FIFA Points Prices for FIFA 17 Ultimate Team and Packs Prices

FIFA Points Prices for FIFA 17 Ultimate Team and Packs Prices


Find out how much are FIFA Points prices and FUT Packs Prices in Euros, Dollars and British Pounds in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, including discounts.


FIFA Points Prices for FIFA 17 Ultimate Team


FIFA Points prices for FIFA 17 are almost the same ones of FIFA 16 (2,200 FIFA Points are now cheaper). However, in a few countries, they can be slightly different due to the currency exchange. Usually, in the countries where the currency is weaker, FIFA Points are now more expensive. But there are ways to pay less: the EA and Origin Access subscribers get an additional discount of 10% when they are buying FIFA Points. You can also change the region where you buy FIFA Points to a cheaper one but don’t forget that it is linked to your account. Both regions should match.


FIFA Points Prices for FIFA 17 Ultimate Team


Here are the FIFA Points prices in the three most popular currencies:


🇬🇧 Price [£] (1)🇪🇺 Price [€] (1)🇺🇸 Price [$] (1)
FIFA PointsIncluded BonusNormalEA Access & Origin AccessNormalEA Access & Origin AccessNormalEA Access & Origin Access

(1) The prices and the currency can be different according to gamer’s region


FIFA Points Prices for FIFA 17 Ultimate Team


FUT Packs Prices for FIFA 17 Ultimate Team


You already know how much do you have to pay to buy FIFA Points, but how much do you have to pay to buy a pack in the FUT 17 store? As you know, you cannot buy packs with real money directly, but you can do with FIFA Points and they have a price. To answer this question we published a table that shows how much you pay for each pack, assuming that you are buying 12.000 FIFA Point at once (less expensive option) without EA Access or Origin Access discounts.


🇬🇧 Price [£] (1)🇪🇺 Price [€] (1)🇺🇸 Price [$] (1)
Pack NameNormalEA Access & Origin AccessNormalEA Access & Origin AccessNormalEA Access & Origin Access
Silver Pack0,330,300,420,370,420,37
Premium Silver Pack0,500,450,620,560,620,56
Gold Pack0,670,600,830,750,830,75
Premium Gold Pack1,000,901,251,121,251,12
Jumbo Premium Bronze Pack0,500,450,620,560,620,56
Consumables Pack0,330,300,420,370,420,37
Gold 13 Pack0,670,600,830,750,830,75
Silver Players Pack0,670,600,830,750,830,75
Premium Silver Players Pack1,000,901,251,121,251,12
Jumbo Premium Silver Pack1,000,901,251,121,251,12
Premium Gold 13 Pack1,000,901,251,121,251,12
Silver Upgrade Pack0,330,300,420,370,420,37
Jumbo Premium Gold Pack2,001,802,502,252,502,25
Rare Consumables Pack2,672,403,333,003,333,00
Premium Gold Players Pack2,332,102,922,622,922,62
Rare Gold Pack3,333,004,173,754,173,75
Gold Upgrade Pack0,500,450,620,560,620,56
League Premium Players Pack2,672,403,333,003,333,00
Mega Pack4,674,205,835,255,835,25
Prime Gold Players Pack4,003,605,004,505,004,50
Rare Players Pack6,676,008,337,508,337,50
League Prime Players Pack5,004,506,255,626,255,62
Rare Mega Pack7,336,609,178,259,178,25
Jumbo Rare Players Pack13,3312,0016,6715,0016,6715,00
Ultimate Pack16,6615,0020,8318,7520,8318,75


FIFA Points Prices for FIFA 17 Ultimate Team


If you want to learn more about FIFA Points, including how to buy and use them or the carryover policy, please click here. In other hand, if you want to know all the FIFA 17 packs available, click here.


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  1. noob question: what if i have a US account on ps4 (R1 account) but will be using an Asian fifa 18 disc (R3), can i still buy Fifa coins on the US store?

  2. is it worth it to pre-order the icon edition? or i should buy the standard and spend the rest of that money on fp? thank-you!

  3. if you calculate 1 fifa point = 50 coins so in the best case with 90 $ ,wich worth 14000 fifa points, you buy 700k coins :/

    *don’t buy fifa coins*

  4. i cannot open this page (fifa points ) i bought fifa points aswell but i cannot recive ’em … any help?

  5. few queries. been trading little and have made about 25k. My aim is to build this team loris carvajal ramos koschielny azpiliceuta modric kante bale bruyne hazard ageuro. (on PS4)

    1. Before the games releases do i buy cheap players like carvajal azpi kante and trade with the rest.
    or do i trade more and buy off a good player like bruyne or modric or ramos or hazard.

    2. when will the players be cheap? now or day before the games releases or just after release or 1-2 weeks after release?

    3. i will have about 16000points. do i open these as soon as the game releases or wait a few days? and when to sell the players i get in the packs.

    • 1. Before the game releases you need to buy a (or more) cheap OP Striker in a Top League (like Vardy, Aubameyang etc.{the best you can afford}) which you need to sell on Day 1 or 2 after release

      2. After the Game is out Players are on their maximum price and they will drop in the upcomming months…sometimes they go up for a while BUT DON’T PANIC…i would recommend you buying your Players on November the 24th because its one day before Black Friday and Everyone is panicselling

      3. Open every single one of them as fast as you can save 900-1500 to enter the FUT-Draft 3-5 times because its an easy way to get more of your points

      Just write me back if you don’t understand why something is how i just wrote it…i will give my best to explain my experiences that i made since fifa 13…if you don’t have any further questions then: Good Luck in Fifa 17 and make the best of your team 🙂

      • thanks for the input mate. I actually played fut16. learned never to open packs with coins there. Just 1 dout. when will the prices of players be maximum to sell – day of fifa release or the weekend of the release or 1-2 weeks after release?

      • and 1 more thing – when do i buy this cheap OP striker? now asap or day before thr game releases? because it looks like the prices are already rising

    • Sorry for 2nd Reply within 2 seconds 😀 but one more thing because it semms you are new: DON’T OPEN PACKS WITH COINS…NEVER

  6. Frauds, good game but 20 euro i think it is still way to much, buy that is with all games, for people who dont have a lot of money it is way to much for what you get. And it is only worth opening packs in the starting months of the game.


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