FIFA 20 Catalogue – Items List, How it Works and FAQ

FIFA 20 EAS FC Catalogue

The FIFA 20 Catalogue houses dozens of different in-game unlockable items that help to improve your FIFA experience. However, for the first time since it was created, the catalogue doesn’t feature any Ultimate Team item. In this guide, you will find the items available and learn how the FIFA 20 EAS FC Catalogue works.



What is the EAS FC Catalogue

The EAS FC Catalogue History 

The EAS FC Catalogue is a kind of store where you can trade the FCC (Football Club Credits) earned for dozens of items. It tracks progress through the game by awarding you with XP and Football Club Credits, which allow you to redeem in-game unlockable items to enhance your FIFA experience. Your EA Sports Football Club Level determines which ones are available for you to redeem. As a Level 10 gamer, you’ll only have access to items categorised from Level 1 to 10. So, the more you play and level up, the more it will give you access to new unlockable items. Items include things like kits, boots, balls and extra matches in Seasons.

The EAS FC Catalogue was initially created for FIFA 13, to reward you by your FIFA time play. Until there, your progression could be tracked by your level XP but it was useless. With the addition of EAS FC Catalogue, you had more reasons to play the game because your efforts are rewarded with unlockable items. In FIFA 14 the biggest addition to the EAS FC Catalogue was the feature that allows you to send gifts to friends. But things did not go well. EA Sports have disabled the most popular and most wanted item of the EAS FC catalogue, the FUT Coin Reward Boosts, because thousands of players have exploited a glitch that allows them to earn much more coins than it was supposed to give. The item was unavailable for five months, between October 2013 and February 2014. In FIFA 15 the coin boost were back again but without the feature to send gifts. The biggest addition was probably the loan players item that gives you the chance to try top players in your Ultimate Team squad. In FIFA 17, EA removed the EAS FC features, including alerts and messages to your friends, excepting the catalogue which is still available. Finally, in FIFA 20, the Ultimate Team items were took off from the catalogue. The only way to win the FUT Coins reward boost, extra squad slots or to increase the transfer list size is via Seasons rewards.


How the FIFA 20 Catalogue Works

How to use the FIFA 20 Catalogue?

FIFA 20 EAS FC Catalogue

As we have said, you need two things to redeem items from the FIFA 20 EAS FC Catalogue: EAS FC Level and FC Credits.

EAS FC Level
No matter what game mode you’re in, there are numerous things you can do to be automatically awarded XP (Experience Points). Once you complete one of these events you’ll be notified that you’ve earned XP via an in-game pop-up. Your XP total will be seen in the EA Sports Football Club widget in the corner of most screens. Each time you reach a certain XP threshold, showcased in a meter that fills up, you’ll reach a new level.

FC Credits
FCC is the abbreviation of Football Club Credits, the EA Sports Football Club currency. Don’t confuse with Ultimate Team coins. In the exact same way you earn XP, you’ll earn FCC. Your FCC total can be seen in the EAS FC widget in the corner of most screens. You can use your FCC to redeem unlockable items that can enhance your FIFA experience in the FIFA 20 Catalogue.

There are many ways to win XP and FFC, including starting a new career or scouting, listing and buying players in Career Mode, playing FIFA Mobile, completing achievements and just by entering FIFA 20 several times a day.

You can access the FIFA 20 EAS FC catalogue wherever you are. You don’t have to back out of the mode you’re in because it is always available through the EA Sports Football Club widget. To access the catalogue, click on ‘Catalogue’ in ‘Customise’ menu. The EAS FC catalogue is optimised to show you first the items of the game mode you are in. Inside the FIFA 20 Catalogue, the items are organised by level of experience and by game mode. It is possible, for example, to filter the items that are exclusively for Career mode. You can not redeem items of a higher level of yours and you are not allowed to buy an item more than once. The purchased items are marked with a green tick while the inactive items are marked in grey until you reach the respective level.

The EAS FC catalogue is only available in the console. You can not access it through the Web App or mobile devices. You will not find it in FIFA for Android or for iOS, but your progress in the game will contribute to your level XP and FC credits. You can use them to redeem items on your console.

To offer an item can be very advantageous because it only costs half the price you pay when you redeem that item for yourself. Ask a friend to offer you the items you want and do the same to him. Both will save.

It is very simple to send a gift. You just need to go to the FIFA 20 catalogue, find it and select the option ‘send a gift’ which is right beside the ‘redeem’ option. It will pop a list of your friends and you just need to choose who you want to send the gift to finish the process. You can only offer items to friends that play on the same console you do.

You can only redeem an item to yourself once. However, you can send it as a gift as many times as you wish, even if you already have it. It is possible to offer an item that you already have redeemed to yourself. In the same way, you can only accept gifts if you do not have them yet.


EASFC Catalogue Items for FIFA 20

Every single items available on the EASFC Catalogue

As we have already explained, there are items for several game modes on the EASFC Catalogue. The items you can use on Ultimate Team mode were moved for the Seasons. It’s time to list the items for Gameplay, Career Mode and Online.

FIFA 20 Catalogue - Gameplay Items

adidas Tango All AroundBallLVL 1300
adidas Tango CapitanoBallLVL 1300
uhlsport Revolution Thermobonded 3.0BallLVL 1300
Hummel X Blade – BluebirdBallLVL 1350
Umbro Neo Pro AirtricityBootsLVL 2300
Voit Loxus Apertura 2019BallLVL 2300
adidas 3. Liga CONEXTBallLVL 3300
Hummel Blade PLUSBallLVL 3300
Mitre Delta EFLBallLVL 3300
Mitre Delta EFL FluoBallLVL 3300
Mitre Delta SPFLBallLVL 3300
DERBYSTAR EredivisieBallLVL 4300
Under Armour DesafioBallLVL 5300
Pirma Gladiator ActivityBootsLVL 5350
Pirma Supreme LegionBootsLVL 5350
adidas J. League CONEXTBallLVL 6300
Umbro Coupe de la Ligue BKT ProdigeBallLVL 6300
SELECT Brillant Super TB 3F Superliga 2019BallLVL 7300
SELECT Brillant Super TB Pro LeagueBallLVL 7300
adidas ALL-Star TeamTeamsLVL 71500
umbro Medusae 3 Elite – White/PlumBootsLVL 8350
umbro Velocita 4 Pro – White/PlumBootsLVL 8350
2019 MLS All-Star TeamTeamsLVL 81500
DERBYSTAR 2. Bundesliga Brillant APSBallLVL 9300
DERBYSTAR 2. Bundesliga Brillant APS WinterBallLVL 9300
uhlsport Triomphéo Domini’s Ligue 2BallLVL 9300
uhlsport Triomphéo Domini’s Ligue 2 WinterballBallLVL 9300
DERBYSTAR Bundesliga Brillant APSBallLVL 10300
DERBYSTAR Bundesliga Brillant APS WinterBallLVL 10300
uhlsport Elysia Ligue 1 Conforama 1st PartBallLVL 10300
mitre Delta Max Community ShieldBallLVL 11300
adidas COP 19+ 302 REDIRECTBootsLVL 12350
adidas NEMEZIZ 19+ 302 REDIRECTBootsLVL 12350
adidas NEMEZIZ MESSI 19.1 302 REDIRCTBootsLVL 12350
adidas PREDATOR 19+ 302 REDIRECTBootsLVL 12350
adidas X19+ 302 REDIRECTBootsLVL 12350
adidas Capitano – White/Rainbow ReflectiveBallLVL 13300
adidas Capitano – Black/Rainbow ReflectiveBallLVL 14300
adidas MLS All-StarBallLVL 15300
adidas YBC Levain Cup CONEXTBallLVL 15300
JOMA PropulsionBootsLVL 15300
Nike Chinese Super League Merlin 2019BallLVL 16300
SELECT Brillant Super TB Liga NOSBallLVL 16300
Nike Merlin 2019BallLVL 18300
adidas NEMEZIZ 19+ INNER GAMEBootsLVL 18350
Nike Chile Camp. AFP PlanVital Merlin 2019BallLVL 20300
Nike Hyundai A-League Merlin 2019BallLVL 20300
Nike Premier League Merlin 2019BallLVL 20300
Nike Saudi Pro League Merlin 2019BallLVL 20300
New Balance Tekela V2 Supercell/BaysideBootsLVL 20350
PUMA Statement LaLiga SantanderBallLVL 23300
PUMA Statement LaLiga SmartbankBallLVL 23300
Lotto Solista 100 III GravityBootsLVL 23350
adidas COPA 19+ INPUT CODEBootsLVL 24350
adidas PREDATOR 19+ Gold Met/Football Blue / FTWR WhiteBootsLVL 24350
Mizuno Morelia Neo II – Chinese Red/SilverBootsLVL 24350
Mizuno Morelia Neo II Beta – Silver/GoldBootsLVL 24350
Nike Serie A TIM Merlin 2019BallLVL 25300
adidas X19+ Core Black/Gold Met/Football Blue INNER GAMEBootsLVL 28350
PUMA ONE RushBootsLVL 28350
molten UELBallLVL 30300
molten UEL WinterBallLVL 30300
Nike PHANTOM VNM – VoltBootsLVL 30350
Nike PHANTOM VSN – VoltBootsLVL 31350
UA Magnetico Control – Black/Glow Orange/WhiteBootsLVL 31350
UA Magnetico Control – Glow Orange/White/BlackBootsLVL 31350
UA Magnetico Control Pro – Glow Orange/White/BlackBootsLVL 31350
UA Magnetico Control Pro – White/Glow Orange/BlackBootsLVL 31350
adidas COPA 19+ HARD WIREDBootsLVL 32350
adidas NEMEZIZ 19+ HARD WIREDBootsLVL 32350
adidas PREDATOR 19+ HARD WIREDBootsLVL 32350
adidas X19+ HARD WIREDBootsLVL 32350
New Balance Furon V5 – Bayside/SupercellBootsLVL 33350
adidas USC (UEFA Super Cup)BallLVL 34300
PUMA FUTURE AnthemBootsLVL 34350
umbro Medusae 3 Elite – Black/whiteBootsLVL 34350
umbro Velocita 4 Pro – Black/WhiteBootsLVL 34350
adidas UCL FinaleBallLVL 35300
adidas UCL Finale WinterBallLVL 35300
Nike Mercurial Superfly Elite – BlueBootsLVL 35300
Nike Tiempo Elite – BlackBootsLVL 35350
PUMA FUTURE RushBootsLVL 36350
PUMA ONE AnthemBootsLVL 36350
Nike Neymar Jt Vapor EliteBootsLVL 40350
Classic KitsKitsLVL 51300


FIFA 20 EAS FC Catalogue - Online

Seasons Extra MatchLVL 1150
Co-op Seasons DrawLVL 2100
Seasons Extra MatchLVL 3250
Seasons DrawLVL 5100
Seasons Extra MatchLVL 5100
Co-op Seasons DrawLVL 6100
Seasons WinLVL 6100
Co-op Seasons Extra MatchLVL 7100
Seasons DrawLVL 7100
Seasons Extra MatchLVL 7500
Seasons DrawLVL 9500
Seasons Extra MatchLVL 9600
Co-op Seasons DrawLVL 10500
Seasons WinLVL 10700
Co-op Seasons Extra MatchLVL 11300
Seasons Extra MatchLVL 11750
Cop-op Seasons WinLVL 12500
Seasons DrawLVL 12700
Seasons Extra MatchLVL 13850
Seasons DrawLVL 13900
Co-op Seasons DrawLVL 14700
Seasons WinLVL 141,000
Co-op Seasons Extra MatchLVL 15500
Seasons Extra MatchLVL 151,000
Seasons DrawLVL 151,100
Co-op Seasons DrawLVL 16700
Seasons Extra MatchLVL 171,100
Seasons DrawLVL 171,300
Co-op Seasons DrawLVL 18900
Co-op Seasons WinLVL 181,200
Seasons WinLVL 181,300
Co-op Seasons Extra MatchLVL 19700
Seasons Extra MatchLVL 191,200
Co-op Seasons WinLVL 201,500
Seasons DrawLVL 201,500
Seasons Cup UnlockLVL 202,000
Seasons Extra MatchLVL 211,300
Seasons WinLVL 211,500
Co-op Seasons WinLVL 221,200
Seasons DrawLVL 221,700
Co-op Seasons Extra MatchLVL 23900
Seasons Extra MatchLVL 231,400
Seasons WinLVL 231,750
Seasons DrawLVL 231,900
Co-op Seasons DrawLVL 241,500
Seasons Extra MatchLVL 251,500
Seasons WinLVL 252,000
Seasons DrawLVL 262,100
Co-op Seasons Extra MatchLVL 271,100
Seasons Extra MatchLVL 271,600
Seasons DrawLVL 282,300
Seasons WinLVL 252,000
Seasons DrawLVL 262,100
Co-op Seasons Extra MatchLVL 271,100
Seasons Extra MatchLVL 271,600
Seasons DrawLVL 282,300
Seasons Extra MatchLVL 291,700
Seasons DrawLVL 302,500
Co-op Seasons Extra MatchLVL 311,250
Seasons Extra MatchLVL 311,800
Seasons DrawLVL 312,700
Co-op Seasons Extra matchLVL 331,450
Seasons Extra MatchLVL 331,900
Co-op Seasons Extra MatchLVL 351,600
Seasons Extra MatchLVL 352,000
Co-op Seasons Extra MatchLVL 371,800
Seasons Extra MatchLVL 372,200
Seasons Extra MatchLVL 392,400
Co-op Seasons Extra MatchLVL 402,000
Seasons Extra MatchLVL 412,600


FIFA 20 Catalogue - Career Mode

Career Pro Ball Skills BootsLVL 3200
Career Pro Goalkeeper BoostLVL 5200
Career Pro Shooting BoostLVL 5200
Manager Career Focused TrainingLVL 5400
Scout Future StarLVL 5400
Career Pro Fancy Flicks TraitLVL 5800
Career Rematch AbilityLVL 52,000
Career Pro Ball Skills BootsLVL 6400
Player Career Focused TrainingLVL 6400
Manager Career Focused TrainingLVL 7850
Career Pro Diving Header TraitLVL 8800
Player Career Focused TrainingLVL 8850
Career Pro Ball Skills BootsLVL 9800
Manager Career Focused TrainingLVL 91,200
Career Pro Defense BoostLVL 10200
Career Pro Goalkeeper BoostLVL 10400
Career Pro Bicycle Kicks TraitLVL 10800
Scout Future StarLVL 10800
Financial TakeoverLVL 101,000
Player Career Focused TrainingLVL 101,200
Career Pro Shooting BoostLVL 11400
Manager Career Focused TrainingLVL 111,750
Player Career Focused TrainingLVL 121,750
Career Pro Defense BoostLVL 13400
Career Pro Fancy PassesLVL 13800
Career Pro Goalkeeper BoostLVL 15800
Career Pro Boost BundleLVL 151000
Scout Future StarLVL 151,000
Edit Player In CareerLVL 151,500
International Manager OfferLVL 151,500
Career Pro Defense BoostLVL 16800
Career Pro Shooting BoostLVL 16800
Career Pro Physical BoostLVL 19200
Career Pro Mental BoostLVL 20200
Career Pro Swerve Pass TraitLVL 20500
Career Pro Boost BundleLVL 201300
Scout Future StarLVL 201,350
Career Pro Passing BoostLVL 21200
Career Pro Physical Pass TraitLVL 21400
Scout Future StarLVL 231,700
Career Pro Mental BoostLVL 24800
Career Pro Passing BoostLVL 25800
Financial TakeoverLVL 253,000
Scout Future StarLVL 262,000
Scout Future StarLVL 282,350
Scout Future StarLVL 302,800
Scout Future StarLVL 323,150
Financial TakeoverLVL 355,000



FIFA 20 Catalogue FAQ

The most frequently asked questions about the FIFA 20 EAS FC Catalogue

Q: How can I access to the FIFA 20 Catalogue?
A: From the ‘Customise’ menu.

Q: Which items can I buy?
A: You can buy all the items for which you have enough credits and which are not marked in gray. The items of a higher level than yours are not available for you until you reach these levels.

Q: Is there a limited number of times you can buy an item?
A: Yes. You can only buy each item once, except to offer to your friends.

Q: Will my FC Credits and XP Level get transferred from FIFA 19 to FIFA 20?
A: Yes. Both.

Q: How can I send a gift to a friend?
A: Simply select the item in the Catalogue, choose to redeem it, and you’ll be given an option to gift it to a friend. It only costs 50% of the regular price to send a gift and you can gift an item to a friend that hasn’t reached the level that the item is from.

Q: Where are the Ultimate Team items?
A: In FIFA 20, the catalogue doesn’t feature Ultimate Team items. You can find most of them on Seasons rewards.

Q: I redeem an item but nothing happens. What should I do?
A: Contact the EA Support.

Q: If I send a gift to a friend, will I be able to redeem it to myself?
A: Yes! You can gift the item to as many people as you want, and still be able to redeem it to yourself.

Q: Is there any limit to the XP I can win?
A: Yes. There is a 2000 XP daily limit.



  1. What if you have multiple Player Careers, can you still only redeem an item for the player career once or for all the Player Careers you have?

  2. I can make it to Division One but always get relegated with maybe 2 or 3 wins and the odd draw. I’ve only just discovered this catalogue. Can I be really cheeky and “buy” a Division One title by winning a couple of games and then buying a few season wins so I can screenshot and send to my mates. Ethical considerations aside of course!!!

    • when i unlock the financial takeover is there a certain time to do it for instance ave seen a lot a vids being done ov it being used at first window can i purchase it for the january window i know u can only use 1 a season so that means i can if i didnt in first window if that makes any sense

  3. Dear, i bought with my account the level 5 career focused training and the level 5 future star. I bought it in the career mode, got an email that the scout left, but i forgot to save the career. When I reopen it is all gone. How can I recuperate it? Thank you !

  4. I purchased the highest financial takeover in the catalogue and in the description it says that it can be used once per season, but now I can’t find it to use again and I can’t even use it in another career mode. Is there something I’m missing here?

  5. Hey Rodrigo,
    Can you redeem gameplay items and apply them to career mode? Let’s say I want to redeem cleats or gloves and use them on my youth players.
    Is that possible?

  6. Is there the boost for the online pro in the catalog? I could have sworn I saw it when I first opened the catalog but now when I went back to look for it I can’t find it. I’m 100% sure I didn’t buy it.

  7. I want to buy 1000 x coins extra boost for fut in catalogue like fifa 19 but cant seem to find it in 20

  8. I don’t get any store updates as in the previous fifa versions, is that new? I the previous version you got like monthly updates in the store with new items. PS, I use the PS4 version

  9. What is the catalogue tied to? PSN ID or EASPORTS ID? Could I sign into another ID and basically restart my FIFA experience at 0 fcc points without losing my downloaded Fifa 20?

  10. What about new boots is the neymar boots the limit? Or will there be a new batch of boots etc for career mode past level 41?

  11. I hope EA will not remove Ultimate Team items from the catalogue…….. Is it 100% confirmed? Please answer. Cheers


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