FIFA 19 Companion App Guide for iOS and Android

FIFA 19 Companion App Guide for iOS and Android


Stay connected to the world of FUT 19 with the FIFA 19 Companion App for iOS and Android. Any time, any where. Discover in this page what’s new this year, when it will be the release date and how to download it.

You plan to use the FIFA 19 Companion App but you don’t know when is the release date? Do you know how you can download it? We are here to clarify these and many other details about this app.


The companion app guide for FIFA 20 can be found clicking here.



FIFA 19 Companion App Overview

Is possible to bring your FUT 19 squad for everywhere?

FIFA 19 Companion App Guide for iOS, Android


Keep the world of FIFA 19 Ultimate Team close at hand with the EA Sports FIFA 19 Companion App. You can manage your Ultimate Team any time, anywhere. Manage your team on-the-go with the FUT Companion App, now with features that give you even more control over your squad when you’re away from your console.

The EA Sports Football Club Companion App, for iOS and Android devices lets you access the FUT Transfer Market, manage your FUT squad, submit SBCs and purchase packs from the store anywhere your mobile device has an internet connection, at home or on the go. A version for Windows Phone is not available,

With this app you can manage the FUT 19 squad that you have in your PS4, XBox One or PC. There are many people that make confusion between the FIFA Mobile and the FIFA 19 Companion App. The first one allows you to play the game itself. You don’t need to have a console’s account to play it. The second one is like an Web App for mobile devices. It is an application that gives you the chance to manage your console’s squad in your mobile device. It requires you to have an Origin account connected to FIFA 19 (Xbox One PlayStation 4 or PC).


FIFA 19 Companion App Features

What can you do with this app?

FIFA 19 Companion App Guide for iOS, Android


Here is the list of the features for the FIFA 19 Companion App for iOS and Android Devices:

✅ Manage your FUT Squads and Club Items by optimizing Chemistry, Formations, and Players
✅ Extend your Squad Building Challenges experience
✅ Find and bid on players, staff, consumables and items on the FUT 19 Transfer Market
✅ Purchase Packs from the FUT Store
✅ View TOTW Squad Previews and History
✅ Plan your squad with the Concept Squads
✅ Complete Objectives
✅ 🆕 Multiple item views to cycle through, which mirror your console experience
✅ 🆕 The ability to search the Transfer Market directly from an SBC and the Active Squad
✅ 🆕 Redeem weekly rewards from Squad Battles, Division Rivals, and FUT Champions
✅ 🆕 Use advanced filters to make it easier to find the right players at the right time.

Let’s take a deeper look to what’s new this year:

For the first time ever, you can stay up-to-date on your competitive progress on the Leaderboards. Until now, you were ony able to do it on your console, but this year you can do it on the FUT Companion App.

In other years, you had to open your console just to redeem your weekly rewards. EA added that feature to the Companion App while FUT 18 was still live, but this is the first game release where it is possible to do it from the first day. Now you can claim your Squad Battles, Division Rivals, and FUT Champions weekly rewards without having to open your console.

Whether you’re building a new squad or completing a Squad Building Challenge, added Advanced Filters streamline the process of finding players within your club. These search filters include the option to filter by Most Recent Items, Quick Sell Value and Tradeable/Untradeable status.

A completely redesigned item flow allows you to manage your new items much more quickly, so that you can spend more time building your squad. Newly packed items are placed directly into your club, with a more user-friendly interface that helps you decide whether to keep, quick sell or transfer list items.


FIFA 19 Companion App Release Date

When the FIFA 19 companion app will be released?

FIFA 19 Companion App Guide for iOS, Android

Historically, the FUT Companion App is launched on the FUT Web App release date or one day later. This year, the web app comes online on September 19, which means that the FIFA 19 Companion App will probably launch on September 20 (Friday).

You can see the release dates of the last years in the following table:

Game Launch
Early Access
Companion AppWeb AppEA AccessOrigin Access
FIFA 19*28/09/201820/09/201819/09/201820/09/201820/09/2018
FIFA 1829/09/201721/09/201720/09/201721/09/201721/09/2017
FIFA 1727/09/201621/09/201620/09/201622/09/201622/09/2016
FIFA 1622/09/201515/09/201515/09/201516/09/2015n.a.
FIFA 1523/09/201424/09/201418/09/201418/09/2014n.a.
FIFA 1424/09/201315/09/201313/09/201320/09/2013n.a.
FIFA 1325/09/201203/10/201218/09/2012n.a.n.a.


The expected release dates for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team are:

14/09/2018 (Fri) 10:00pm 🇬🇧 GMT (UCT +1)
14/09/2018 (Fri) 06:00pm 🇧🇷 BRST (UCT -3)
14/09/2018 (Fri) 05:00pm 🇺🇸 EST (UCT -4)
14/09/2018 (Fri) 05:00pm 🇨🇦 EST (UCT -4)
14/09/2018 (Fri) 02:00pm 🇺🇸 PST (UCT -7)
19/09/2018 (Wed) 06:00pm 🇬🇧 GMT (UCT +1)
19/09/2018 (Wed) 02:00pm 🇧🇷 BRST (UCT -3)
19/09/2018 (Wed) 01:00pm 🇺🇸 EST (UCT -4)
19/09/2018 (Wed) 01:00pm 🇨🇦 EST (UCT -4)
19/09/2018 (Wed) 10:00am 🇺🇸 PST (UCT -7)
20/09/2018 (Thu) 07:30pm 🇬🇧 GMT (UCT +1)
20/09/2018 (Thu) 03:30pm 🇧🇷 BRST (UCT -3)
20/09/2018 (Thu) 02:30pm 🇺🇸 EST (UCT -4)
20/09/2018 (Thu) 02:30pm 🇨🇦 EST (UCT -4)
20/09/2018 (Thu) 11:30am 🇺🇸 PST (UCT -7)
19/09/2018 (Wed) 04:00pm 🇬🇧 GMT (UCT +1)
19/09/2018 (Wed) 12:00pm 🇧🇷 BRST (UCT -3)
19/09/2018 (Wed) 11:00am 🇺🇸 EST (UCT -4)
19/09/2018 (Wed) 11:00am 🇨🇦 EST (UCT -4)
19/09/2018 (Wed) 08:00am 🇺🇸 PST (UCT -7)
19/09/2018 (Wed) 04:00pm 🇬🇧 GMT (UCT +1)
19/09/2018 (Wed) 12:00pm 🇧🇷 BRST (UCT -3)
19/09/2018 (Wed) 11:00am 🇺🇸 EST (UCT -4)
19/09/2018 (Wed) 11:00am 🇨🇦 EST (UCT -4)
19/09/2018 (Wed) 08:00am 🇺🇸 PST (UCT -7)


For the Companion App, you will need to update to the FIFA 19 version on Android and iOS after October 10, 2018.


FIFA 19 Companion App Early Access

What you need to know about the FIFA 19 Companion App early access

FIFA 19 Companion App Guide for iOS and Android


Returning FUT 18 players whose accounts are in good standing can create their FUT 19 Club, start trading, and claim returning user packs. Early access to the Web and Companion Transfer Market ends at 12:00 a.m. GMT on October 10. After that, you’ll need to log in to FUT 19 on your console or PC at least once to continue using both apps.

Early access on the FIFA 19 companion app is not available to everyone. You need to fullfil these conditions:

☑️ You must have created a FUT Club before August 1, 2018, to get early access to the FUT 19 Web and Companion apps.
☑️ Your FUT 18 account must still exist.
☑️ Your account needs to be in good standing. If you were banned or had other actions taken on your account in FUT 18, you won’t get early access.

Rewards are based on your account’s good standing in the game, along with your player history and engagement. This is why your rewards may be different from your friend’s. Besides that, returning user rewards are tied to your specific console account. So, if you switch platforms or create a new account on the same platform, your rewards won’t carry over.


FIFA 19 Companion App Menus

Understand how to use the FIFA 19 Companion App

FIFA 19 Companion App Guide for iOS and Android


The FIFA 19 Companion App features five main areas that you can access anytime on the left side of your screen:

Prepare for your next big match while away from your console. Manage your Formations, Players, Managers, and Consumables. Concept Squads allow you to plan your dream team with all Players in FUT.

Exchange Players from your Club by building unique Squads and meeting the challenge requirements. Once your Squad is complete, submit it to exchange your Players for exciting rewards, such as different SBC Players, Packs, Coins, and more. Complete full challenges on the Companion App and claim your rewards right away, or plan your Squad on mobile and finish it on your console later. New Challenges will be released throughout the year, so check back often!

Never miss out on an important transfer and keep tabs on market activity. The Transfer Market lets you list items from your club and bid on new Players, Consumables, and everything needed to build your Ultimate Team! Returning FUT 18 users will have full access to the Transfer Market when the FIFA 19 Companion app launches. New FUT 19 users will need to play a few games on FUT console before access to the Transfer Market is unlocked on the Companion App.

Build out your Club with Packs that can be purchased with Coins or FIFA Points. The FIFA 19 Companion App ensures you’ll never miss a special Pack offer or lightning round.

View and manage all the Players, Consumables and Club Items in your FUT Club directly from the Companion App.


FIFA 19 Companion App Additional Information

The ID of the app for each OS

iOS version

Release Date
20 September 2018


Around 58 Mb

🇬🇧 English
🇫🇷 French
🇮🇹 Italian
🇩🇪 German
🇪🇸 Spanish
🇳🇱 Dutch
🇵🇹 Brazilian Portuguese

EA Swiss Sarl



Requires iOS 9.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch


Android version

20 September 2018 (estimated date)


Around 40 Mb

🇬🇧 English
🇫🇷 French
🇮🇹 Italian
🇩🇪 German
🇪🇸 Spanish
🇳🇱 Dutch
🇵🇹 Brazilian Portuguese

Electronic Arts



Android 4.4 or higher


FIFA 19 Companion App Download

How to get the FIFA 19 companion app?

FIFA 19 Companion App Guide for iOS and Android


Please make sure your device meet the requirements and remember that this app requires you to have an Origin account connected to FIFA 19 (Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or PC). To use the FIFA Ultimate Team features in this app, you must have a FIFA Ultimate Team Club within FIFA 19 and must have played a number of games to unlock transfer market functionality via the app. Note that you’ll need to start on the web app before you can use the mobile app.

If you used the FIFA Companion App for FUT 18, you probably have realized that the app was offline a couple of days to turn your app into FUT 19. After the update, which is automatic, no longer is possible to use this App to manage your FUT 18 club just like it happens with the Web App too.

⬇️ iOS users
Click here and then in ‘Download‘.
You can also open your Apple App Store and search for ‘EA SPORTS™ FIFA 19 Companion’.

⬇️ Android users
Click here and then in ‘Install‘.
You can also open your Google Play Store and search for ‘FIFA 19 Companion’.


Frequently Asked Questions

What the community wants to know about the FIFA 19 Companion App

Q: What do I need to get started?
A: You will need: an EA Account, a copy of FIFA 19 and a FIFA Ultimate Team Club. Use your EA Account email address and password to log in to the Companion app.

Q: This app let me play FIFA?
A: No. With this app you can access to the FC friends and manage your FIFA 19 squad that you have previously created on the PlayStation, Xbox or PC.

Q: What do I need to use the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team features?
A: You just need to create a FUT club on your console or PC.

Q: I have multiple FUT Clubs. How do I switch between them?
A: By default, the Companion app uses your last used FIFA Persona. If you’d like to switch to another Persona, tap the ‘settings’ menu from the Home screen and then tap the ‘persona’ selector.

Q: What do I have to pay to use it?
A: Nothing. It is free. However, opening FUT packs via the app will cost you FIFA points or coins.

Q: Should I use the FUT Web App or the Companion App?
A: The FIFA Web App is available on web browsers while companion app is available on iOS and Android devices. If possible, use both.

Q: How can I change the app language?
A: It’s easy. You just need to change your mobile language and restart the app.

Q: It doesn’t let me in. What should I do?
A: Note that you’ll need to start on the web app before you can use the mobile app. Besides that, you can’t log in to your console or PC and use the Companion app at the same time. On your console or PC, log out of FUT by backing out to the main FIFA menu. Then, you can use the Companion app.

Q: It is not working. What should I do?
A: You can try to uninstall the previous version and install a fresh copy of the new one.

Q: How can I buy FIFA Points on the Companion App?
A: You can’t purchase FIFA Points on the Companion app. Purchase FIFA Points on your console or PC and they will show up in the Companion app the next time you log in.

Q: Why I cannot access the transfer market?
A: If you’re new to FUT 19, you’ll need to play a few FUT games on the console before unlocking access to the Transfer Market on the Companion app.


New Stuff

What’s new on the FIFA 19 Companion App?

For experienced Ultimate Team gamers, most of what we have published here isn’t new. In that way, we have created this short chapter to show you what has changed with the Companion App:


FUT 18 >> FUT 19
✔️ Updated Compatibility
✔️ Leaderboards
✔️ Weekly Rewards
✔️ New Search Filters

FUT 17 >> FUT 18
✔️ Updated Compatibility

FUT 16 >> FUT 17
✔️ Updated Compatibility
✔️ SBC mode
❌ Draft mode

FUT 15 >> FUT 16
✔️ Updated Compatibility
✔️ New interface design
✔️ Draft mode

FUT 14 >> FUT 15
✔️ Updated Compatibility
✔️ New interface design
✔️ FUT Concept squads

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  1. Can i get ultimate scream players in the app? Is the probability equal compared to the packs i open in the actual game?

  2. Hi Rodrigo, I want to ask if I can open the packs I won in Squad Battles and choose a reward option from Rivals through the companion. Usually I’m not in home when the Rivals rewards specifically come out. Thanks in advance.

  3. How many games do you need to play before you can access the Transfer market? Everywhere i’ve looked just says “a few”.

  4. Hi, using Fifa 19 companion app on Android. Latest update doesn’t work in so far as when on the transfer screen, the viewable list of players either sold or selling, or bought or buying shrinks to a thin strip just to the right of the menu bar. You can’t see anything. I have screen shots if you want them. Kind regards, Neil.


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