s may have to help the CM’s.



The most solid and balanced formation of 5 defences. Although seemingly defensive formation can become a very offensive.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Formations - 5-3-2

Strong defence with space for wingbacks to run into.

Can be narrow attacking wise limiting options.

To choose a formation is a step much more important than many gamers think. It can make the difference between winning and losing many matches. Choose well …

Born in the late 70s, Rodrigo Lopes is a video game enthusiast. He started on the old ZX Spectrum 48k and has played every FIFA game to present day. He is an engineer, that also writes about FIFA games on another popular website. Rodrigo is an Ultimate Team expert, he loves football and is a huge Benfica fan. He has influenced thousands of FIFA gaming fans with his cutting edge insights and scientific level approach to writing about FIFA gaming modes. Join him on Google Plus.


  1. Hi,
    Where can we get some average prices for each formation.
    For example, I have duplicate players (Macherano) with two formations that I will eventually change to build chemistry.
    Which one is more valued.

    4-2-2-2 or 4-5-1?



  2. What is the best formation to play Ronaldo?
    Hi fav position is either LW or LF.
    He is a good header so he should be LF rather than LW.
    Therefore only three formations fit.

    But only one 4321 is uniform interms of attack and defence.
    Why can’t we change LF or ST??
    It would have solved the problem.


    • Hi. First of all, you will lose many points on the team chemistry placing Robinho at striker. There is no training card to make a LW in a ST. He have some good qualities to play as a striker but he will play better as LW. You can try to play some matches with him to see if he does what you want but it will be a bit difficult.

  3. I have a mostly german team right now and love the 4-3-3… with bale at LW, aguero at ST and robben at RW with podolski, gotze, and reus at CM. I want to go to a 4-3-3 Attack formation (like i see in the regular seasons mode) but can’t seem to find it. Is there a way to default to move the middle CM up the pitch?


  4. In the game you can select from 4 different strategies to play, Default, possession, counter attack, and pressing. Is the default for all teams the same? or does it depend on something like the coach you have, the badge or kit you have for that game, for example if you are wearing Liverpool kit, do you have Liverpool’s default strategy?

  5. Hey. I’m using a 352 formation with Spanish league players works perfectly for me. Just a quick question on the cam and left mid postion.. Would it be better to have iniesta and xavi or stick with Pedro and modric??

  6. Hi! Great Site!!!
    One question… The best formation for BPL team? A formation in wich every player gives best performance considering my team! At the moment i use 4-5-1 with Reina/Evra – Terry – Koscielny – Richardson – Enrique/Valencia – Cazorla – Tourè – Podolsky – Young/ Torres. Many thanks.

  7. If I like speed and counteratacks which formation do you recommend? I have been trying but I just can´t completely like one

  8. Hi, I’ve been trying many formations and can’t decide which one to use. I like to play direct football with pace and use Bpl squad containing Rooney. Can you suggest any formations that would sute my playing style?

  9. I like skilling and i am average at passing. My style of play is making space on wings-cut back in with skill moves(so i always use 4 * skillers on wings)-go past 1-2 defenders with skills-take a long shot or pass ..etc.Of course i do play down the middle at times.So, what formation should i use?

  10. Hi,

    I´m new to Fifa overall. Currently I collect points and try to get better by playing FUT against the CPU. I´m not very good a defending and run into counter sometimes – so a more defensive formation would be great.
    Most of my normal offensive-moves start from my defens outside playin in the middle. Do few space and get the ball to the outside or half outside and spirnt some meters – usually to the giht of the penalty-area. Do a quick stop and try to pass or flank the ball into the middle and try to get a free shot-corridor.
    Counterplay I normally play over halffield by sending my offensive players with ~20m balls and turning back in into the middle running the last meters straight to the goal.
    I think the most goals I score are by shots 15-20 away from the goal or short shots 1v1 against the goalkeeper in a counter.
    Currently I play a 4-3-1-2 – I reallised 2 striker give me better chances to score. But most of my games end in a draw (0:0).

    I can´t decide which formation to play – the only thing I can cross out is 3 defenders. Any tip?

    Thanks and Regards from Germany

    • You describe your type of game very well but it is not easy advise you. 4-3-1-2 can be a good formation to you. If you already have solved the defense problem, the goals will come with practice. In fact, this is the best tip that we can give you: try a lot of formations before chose one. No one will chose better than you. Sometimes, formation x is the better but sometimes the better is formation y. If you start scoring goals with 4-3-1-2, you can try 4-3-2-1.

  11. Hi, this is basically my first year playing much Ultimate Team. I’ve decided to use a 4-5-1 Bundesliga team. I enjoy the passing and structure of the team. However, the only problem is the lone CM. At first I was rotating between the Bender brothers. However with both of them having High/High workrates, they were often out of position and when I was attacking they would be storming into the box and I would be exposed on the counter. Therefore, decided to buy Gustavo who has a Medium Attk/High Def workrate. However he still seems to be running into the box at each attack and I am exposed on the counter a lot. Will all players basically do this in the 4-5-1 or am I missing something?

  12. Hi I think I want to try a 442 with hooper and Rooney as my strikers. Who would you recommend as my midfielders? Can afford anyone

  13. I am really confused with what formations to go with I have played with most of them but what would your recommend I don’t like to play a passing game I am more of a defensive player and for most of the match I make sure the opposition doesn’t score and attack when he least not excepting it usually with a lob pass or overhead pass I always use pacey player what formation would you recommend

  14. hi im indecisive with formations can u help me decide im thinkin 4411 i like to play in the middle then switch ball to side and put in a ground cross i like i also hit shoots if thbe chance comes otherwise i pass. i like the idea of playin through cf but also like a cdm am thinkin of mata as cf any help thx in advance .

  15. sry i forgot to add i play direct ball and a like gd pass and move clever movement also like to have wingers thx

  16. Hi, I built a squad with Spanish/la liga players with a 4-2-3-1 formation de gea- arbeloa, puyol, piqué, alba – xabi Alonso/j.martinez, song/busquets – silva, fabregas/kaká, modric/cazorla – Torres/agüero. I don’t know if I have the wrong formation but most if the time when I play, 75% of the players are lost they change positions and it gets irritating because I see agüero 30 yards away from goal and cesc in the goal box and my cdms get lost all the time and they leave the opponent mids all open to counter. Can you give me some advice I could really use one

    • Hi. If you are having problems with the players positions, you should pay more attention to their work rates. If it persists, you can try another formation. On 4-2-3-1, the CDM’s can become very tired because they are forced to defend and to fill empty midfield.

  17. I really appreciate this nice project.
    I have one question to ask you, because as I’ve been playing lots of formations to choose, I’ve made up the decision to 4-4-2 and 4-2-3-1
    But it is really hard to choose between the two
    could you give me some advise or recommend one?
    such as the one to use when I become better?

  18. i play the formation 4-3-2-1, i usually like to dominate midfield and keep possession. 90% of the goals i concede are counter-attack goals. Is there a way to prevent this rather than changing formation so i wont need to spend formation cards?

  19. First of all, I’m having trouble figuring out what formation to use. I need a strong defense. I need something that won’t leave open gaps. And so my striker can get right through the defense on break aways with no problem. I also am going to be changing up my team. I need help on which nationalities I should use. Currently I bough Podolski and Lewandowski for a Bundesliga team.

    • Hi. You are asking us to help you in something that must be you to decide.
      If you want a solid defence you should use one of the formations with 5 defences. The best thing to do it’s to try some different formations before taking a decision.
      To choose a nationality depends of many factors as your preferences, your budget, etc… If you already have Podolski and Lewandowski you can try to make a Bundesliga team.

  20. I am currently using a 3-5-2 fromation with a german squad
    I haven’t got any good forwards and am thinking of Gomez but i think he is a bit expensive as I just started.
    My current cam is van der vart if that helps
    could you please tell me any other strikers that i could get or just say if i should save for gomez.

  21. I have ronaldo and messi on the same team, along with most of the toty players. For some reson they do no play well in the same team. Does anyone know a good formation that might improve their play and my game play.

  22. I have started to build a Barclays Premiership Squad and have a few decent players, Yaya Toure, Nasri, Podolski, Torres, Mata, Gerrard, Wilshire, Lampard, and more. I have been playing a 5-2-1-2 formation and seem to be doing ok up until the 1st division. Now i seem to be getting beaten 5 – 0 and more. I have noticed that my midfield seem to be very distanced from my defenders and as such i am having situations that see all my players bar my 3 CB’s in the opposition’s half. Any suggestions on maybe a new formation or is there a way to make 2 of my midfielders hold. so they can help support the defence. Any advice would be welcomed.

    • Hi Paul.
      5-2-1-2 is a defensive formation. What you need are CM’s with high defensive work rate. It seems that you already have Toure that is perfect for that position. If you are playing with him, this shouldn’t be a problem.
      Remember that division 1 is more difficult but if you are getting this problem with this formation and with these players, the best thing to do is to try another formation. Maybe 3-5-2 or 4-2-3-1. We can’t promise anything since you already have a good formation and good players.

  23. Thanks for the really fast responce. Do you have any suggestions for a partner in midfield with Youre ? I have Ramirez (Chelsea) . I am kind of resigned to the fact that Nasri is maybe to attack minded and thus not going to help with my defending.

    • Hi again. Your don’t need to have two midfielders with a high defensive work rate in a formation with 5 defences. One is enough. Toure is perfect for that position. The other one can be Mata, Gerrard, Nasri or David Silva (our favourite).

  24. Hi there. I recently just built a Bundesliga team. 4-5-1. Weidenfeller/ alaba – santana – boateng – piszczek/ schurrle- gotze – gundogan – reus – blaszczykwoski/ podolski.

    I like to play 1 2 football and lob passes to beat the offside trap. What is the recommended formation. It seems tt when I play 4 5 1 the goals are hard to come by. Are there any players which u would recommend to add into the squad too?

    • Hi.
      If you like to play 1 2 football and lob passes to beat the offside trap you are playing in the right formation.
      There are many good players that can improve your team but they can be a bit expensive for your wallet (or not?). Mario Gomez, Ozil and Schweinsteiger are three of our favourites.

  25. Hi, I have really hard to find a formation and stick to it I always change.
    I can`t choose one. I don´t really know my play still maybe passing. I can´t choose a ligue either. So what formation and what ligue do you recommend to somone that don´t know he´s play ?
    What do you prefer?
    thanks in advance 🙂
    ps sry for bad English

  26. Hi!

    I’m currently playing 3-5-2 with a La Liga and a Premier League team.

    La liga line-up:
    Casillas – Alba Pepe Mascherano/Puyol/Pique – Alonso Busquets/Song – lavezzi navas – benzema miccoli

    Premier League line-up:
    Mandanda – Vermalaen/Kaboul Kompany Richards – Yaya Toure Tiote/Parker – Bale Walcott – Balotelli Van Persie

    My questions are:
    1) Why do I perform so much better with the Premiership side than the La Liga side? Team chemistry is at 100 for both teams, both have strong CDMs and fast wingers. la liga is 86 overall, PL 84.

    2) Where are my weak spots?

    3) Which players should I buy to improve my team?

    4) and most importantly, do the same attributes and skills for players found in other game modes apply to Ultimate team? If so, how do you know this for sure? =)

    Thanks in advance!

    Forgot my CAMs:

    Cesc Fabregas and Podolski/Sessegnon.

    • Hi.
      1) There’s something that is important and you’re ignoring: individual chemistry is more important than team chemistry! We know that no one say this anywhere but it is true.
      You have both team chemistry 100 but individual chemistries are lower on La Liga team. This help to explain why you play better with the team that have lower rating. This is one of your weak spots.
      2) In our opinion you have balanced teams.
      3) In BBVA you can try Sergio Ramos and Xavi if you have enough money. These two players will replace Mascherano/Puyol/Pique (slow CB’s) and Busquets/Song. But it will be important to replace all the players with less than 7 in individual chemistry. To Miccoli place you can try Falcão.
      In BPL you can try to buy Hart and David Silva. If you are unhappy with RVP or Balotelli, try Tévez.
      4) You can do it yourself. We don’t play other game modes but if you pause a match you can go to squad menu and see the attributes and skills. Including some “hidden skills”.

      • Thanks for the quick response.

        – Hart? Wouldn’t Lloris be a better choice for BPL?
        – Been looking at Tevez as a replacement for Van Persie – or as an CAM perhaps?
        – I found Aguero to be an excellent forward when I played regular online seasons, would he be one of the better options for my BPL team as well alongside Balotelli?
        – You prefer Silva over Nasri, Sessegnon and Podolski?
        – Guess I will go with Falcao again, instead of Miccoli
        – would you use a fast left/right-back instead of Vermalaen or is his pace good enough (70)?

        Thanks for your tips, it’s appreciated!

        • Hi again.
          Lloris is better but I’m trying to save your wallet.
          Tevez play well in both positions. Tevez/RVP is probably better than Tevez/Balotelli.
          Aguero is one of the best ST of FUT 13. He will play well with any player.
          We love Silva. His ball control is fantastic. But, if pace is more important than anything to you, we suggest to try Nasri.
          You should try to find a replacement to Lavezzi too. We know that he is very good player but he has a very low individual chemistry on your team. If he link to Tevez or Aguero, his chemistry will improve a bit.
          Pace 70 is enough.
          Good games!

  27. hey also looking for some advice, although i wont be playing for a while lol.
    i like to be very possesive, with through balls and overhead balls, but i need a good back four and usually with a defensive midfielder. i seem to be leveled in performance with 4-1-2-1-2, 4-3-1-2, 4-2-3-1 and 4-2-2-2… can never work out my best. any advice/suggestions. i feel like i should give 4-5-1 a try but i feel to weak defending with that midfilder, i wish it was a CDM

    • Hi.
      We can try give you some suggestions but the best way to find YOUR right formation is to try some of them.
      With the information that you provided us, we have almost sure that you should try 4-5-1. It is probably the best formation for who wants to keep the ball. It’s true that you don’t have a CDM on this formation but you can put as CM a player with high defensive work rate, like Touré for example. Try it!

  28. Hey Guys, really great Site you have here. I was wondering if you might help me. I have two teams, one is a 3-5-2 silver team with which I win in the 1st division nearly every game. My second team is (I am trying 3-4-3 atm) a BPL, Serie A, LigaBBVA. I want to play 3 Guys at Front with Hazard, Aguero, Di Maria because I love them. In CM I have Gerrard and Vidal. LM is Bale and RM is Sanchez. My three CB’s are Chiellini, Diakite and Kaboul. GK is Marchetti. I shoot a lot of goals but I also receive nearly as much. Maybe a 5-2-2-1 (Clichy and Abate instead of Bale and Sanchez?) would be better? Or something else? But with which players? I play a lot of counter attacks, as well as coming through the middle with a lot of short passes, but i don’t take time for my attacks. Maybe you could give me some advice, i spent so many coins on Formation cards and players and every time I try something it doesn’t feels right for me. I love my 3-5-2 silver team (with Huseklepp and Elyounussi) but for my Gold team I want those three players (Hazard, Aguero, Di Maria) up front. thank you in advance 😀

    • Hi.
      If you won the 1ts division with your silver squad, you will do it again with your gold squad.
      3-4-3 is a very offensive formation. If you are conceding many goals, you should try another one.
      In our opinion, if you has success with 3-5-2, why not using it for your gold team ?! It’s a good formation for short passes as you like, more compact (less goals conceded) and also good for fast wingers as Di Maria and Hazard.
      You can keep almost all the players you have, putting LW/RW on LM/RM and adding another good striker. One importatnt thing: your CAM is a key-element. Pay attention to Gerrard and if he is good enough to this position.

      • Thank you for your fast reply. I already tried 3-5-2 with my players and Da Silva as CAM and Podolski second striker, but it’s not working so well, because Di Maria and Hazard aren’t that good Defenders, Bale instead of Hazard was my option but then i lose Hazard and Di Maria is still a Problem on RM.

          • I tried it and i absolutely like it. Now I replaced Hazard with Lavezzi (Lavezzi-Aguero-Di maria) and Yaya and Prilo CM. CBs are Kompany, chiellini and Ogbonny and I absolutely love it. Why is it that no one likes this formations 5-2-2-1 or 5-2-1-2. While attacking Clichy and Abate are acting like LM and RM and theyre always here when i need them in defense. Thanks and very good Site again 🙂

        • Hi mat who is your GK, was thinking of making a similar squad to yours on PC so just wondering who i could use 🙂

  29. Hey guys,

    I really want to mix my Bpl team up a bit with maybe some brazilians or spaniarda like neymar or falcao.

    Currently all my players are 4-1-2-1-2

    I’m not very good in possesion and defend a lot. Score most goals on the break. I like having hazard in my team but don’t think I get the best out of him.

    Here’s the line up.


    Hazard (bale/nani). Valencia (di Maria)
    Silva (mata)
    Rooney. Aguero

    Also have eto, rvp and a few others.
    Got about 50k available.

    Can you please offer me any suggestions on how to hybrid this team?

    Many Thanks!

    Ps tried lloris recently and didn’t get on at all well with him! He was fast but just seemed to let in a lot more than hart. Also love playing with luiz.


    • Hi.
      You gave us lots of details. It makes easier to advice you.
      You have a wonderful team and you are thinking well. If you want to improve it, you need to transform it on a hybrid team.
      You said that you are not having the best of Hazard and you are probably right. Lots of people reported us that Hazard is a great player as LW but not so good as LM. It may be your problem with him. You can apply him a LW-LM card (very expensive) or try Bale for that position.
      In our opinion, your weakest positions are CB and RM. You can try something like Casillas-Pepe-João Pereira-Di Maria-Falcão but you probably won’t get 9 individual chemistry to all (Falcão is the most difficult one). You can even put Xabi as CDM but we don’t recommended because Touré is simply fantastic. With 50k and selling some players (Maicon-Hart-etc) you will be able to do it. But first you should try them. Take a look to our Hybrid BBVA-BPL team.

  30. Hi,
    Here is my team which I spent 75k on;

    Sturridge (ST)

    I haven’t a lot of coins left to spend (Approx 50k)
    Could you reccomend Improvements? I use 4-4-2

  31. Hi,

    I play 352, and I want to use Ronaldo as a striker. When I build the team on the web app the chemistry is 5, i have Messi (ST)and Mesut (CAM) connected to him. When i look at the team before starting a game his chemistry is 3, there is difference for the same team on web app and regular game play. Because of the the low chem he is always lost, I used to play better with Benzema. Is there no hope, should I sell him and get Falcao 94 or the only way I can use him is as RM?

    I cannot play with 2 cb’s therefore 4321 is not a good option for me.

  32. Hi.
    Individual chemistry is very important. It’s more important than team chemistry. If Ronaldo have less than 7, you should forget it. With right formation and wrong position, the higher you will get is 5. He can play well as LW, LF and LM, applying him training position cards. Not as ST.

  33. I have a very cheap team. currently 4312. do ok with them.
    Mandanda (gk)
    Ansaldi (lb)
    lescott (cb)
    Benatia (cb)
    Caceeres (cb)
    Farfan (cm)
    Khedira (cm)
    Lampard (cm)
    Cassano (cf)
    Miccoli (ls)
    Klose (rs)

    1) my chem is only 69. every body likes their pos except mids, who all have orange foot.

    Only one guy doesn’t like formation- trying to get card.

    All generally have good links.

    Also have milito on bench, he makes chem go up 2, but prefer klose.

    ps. have manager. sell team for about 32k and have 5k now- but i can gett 10k in one night.

    can you tell me ways to improve chem?

    2) Miccoli has an amazing shot, but always gets the ball in bad place- unable to score. As does lampard.

    any ways to prevent this?

    3) Cassano has an amazing dribble, pass and shot but he’s slow. klose and miccoli are fast but i still think this affects my game. Got any suggestion under 10k. Pace, dribble, pass and shot high please.

    thanks, great website 🙂 really helped

    • Hi.
      You have a great problem: chemistry. The main problem isn’t to have team chemistry 69. The main problem is the individual chemistry. It should be as close as possible from 9. It’s probably why Miccoli and Lampard is out of position so many times.
      It is not easy to improve your chemistry because your players are from different leagues and different nationalities. Your team need a deep transformation in order to improve your chemistry. You should try to have, ate least, 90 of team chemistry and 7 of individual chemistry. Try to build a team based on a league, for example.
      You can try Milito to the take place that you asked. He connects well with Miccoli and Cassano.

  34. hi.
    im not sure wich striker to select.
    my team is mainly ligue 1
    pastore nene
    I play a lot with crosses and skill moves on the wings
    but i dont have the finances for anything more than 8000 wich strikers or other players do you suggest

  35. Hi, i like to play with pacey players and like to score counter attacking goals. I also take a variety of longshots and i need to have solid defenders, what formation do you advise and what centre backs do you advise, preferably strong, and fast.
    I’m also good at scoring, i can score 3+ goals a game in a 3-5-2 with a 20k team but i need help because i find the 3-5-2 can be exploited to easy and it frustrates me when i concede goals. What formation is easy to score with and is easy to defend with? And what are the best CDM’s or CM’s with defensive work rate, price isn’t a problem i have around 800k to build a team

    • Hi.
      5-2-1-2 should work well with you: solid defence with 5 players, space for wingbacks run, suitable for fast counter-attacks…
      You may not score so many goals but you will also concede fewer goals.
      Good CB’s ? In our opinion, Sergio Ramos, Pepe and Thiago Silva. CDM/CM with good defensive Work Rate ? Touré!

  36. Hi,im going to do a Serie A team,and i don’t know the formation that im going to use…I like that someone can help me. Thanks 😉

  37. I play a possession style soccer using the 4-1-2-1-2 with primarily German/Bundesliga players and generally start out my attacks from the back and usually playe most of the game on my opponents end of the field and on counter attacks use lob balls or quick succession of passes since I have very fast midfielders, when I play possession my team relies heavily on CAM’s such as Götze or Müller but I found out that I am very vulnerable to counter attacks since my left and right backs tend to move up and my CDM’s tend to be useless when it comes to being counter attacked and I primarily use CDM’s to win headers on goal kicks should I switch to a 4-4-2 or 4-2-2-2 what formation is best for possession?

    • Players are ST are Gomez, Mandzukic, Reus Lewandowski
      CAMs Müller Götze
      LM Affelay Schürlle
      RM Blazczykowski Farfán
      CDM L. Bender Javier Martinez
      CB Hummels Badstuber Naldo Felipe Santana
      LB Alaba Felipe Luis
      RB Pizczek Selassie

      • As we said, you should pay attention to your players. Javier Martinez defends better than Bender and has better rating but Bender is much faster and have high defensive work rate.
        None of your RB/LB have high DWR. This would help.

    • Hi!
      4-1-2-1-2 is one of the most popular formations in FUT 13. If you are having problems with it, we suggest you to try something else first, before spending lots of coins on formation cards. You should try to look to the defensive work rates of your CDM and your RB/LB. For example: Javi Martinez is one of the best CDM’s of Bundesliga but his DWR is medium, not high as it should be. Before changing your formation try the easy way: change your players.
      If you really need to change the formation, 4-4-2 is not the solution. You will get the same problem that you have on 4-1-2-1-2. 4-2-2-2 seems a better solution for what you want. 4-5-1 is the best one for possession.

  38. hi i am using 4-4-2

    i have RVP aguero hernandez for strikers
    bale/jarvis lm
    fellaini/yaya/wilshire cm
    walcott/lennon rm
    lb cole
    cb komany/pepe from madrid
    rb lahm/richards
    goal hart

    i dont know if something is wrong with the team, get killed by pace teams with weliton etc.. by a lb+y even when on ultra defense mode, i feel like trying 5-2-2-1 but if its going to be the same i dont feel like wasting the cash on the switch-over any advice on what to improve? is 5-2-2-1 worth a shot? cheers

    • Hi.
      In our opinion 4-4-2 is enough to beat pace teams. It cost you lots of coins to change your formation. Moreover you’re already used to it.
      You can change something on your team to improve it.
      Our first suggestion is for LB. Cole is great but if you are having problems to stop pace opponents you should try Clichy.
      The second problem that we see is your chemistry. You can get team chemistry 100 but it is more important to have 9 in individual chemistry (or close to it). We love Pepe and Lahm is very good player but, in this team, their individual chemistry is too low (6, we think). They will not play everything they know. And believe us: the difference between 6 and 9 on individual chemistry is too BIG. You should find a solution to this.
      Final suggestion: Ramires on Fellaini place seems a good improvement. He is faster and has high defensive and attacking work rates.

  39. I am confused wether to pick a 4-4-2, 3-4-1-2, or 3-5-2 formation. I like good attacking and good defending and good midflied. So what is the best suited formation for a brazalian squad.
    My squad are Dante, naldo, dede, luiz, hulk, robinho, Lucas, Ramires, kaka, ronaldinho, welliton, and Pato.

  40. i dont know what formation to use
    i want to rank up in divisions and win lots of trophies
    i have a bpl team
    which formation should i go with if i want to score lots of goals

  41. Hey i’m just wondering if 3-5-2 would be good for skilling? i’m making a Serie A team (notable skillers are IF lamela and robinho) and i recently played them in a 4-3-2-1, which was awesome; i loved the narrow positions for LF and RF because it was the perfect position to skill. My only problem with that team was that my striker almost never got the ball. Should i buy di natale and stick with 4321, or would the LM and RM positions in 3-5-2 be good for going on skillful runs?

  42. Hey I’m just wondering if I had a formation of 3-5-2 with only a Brazilian squad who should I use as CDM, kaka, Ramires,Ronaldinho, Paulinho, or Gustavo or are there a better player to pick.

    And for my CAM who should I use kaka, Ronaldinho, or Lucas or are there a better player suited for CAM.
    Thank you very much.

    • You should choose a player with good defence attribute and with high defensive work rate to CDM. In our opinion, Ramires is the best one.
      You should choose a player with good dribbling and good passing to CAMM. In our opinion, Kaka is the best one. If pace isn’t a problem and you love skills, Ronaldinho can be your man. If pace is the most important thing to you, Lucas is the reight choice.

  43. Do you think it’s better to play a brazalian squad in 4-5-1. With dede and luiz in CB, Lucas’ in cm, kaka and Ronaldinho in CAM, hulk in RM, robinho in LM and welliton in ST. Or is 3-5-2 a better formation with these players.

    Thank you very much again.

  44. Hi,

    I currently have an expensive all spanish team running a 4-1-2-1-2 formation with 100 chemistry. My 2 CBs are Piqué and Puyol. I am finding it extremely difficult to break out of division 3 in FUT, mainly because opponents who play counter attacks down the middle are blowing past my CBs even with defensive mentality. I know Piqué and Puyol are slow and my CDM is not helping on counter attacks much so was thinking of switching my formation. Currently my main attack style is possession play with triangle passing down the wings and then crosses or cutting inside and slotting ground balls to the top of the box. Don’t like to play the middle often. 4-1-2-1-2 works very well for triangle wing passing but wanted any suggestions for a better formation? I tried a 3-5-2 and 3 CBs seemed to help the counter but not as effective with the triangle wing play. Was also thinking of saving up for Ramos as my 3rd CB if I move to a 3 CB formation. Could you provide some suggestions? Thanks!!

    • Hi.
      We can help you since you provided us enough information.
      We think that you don’t need to change your formation. You have a good formation, suitable to tour “main attack style is possession play with triangle passing down the wings and then crosses or cutting inside and slotting ground balls to the top of the box”.
      Your main problem are the players. Not the formation, we think. We give the advice of buying Pepe to many people and most of them get surprised with how well he plays. We know that his rating is lower than Puyol and Piqué rating but, for us, Pepe worth more than these two players together. You should try him. Of course, if you can afford with Sergio Ramos, he will be a great improvement too. Ramos and Pepe are one of the best defensive pair of FUT 13.
      Another thing that you can try to do is to pay attention to the defensive work rates of your defences and specially of your CDM. A CDM with high defensive WR is out of position fewer times and helps more the back line.

  45. Hi I am currently confused between choosing a 4-1-2-1-2 formation or a 3-5-2. I want to start with a brazalian squad but not sure which formation would best fit me. I like to play through the middle or wings then to my strikers any suggestions.

  46. Hi there!
    Is 4-3-3 a right formation for me since i like to pass alotand if so is a bpl team or a bbva team better?
    Now i am playing on the 4-1-2-1-2 but since i have been promoted to the second division,i realise that many players arefilling up their squadswith quick playersand this is a problem for me as my defenders are solid but slow.what would formation would you reccomend for me as i like to pass alot.thx.
    And if it is a 4-2-3-1 formation,isa bpl team or bbva team more suitable?

    • Hi.
      Both 4-3-3 and 4-1-2-1-2 are good for a safe passing game. 4-2-3-1 isn’t so good for that.
      In our opinion, you should keep with 4-1-2-1-2. You are used to, changing formation is a bit expensive and it is a very good formation suitable for BPL and BBVA squads.
      If your problem are the slow defenders, you should try to replace them for faster ones. Make sure that you have a good CDM with high defensive work rate. He will help the defenders a lot.
      If you are not millionaire, we recommend that you build a BBVA team. It’s cheaper.

  47. Hi, I’ve played with several different formations, but none seem to work out. I like the fast playing style, counter-attacks, basically really fast attacking play. I have approximately 1,5 million, so I can buy a decent team to any formation.

    Which one would you recommend?

    Thank you 🙂

  48. I have bought players for my team, I started from goal keeper and went up. I found a problem because there is almost always only 1 player available for LF or RF…so they always cost over 3000. Is there a way to change your entire times preferred formation, or would you have to do it for each individual player?

    • Hi.
      There is no card that allow you to change the preferred formation for all your players at once. You need to do it for each one individually.
      About the positions, you know that you can buy a LW/RW or even a LM//RM player and then apply him a LW-LF/RW-RF or a RM-RW-RF/LM-RW-RF card. Right?

  49. with the 5-2-1-2 would my midfield be empty? or will the wingbacks support and fill in gaps in midfield, as well as the CF dropping deeper?

    • Hi.
      We understand your concern. It’s a narrow formation that have the danger of getting a empty midfield. It’s true. But there is no perfect formation and you try to fix it. You need wings with high attacking work rate and a CF with high defensive work rate.

  50. Hi. Nice to see people helping each other, really good to see.
    Oh well… I’m here to see if you can help me a bit.
    I started my ultimate team for a few time, just had time to collect some coins with trading and stuff like that, I have arround 250k atm…
    I was playing with a Portuguese League in a 4-1-2-1-2 formation to go up to division 1 and win some more coins, and oh well… the players are not that good, and I found the formation quiet a bit boring to play.
    Now that I have some good amount of coins I was planing to build a new team, but I can’t decide wich formation to pick and wich team to build…
    My playstyle is more like 1-2 pass, some breaks, some skill, I like to take fancy shots, long shots sometimes, last year I played 4-3-2-1. but I was caught so many times with my defense of guard for some pacy player…
    Could you please give me some advice and your opinion? I would be gratefull 🙂

    • Hi.
      First of all, we suspect that you are Portuguese. If it is true you can visit our portuguese version.
      Our first advice is that you should NOT choose a BPL team. It is too expensive. You can have good players in other leagues much more cheaper.
      When we plan a team, we should imagine how much more coins we will collect in the future. You have 250k but we think that in one month you can collect another 250k. If it is true you can try BBVA. Check our guide to take some ideas for your team. Take a look to players like Diego Alvesz, Pepe, João Pereira, Alba, Xabi Alonso and Navas. All of them are great players and good value for money. Benzema and Falcão are a bit more expensive but can fit very well in a 4-1-2-1-2.
      And why we are talking about 4-3-2-1 ? Because your play style fits very well in this formation. It can be a bit narrow and “boring” but fits your needs. If you prefer 4-3-2-1, we suggest to choose pacey CB’s and a CDM with high defensive work rate.

      • Oh well… I guess you were right, I tried a BBVA 4-3-2-1 but it didn’t go very well… I’m reselling everything again and the next time I will try 4-1-2-1-2 BBVA.

        The team I was planing on was
        Diego Alves or Diego Lopez?
        Joao Pereira – Pepe -Piqué – Fabio Coentrao
        Xabi Alonso
        RM – Jesus Navas, LM – David Villa?!
        Fabregas or Mezut Ozil or maybe other??
        Benzema – Falcao

        What you think of this one? Its good or you would change anything?

        Thank you 🙂

  51. Hiiii Well Im More Of A Possesion/Attacking Kind’ve Player
    & I Have A Bundesliga Squad Neuer/ Pizceck, Hummles, Inform Dante, Alaba/ Scwhienstieger, Sahin, Muller, Rues, Gotzee, & Gomez. So Far I’ve Been Doing Well But I Was Wondering If Theirs Another Formation I Could Use That’d Be Better Or If This Ones Good Enough? Oh And Would You Suggest Inform Howedes To Improve My Defence? Great Article By The Way c:

    • Hi. You have one of the best Bundesliga squads that you can build.
      We don’t know which formation you are using. But our suggestion is always to keep with your formation if you are doing well.
      We can’t suggest players either since we hadn’t test Bundesliga players yet.
      When we publish our bundesliga guide we will be able to help you. Sorry.

    • And i heave one more question…i heave LW (Nani,Hazard) i can use Hazard RW or RF and Nani LW or LF if me team chemistry is 100?Is any problem in this?

      • Yes, there is.
        It is important to have 100 team chemistry but it is more important to have individual chemistry 9 to all the players. Or something close of it. If you put Hazard on a wrong position his individual chemistry will be affected. Try to keep him at least with a 7. You can understand better this subject in our guide that we will publish very soon.

  52. Hi there, I am currently using a 4-1-2-1-2 premier league team and struggling to pick a better LM than Oxlade chamberlain, I am leaning towards Hazard, Bale or Nani but I’m not quite sure. Also what other CB’s shall I have? I’ve currently got kosceilney and terry. Thanks!

    • Hi.
      Hazard, Bale and Nani are the better ones. Most of players say that Bale is better as LM and Hazard as LW.
      About CB’s, if you don’t have money for Kompany, you can try Vermaelen.

      We answered you in 3 minutes!!! 🙂

      • Hi.

        So Nani would be the better choice then I take it?

        I’ve got 200k to play with so I can afford kompany, so I I get kompany shall I stick with terry or buy vermaelen aswell?

        Yay, that’s what I call good service! 🙂


    • And what you think about me team,is good team or..? is a combination team with Seria A + Barclays PL with: GK-Buffon/ LB-Clichy,CB-Kmpany,CB-Chiellini,RB-Abate/ CM-Y. Toure,CM- Nasri or David Silva?(what do you think?),CM-Prince Boateng/ LW-Nani or Bale or Hazard?(what do you think?),ST-K. Aguero, RW- Palacio.This is me team…4-3-3 but to change in 4-3-2-1? what is better with this players?thanks
      and the chemistry is 100% team..and individual players all maxim 9

  53. What formation should i use? i like to play the passing game and occasionally go on the counter. My current squad is a BPL team 4-2-2-2
    glenn johnson Vermaleen David Luiz Richarson
    Fellani Milner
    Cazorla Nasri
    Van Persie Balotelli
    Any improvements i can make?

    • It’s quite subjective to choose a formation depending on a player.
      It is more important to see in which formations you play better and then decide by one of them.
      To us, for example, he fits well on a 4-4-2 and on a 4-1-2-1-2.

  54. I like running down the wings with the one two and skill moves. right now i have a bpl team trying to save up for some better players and the formation i use is 4-2-2-2 some games i just beast out and other games i get countered and always concede. ive had a bad run of form lately and i need to know if i need a better formation or something.

    De Gea
    Rafael Smalling Ferdinand Richardson

    Scholes Javi Garcia/ or milner rotate them from time to time

    Cazorla Nasri

    Van Persie Hernandez

    • We usually say to keep with the formations that players already are used to. But, if you like to running down the wings, 4-2-2-2 is not the best formation to it. You can try 4-2-2. It’s similar but have a RM and a LM that are better players to run down the wings than the two CAM’s of a 4-2-2-2.
      In that case, we suggest to improve your team with (and you will sell some of your currently players):
      Vermaelen – he is the pacey CB that you need to stop opposite counters;
      Touré – if you got enough coins he will help a lot your defence;
      Valencia and Young – to the wings.

  55. If I begin a match with 100 chemistry, but then I make a formation change after the game has started, will that kill my chemistry?
    I’ve heard that changes (such as subs) after start of game do not affect chemistry, but I don’t know if this is true for FUT13.
    Thank you for any advice.

  56. Hi,

    I have been using 4-3-2-1 with the following players. Casillas – Cole (LB) – Kompany (CB) – Pepe (CB) – Dani Alves (RB) – Nasri (CM – left) – Toure (CM – middle) – Modric (CM – right) – Hazard (LF) – Aguero (ST) – Di Maria (RF)

    I spent a lot of time to come up with this team, since all players have 9 chemistry at the moment. Also I paid attention to their Attack/Defense Work Rates, (for example, Toure in the middle have High DWR, that gives an advantage. Also Kompany and Pepe too and they don’t get out of position in defense easily). Anyway, in theory, this team looks almost perfect to me. However, during game play, although I dominate the games (with at least 60% possession in 9/10 games). I still lose almost 45-50% of the games. Since it is a bit narrow, I have the problem that 2-3 players chase the same guy during defense and my players tend to collide each other or get out of position (maybe due to my play style where I like pressing L2 for a backup during defending).

    Another thing is that Aguero can’t score alone, I keep changing him with Torres or Falcao depending on the game and score at the moment. But that’s not helping that much either. Do you have any recommendations? Specifically, can you tell me if I need a better formation with this club? Or maybe you can recommended me some players so that I can change some of my players with your recommendations? (given that I want to keep chemistry of each player exactly at 9, as it is now)

    Thanks in advance,

    • I know I asked lot of questions, sorry 🙂 But another question is that “I am quite vulnerable to pace abusers, although my team has quite a nice pace profile (each and every player has quite above average pace compared to their position), I can’t control the game against fast Brazilians or some rare silver teams. do you have any advice for this?

    • Hi.
      Sorry for the delay. Usually we answer in less than 24 hours.
      You have a BIG problem. With such amazing players we can’t suggest better ones. Changing formation will destroyed what you did: an almost perfect team with 9 individual chemistry to everyone. And it is not easy to do since you have a high quality hybrid squad!
      The first problem seems to be due to your play style. You know that you can make an automatic pressure to a opponent and control other one. You will need to change a bit of your play style to fix it.
      The second problem is new to us. In our opinion, Aguero is one of the best players to score alone. 🙂 If it happens to you, you are not getting the best of him. We suggest to try another formation. We know that is hard but you need to do it to unsure that Aguero has a teammate closer helping him.

  57. I play a 4-1-2-1-2, went all the way to div 1 and won the title too, but I know I’m not a top player as I always come up against much stronger opponents who seems to just have magical players performing mad skills. I have a heavily possession based style and I consider myself somewhat a pass master, when I am on form I always have pass acc. of around 87% (up to 92%) and possession never falls below 53% even on my worst days (normally 60). My strength is the ability to just keep the ball and pass circles around the opponent’s box even when they defend really expertly, and eventually find a leak. About half of my goals comes from counter attacks as well, as I don’t give the ball away even on fast breaks. However, the death of me is defending fast breaks. Every time I shuffle the ball around the park for more than10 passes, the CBs naturally walk up to the opponent’s half for no reason at all, and no matter who I have at the back there’s no way they are as quick as the likes of Walcott, Torres, and co. (basically everyone at top flight). I began to switch to a more counter attacking style gradually and achieved some sort of success at first, and then I fell into a slump, so I revert back to the game I’m familiar with, but I still concede on fast breaks in the bucket loads. My keeper’s distribution is always very suspect and gave away a ton of goals that way. It seems like I cannot make that extra step forward to become a top player.
    -Another worry fact is my over reliance on the CAM. Every time I pull out the player stat I find out the CAM being the hub of everything. He has more passes than anyone by far (at times over 30), more dribbles (up to 25), more shots than the strikers and occasionally more tackles than the CBs and CDMs. Whenever the CAM doesn’t perform, I don’t perform.
    Team: Mandanda (keeper)
    Juanfran (LB) Rami (CB) Lucio/Samuel (CB) Balzeritti (RB)
    Busquest(TOTW)/Vidal (CDM)
    Navas (LM) Villa(RM)
    Cavani (ST) Eto’o(ST)

    Subs: Ekiza, Soldado, Menez, Bastos, K. Walker, Rafinha, Ziegler, Gionvinco, Heitinga

    • Hi. Nice play style description and nice team too.
      CAM is a important player in your formation.
      The problem that you have with your CB’s has a reason: their attacking work rate. Lucio has a high attacking WR and Rami has a medium attacking WR. It means that they are out of position many times. In FUT 13 there is no way to solve this without changing your players. You should take a look to others CB’s.

  58. Hi,what is better 4-3-3 with ( LB-clichy/CB-Kompany/CB-Chiellini/RB-Abate/ CM-Silva/CM-toure/CM-boateng/LW-hazard/ST-aguero/RW-pallacio) or 4-3-1-2 with (LB-Clichy/CB-kompany/CB-chielini/RB-abate/CM-silva/CM-toure/CM-Boateng/ CF-W. Rooney/ST-aguero/ST-van persie) ?what is your opinion?

  59. Hi please look on this too squads…


    Please tell me what squad is better and the formation for attack mode…and what improvments you make if is your team.. and what is good on this formation and what is bad…in advantages and disadvantages.For moment i heave the squad 4-3-3 but i play machs in season mach in formation 4-3-1-2 with Manchster U. and i see is more dangeros than 4-3-3 what i heave in FUT…plz tell me your opinion what changes you make or what is better!Thanks Thanks Thanks

        • Hi. Victor. The first tip that we want to share with you is about FutHead. You don’t need to copy paste the screen and share it with us. You can simply take note of the link page. For example: if you write “”on your browser you will get your team. It’s much easier.
          About your squads we prefer your 4-3-1-2. But you can have a different opinion. The 4-3-3 team have faster players and pace is so so important in FUT 13. But it isn’t everything. We know that you have a problem with 4-3-1-2: you will not get everything from Boateng since he doesn’t have individual chemistry 9.
          Rooney is superb as CF. The only problem is that he has high/high work rate, which means that he can be out of position many times. You should try like that and, if it son’t work to you, try to put Rooney as ST and RVP as CAM. He shoots very well, has a great passing and don’t need to be so fast as a ST. We play with RVP as CM and he is OK.

          • ok but is a solution to change boateng with pirlo….and all team will heave in 4-3-1-2 full chemestry….but pirlo don’t heave pace…. what do you think..any solution?

          • hmmmm i think i heave a solution what you think if i make di natale CM…..he heave a great SHO nice PAC and nice DRI…and he is italaian nationality…. and in hes back chielini and abate (italy nationaliti) he will heave 9 chemestry? i think this is a good option or pirlo to replace boateng what do you think?

  60. can you tell me what to do with my team. I play a 3-4-3 formation.

    ramos vidic thiago silva
    robben david silva xavi iniesta
    falcao rooney van persie

    P.S do you think i should swap falcao for benzema

    your sincerely,

    • Hi!
      Great team. Congratulations!
      You have one of the best teams that you can have. But it seems that you have a problem. Even with team chemistry 100, you should try to get individual chemistry 9 to all your players. And we think that it is not the case. Individual chemistry is three times more important than team chemistry. Robben, for example, don’t connect well with no one. It means that he will not play all that he knows.
      About Falcão vs Benzema it’s up to you. It depends of your play style and preferences. What is more important to you: heading or pace? weakfoot or passing? defending or dribbling? Falcão is stronger on the first choices and Benzema in the second ones.

  61. About me problem with Boateng(chemestry):ok but is a solution to change boateng with pirlo….and all team will heave in 4-3-1-2 full chemestry….but pirlo don’t heave pace…. what do you think..any solution?
    hmmmm i think i heave a solution what you think if i make di natale CM…..he heave a great SHO nice PAC and nice DRI…and he is italaian nationality…. and in hes back chielini and abate (italy nationaliti) he will heave 9 chemestry? i think this is a good option or pirlo to replace boateng what do you think?

  62. I am currently playing a 3-5-2 BPL squad. My strikers are Ba and Hernandez, but Ba does not seem to make a lot of runs for me. Who do you think I should replace him with? My CAM is Carzorla

      • Tks for the advice.
        My current back 3 is M’bia, David Luiz and Cahiil. I was thinking of using vermaelen at the back, but will his high attacking workrate leave me too exposed at the back, especially since luiz also has a high att workrate?

  63. Hello,if you want a small test…i can give it to you 😀 Is about about to create one team hybrid (combinations players)with players from Barclays PL and Seria A. I play on pc platform in FUT so players are more expensive than other platforms:) so this players i heave now in main club 🙂 :

    GK-Buffon 87/Loris 86/Marchetti 83;

    LB-clichy 80/ Pereira 80;

    CB-Kompany 85/ Chiellini 84/ Barzagli 84/Varmaelen 82;
    RB-Abate 81/ Sagna 83

    CM-Toure Y. 86/ K.P.Boateng 85/ Silva 88 /Nasri 85/ Wilsher 82/Marchisio 84/ M. Arteta 81;

    CF-W. Rooney 89 (i can replace hem position CM or ST);

    ST- R.V. Persie 88/ Aguero 87/ Podolski 83/ Di natale 85/ Balotteli 84(Milan A.C.)

    LW-Nani 85 /Hazard 87/ Bale 85/ Giovinco 82;

    RW-Pallacio 83/ Ben Arfa 81 / T. Walcott 81 /

    ALL PLAYERS ARE 4-3-3 formations full Contract and V.H. Morale.

    Ok this is the players i heave in mine club now…formation i wold like to be 4-3-3 ,but if you heave another solutions about the formations i will relly like it.I wold like if you will participate in this test. Thanks xD

        • We think that we do not should choose a formation just by the players we have. You should choose the formation which you are more familiar.
          Sorted by the most important factors, here are the list of things to think when choosing a formation:
          what is your playing style ?
          with which formations you are most familiar and which ones you like most ?
          your budget allows you to bet on more expensive formations ?
          the players that you think are essential fit into in which formations ?
          what are the formations best suited to the goals you set for your FUT 13 club ?

          In our case, we always play on 4-4-2.

          • ok me style is passing i think 4-3-3 is me favorit formation.I like so much to pass the ball all time…all machs 55-70 posesion and shots 15-27 evry mach i heave buget 200.000 coins to change formations now all me players are on formation 4-3-3 and this are me players i heave now in FUT Club me team on PC platform:
            GK-Buffon 87/Loris 86/Marchetti 83;

            LB-clichy 80/ Pereira 80;

            CB-Kompany 85/ Chiellini 84/ Barzagli 84/Varmaelen 82;
            RB-Abate 81/ Sagna 83

            CM-Toure Y. 86/ K.P.Boateng 85/ Silva 88 /Nasri 85/ Wilsher 82/Marchisio 84/ M. Arteta 81;

            CF-W. Rooney 89 (i can replace hem position CM or ST);

            ST- R.V. Persie 88/ Aguero 87/ Podolski 83/ Di natale 85/ Balotteli 84(Milan A.C.)

            LW-Nani 85 /Hazard 87/ Bale 85/ Giovinco 82;

            RW-Pallacio 83/ Ben Arfa 81 / T. Walcott 81 /
            All players heave 99 contract and hight morale

  64. I play a 4222 bpl team but i cant seem to win anymore. I used to beast out with this team and lose 1 out of 10 normally, but now i cant even draw anymore in division 1. i used to do the passing and possession but now i run down the wings with my players and do the 1-2 if i have to. I usually do through balls alot too
    Anyways Can you help Me?

    Johnson Vermaleen David Luiz Clichy
    Fellaini Scholes
    Cazorla Nasri
    RVP Balotelli

    • There are many people complaining about the same thing: loosing matches in row.
      If they are with high morale (check it, please) there’s no apparent reason to happen it.
      Don’t forget that opponents have stronger teams now and it is more difficult to beat them.
      In most of these cases, mental factors affects performance. They feel without confidence and they are not focus on the game.

  65. Hey I’ve got 4-4-2 BPL Team with
    Sagna Vermaleen David Luiz Clichy

    Theo Walcott Toure Nasri AShley Young

    RVP Suarez

    I play mostly a wing based game with some passing in the mix. Can you help me decide which team i should Use

    2nd Team
    Johnson Smalling Jagielka Jose Enrique

    Fellaini Scholes

    Cazorla Kagawa

    Torres Balotelli

  66. Hi.Can i ask a simple quetion?Is a creative player or a player more like a striker more suitable for a cf position in a 4-2-3-1 formation?And can you give me an example of a player who will fit perfectly inside it from the bpl?thx a lot.

  67. Hi, I’ve been using the 3-5-2 formation for quite a while now and getting bored if it. I’m a player who likes to have at least one midfielder which is capable of helping my defence. I also like to have control of the game, having good possession. Lastly, I would like to have width in my team aswell. What forrmation should I use?

  68. I have a team with the formation 3-4-1-2 and fits perfectly for the players I have but I have been looking for a manager for so long my eyes have started to bleed (not really) help please

    • Hi.
      The clever decision is not looking for a manager with the same formation. You should look for the nationality of the manager and make sure that it match with the players’ nationality that you have more on your start eleven.
      After that, you can buy a manager formation card and apply it in the manager that you bought.

  69. I was thinking of making a 4-3-1-2 Bundesliga Squad with Kroos at CF, but I can seem to find any good CM’s. Who would you recommend? I cannot afford Schweinsteiger. Preferably with decent pace and good passing, but passing is more important .
    Tks in advance.

    • Hi.
      Ilkay Gündogan seems a good option since he has a great passing and a great pace.
      You have also good options if you apply a CAM-CM card on one of the following CAM’s: Mario Gotze, Thomas Muller, Rafael van der Vaart or Diego.

  70. Great article 🙂 . If I like playing on the sides and I’m not good at defending, which formation do you suggest?

  71. Hi,I heave this squad 4-3-3 formation : GK-Loris; LB-Cole/CB-Vidici/CB-Kompany/RB-Maicon; CM(left)-David Silva/CM-(center)-Y. Toure/ CM(right)-W. Rooney; LW-Hazard/ST-K. Aguero/LW-T. Walcott
    What is your opinion about this team and what changes you make if it was your team about formation…Changes in team about the players. Will help me much.Thanks

    • We think that Rooney can be better but it depend of your play style. He helps much more your defence since he has high defensive work rate and good heading and defensive attributes. If you shoots a lot outside the box, you should pick him.

  72. In a 4-3-2-1 formation, for CM on the left, given the fact that the chemistry of the player will be exactly 9 in both cases, do you choose David Silva or Nasri? and why?

    • Assuming that you are only asking our personal opinion, we choose David Silva. He is slower than Nasri, but CM is the position in which pace is less important. He is wonderful in almost everything. His ball control is the best of FIFA 13.

  73. Hello great website. I’ve got question.How can I win the max of coins in FUT 13 on ps3? Please answer as soon as possible. Thanks you. Andrew

    • Thanks.
      Most of people never earn lots of coins because they think there are secrets about making coins. To be rich you will need to work a lot. It isn’t so easy like that. We are writing an article about that and it has, until now, 6.000 words. No one will teach you how to be rich quickly since it doesn’t exist. You can try to read some articles of our website that we publish that teach how to do it.

  74. I like to play a high intensity attacking football while keeping possession at the same time. What formation would you recommend for my playing style?

  75. hey i like playing down the middle.i like counter attacking style of play and also i send long balls forward at every opurtunity.what formation would you suggest me?

  76. i like playing play through the middle,so which defense formation will be good for me.Also i am good at dribbling so answer there which formation is good for dribbling and answer this so which defense formation will be good for me.

  77. After much hard work trading and buying coins This is my team

    Casillas, gk
    Defence.. Alves, piqué, Ramos,Marcelo,
    Midfield.. Xavi, iniesta, ronaldo.
    Attack… Falcao, messi.

    I’m using 41212 formation they are at 100 chemistry. And 9 chemistry all players.

    Questions is I seem to be loseing most games the teams not playing like it should

    I lost to a silver team earlier?.

    Can you please help as to why my teams not playing well?


    What would be the best formation for this team

    • Hi.
      What amazing team!
      Starting by the end. You should not choose a formation by the players you have. It is more important to choose a formation which you are familiar and which you made good results.
      About your team, it isn’t easy to win only with 10. 🙂
      We love your team but we suggest to try Pepe instead of Piqué. Just try. Most of people prefer Pepe after try him.
      You chemistry is great but what about your morale? Are you sure the morale of your team are high? And by the way, how is your fitness?

  78. IM IN A NEW CLUB SO i was wondering this, like to get the ball down the wings, in order for my wide midfielders to deliver crosses into the box.So i was thinking if you can give me any formations?

  79. I have a 433 form with bale Lw, balotelli st, Valencia and hazard RW,
    Yaya toure, Nasri, Ramirez, cm’s, Richard rb company, david liuz with sub in kaboul to match with my LB Marcelo who matches with Ramirez and Louiz. And Peter cech gk.. but I feel like my squad is not good and I’ve spent so much money on them so what should I really do? I love balotelli and wanna use him or even a ac Milan balo. Any suggestion or formations ?

  80. Hi i heave Barclays PL squad:
    CM-Silva/CM-Y. Toure/CM-Rooney
    Formation is 4-3-3
    The question is next :what I can change in this squad what improvments i can make new players from Barclays PL?your opinion?thanks

    • Hi.
      You already have the BPL dream team. 🙂
      If your play style allows counters to the opponents, Vidic can be too slow. Be attention to that.
      Your weakest player is Wallcot but, on BPL, there are no alternatives to him except Valencia.
      The only improvement hat you can make now is to turn it on a hydrid squad or to hire good players to the bench (Hart, Clichy, Vermaelen, Bale, Nasri and RVP, for example).
      Support us, please!

      • I heave allredy on the bench Hart/Clichy/Nasri/Mata/Nani/Vermalen/David Luiz/Ivanovic/Ben Arfa/Santi Cazola and i need to buy one good ST :Tevez/Torres/R.V.P which is better?and what players you recomand me in the second squad 🙂
        and one option about wallcot is to make tevez –>CM and replace hem with Y toure or Rooney and now to replace Wallcout with Di maria….argentinian player and he will heave 9 chemestry becouse in right Aguero and back Tevez same argentina nationality

  81. Hey guys,
    I was hoping to get a few tips on scoring with my main striker (Messi) and about my formation.
    My team is:
    GK-89 Casillas
    LB-IF 83 Jordi Alba CB-IF 92 Pique CB-87 Sergio Ramos RB-84 Dani Alves
    LM-IF 91 Iniesta CM-90 Xavi CM- IF 93 Xabi Alonso RM-IF 86 Pedro
    ST-IF 96 Messi and ST-89 Falcao

    So, I know my team is top quality but after about one goal per game with Messi totaling around 34 games/goals I can’t seem to score with him anymore for some reason. I used to use a 4-3-3 then decided to try a 4-4-1-1 and finally started using a 4-4-2 recently. All of my players except the defending four and my GK have a 4-4-2 fav formation, the back four and GK are still on 4-3-3 but they are still orange with formation and all of my guys are at 9 chemistry. I like to play quickly if possible mainly going down the wings and either crossing into the box or I try to work the ball into Messi on the ground. But the big problem is i just cant seem to make any progress with Messi.
    Thanks guys!

    • Hi.
      Great great team.
      “all of my guys are at 9 chemistry” – it’s all that matters about chemistry.
      About Messi… are you sure his morale is high ? And his fitness ?
      By the way: are you sure that Pique is better than Pepe ?

      • Messi’s morale and fitness are both good, I always keep my team with 85 or higher fitness and morale. With regards to pepe or pique, i have used the non in form pepe and he got a lot of red cards, but pique got a few too. After i switched to the TOTY 92 pique i found that he was a great defender, and scores a lot of headed goals from corners, but i have not used the in form pepe yet.
        I am planing to switch from 86 pedro to 87 in form Di Maria because pedro’s high/high workrate exhausts him early on and he is always in the wrong place, hopefully Di maria will prove to be a better support player for messi. I’ll be sure to report the results.
        Also, is there a different formation that you would recommend for my team and quick play style?

        • Hi again.
          You forgot that your Piqué is IF 92.
          We think that you will enjoy Di Maria.
          4-4-2 seems fine to your players and your play style.
          About Messi, we don’t know what’s going on. There are better players for some gamers, but it isn’t the case since you already played well with him in past.

  82. Hi.
    I need help in deciding which formation I should use. Here are the things which I would like:
    1) More than 3 (4 or 5) defenders
    2) Either 1 striker and 2 wingers or 2 strikers
    3) I don’t want the one’s where the CAMS need to have winger attributes
    There are 3 ways in which I like to attack:
    1) Straight through the opponent’s defense
    2) Crossings
    3) Support play (with 2 strikers)
    I have shortlisted 6 formations but dont know which one will be best for me. Can you help me decide with the info I have given? If you need more info about the way I play then tell me.

    • So 4-4-2 will mean that there will be support play and good defense. As per you it is good for going through defense? And there will not be many crosses right (since there arent any wingers)?

      Also, I tried shifting from 4-5-1 to 4-4-2 but this caused the chemistry to be low (36) because all my players are adapted to 4-5-1. (I reduced my rating to 81 and could get chemistry 51 by making players with same nationality together). I do not want to spend a lot of money on formation changing cards and I do not mind selling off all my players. So should I sell my players? As per, I can get 18000 by selling my players so should I?

      Please answer all the questions in the reply.

      • Hi.

        4-4-2: Lot’s of crosses. It is the formation that we usually play. And we cross a lot…

        Selling ou not: It’s up to you.
        To buy the same team you will need more money since 4-4-2 players are more expensive.

        Try to get, at least, chemistry 90.

      • Which League do you recommend? I was thinking Liga BBVA Spanish players, is that OK? I already bought Fernando Llorente and I m looking at Soldado and Torres. Should I continue or do you recommend me to change league?

          • I am looking for a team where in the starting eleven, each person has a minimum of 84/85. I already bought Fernando Llorente and Sergio Busquets. Below, I am going to ask which players I should get, but you should know that I don’t mind applying formation cards and position cards.

            I am looking at Pique and Puyol as my CB. Who should I make LB & RB with a budget of around 1250 each?

            I have Busquets and I am looking for Fabregas. Who should be my other midfielders with the same budget?

            For strikers, although I have a BBVA team, I was looking for RVP. Is it fine if I do that? I already have Fernando Llorente but I am looking for someone better. Who do you recommend?

            Please answer with both the defenders, midfielders, and 1 or 2 strikers. If you have any change that I should make, please tell me now.

          • Buying players by their rating is a big mistake. Don’t do it. I you pay attention to our BBVA guide you will know that Pepe is much better than Pique and Puyol.
            João Pereira and Filipe Luís to RB/LB. For abit more, Ozil to CM. For strikers, Benzema and Falcão are the best ones. Higuain the cheaper.
            We don’t recommend RVP since it will be too difficult to balance the chemistry.

  83. Here are a few formations that I have shortlisted:


    Which of these are good to just run through the opponent’s defense?


      • I am now changing from 4-5-1 to 4-4-2 but all my players are adapted to 4-5-1. This is causing a low team chemistry (36). I do not want to spend a lot buying formation changing cards so should I just sell my starting 11 and start all over again? I went to and found out that if I sell my whole squad I will have a total of around 18000. I don’t mind selling off all my players so should I?

        • I did some fiddling with my team and made the players with the same nationality closer to each other. Although this decreased my team rating from 84 to 81, My chemistry increased to 51.

          • I think I should try 4-1-2-1-2 because I am not very good at defending. It seems to be a nice formation. I will shift to this.

          • I just realized that even 4-1-2-1-2 is nice. Is there a reason that you told me to choose 4-4-2 over 4-1-2-1-2? What does 4-1-2-1-2 lack that 4-4-2 does not have?

  84. im thinking about switching my team to all man utd players.. and running a 3-4-1-2.
    with the defenders as evra -vidic- IF rafael
    the mid nani- carrick- IF cleverly- valencia
    the cf as rooney
    and the two strikers as RVP and Chicharito

    What do you think of that?
    How do you think evra and rafael would do those positions?

  85. Finaly i think i heave the dream team BPL: 4-3-3
    gk-loris/lb-cole;cb-vidic;cb-kompany;rb-maicon/cm-silva;cm-y toure;cm-rooney/lw-hazard;st-aguero;rw-bale
    on sub i heave:mata/nasri/nani/hart/remy/vermalen/clichy/wallcout/ben arfa/santi cazola/david luiz/ivanovic.
    I need another players from BPL? or is good and what opinion you heave about first 11 start players?thanks

  86. Hi. First of all congrats by the site, the best i’ve seen. I’d like your opinion about a problem I’m having playing on FUT. I use a 352 formation with brazilian player. I’m very good with counter-attacks and creating attacks, but i’m losing many games to guys who just run with a fast winger like Walcott and cross the ball to my area for a CF like Falcao Garcia head it. You think I should play with formation in defensive mode to stop it or buy some faster players?

    My squad is:
    GK: Diego Alves ; CB: Dante, Felipe Santana, Dedé, CDM: Ramires, Paulinho; RM: Éder Luiz; LM: Michel Bastos; CAM: Lucas; ST: Alexandre Pato, Welliton.


    • Hi Allan.
      Changing your formation may be a good option. You can also try to choose CB’s with better heading as Lúcio, Alex or Maicon.
      You can try to take a look to our Brazilian guide that will be available in few hours.
      Thanks for your support. You can join us on Facebook or Twitter if you want.

  87. I’m trying to decide which formation to go with. I like to start out of the back with passing and work my way down the field. Then when its there blast shots from the center, outside or around the 18. Some times this style of play levels the flanks open and I whip crosses in easily. I play with a standard 4-4-2 but was looking to try something new. Perhaps a 4-1-2-1-2 I know its pretty much the same but maybe it will give my CAM and CDM more defined roles. And suggestions for a Different formation to play? I just started my FUT13 team and use Mostly German born Bundisliga players.

    • Hi.
      According your play style, we suggest you 3 formations:
      4-5-1 for a more defensive formation;
      4-4-1-1 with the careful of getting CM’s with high/medium defensive high work rate;
      4-1-2-1-2 that is similar to 4-4-2 but more narrow.

  88. Who is the best brazil RM? you can help me ?…
    5. somone else?
    Plz give me a good answord and why is good on this position.

  89. I build one team..brazil squad..
    GK-D. Alves
    CB-Dede , CB-T. Silva
    RB-Dani Alves
    CM-Ramires , CM-Lucas Moura
    RM-Hulk?/Danilinho?/Kelvin?/Leite? who is better?
    ST-Pato , ST- Wellinton the formation is 4-4-2

    the next question is what player I need more?I need to replace something in the first 11?’ what do you think about this team and what changes would you make if this team is your..i hope you will help me with a good advice Thanks

  90. Hi! Im going for a BPL team with a 433 formation. My budget is really really low since I suck at making coins in FUT. But its roughly about 80K, What players would you recommend for me to start with ? throughout the “game” I will ofc save up some coins to buy more expensive players, but just to have it said I never had over 80 k at once on this game :p So would be nice to be recommeded what players I should buy at first, and what players I should try to save up coins and get later. Cheers!

    • Hi.
      You can get an idea from our BPL Guide.
      It depends of your play style and preferences but we can try to help you anyway:
      Júlio César, Glen Johnson (or Sagna), Vermaelen, Kaboul, Ashley Cole, Ramires, Touré, Jack Wilshere, Valencia, Ashely Cole and Tévez.
      Then, you can try Nani and Nasri.

  91. Hi there,

    I have three teams that I play 442 with. I am relatively new to FUT 13 however I do have some good players. I have also won Division 1 2/3 times however now I seem to be failing quite a lot, I mean a hell of a lot.

    My BPL Squad:
    GK Hart
    RB Richards/Maicon
    CB IF Skrtel/Kaboul
    CB Kompany/Vermaelen
    LB Clichy/Jose Enrique
    LM Bale/Hazard
    CM Rooney/Nasri
    CM Fellaini/Toure
    RM Walcott/Ben Arfa/Valencia/Johnson
    ST Ballotelli/Podolski/Hernandez
    ST Aguero/IF Defoe/Remy

    Serie A Squad
    GK Marchetti
    LB Amero
    CB Chielleini
    CB Ogbonna
    RB Abate
    LM Giovinco/Vargas/Robinho
    CM Hamsik/Marchisio/Pirlo
    CM Boateng/De Rossi
    ST IF Cavani/Klose/Pato
    ST Di Natale/Muriel

    Brazilian Squad
    GK Julio Cesar
    LB Marcelo
    CB Santana/Dede
    CB David Luiz
    RB Maicon/Jonathon
    LM Robinho
    CM Luiz Gustavo/Ramieres
    CM Ronaldinho/lucas/carlos eduardo
    RM Hulk
    ST Welliton/Eto/Doumbia
    ST Pato

    I really like pacey sweaty players, i like playing down the wings but I also like to try and play football passing the ball etc and shooting form long distance.

    I am struggling to create chances in FIFA, and the football i am playing at the minute is disgusting and too predictable. I have sold my Brazilian Squad to try out a 433 formation. Can you advise me futher please?

    • Hi.
      On the beginning it was very easy to win division 1. Now it is more difficult.
      We don’t know exactly which advise you want. If winning division 1 is really important to you, maybe selling the other team can be a good choice. With a strong team you can win easily.
      You have a lot of good players. Maybe you can join Buffon and Chiellini to your BPL squad. They will keep with individual chemistry 9 and they will improve the weakest positions of your team. More one thing: we know that you love pacey players but Ashley Cole is much better than Enrique.

  92. Hi
    I’m trying to find out a new formation to play with, actually i’m trying the 451 but i don’t like it cause i rarely find the wingers and cm is always out of position confusing my gameplay.
    I like to play on the wings ,drible and cut inside the box to try a finesse or passing to the striker or someone that can try a shot or drible inside and make the goalie. I like the 1-2 passing and making runs with the striker as well.
    Which formation should i pick ?

  93. hey i play for manchester city and i have been using 4-2-3-1.but i want to put play into good itposition,but \some of the positions there on 4-2-3-1 are rdm ldm but they cant play can you help me?

    • 4-3-1-2 is one of the formations most recommended for those who like to play through the middle. The key element of this squad is the CF. You should invest some coins on a really good player for this position.
      Pros: The CF and the two ST make this formation extremely dangerous in attack. Suitable for those who like to play through the middle.
      Cons: Very narrow formation. Crossings hardly happen.

  94. hello ,who is better in attack couple
    Aguero and Walcott IF or
    Aguero and R V Persie? thanks and if you can explain me why 😀

    • For us, Aguero and RVP. For many reasons. First by the price. IF cards are not good value for money. Then, because the most important in a striker is to have good shooting and good heading. Walcott doesn’t have shooting or heading. RVP has the second best shooting of whole FUT 13. The only thing that Walcott is really great is his pace. But you can not play just with pace…

  95. Hi. I am really struggling with Fifa UT lately. I was playing a Premier League squad using 5-2-1-2 formation and doing OK with it. Haven’t won division 1 yet but was going up and down from 2 – 1 and staying in 1 for a few seasons. But now I am losing loads of matches and have even failed to stay in division 2 :O . I haven’t changed my squad much but i was going to try a 4-2-1-2 but am finding it a little expensive to build. I don’t have much in the line of coins and i have a bare minimum of players. My squad is :
    GK Hart/Cesar
    LB Evra/Cole
    RB Richards/Maicon
    CB Kompany/Terry/Vermhalen/Lescott/Cahill/Agger
    CM Nasri/Yaya Toure/Ramires/Tiote/Mata/Silva
    CF Van Persie/Suarez
    S Remy/Cisse/Aguero/Hernandez

    I have decided to change my plan of a 4-1-2-1-2 and maybe try a 5-3-2 instead. I do have Hazard LM , Walcott RM and Valencia RM but I am not using them at the moment as i already said that i am using 5-2-1-2 at the moment so not using the wide men. I will probably sell them to finance the players i need. So my question finally is, What players should i look to get into my 5-3-2 squad and who should i get rid of ? I like to play a passing game with lots of 1-2’s and balls over the top of the defence. So aguero is great but i have to say i am not to keen on Van Persie. Any help to get a solid defence and a more stable team would be appreciated.

    • Hi.
      You have great players.
      In our opinion, players that you can sell: Terry, Agger or Cahill; Tiote; RVP, Suarez and Cisse.
      In our opinion, players that you can buy: Tévez.
      You have a good team. You just need to check if the morale and fitness of your players are high and stay focus.

      • Just A quick note. I have tried playing a 3-5-2 with Kompany, Vermahlen and Vertonghen as my 3 CD’s. I know I already said i was going to do a 5-3-2 but I actually am winning a few games with this formation I have also used Fellani and Toure as my CDM’s Any suggestions on how to get a team of 9 Chemistry for all my players in this formation without breaking the bank 😀 I have used Lennon on the RM position, but i am not to impressed with his passing. Sorry for the confusion but I really am finding it hard to get 9 chemistry through the team.

  96. who is better in 4-3-3 in attack LW-Lavezzi /ST- Aguero /RW-Di maria or LW-Neymar / ST-Wellinton or Patto / RW-Hulk

  97. what formation should i play with my brazilian team, i like using the wings and crossing the ball. I play short and direct football. I need a formation both solid when going foward and defending. I was thinking 4-2-3-1 but what do you think?

  98. I’m struggling A LOT recently with fifa which is unlike me, and it’s been for around a month. I can’t seem to find the right formation and the right players. I like to play one touch quick counter attacking football with goals but i also don’t like to cross. I’m good on the wings but i usually cut in. I love playing with 2 pacey strikers and 1-2ing it between them. I also concede a lot which REALLY frustrates me in a 3-5-2. I’m good at longshots and score a lot, and i like to be the dominant side. I usually concede from crosses which really annoys me because it seems that’s how i always lose. Which formation do you think is the right one? and what team do you reccomend?

    • It depends of your play style but for us the Aguero’s team is much better.
      That team is better in all sectors: goal, defenders, mid and attack. Casillas is the best GK, Ramos is better than Dante, Silva is better than Ramires, Di Maria is better than Danilinho and Aguero is better than Welliton. It has only one problem: Silva as CCM is a bit dangerous since he has high attacking work rate and low defending work rate. In a 4-3-3 it can be a bad decision but if you defends well with the back four, maybe it isn’t a problem for you.

  99. Hi what’s a good formation for a serie a team preferably a formation with no wingers because there’s only one winger robinho. Thnx and I dnt really have a style btw
    Sorry jus found out there r quite a few wingers instead jus any formation for serie a thnx

    • Hi Bob.
      Bad news and good news to you.
      We can’t say to you which is the right formation to Serie A since we don’t know your budget and we don’t know your play style (yes, you have but probably you don’t know that you have). This is the bad news.
      The good news is that next Friday (by the way our premium articles are out every Friday’s) we will publish a Serie A guide that will help you to build your team.

  100. Hello guys I heave one big problem in me squad…so this is the situation..I play on pc platform,I heave a Brazil Squad 4321 :
    Ok the problem is next :on the actions from corners I take goals in 65% from the all actions and when i heave a corners I give goal in only 10% from the actions. this problem is only with this Brazil Squad, I had a BP Squad and only 15% actions on cournes i take goal and and i gave on 70% goals from me actions from coarners… and me squad BP it was :
    Say that there is no central defenders on me brazil squad… no silva no dede… where i can make a change i heave now 400.000 coins i whana buy Dante IF is better option for me defend …with Dante IF and T. Silva as CB?any solutions?or David Luiz CM IF?what can i change? to solve this problem? thanks

  101. Hi.
    I have been using using 4-2-3-1 but i realise that it is not suitable for me.I like to dribble the ball forward and if a striker is free,i would perform a high through ball to him,but if he is blocked by many defenders,i will keep passing close to the outside of the penalty box until i find a player who is free and can turn around when receiving the ball and run a bit before trying to shoot.Because of this,i feel that the 4-2-3-1 formation isnt suitable for me and i feel like two strikers is suitable for me but will still be ok if the formation has 1 striker and would fit perfectly for me so il consider every formation.Which formation would be good for me in 1.ultimate team(and can u reccomend a league to choose from which is very good for my style but is not too expensive,e.g.around 200,000 for starting lineup.
    And 2. For general fifa such as career,as they are many formations which were not placed in ultimate team and u can also create formations.If u have any formations you have made up that is suitable for me,i would love to hear it.

    Thank you vey much for all your help.

      • Thabks very much.After looking through serie a,i have generally but not finally picked a squad in the formation 4-1-2-1-2 that you have reccomended.

        Gk is buffon(or marchetti if im short on money)
        Defenders are abate,chellini,ogbonna,armero(not too sure with him as he is not so good defensively,any suggestions?maybe from another league?)
        CDM is vidal,LM and RM is giovoncco and palacio,CAM is sneijder.
        Strikers are cavani and miccoli.

        I dont feel that this squad might be the best i can buy with my money.In terms of the team all being from serie A,is it ok?In terms of making a hybrid team,any suggestions?Thank you very much.

  102. Hi, what formation is best for La Liga BBVA, other than 4-1-2-1-2 or 3-5-2. My favourite formation is 4-1-2-1-2 but it’s too expensive..any formations similar to that, that’s good for BBVA? Please 🙂 Thanks 🙂
    An also I like playing through the middle, and sometimes own the wong but not too often, and also it would be good if there was a CAM or CF in there… Thanks 🙂

  103. Hey there!

    I´m aiming to improve my Serie A 3.4.3 Team.
    Currently I´m thinking about exchanging the ST

    These are my attackers:

    Giovinco – Milito – Palacio
    Lulic – Pirlo – Nocerino – Maggio

    I think that Klose (Heading) and Jovetic (Ball Control, Long shots) have andvantages over Milito. But regarding the stats they also have disadvantages…

    Since I expect many people to use the Giovinco- Palacio- Duo on the wings, I´m curious what your opinions are on the striker position…
    I would swap Vidic and Kompany for Pace and Heading reasons.

    Thanks in advance!!


  104. Hello. I have a 4-5-1 team, and recently got SIF Vertonghen in a pack so have 230k to spend 🙂

    Joao Perriera- Pepe Piqué – jordi Alba
    Di Maria – Ozil (CAM) – Benzema ( CAM )- Pedro

    With 230k what improvements could be made? I like attacking football with possession. I was thinking maybe investing in Ramos, what are your ideas? Thanks.

    • Hello. So sorry for wasting your time, but I have gone for a change and made my first ever hybrid 😀


      Joao Perreria- Piqué Pepe – Jordi Alba
      Xavi- David Silva- Mata
      Di Maria- Aguero- Hazard

      100 team chem, with lowest individual 7, with just Pepe/ jordi alba/ Perreia the only ones at 7. My style is still the same but with now a budget of 55k.

      Any improvements ?

      • Hi.
        We really really really love your squad. Brilliant hybrid.
        To be perfect you just need Sergio Ramos. We know… He is quite expensive.
        If you swap Pepe with Piqué, don’t you get individual chemistry 9 to Pepe and Pereira?
        In our opinion, with that coins you should invest on Marcelo. He is the best BBVA LB and he will help the Pepe Chemistry and himself will get 9. Thinks about it…

  105. Hi, what formation is the best to dominate the midfield? I enjoy keeping possession and playing tiki-taka style like Barcelona. Will 4-3-3 be good? Or 4-5-1?

    • Hi. 4-3-3 was adapted by Barcelona in last years to their tiki-taka style. But we think that there are other good formations to do it: 3-5-2, 4-5-1 and 4-4-1-1. The best one depends of how you play with them (how much are you familiar, if the players fit on them, cost, etc…).

      • Thanks, I’m currently using 3-5-2 but I always concede TOO many counter-attacking goals. I will switch to 4-5-1 because apparently it’s quite hard to break down and I play some triangle passing between the two CAM’s and the CM.

  106. I want to build a new squad. I like to play direct and possession have any ideas for what formation and squad to build
    I already have a BPL in 4222 and a serie a in 4321.

  107. Hi guys, amazing posts! anyway I was wondering, what sort of formation would you play zlatan in? I absolutely love playing with him, but I can simply not decide which formation would suit him the best.

    kind regards nick

      • Well I love having wingers (or winger like cams) and then try to run down the wing and cross it in. So I was thinking either 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 or maybe even 4-5-1 🙂 just really cant determine which would be best

        and thanks for the quick reply 🙂

  108. i used 4231 formation for 2 years
    it suited me plus it was cheap , only problem was CAM as there are hardly any fast CAM , plus i wanted 2 strikers
    4231 was excellent for crossing game , and i take long shots too
    i win mostly in 4231 formation now i wanted to try something diff.
    i play long balls , crosses , short passes
    so is 442 formation good
    as i get 2 strikers????

  109. Hi i really want to use IF David Villa and Iniesta on the same team and I have been using 3-4-2-1 but lately been feeling that 3 in the back keeps getting burned by pacey players. I there any way to have them both with 4 in the back and keep chemistry up?

  110. Hi guys, I used to use a 4-1-2-1-2 formation and like you said, can be very narrow, but I also found it very poor at getting numbers forward into good spaces, particularly the lm/rm for rebounds etc; I have since switched to a 5-2-2-1 formation and I find it gives better flexibility between crossing and narrow play which surprised me (pleasantly), anyway what do you guys believe is the most over-rated/ under-rated formations in FUT? Great article btw 🙂

  111. are you allowed to have the same players,but with different formations coz i have vermaelen and vertonghen in my bpl n a 352 formation but i want to create a belgium squad with them in in a 4312 formation but im not sure if i can get them

  112. Hi, I was wondering which formation would be best for a lot of open longshots? I was looking into the italian league, as they have many good longshot specialist midfielders. Perhaps a 4-2-3-1 or a 4-2-2-2?

  113. This is my squad (4-2-3-1) BPL/BBVA hybrid
    ST- Aguero
    RCAM- Mata
    LCDM-Sergio Busquets
    RCDM-Xabi Alonso
    LB-Jordi Alba

    I’m comfortable with attack…I score about 3 goals every game…but I also concede atleast 2 goals a game………
    I mean I’m not defensively strong I guess….
    I have about 130K…Could you please suggest Defence improvements

    • Hi.
      We love hybrid squads. Nice team.
      About your defence, you need a GK. That’s your problem. 🙂
      We suggest to replace Mascherano by Ramos. You will see a big difference. You can also try to buy João Pereira to Juanfran place. The Portuguese is a bit better in our opinion. Finally, after these two hires, you probably will have enough to buy Marcelo to Alba place. Try it.

  114. Hey I play 5221. My team is GK- Diego Alves, CB’s- dede, Miranda, Santana, LWB- junior Cesar, RWB-Jonathan, CM’s-xavi,pirlo, LF-Tello, RF- Simone pepe, ST-di natale. I built this hybrid around xavi and pirlo as they are superb long passers but I sometimes find that they are the ones who make the runs instead of my forwards and inevitably they don’t get very far as they are a bit slow. Should I get quicker CM’s like ramires or de Marcos or should I keep xavi and pirlo. But if i do keep these two is there any way to stop this while still playing long ball football?Brilliant guide by the way keep up the good work!

    • Hi. Thanks!
      You have a great hybrid team. It is you who have to decide if you keep with them or not. In our opinion, they are really great players and you should keep with them instead of buying players like Ramires or De Marcos. But if you are having problems with them, maybe you should try another ones.
      There is no way to change what you ask. Work rates are not customizables in FUT 13. You can not change them.

      • Thanks for the advice. I’ll try them out anyway but if they’re not as good then I can always switch back as I have about 40k to spend on improvements. Is there any CM’s with at least 80 pace and passing to maybe solve my problem?

  115. Hi I have been playing for about four months was doing alright winning a lot then over the last three weeks al of sudden I was getting hammered didn’t matter what formation I used I have had 3.5.2 /41212/3412/442nothing seems to be working all of a sudden I am conceding loads my players don’t seem to want to go forward , struggling to defend I would have loads of possesion my team is keepers lloris,check,company,Louis,vermaelen,colshelny,mbia,Kabul,silva,nasri,mata,toure,Gerard,Ramirez,Walcott,nani,young,Lennon,Torres,Suarez,remy,podolsky. I was thinking of going 4312, I used to win the first division but now I am rarely in it does rotating players make a difference,as I do it all the time for fitness have all coaches and managers my main manager is fergy,and I will be playing teams and its like my team have been out drinking all night seem slow passes going astray need som e advice
    And sorry my morale is always very high
    please cheers

    • Hi. Thanks for your message.
      We are sorry but we have not any recommendation to you.
      If you are doing everything right (morale, fitness, chemistry, etc), there is no reason to happen what you said.
      It is hard to answer why it is happening but we can try: 1) the other players are better now, have better players and it is more difficult to win (it really happens!); 2) your players are with morale high but you not; 3) something called “momentum” or “scripting” that we do not know it it exists or not. We are not saying that is this but we have no more suggestions.

      • Thank you for the advice will just have to carryon and try but if I can ask what is thebestway to defend and how and how to make all my other players press the opposition team when they have possesion and would 4312 be a good formation for me to try and is there a way of setting up custom tactics on ultimate team cheers

        • Sorry to be a nuisance the other thing is when I lose my team will lose a lot of morale and my subs will lose at least 12 of Morale and if I Win the morale stays on 0 And does rotating them cause any problems cause I rotate them each match sorry to be a bother just want to enjoy playing again sorry

  116. i have 7 teams that i thought you might have opinion on so that i can make improvements

    1st Team BPL 3-5-2

    Torres TOTS RVP
    Juan Mata
    Hazard Walcott
    Fellaini Toure
    Kaboul Kompany IF Figeroua

    2nd Team 3-5-2 Brazil

    Emenike welliton


    Robinho Hulk

    Ramirez Rafael Carcioca

    Felipe Santana Naldo Dede

    Manuel Neur

    3rd 4-3-3 Portugese

    Rodriguez Rodrigo Jeffren

    João Moutinho defour gonzales

    Alex sandro Rodriguez Tots Mangala Pereira

    tots Artur Morales

    4th silver hybrid 3-5-2

    Afobe sordell


    Zuber cassarini

    Toko Fernandez

    Gonther Avevor Ariaudo


    5th 3-5-2 pace team

    Esswein Reus


    Bale Biabiany

    Sissoko Pogba

    Kaboul Barzagli Ogbonna


    6th BPL sweat Team 5-2-2-1

    assaidi ben arfa

    TOTS arteta Cabaye

    jose enrique david Luiz Koscielny M’bia Walker

    Pepe Reina

    7th Silver Npower Champ 4-1-2-1-2

    Colin Kazim Richards Emnes


    Peszko Zaha


    White Zakuani Keogh De Laet


    thanks, and sorry for the longness

  117. Hi, I was wondering what formation you think would be best for me, generally I use 4-5-1 as all my friends do but I’m not too fond of it. Normally I am far better at attacking than defending and enjoy playing through the middle.

  118. Hi, I am having difficulty chosing which formation to use and I found this article and I think it has given me some ideas which draw me closer to the right one. But anyways I thought maybe you could help me as well just to be sure. I like playing defensively although I also like having players capable of keeping the ball and giving it on very quickly. I would also like having something that can send the odd lobbed through ball to my strikers. I was thinking about 5212 but I would like your opinion also. Great article by the way and I reall appreciate what you do as it benefits a lot of people so well done!

      • Thanks. Any recommendations for the CF position? I’m gonna make a brazilian squad and the players I was thinking of were Lucas, Wellington nem, IF coutinho, IF vagner love, pato. Out of those which one would you pick or if you have any other suggestions please tell me as I am eager to start building my squad. Thanks again for the help 🙂

  119. These are the players I have
    Juao Pereria

    I’m currently using 4231 and play a posession based counter attacking gameplay….which dosent seem to be working great with my current formation. Can you advice me any particular formation for my gameplay. I am willing to buy players like Hazard etc if required

  120. I am currently playing a 352 with this team:
    Chiellini Naldo. Luiz.
    RM Pepe(from juventus). CDM marchisio. Gustavo. ROBINHO
    Welliton Emineke

    Any possible improvements?

  121. I really like playing 5 at the back but i dont know which one out of the three that im gonna chose for my new squad. i like 5221 and 5212 coz they have got three players up top but the fact that they only have two cm’s is really pushing me away from these two as id get slaughtered by the likes of 451 etc. also there is 532 which is also good coz your wide cm’s are sort of like cam’s so are quite attacking which leaves room for some defensive giant in the middle but i think that it would be quite hard to score with this formation. could you please give your opinions on these formations and reccommend one for me possibly.Thanks for this website because it has helped me a lot 🙂

    • We agree with you. Which means that every formation has advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you to choose the one that fits better on your play style.
      5221 and 5212 is more for who wants to play in counter attacks. 532 is more balanced.

      • Thanks for the quick reply 🙂 I think I’ll go with 532 because as you say, it’s more balanced. I think I’m gonna make it a bpl/brazilian hybrid. Would you recommend players like Tevez and sessegnon in the wide cm positions as they have good speed/dribbling and they’re defensive stats are ok. Also they have good work rates e.g Tevez has high/high. Apart from that I think I have my team sorted so please get back to me soon. Thanks 🙂

  122. I have a question regarding subbing on players in UT. I’ve never subbed on any players in UT except for injury purposes. I know the chemistry you have before the game starts is what you have throughout the whole game regardless of what subs you make. So basically, I’d want to bring in a player who doesn’t normally play CAM, such as christian benitez. Will he play any worse if i sub him in? or can i only sub him in for positions that he’s listed as in-game?

  123. im unsure in what formation to chose so I’m choosing 4-4-2 so what is the best style of play for 442 thanks.

    • 4-4-2 is probably the best choice to start.
      The RB/LB can attack by the wings, helping the RM/LM. They can cross to the strikers or cut into the area.
      One of the CM’s should have high defending work rate (at least medium and good defensive attributes) since the 2 CB’s may need help. There is a gap between CB’s and CM, so take carefull with goal kicks, for example.
      It is a good formation to attack by the wings but you also attack by the middle.

  124. Hi I have been finding fifa quite difficult lately as I am conceding too many goals. What formations are the most defensive so that I could maybe solve this problem? Thanks

  125. Hi I’m thinking of making a 5212 squad. Although I’m not sure who to get for my CM’s. as there are only two of them I have no idea what qualities they should have. Should they be fast, defensive, great long ball passers, good dribblers, good at longshots or something else. Thanks for this awesome guide and I use it every time I go to build a new team so this is a fantastic use for me 🙂

      ATT DEF
      CB R Low High Defending Heading
      CB C Low High Defending Heading
      CB L Medium High Pace Defending
      RWB Medium Medium Pace Dribbling
      LWB Medium Medium Pace Dribbling
      CM R Medium Medium Passing Vision
      CM L High High Stamina Defending
      RF High Medium Pace Shooting
      LF High Medium Pace Dribbling
      ST High Low Shooting Heading

  126. Hi could you please give me some feedback on this team? My formation is 5212 gk-sirigu cb’s bocchetti, ogbonna, gamberini LWB-de ceglie RWB-caceras CM’s-nainggolan,marchisio cf-ibarbo st’s Muriel,pato. As you can see this team is quite cheap but it is also quite fast. Is it good for my wing backs to have a high defensive work rate rather than a high attacking because if they don’t then I’m afraid that they’ll be too far up the pitch and then I’ll be prone to counter attacks. Also, I know that this is a bit off topic but which goalkeepers have you found out to be the best that you have used because I’m having trouble finding finding the better ones. I’ve had neuer, 2nd IF Adler, 2nd IF mandanda, 2nd IF handanovic, IF sirigu, IF marchetti, Buffon just to name a few. But they’ve all been so bad! I know that this I gonna sound weird but the best goalkeeper I’ve ever used is diego Alves! He’s actually so overpowered don’t you agree? Sorry for the long questions but I’m just having a few problems with the game and I’m grateful that you have these awesome guides to help people like me. Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi.
      Let’s start by the goalkeepers. We were reading all the GK you already used and we were thinking “Diego Alves, Diego Alves”. For us, he is one of the best bargains. Casillas is probably better but Diego Alves is really amazing. Most of the IF cards are worthless. We will explaining why in an article we are writing.
      You team seams Ok to us. By that budget you can nt improve it much more.

  127. Thanks! I’ve heard people saying that diego Alves is terrible but they couldn’t be more wrong. Is there any other goalkeepers other than casillas that you would reccommend? Don’t worry about the cost as I actually have quite a lot of coins (despite what my team suggests lol)

  128. Hi. Could you please give me some feedback on my team? I play a 4312 formation. GK Adler
    RB Lahm, CBs Boateng and Santana, LB Marcelo
    3CMs are Alberto Costa, Pastore, Lucas Moura
    CF Moralez
    2STs are Zarate and Balotelli

    I have used your help before and used your guides which are both very helpful! Thanks!

    • Hi. Thanks for your comment.
      We can not help you because we didn’t test some of the players you got. We can only give feedback about Brazilians, Serie A, BBVA and BPL.
      It seems OK but we don’t know how some of these players play.

  129. Hi ! I have a bpl team 4-2-3-1 with degea-evra-vermaelen-david luiz-rafael-wilshere-fellaini-nasri-kagawa-podolski as CF and torres (100 chemistry) but I’m not happy because they play very poorly actually and want to change my team any advices ? Thank You 😀

    • Hi. It depends of your play style, preferences and budget.
      Anyway, we can try to give you some suggestions.
      First of all, both your CB’s have high/medium work rates. It is too dangerous. Maybe you can change one of them by other player with better work rates, as Kaboul or Koscielny.
      You can also try to change your ST if you are not happy with him. Tévez is a very good choice.

      • Many thanks for your reply! I’ll go for tevez but I didn’t understand the work rate thing? Great website by the way, very helpful

        • We will explain work rates later in a article that we are writing.
          Until then you can read this:
          Work Rate is something really important in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team players. It says to you how often a player goes to defend or to attack.
          Every player has two different types of work rates: defensive and attacking. In both, defensive and attacking, you can have High, Medium or Low levels. Knowing the work rates of the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team players could be more important than most of gamers thinks.
          To understand better what we are talking about, let’s look at three examples of how a player with the wrong work rates should make you get him off the team:
          Imagine that you have a formation with 2 CB’s. If both CB’s have high attacking work rates it will means that sometimes nobody will be in your defence.
          – Imagine that you have a formation with only one ST. If he has low attacking work rate and high defensive work rate, it means that no one will be in the right place to shoot at goal.
          – Imagine that you have a formation with two CM’s and you want that one of them helps the defence. You probably will need a player with high defensive work rate. If that player has high attacking work rate too, you should ensure that he has good stamina. Otherwise, in the end of the match he will be tired compromising the result of your match.
          The right work rate depends of the formation you are using, the players’ attributes, their positions and even your play style. In FUT 14 you can not change the work rates. That’s why you should look carefully to work rates when you are choosing a player to your team.

  130. Hi I’ve played a few matches with my friend over the last while and he has a team which I just can’t seem to beat no matter what formation I use. His team is GK-TOTS artur moraes, CB’s- dede, Santana RB- maicon LB- marcelo CM’s- lucas, ramires, Wellington nem LF- Neymar RF- hulk ST- welliton. As you can see it is a VERY, VERY sweaty brazilian team. Which formation would be the best to defend against this formation. I’ve noticed that only one of his defence and only one of his midfield have a high defensive workrate so maybe there is a formation which I can exploit this in some way? Great guide by the way and thanks for the help

    • In our opinion, any formation with lots of players on the midfield should work. If he is playing with a 4-3-3 you need to win the midfield. 4-4-1-1 seems fine to us, since you at least one CM with high defensive work rate.

  131. Hi… Great guide .I have a 352 bundesliga squad .

    Weindenfeller badstuber Dante höwedes javi Martinez Sven bender andre schürrle farfan götze esswein and lewandowski .should I change the formation or any player to improve . I was also thinking to Change the formation what would u recommend .

    • Hi. Thanks for your comment.
      We didn’t test many of those players, so we can not give you quality suggestions.
      We believe that you should choose the formation by your play style and not by the players you have. To know which formation is better to you we need to know your play style.

  132. Thanks for the reply!! I have changed my formation on ur advise and now I have a 4321 Italian squad.
    Gk Frey
    Cb barzagli bonnuci
    Rb lichtsteiner
    Lb de ceglie
    Cm marchisio nocierno montolivio
    Lf el shaarawy
    Rf lamela
    St luis Muriel
    Can u suggest any better players for this team

  133. Hi there I am a very attackive person not very defenceive at all I love to pass and counter attack and just constantly make counter attacks what is the best formation for me there’s a few I have in mind but what would you use for my style of play?

  134. Hi, which formation should i use if i want to play offensiv but still have a strong and solid defense?
    Great website by the way

  135. hi there , i don’t have really a playstyle i think? i have alot of bal possesion en try to build up an attack fast. Is there a formation that has a good defence stability? Beceause my defenders always go way to high (midfield). i play currently 4-2-3-1 with real madrid on seasons. is the 5-2-1-2 the best for it?
    ps: sorry for the bad english

    • Hi.
      You should have very careful with the work rates of your defenders to be sure that they will not be out of position too often.
      5212 is a more defensive formation that the one you are currently playing. However, if you like to have possession maybe you should think on a 5-3-2.

  136. Hi I have my Eredivisie/Dutch team with 352 formation
    I was new to this formation and i was struggling because there is no rb/lb
    Do you think that it is a good formation and I should keep going and I will have no issues playing with it or should I change the formation to another one?
    P.S.:I was thinking of 451 formation, do you think it is good/

  137. if I like playing through the middle with through passess and need four defenders which formation would you suggest.

  138. Hi I recently bought Lucas deliberately in 3-4-3 CAM and I have a 4-1-2-1-2 card but its not getting applied please help like when I do apply consumables then there is no card there and the formation card is in Club were where I have checked

    • Hi.
      You are saying that 41212 card is on club consumables but when you try to apply to a player you can’t find it?! Strange.
      Did you try do it on FUT Web App and on the console? You can try to send the card to the trade pile and there choose “apply”.

    • The only difference is the CDM/CAM in 41212 and CM/CM in 442.
      In our opinion, 41212 is better to top BPL squad, since this league has better CDM’s (Touré, for example) and CAM’s (David Silva, for example).

  139. Hi, I’ve used every formation in the book, and I’m not sure which to base my BPL squad upon. I like the support of having two strikers up front and I like pinging in crosses to my forwards. I also like long shots and bombing forward with my full backs. For this reason, I have chosen 4-4-2 as a provisional formation, but what do you think I should use given my style of play.

    P.S. I am not a huge fan of the ‘tiki-taka’ style of play

  140. Hi,
    I had a quick question,
    I used to play witha 3-4-3 formation, but having a weak defence i changed toa a 4-3-3, this worked OKAY, now im thinking of changing to a 4-1-2-1-2

    I will have The following,

    Cassilas (GK)
    Marcelo (LB)
    Sergio Ramos (CB)
    Pique (CB)
    Dani Alves (RB)
    CDM, Not sure, i think Xavi (90 rated) but stuck on who i should put,
    Iniesta (LM)
    Di Maria (RM
    CAM, Also not sure, think David Silva (87 rated) but any recommendations open for both CDM AND CAM,
    Neymar (ST)
    Falcao (ST) 89 rated one

    So im just stuck on the CDM and the CAM
    Is Xavi good enough for CDM
    And is David Silva good enough for CAM?

    • Hi.
      Great team!
      In our opinion Pepe is better than Pique but it is only our opinion.
      David Silva seems perfetc as CAM but we are not sure about using Xavi as CDM. He is a great player but CDM is not the best position to him. He has a poor heading and his defensive attributes are not so great. In fact, there are no great CDM’s in BBVA. Did you look for Gary Medel IF ? He looks great: box to box player thanks to his high-high, great defending (84), heading (75) and pace (77). If your problem is to concending too many goals, he can be the solution for your problems.

  141. This is my team: 4-2-3-1
    Juao Pereria(RB)

    I can attack good and score at least 2-3 goals a game but the problem is that I somehow cant hold possession and end up conceding a lot. Please help me with any alternatives in any position or formation. Thankyou

    • Hi.
      It happens with most of the players: almost everyone are better on the attack than on defence.
      In your case, we do not have many suggestions. You have a good formation, and your two CDM’s have enough stamina (important in this formation). You have great players. All you need to do is to change a bit the way you play. Try to make a passing game with security in the back.
      The only suggetsion that we have is to try to change Busquests by Touré. See if he gets a good chemistry. He is a monster in that position.

    • Hi Andy.
      This is a classic question.
      There are many formations that would be great against 41212 (you can try the same formation, for example). The most important thing is to understand how people play with this formation. They usually attack by the middle and throw the ball by the air to the back of the CB’s. It is important to know how to play in offside trap and to have fast CB’s on a narrow defensive line.

  142. Hey I play a shorter possession based, high pressing game, but also like to cross the ball from the byline, (I don’t usually play wide) what formation do u suggest?

  143. Congratulations for this great guide. I wanted to know if u guys could help me choose the best formation. My players are Júlio César, Kaboul, Vemaelen, Cole, Maicon, David Silva, Juan Mata, Nasri, Young, Jesus Navas and Fernando Torres.

  144. hey guys i have a Bundesliga team with 3-4-3 formation with GK:weidenfeller
    CB:hummels,felipe santana,and subotic
    CM:gundogan and holtby (thinkng of replacing holtby with a CAM reus) chem still the same
    ST:reus (CF) with only 5 chem
    but i want to change the formation to a 4 at the back i love a pacey team and a skillful one and i play a lot of through and crossover passes (tiki taka style) and i use the wingers’ cut backs to surpass the defenders or to make space for a shot…any suggestions for a good formation???

  145. hey,thank you for replying me but i tried the formation but i didn’t suit me well so i sold the whole squad and built a whole new 3-5-2 squad and i felt comfortable with it…anyway thank u

  146. Do you think this is a good 4-1-2-1-2 squad? Around 70k budget.
    GK: Adler
    CB: David Luiz
    CB: Santana
    RB: Pisczek
    LB: Cole
    CDM: Gustavo
    LM: Sterling
    RM: Blaszczykowski
    CAM: Gundogan
    ST: Aubameyang
    ST: Sturridge