FIFA 18 Managers Cards Guide

FIFA 18 Managers Cards Guide


The managers are the most important staff cards of the game. Find out how you can use them with the help of our FIFA 18 Managers Cards Guide for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team.




What FIFA 18 managers do?

Among the five types of staff cards, the FIFA 18 managers cards are clearly the most important ones. They develop two roles which take part on the main parts of the game. If you’re an experienced player, the managers are the only staff cards that you really need to get. You can afford to ignore any of the other staff types if you know how to manage your squad well. Going without managers won’t do you any good, though.


Manager cards have basically two functions:

✅ extend the players’ contracts;
✅ contribute to individual chemistry.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Managers Guide


Contracts Boost

How managers can help you with contracts?

As we’ve already said, all staff are responsible for increasing the effect of consumables. For managers, those are contracts. You just need to store the manager cards in “My Club” and let the system do the rest, it will automatically identify the amount of bonus you’ll get for every contract applied according to how many of them you have.

Still don’t get it? We’ll explain in more detail. The contracts are positively influenced according to the managers a club has. Each manager card displays a contract bonus percentage. When you apply a contract, its effect is multiplied by the sum of the coefficients of all the managers your club has. No matter how many managers you have, the sum of their coefficients will stop at 50% of bonus, for that is why you should supervise them so you don’t waste coins. When you reach 50% you should stop, unless you really need a manager with a specific nationality to affect one or a few players’ chemistries. Also, check if you’re buying managers that contribute with at least 1%. The non-rare silver and all bronze managers give no bonus.




When you are applying a contract, you can check how big is the current managers’ boost of your club. You just need to look to the percentage that is shown in the ‘Contract Bonus’ card, as you can see in the image below. If you sum the coefficients of all the managers stored in ‘My Club’, you should get the same percentage.


FIFA 18 Managers Cards Guide for FIFA 18 Ultimate TeamIn this case, the club doesn’t have any manager stored or they don’t boost contracts


Chemistry Boost

How managers can help you with chemistry?

Manager’s effect doesn’t limit itself just for the most important consumables of the game. They’re also crucial for defining the players’ individual chemistries. The manager you choose for a squad can increase one point of individual chemistry for each player starting the match. On his limit, he can increase the squad’s chemistry overall by 11 points, one for each player. That’s pretty significant.

What determines if he gives a player bonus or not? Or if it is his nationality and league. If one of them match, the player gets one point. If not, he gets nothing. Even if they match both nationality and league, the bonus will never be more than one point. If the players already have maximum individual chemistry (10) there’s no point on using a manager since there won’t be anything to improve and you’ll still be spending contracts.

For chemistry improvement, the process of choosing a manager should be done mainly according to nationality. Their league can be changed if you apply manager league consumables, in case you want it to match a player’s, but you can’t do the same for the nationality.

When you start looking for a manager to increase your squad’s chemistry, don’t follow the most frequent nationality in the team. What matters is giving bonus to the players that have lower chemistry. These are the ones you should pay attention to. Try having a manager with a nationality that benefits ones and a league that benefits others.


Managers’ Contracts

What do you need to keep FIFA 18 managers in the game?

Other than nationality, league and bonus percentage, the manager cards also display another important information: the number of contracts. Just like the players, managers also spend contracts every match they participate. When they run out of contracts, you need to apply new ones so they can stay on the bench for the next match. The type of contracts they need also receive bonus according to the amount of manager cards you have in the club, including the one you’re using. The rest of the managers don’t spend contracts.

FIFA 18 Managers Cards Guide for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

To buy contracts for managers go to Transfers – Searcg the Transfers Market – Consumables – Contracts



Should I buy FIFA 18 Managers Cards?

In our opinion, managers are the only staff you should worry about.

If you were able to build a team where all players have 10 points of individual chemistry, you can dispense managers on the bench. But don’t take this too seriously, because the budget associated to this is usually around 10 coins per match. If your squad’s rotation implies on using managers with different leagues and nationalities, try switching managers from the bench to the ones you’ve got stored in your club according to what you need before starting a match. Remember that the manager’s popularity and rarity doesn’t make a difference when they go on the bench. All FIFA 18 managers are equal when they move to the squad, it doesn’t even matter if you switch your gold manager to a bronze one, they’ll influence the chemistry equally as long as their league and nationality are the same.

When talking about bonus for contracts, your objective should be to gather enough managers in order to reach the 50%. In this case it doesn’t matter the nationality, league or the remaining contracts a manager has. If you already have your main manager and your goal now is to reach the 50% contract bonus, search in the market by managers running out of contract. They are usually cheaper and it doesn’t make any difference to you. You should only focus on reaching the total 50% spending the less possible. This is where the calculation comes in. For this objective, buying popular managers won’t make sense because they may cost way too much, you can use these coins to buy several other managers. Check, for example, if there are any rare silver managers cheaper than non-rare gold ones. The average total coins spent in order to reach 50% of contract bonus revolves around 7.500 coins, being its approximated return 40 coins per match. In a long term the managers will be able to spare you thousands of coins, except if you don’t intend to play more than 200 matches, because in this case the investment won’t be fulfilled. If you want to start saving your coins early, it’s important that you start collecting managers as soon as possible. Although, it’s also early when the game starts that they are more expensive, due to the immense demand and small supply. It’s up to you to manage to buy these cards without spending much more than the average value we gave you.


Premier League Managers

Full Authenticity

For the second time in the FIFA franchise history, the managers are in the game. FIFA 18 features all the 20 Premier League managers, creating a believable Premier League in the new Journey single player experience and Career Mode. However, they are not available in FUT matches.

FIFA 18 Managers Cards Guide for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

Here is the list of the Premier League managers you can find in the game:

🇬🇧 Eddie How (Bournemouth)
🇫🇷 Arsène Wenger (Arsenal)
🇮🇪 Chris Hughton (Brighton and Hove Albion)
🇬🇧 Sean Dyche (Burnley)
🇮🇹 Antonio Conte (Chelsea)
🇳🇱 Frank de Boer (Crystal Palace)
🇳🇱 Ronald Koeman (Everton)
🇩🇪 David Wagner (Huddersfield Town)
🇬🇧 Craig Shakespeare (Leicester City)
🇩🇪 Jürgen Klopp (Liverpool)
🇪🇸 Josep Guardiola (Manchester City)
🇵🇹 José Mourinho (Manchester United)
🇪🇸 Rafael Benítez (Newcastle United)
🇦🇷 Mauricio Pellegrino (Southampton)
🇬🇧 Mark Hughes (Stoke City)
🇬🇧 Paul Clement (Swansea City)
🇦🇷 Mauricio Pochettino (Tottenham Hotspur)
🇵🇹 Marco Silva (Watford)
🇬🇧 Tony Pulis (West Bromwich Albion)
🇭🇷 Slaven Bilic (West Ham United)


FIFA 18 Managers Cards List

Every single manager included in the game

The complete list of FIFA 18 managers in FUT can be consulted below (sorted by country, quality and finnaly name):


 Besnik Hasi🇦🇱 AlbaniaGold Common
 Diego Simeone🇦🇷 ArgentinaGold Rare
 Eduardo Berizzo🇦🇷 ArgentinaGold Rare
 Mauricio Pellegrino🇦🇷 ArgentinaGold Rare
 Mauricio Pochettino🇦🇷 ArgentinaGold Rare
 Antonio Mohamed🇦🇷 ArgentinaGold Common
🆕Barros Schelotto🇦🇷 ArgentinaGold Common
🆕Cocca🇦🇷 ArgentinaGold Common
 Hernán Cristante🇦🇷 ArgentinaGold Common
 Javier Torrente🇦🇷 ArgentinaGold Common
 Jorge Almirón🇦🇷 ArgentinaGold Common
 Luis Zubeldía🇦🇷 ArgentinaGold Common
 Matías Almeyda🇦🇷 ArgentinaGold Common
 Pablo Guede🇦🇷 ArgentinaGold Common
🆕Berti🇦🇷 ArgentinaSilver Rare
🆕Falcioni🇦🇷 ArgentinaSilver Rare
🆕Soso🇦🇷 ArgentinaSilver Rare
🆕Bernegger🇦🇷 ArgentinaSilver Common
🆕Coudet🇦🇷 ArgentinaSilver Common
 Cristián Arán🇦🇷 ArgentinaSilver Common
 Dalcio Giovagnoli🇦🇷 ArgentinaSilver Common
🆕Díaz🇦🇷 ArgentinaSilver Common
🆕Domínguez🇦🇷 ArgentinaSilver Common
🆕Gorosito🇦🇷 ArgentinaSilver Common
🆕Holan🇦🇷 ArgentinaSilver Common
🆕Hoyos🇦🇷 ArgentinaSilver Common
🆕Lavallén🇦🇷 ArgentinaSilver Common
 Martín Palermo🇦🇷 ArgentinaSilver Common
🆕Pumpido🇦🇷 ArgentinaSilver Common
🆕Russo🇦🇷 ArgentinaSilver Common
🆕Sciacqua🇦🇷 ArgentinaSilver Common
🆕Vivas🇦🇷 ArgentinaSilver Common
 Benicio Perolsa🇦🇷 ArgentinaBronze Rare
 Ezequiel Castilloza🇦🇷 ArgentinaBronze Common
 Lautaro Garcero🇦🇷 ArgentinaBronze Common
 Santino Ortigozo🇦🇷 ArgentinaBronze Common
🆕Fallmann🇦🇹 AustriaSilver Rare
🆕Hütter🇦🇹 AustriaSilver Rare
🆕Schmidt🇦🇹 AustriaSilver Rare
🆕Baumgartner🇦🇹 AustriaSilver Common
🆕Djuricin🇦🇹 AustriaSilver Common
 Hans Trottberger🇦🇹 AustriaBronze Common
 Heimo Pfeifenberger🇦🇹 AustriaBronze Common
 Graham Arnold🇦🇺 AustraliaSilver Common
 John Aloisi🇦🇺 AustraliaSilver Common
 Kevin Muscat🇦🇺 AustraliaSilver Common
 Tony Popovic🇦🇺 AustraliaBronze Rare
🆕Okon🇦🇺 AustraliaBronze Common
🆕Goncharenko🇧🇾 BelarusGold Common
🆕Kuchuk🇧🇾 BelarusGold Common
 Francky Dury🇧🇪 BelgiumGold Common
 Hein Vanhaezebrouck🇧🇪 BelgiumGold Common
 Yannick Ferrera🇧🇪 BelgiumGold Common
 Yves Vanderhaeghe🇧🇪 BelgiumGold Common
 Felice Mazzu🇧🇪 BelgiumSilver Rare
 Erwin Sánchez🇧🇴 BoliviaSilver Common
🆕Sušić🇧🇦 Bosnia & HerzegovinaSilver Common
 Tuca Ferretti🇧🇷 BrazilGold Common
 Ricardo Gomes🇧🇷 BrazilSilver Common
 Ander Kaique🇧🇷 BrazilBronze Rare
 Andrey Denão🇧🇷 BrazilBronze Rare
 Breno Gutti🇧🇷 BrazilBronze Rare
 Danilinho Fabian🇧🇷 BrazilBronze Rare
 Davon Nascimento🇧🇷 BrazilBronze Rare
 Jacsson Marlos🇧🇷 BrazilBronze Common
 Klever Lipe🇧🇷 BrazilBronze Common
 Lucao Eskerdinha🇧🇷 BrazilBronze Common
 Marcus Leandrão🇧🇷 BrazilBronze Common
 Mateus Danilinho🇧🇷 BrazilBronze Common
 Ricci Taffarel🇧🇷 BrazilBronze Common
 Romarzinho Alan🇧🇷 BrazilBronze Common
 Valdemir Liminha🇧🇷 BrazilBronze Common
 Welbinho Ricardo🇧🇷 BrazilBronze Common
🆕Dotchev🇧🇬 BulgariaSilver Common
 Chuck Deanman🇨🇦 CanadaBronze Rare
 José Luis Sierra🇨🇱 ChileGold Common
 Mario Salas🇨🇱 ChileGold Common
🆕Sierra🇨🇱 ChileSilver Rare
🆕Bozán🇨🇱 ChileSilver Common
🆕Córdova🇨🇱 ChileSilver Common
 Jaime Vera🇨🇱 ChileSilver Common
🆕Ramírez🇨🇱 ChileSilver Common
🆕Vilches🇨🇱 ChileSilver Common
🆕Bernal🇨🇴 ColombiaSilver Common
🆕Bodhert🇨🇴 ColombiaSilver Common
🆕Cárdenas🇨🇴 ColombiaSilver Common
🆕Corredor🇨🇴 ColombiaSilver Common
🆕De la Pava🇨🇴 ColombiaSilver Common
 Flabio Torres🇨🇴 ColombiaSilver Common
 Juan Carlos Sánchez🇨🇴 ColombiaSilver Common
🆕Maturana🇨🇴 ColombiaSilver Common
🆕Otero🇨🇴 ColombiaSilver Common
🆕Suárez🇨🇴 ColombiaSilver Common
🆕Bodmer🇨🇴 ColombiaBronze Common
 Slaven Bilić🇭🇷 CroatiaGold Rare
 Igor Tudor🇭🇷 CroatiaGold Common
 Ivan Juric🇭🇷 CroatiaGold Common
 Ivan Leko🇭🇷 CroatiaGold Common
🆕Bjelica🇭🇷 CroatiaSilver Rare
🆕Krulj🇭🇷 CroatiaSilver Rare
🆕Burić🇭🇷 CroatiaSilver Common
🆕Clement🇭🇷 CroatiaSilver Common
🆕Zeman🇨🇿 Czech RepublicGold Common
 Jess Thorup🇩🇰 DenmarkGold Common
🆕Thomasberg🇩🇰 DenmarkSilver Rare
 Glen Riddersholm🇩🇰 DenmarkSilver Common
 Jakob Michelsen🇩🇰 DenmarkSilver Common
🆕Lønstrup🇩🇰 DenmarkSilver Common
🆕Nørgaard🇩🇰 DenmarkSilver Common
🆕Wieghorst🇩🇰 DenmarkBronze Rare
 Bo Henriksen🇩🇰 DenmarkBronze Common
 Kasper Hjulmand🇩🇰 DenmarkBronze Common
 Kent Nielsen🇩🇰 DenmarkBronze Common
 Peter Sørensen🇩🇰 DenmarkBronze Common
🆕Clement🇬🇧 EnglandGold Rare
 Eddie Howe🇬🇧 EnglandGold Common
 Sean Dyche🇬🇧 EnglandGold Common
🆕Burchnall🇬🇧 EnglandSilver Common
 Graham Potter🇬🇧 EnglandSilver Common
🆕Jolley🇬🇧 EnglandSilver Common
🆕Joyce🇬🇧 EnglandSilver Common
🆕McDonald🇬🇧 EnglandSilver Common
🆕Shakespeare🇬🇧 EnglandSilver Common
 Callum Powlson🇬🇧 EnglandBronze Rare
 Clive Whitemarsh🇬🇧 EnglandBronze Rare
 Declan Snodin🇬🇧 EnglandBronze Rare
 Denis Hykeham🇬🇧 EnglandBronze Rare
 Dermot Selley🇬🇧 EnglandBronze Rare
 Desmond Kettlethorpe🇬🇧 EnglandBronze Rare
 Duncan Rheadie🇬🇧 EnglandBronze Rare
 Kenny Lowe🇬🇧 EnglandBronze Rare
 Dwayne Clitheroe🇬🇧 EnglandBronze Common
 Garry Greythroat🇬🇧 EnglandBronze Common
 Gerry Landsbury🇬🇧 EnglandBronze Common
 Iain Blankney🇬🇧 EnglandBronze Common
 Johny Haythwaite🇬🇧 EnglandBronze Common
 Marcus Keynsham🇬🇧 EnglandBronze Common
 Martyn Worplesden🇬🇧 EnglandBronze Common
 Olly Woodgrove🇬🇧 EnglandBronze Common
 Owain Holdstock🇬🇧 EnglandBronze Common
 Percy Linnecor🇬🇧 EnglandBronze Common
 Vernon Lambell🇬🇧 EnglandBronze Common
 Álvaro Cervera🇬🇶 Equatorial GuineaGold Common
 Mika Lehkosuo🇫🇮 FinlandBronze Common
 Arsène Wenger🇫🇷 FranceGold Rare
 Zinedine Zidane🇫🇷 FranceGold Rare
🆕Le Guen🇫🇷 FranceSilver Rare
 Adrien Ballier🇫🇷 FranceBronze Rare
 Colin Poulizac🇫🇷 FranceBronze Rare
 Hervé Bouloud🇫🇷 FranceBronze Common
 Jérémy Andilly🇫🇷 FranceBronze Common
 Loïc Bardonnet🇫🇷 FranceBronze Common
 Maxence Delafon🇫🇷 FranceBronze Common
 Morgan Daulny🇫🇷 FranceBronze Common
 Quentin Moriau🇫🇷 FranceBronze Common
 Raphaël Egasse🇫🇷 FranceBronze Common
 Romuald Peyras🇫🇷 FranceBronze Common
 Timothée Urgel🇫🇷 FranceBronze Common
 Valentin Bigault🇫🇷 FranceBronze Common
 Victor Bourva🇫🇷 FranceBronze Common
 Yves Ravaisson🇫🇷 FranceBronze Common
 Jürgen Klopp🇩🇪 GermanyGold Rare
 Alexander Zorniger🇩🇪 GermanyGold Common
🆕Baumgart🇩🇪 GermanySilver Rare
🆕Fascher🇩🇪 GermanySilver Rare
🆕Härtel🇩🇪 GermanySilver Rare
🆕Hildmann🇩🇪 GermanySilver Rare
🆕Neidhart🇩🇪 GermanySilver Rare
🆕Rose🇩🇪 GermanySilver Rare
🆕Schmidt🇩🇪 GermanySilver Rare
🆕Steffen🇩🇪 GermanySilver Rare
 Thorsten Fink🇩🇪 GermanySilver Rare
🆕Ziegner🇩🇪 GermanySilver Rare
🆕Zimmermann🇩🇪 GermanySilver Rare
 Franco Foda🇩🇪 GermanySilver Common
🆕Kohfeldt🇩🇪 GermanySilver Common
🆕Koschinat🇩🇪 GermanySilver Common
🆕Krämer🇩🇪 GermanySilver Common
🆕Kurz🇩🇪 GermanySilver Common
🆕Meister🇩🇪 GermanySilver Common
🆕Möhlmann🇩🇪 GermanySilver Common
🆕Rehm🇩🇪 GermanySilver Common
🆕Schmitt🇩🇪 GermanySilver Common
🆕Schromm🇩🇪 GermanySilver Common
🆕Vollmann🇩🇪 GermanySilver Common
 Arnd Pfulinger🇩🇪 GermanyBronze Rare
🆕Babbel🇩🇪 GermanyBronze Rare
 Bernhard Wichlitzky🇩🇪 GermanyBronze Rare
 Franz Dittges🇩🇪 GermanyBronze Common
 Friedhelm Gutmannsdorf🇩🇪 GermanyBronze Common
 Hans-dieter Küppler🇩🇪 GermanyBronze Common
 Heribert Feiermann🇩🇪 GermanyBronze Common
 Lukas Mauerblum🇩🇪 GermanyBronze Common
 Martin Kranzmeister🇩🇪 GermanyBronze Common
 Michael Hanemund🇩🇪 GermanyBronze Common
 Sebastian Blechmüller🇩🇪 GermanyBronze Common
 Siegbert Heidelmann🇩🇪 GermanyBronze Common
 Stefan Schnotzky🇩🇪 GermanyBronze Common
 Timo Köpfler🇩🇪 GermanyBronze Common
 Ulrich Kleinebrinker🇩🇪 GermanyBronze Common
 Giannis Anastasiou🇬🇷 GreeceSilver Rare
🆕Ouzounidis🇬🇷 GreeceSilver Common
 Zafiris Xenakis🇬🇷 GreeceBronze Common
 Ólafur Kristjánsson🇮🇸 IcelandSilver Common
 Antonio Conte🇮🇹 ItalyGold Rare
🆕Carrera🇮🇹 ItalyGold Rare
 Massimiliano Allegri🇮🇹 ItalyGold Rare
🆕Roberto Mancini🇮🇹 ItalyGold Rare
 Simone Inzaghi🇮🇹 ItalyGold Rare
 Stefano Pioli🇮🇹 ItalyGold Rare
 Vincenzo Montella🇮🇹 ItalyGold Rare
🆕Bucchi🇮🇹 ItalyGold Common
🆕Delneri🇮🇹 ItalyGold Common
 Fabio Pecchia🇮🇹 ItalyGold Common
🆕Gasperini🇮🇹 ItalyGold Common
 Marco Giampaolo🇮🇹 ItalyGold Common
 Massimo Rastelli🇮🇹 ItalyGold Common
 Roberto Donadoni🇮🇹 ItalyGold Common
 Rolando Maran🇮🇹 ItalyGold Common
🆕Stramaccioni🇮🇹 ItalyGold Common
🆕Vivarini🇮🇹 ItalyGold Common
🆕Nicola🇮🇹 ItalySilver Rare
🆕Baroni🇮🇹 ItalySilver Common
🆕Carlos Ancelotti🇮🇹 ItalySilver Common
🆕Semplici🇮🇹 ItalySilver Common
🆕Tramezzani🇮🇹 ItalySilver Common
🆕Lettieri🇮🇹 ItalyBronze Rare
 Giordano Caito🇮🇹 ItalyBronze Common
 Lacina Douhou🇨🇮 Ivory CoastBronze Common
 Ankan Itami🇯🇵 JapanBronze Rare
 Cayman Okazaki🇯🇵 JapanBronze Rare
 Hayashi Matsushina🇯🇵 JapanBronze Common
 Kazushi Daini🇯🇵 JapanBronze Common
 Kengo Inoki🇯🇵 JapanBronze Common
 Kosuke Fujiharu🇯🇵 JapanBronze Common
 Pape Barro-diene🇯🇵 JapanBronze Common
🆕Božovic🇲🇪 MontenegroSilver Common
 Mamby Konare🇲🇱 MaliBronze Common
🆕Cruz🇲🇽 MexicoGold Common
🆕De la Torre🇲🇽 MexicoGold Common
 Francisco Palencia🇲🇽 MexicoGold Common
 Ignacio Ambriz🇲🇽 MexicoGold Common
 Miguel Herrera🇲🇽 MexicoGold Common
🆕Hernández🇲🇽 MexicoSilver Common
🆕Lozano🇲🇽 MexicoSilver Common
 Ronald Koeman🇳🇱 NetherlandsGold Rare
🆕Franck de Boer🇳🇱 NetherlandsGold Common
🆕Stuivenberg🇳🇱 NetherlandsSilver Common
 Brendan Rodgers🇬🇧 North IrelandGold Common
🆕Lennon🇬🇧 North IrelandSilver Common
 Darragh Magennis🇬🇧 North IrelandBronze Rare
 Tommy Wright🇬🇧 North IrelandBronze Rare
 Kenny Shiels🇬🇧 North IrelandBronze Common
🆕Robinson🇬🇧 North IrelandBronze Common
 Ståle Solbakken🇳🇴 NorwayGold Common
 Kåre Ingebrigtsen🇳🇴 NorwaySilver Rare
 Dag-eilev Fagermo🇳🇴 NorwaySilver Common
🆕Deila🇳🇴 NorwaySilver Common
🆕Erlandsen🇳🇴 NorwaySilver Common
🆕Horneland🇳🇴 NorwaySilver Common
🆕Nilsen🇳🇴 NorwaySilver Common
🆕Skullerud🇳🇴 NorwaySilver Common
🆕Solskjær🇳🇴 NorwaySilver Common
 Geir Bakke🇳🇴 NorwayBronze Rare
 Trond Fredriksen🇳🇴 NorwayBronze Rare
🆕Bohinen🇳🇴 NorwayBronze Common
 Maxwell Ridenton🇳🇿 New ZealandBronze Common
 Daniel Maidanez🇵🇾 ParaguayBronze Rare
🆕Magiera🇵🇱 PolandGold Common
 Piotr Nowak🇵🇱 PolandSilver Rare
🆕Brzęczek🇵🇱 PolandSilver Common
 Jan Urban🇵🇱 PolandSilver Common
🆕Ojrzyński🇵🇱 PolandSilver Common
 Piotr Stokowiec🇵🇱 PolandSilver Common
🆕Skorża🇵🇱 PolandSilver Common
 Dariusz Wdowczyk🇵🇱 PolandBronze Rare
 Mariusz Rumak🇵🇱 PolandBronze Rare
🆕Brosz🇵🇱 PolandBronze Common
 Michał Probierz🇵🇱 PolandBronze Common
 Jorge Jesus🇵🇹 PortugalGold Rare
 José Mourinho🇵🇹 PortugalGold Rare
🆕Marco Silva🇵🇹 PortugalGold Rare
 Rui Vitória🇵🇹 PortugalGold Rare
🆕Ségio Conceição🇵🇹 PortugalGold Rare
 José Couceiro🇵🇹 PortugalGold Common
🆕Miguel Leal🇵🇹 PortugalGold Common
🆕Pedro Caixinha🇵🇹 PortugalGold Common
 Pedro Martins🇵🇹 PortugalGold Common
🆕Sá Pinto🇵🇹 PortugalGold Common
🆕Abel Silva🇵🇹 PortugalSilver Rare
 Manuel Machado🇵🇹 PortugalSilver Rare
 Daniel Ramos🇵🇹 PortugalSilver Common
🆕Domingos Paciência🇵🇹 PortugalSilver Common
 José Gomes🇵🇹 PortugalSilver Common
🆕Pedro Emanuel🇵🇹 PortugalSilver Common
🆕Vasco Seabra🇵🇹 PortugalSilver Common
 Lázaro Godão🇵🇹 PortugalBronze Common
 Quim Machado🇵🇹 PortugalBronze Common
🆕Hughton🇮🇪 Republic IrelandGold Common
🆕Bradley🇮🇪 Republic IrelandSilver Common
🆕Mahon🇮🇪 Republic IrelandSilver Common
 Stephen Kenny🇮🇪 Republic IrelandSilver Common
 Eunan Devitt🇮🇪 Republic IrelandBronze Common
 John Caulfield🇮🇪 Republic IrelandBronze Common
 Keith Long🇮🇪 Republic IrelandBronze Common
 Liam Buckley🇮🇪 Republic IrelandBronze Common
 Ollie Horgan🇮🇪 Republic IrelandBronze Common
 Pádraig Maguire-Stevens🇮🇪 Republic IrelandBronze Common
 Ritchie Sarum🇮🇪 Republic IrelandBronze Common
 Seamus Thimbleby🇮🇪 Republic IrelandBronze Common
 Shane Keegan🇮🇪 Republic IrelandBronze Common
🆕Şumudică🇷🇴 RomaniaGold Common
🆕Bölöni🇷🇴 RomaniaSilver Rare
🆕Gâlcă🇷🇴 RomaniaBronze Rare
🆕Rednic🇷🇴 RomaniaBronze Common
🆕Semin🇷🇺 RussiaGold Rare
🆕Berdyev🇷🇺 RussiaGold Common
🆕Shalimov🇷🇺 RussiaGold Common
 Oleg Kononov🇷🇺 RussiaSilver Rare
🆕Poddubskiy🇷🇺 RussiaSilver Rare
🆕Tarkhanov🇷🇺 RussiaSilver Rare
 Gadzhi Gadzhiev🇷🇺 RussiaSilver Common
🆕Kalitvintsev🇷🇺 RussiaSilver Common
🆕Semak🇷🇺 RussiaSilver Common
🆕Al Jaber🇸🇦 Saudi ArabiaSilver Common
 Dhaahir Jabour🇸🇦 Saudi ArabiaBronze Rare
 Irfaan Soliman🇸🇦 Saudi ArabiaBronze Common
 Mundhir Satter🇸🇦 Saudi ArabiaBronze Common
 Nu’maan Bangura🇸🇦 Saudi ArabiaBronze Common
 John Hughes🇬🇧 ScotlandGold Rare
🆕McCann🇬🇧 ScotlandSilver Rare
 Derek Mcinnes🇬🇧 ScotlandSilver Common
🆕McCulloch🇬🇧 ScotlandSilver Common
 Jim Mcintyre🇬🇧 ScotlandBronze Rare
 Alan Archibald🇬🇧 ScotlandBronze Common
 Ernie Merrick🇬🇧 ScotlandBronze Common
 Martin Canning🇬🇧 ScotlandBronze Common
🆕Sredojević🇷🇸 SerbiaSilver Rare
🆕Rašović🇷🇸 SerbiaSilver Common
 Jaroslav Puškárik🇷🇸 SerbiaBronze Common
🆕Cuco Ziganda🇪🇸 SpainGold Rare
 Ernesto Valverde🇪🇸 SpainGold Rare
🆕Eusebio🇪🇸 SpainGold Rare
🆕Fran Escribá🇪🇸 SpainGold Rare
🆕Marcelino🇪🇸 SpainGold Rare
🆕Mendilibar🇪🇸 SpainGold Rare
 Pep Guardiola🇪🇸 SpainGold Rare
 Quique Flores🇪🇸 SpainGold Rare
🆕Unai Emery🇪🇸 SpainGold Rare
🆕Anquela🇪🇸 SpainGold Common
 Gaizka Garitano🇪🇸 SpainGold Common
🆕José Bordalás🇪🇸 SpainGold Common
 Julio Velázquez🇪🇸 SpainGold Common
 Luis César🇪🇸 SpainGold Common
🆕Martí🇪🇸 SpainGold Common
🆕Muñiz🇪🇸 SpainGold Common
 Pablo Machín🇪🇸 SpainGold Common
 Paco Jémez🇪🇸 SpainGold Common
 Quique Setién🇪🇸 SpainGold Common
🆕Rafa Benítez🇪🇸 SpainGold Common
 Roberto Martínez🇪🇸 SpainGold Common
🆕De la Barrera🇪🇸 SpainSilver Rare
🆕Gerard López🇪🇸 SpainSilver Rare
 Jagoba Arrasate🇪🇸 SpainSilver Rare
🆕López Garai🇪🇸 SpainSilver Rare
🆕Manolo Jiménez🇪🇸 SpainSilver Rare
 Natxo González🇪🇸 SpainSilver Rare
🆕Rubi🇪🇸 SpainSilver Rare
 Jordi Condom🇪🇸 SpainSilver Common
🆕Lillo Díez🇪🇸 SpainSilver Common
🆕Míchel🇪🇸 SpainSilver Common
🆕Pepe Mel🇪🇸 SpainSilver Common
🆕Ramis🇪🇸 SpainSilver Common
🆕Tevenet🇪🇸 SpainSilver Common
🆕Toni Ordinas🇪🇸 SpainSilver Common
 Andrés Dantero🇪🇸 SpainBronze Rare
 Antonio Ardabal🇪🇸 SpainBronze Rare
 Edu Gandeano🇪🇸 SpainBronze Common
 Emilio Mirellas🇪🇸 SpainBronze Common
 Joaquín Narcero🇪🇸 SpainBronze Common
 Joselu Barros🇪🇸 SpainBronze Common
 Julián Sandaro🇪🇸 SpainBronze Common
 Miguel Galdán🇪🇸 SpainBronze Common
 Nando Candaval🇪🇸 SpainBronze Common
 Paco Sebarra🇪🇸 SpainBronze Common
 Rafa Gastiano🇪🇸 SpainBronze Common
 Sebas Fargal🇪🇸 SpainBronze Common
 Sergio Cerrión🇪🇸 SpainBronze Common
 Vicente Restero🇪🇸 SpainBronze Common
 Steve Komphela🇿🇦 South AfricaGold Common
 Mal Chin Keng🇰🇷 South KoreaBronze Common
 Sang Ook Pan🇰🇷 South KoreaBronze Common
 Soon Bok Nahm🇰🇷 South KoreaBronze Common
🆕Westerberg🇸🇪 SwedenSilver Rare
 Jens Gustafsson🇸🇪 SwedenSilver Common
 Magnus Haglund🇸🇪 SwedenSilver Common
 Nanne Bergstrand🇸🇪 SwedenSilver Common
🆕Pehrsson🇸🇪 SwedenSilver Common
 Rikard Norling🇸🇪 SwedenSilver Common
🆕Stahre🇸🇪 SwedenSilver Common
 Alexander Axén🇸🇪 SwedenBronze Common
 Jimmy Thelin🇸🇪 SwedenBronze Common
 Joel Cedergren🇸🇪 SwedenBronze Common
 Rasmus Byqvist🇸🇪 SwedenBronze Common
 René Weiler🇨🇭 SwitzerlandGold Common
🆕Schneider🇨🇭 SwitzerlandSilver Rare
🆕Contini🇨🇭 SwitzerlandSilver Common
🆕Forte🇨🇭 SwitzerlandSilver Common
🆕Wicky🇨🇭 SwitzerlandSilver Common
 Celestini🇨🇭 SwitzerlandBronze Rare
 Darije Kalezić🇨🇭 SwitzerlandBronze Common
 Helmut Schnützli🇨🇭 SwitzerlandBronze Common
 Patrice Moustiers🇨🇭 SwitzerlandBronze Common
 Robert Leitmannsberg🇨🇭 SwitzerlandBronze Common
 Siegmund Schneuzli🇨🇭 SwitzerlandBronze Common
🆕Tami🇨🇭 SwitzerlandBronze Common
🆕Al Jabal🇹🇳 TunisiaSilver Common
 Aykut Kocaman🇹🇷 TurkeyGold Rare
 Şenol Güneş🇹🇷 TurkeyGold Rare
 Abdullah Avci🇹🇷 TurkeyGold Common
🆕Akçay🇹🇷 TurkeyGold Common
🆕Buruk🇹🇷 TurkeyGold Common
🆕Çalımbay🇹🇷 TurkeyGold Common
 Ersun Yanal🇹🇷 TurkeyGold Common
🆕Sağlam🇹🇷 TurkeySilver Rare
🆕Tuna🇹🇷 TurkeySilver Rare
🆕Aybaba🇹🇷 TurkeySilver Common
🆕Melkemichel🇹🇷 TurkeySilver Common
🆕Özdeş🇹🇷 TurkeySilver Common
🆕Uygun🇹🇷 TurkeySilver Common
🆕Parfyonov🇺🇦 UkraineSilver Rare
🆕Rebrov🇺🇦 UkraineSilver Common
 Kostyantyn Seminenko🇺🇦 UkraineBronze Common
🆕Wagner🇺🇸 United StatesGold Common
🆕Enochs🇺🇸 United StatesSilver Common
 Calum Calaway🇺🇸 United StatesBronze Rare
 Drake Rayhart🇺🇸 United StatesBronze Rare
 Ralf Hennigan🇺🇸 United StatesBronze Common
 Rochester Copse🇺🇸 United StatesBronze Common
 Travis Metheringham🇺🇸 United StatesBronze Common
🆕Aguirre🇺🇾 UruguayGold Common
 Diego Alonso🇺🇾 UruguayGold Common
 Gustavo Matosas🇺🇾 UruguayGold Common
🆕Comesaña🇺🇾 UruguaySilver Common
🆕Montero🇺🇾 UruguaySilver Common
🆕Pérez🇺🇾 UruguaySilver Common
 Dayro Menendez🇺🇾 UruguayBronze Rare
 Tony Pulis🇬🇧 WalesGold Common
 Geraint Rhydderch🇬🇧 WalesBronze Common


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  1. I want feyenoord head coach giovanni van bronkhorst…. Sadly you guys stil fail on this part with the fifa games!!!

    Same as the stadium to play in…the kuip…its feyenoord stadion and most important one with the best grass in the netherlands… ALL mayor games are beeing hold there….yet you stil fail here!!!

    Time to make the game worth the money you ask for it!!!


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