FIFA 20 Leaks List – Legit and Fake FIFA 20 Rumours

FIFA 20 Leaks

Get to know what’s new on FIFA 20 before anyone else! We live in a world where it is not easy to know what’s true and what’s false. Everyday there are new leaked news and rumours about the new EA’s title. In this FIFA 20 Leaks list page, we will try to help the community to distinguish from legit and fake FIFA 20 rumours. Since we hate click baiters and we don’t want to promote them, we will not include the source of false rumours.


This page will be updated with all the FIFA 20 Leaks and news that will be unveiled until the game release date.


FIFA 20 Leaks List – Legit and Fake FIFA 20 Rumours

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FIFA 20 Leaks List - Legit and Fake FIFA 20 Rumours

According to a source very close to Electronic Arts, the FIFA Street Mode will be back in FIFA 20. As you know, the last chapter of the story mode was released in FIFA 19 and EA will need to replace it with something big. The Street Mode is being requested by thousands of fans, so making the return of this mode would be the most logic step. According to some other rumors, there would also be the possibility of creating a “Street” player and being able to play exciting match 3 vs 3 online in Co-op.


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