FIFA 19 Soundtrack – Listen all the Official FIFA 19 Songs

FIFA 19 Soundtrack - Listen all the Official FIFA 19 Songs


Are you looking for the FIFA 19 soundtrack? You may find it here. All the Official FIFA 19 songs in a single page.

❌ To Be Confirmed | ✅ Confirmed



FIFA 19 Soundtrack – Listen all the Official FIFA 19 Songs

List of all FIFA 19 songs

🎤 ARTIST: Hans Zimmer feat. Vince Staples
🎧 SONG: UEFA Champions League Anthem

ℹ️ This song made part of the first official FIFA 19 trailer.
❌ Not officially confirmed


🎤 ARTIST: Thuthmose
🎧 SONG: Run Wild

ℹ️ This song was confirmed as being part of the FIFA 19 soundtrack by CloudKid. After this leak, EA may have included it in the FIFA 18 World Cup soundtrack instead of doing it for FIFA 19.
❌ Not officially confirmed


FIFA has traditionally been gaming’s foremost international showcase for new artists of every genre and with FIFA 19, EA have once again created a soundtrack that will enable millions of fans worldwide to discover new music they might have never heard otherwise. FIFA 19 soundtrack represents globalized music at its very best.

FIFA has been credited with various stars on a global scale and now commands such status that featuring on the playlist is a highly sought-after spot for up-and-coming bands. For many players of the game now, EA Trax is effectively their Spotify – the playlist of songs they will hear more than most others for the coming year. With a spot on the EA Trax listing so prized, the process of putting together each year’s playlist is a strenuous one. Share in the comments your thoughts about the FIFA 19 soundtrack.


We will be updating this page with new FIFA 19 songs as soon as they are officially released


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