FIFA 17 OTW Predictions – Investment Tips for Week 28

FIFA 17 OTW Predictions - Investment Tips for Week 28


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Hi guys, OTW Trading & Tips here! I’ll be posting my FIFA 17 OTW Predictions every Friday, so if you’re interested in making some easy coins follow me here on the site for updates on my trading journal and you can also drop a like on my Twitter account as well. Now, let’s do some investing! This time, I will show you the investment tips for week 28 (April 1st to April 4th).

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FIFA 17 OTW Predictions – Week 28


All the OTW’s I list here should net you around 4-5k profit, minimum (after tax). If I haven’t listed a card, that means that I don’t believe that it’ll be able to generate the minimum profit margin of 4k or that the card is simply just too pricey for the potential return. Every card will also have an explanation on why I believe that the card is a good investment. But before we start, I’m gonna provide you with a detailed list which I’ll inform you about the current squad status of the OTW Player and when do their respective clubs play next.


Player Name
Time (GMT)
Squad Status
Worth it?
BerahinoLeicester – Stoke01/04/201715:00RotationYes
BatshuayiChelsea – Crystal Palace01/04/201715:00BenchNo
NiangWatford – Sunderland01/04/201715:00StarterYes
SakhoChelsea – Crystal Palace01/04/201715:00StarterYes
van AanholtChelsea – Crystal Palace01/04/201715:00StarterNo
KanteChelsea – Crystal Palace01/04/201715:00StarterNo
ManeLiverpool – Everton01/04/201713:30StarterNo
SchneiderlinLiverpool – Everton01/04/201713:30StarterYes
GabbiadiniSouthampton – Bournemouth01/04/201717:30InjuredYes
KolodziejczakFrankfurt – Borussia M’Gladbach01/04/201714:30RotationYes
EmboloSchalke – Borussia Dortmund01/04/201714:30InjuredNo
DembeleSchalke – Borussia Dortmund01/04/201714:30StarterYes
Renato SanchesBayern Munich – Augsburg01/04/201714:30BenchNo
HummelsBayern Munich – Augsburg01/04/201714:30StarterNo
SansoneVillarreal – Eibar01/04/201713:00StarterYes
GaitanMalaga – Atletico Madrid01/04/201720:45Late game subNo
PayetMarseille – Dijon01/04/201716:00StarterYes
SansonMarseille – Dijon01/04/201716:00StarterYes
AlissonRoma – Empoli01/04/201719:45BenchNo
Luiz AdrianoSpartak Moscow – Orenburg01/04/201715:00StarterYes
GiulianoRubin Kazan – Zenit St. Petersburg01/04/201715:00StarterYes
MilikNapoli – Juventus02/04/201719:45Late game subYes
PjanićNapoli – Juventus02/04/201719:45StarterNo
HiguainNapoli – Juventus02/04/201719:45StarterNo
DeulofeuPescara – AC Milan02/04/201714:00StarterYes
SportielloFiorentina – Bologna02/04/201714:00BenchNo
SaponaraFiorentina – Bologna02/04/201714:00StarterYes
StonesArsenal – Manchester City02/04/201713:30StarterNo
MustafiArsenal – Manchester City02/04/201713:30StarterNo
SaneArsenal – Manchester City02/04/201713:30StarterYes
Gabriel JesusArsenal – Manchester City02/04/201713:30InjuredYes
BaileyBayer Leverkusen – Wolfsburg02/04/201716:30BenchYes
NtepBayer Leverkusen – Wolfsburg02/04/201716:30InjuredNo
MalliBayer Leverkusen – Wolfsburg02/04/201716:30StarterYes
MorataReal Madrid – Alaves02/04/201716:15RotationYes
JovetićSevilla – Sporting Gijon02/04/201712:00RotationYes
UmtitiGranada – Barcelona02/04/201720:45Expected to startNo
DepayRennes – Lyon02/04/201714:00StarterYes
GagliardiniInter – Sampdoria03/04/201719:45StarterYes
JeseCelta Vigo – UD Las Palmas03/04/201720:45Expected to startYes
BaillyManchester United – Everton04/04/201720:00StarterNo
PogbaManchester United – Everton04/04/201720:00StarterNo
Gonçalo GuedesPSG – Guingamp09/04/201720:00BenchYes
KrychowiakPSG – Guingamp09/04/201720:00BenchNo
Ben ArfaPSG – Guingamp09/04/201720:00BenchNo
DraxlerPSG – Guingamp09/04/201720:00StarterNo


Now that we know when our OTW investments are playing, it’s time to see which of them are actually the best to invest in.

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FIFA 17 OTW Predictions - Investment Tips for Week 28[/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″]BAILEY

Going by all the reports around Leverkusen, the new coach is a big fan of the youngster and with every passing game he gets more and more playing time. He started the 2nd part of the season (after his transfer from Genk to Leverkusen) by not even being on the bench, he slowly crept onto the bench and now he’s getting 10-15 minutes per game. I believe it’s only a matter of time before the coach gives him a chance in the first 11.

Summary: buy bellow 20k on both consoles and be prepared to hold, potential long term investment with a potential huge profit margin.

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FIFA 17 OTW Predictions - Investment Tips for Week 28[/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″]BERAHINO

He’s slowly crept into the starting eleven after starting the season on the bench for WBA. He pushed out Crouch who was in great form the last couple of months and is now the starting forward for Stoke City. He’s had 2 rough games versus tough opponents (Man City and Chelsea) and now he faces yet another challenge against a very unpredictable Manchester United side at Old Trafford.

Summary: same as Bailey, buy under 20k on both consoles and you could offload him for around 23/24k which is decent. He’s also a good long term investment because the game after Utd is against Burnley.

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FIFA 17 OTW Predictions - Investment Tips for Week 28[/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″]SAPONARA

Plays behind Kalinić who’s having a great season and banging in goals left and right. Given how offensive minded Fiorentina plays I see this as one of the better investments, seems just like a matter of time before he gets a TOTW card. Fiorentina host Bologna next week. Bologna is in the middle of the table, but are currently experiencing a rough patch of form. Add to that that Bologna isn’t really known for their away games as they’ve conceded 23 goals in just 14 matches on the road.

Summary: buy under 21k PS4 and under 20k XB1. Offensive minded team versus a bad team on the road, this game could have 3+ goals which is promising.

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FIFA 17 OTW Predictions - Investment Tips for Week 28[/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″]GAGLIARDINI

Currently sitting very low given how high he’s been for the last 2 weeks or so. He’s what makes Inter’s team run, he’s the team’s engine and everything goes through him. What makes Gagliardini such a good investment is Inter’s style of play meshes brilliantly with his own stlyle. Inter like to strike on the counter by spraying balls to the wings and one of Gagliardini’s strengths is interceptions and through balls. A match made in heaven. Inter games guarantee at least 3+ goals per game which also always a nice thing to have.

Summary: buy under 24k on both consoles. Gagliardini plays great since signing for Inter (scoring 2 goals in the last 3 games), he’s a guaranteed starter and is pretty involved in the buildup. I would rate him as one of the safest otw investments for next week.

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FIFA 17 OTW Predictions - Investment Tips for Week 28[/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″]LUIZ ADRIANO

Been out with a calf injury for the last 2 games in the Russian Premier League, but now he’s had 4 weeks of rest and should come back with a bang. People are overlooking the fact how good of a forward he actually is. AC Milan made a mistake of not giving him a lot of chances (barely 45 minutes per game last season, relegated to the bench this season with 5-10 minutes per game). Luiz Adriano played most of his career in Ukraine which has a similar style of football to the Russian Premier League which means that he feels at home here. He also plays for one of the current top sides in the league with a fellow Brazilian as his partner upfront. In the last 10 games that Luiz Adriano has played in (including friendlies), he’s scored in 7 of them, also one of those goals was on his debut.

Summary: for such a quality and experienced forward, playing in one of the best, if not the best side in the league, his price is very low. Buy range is under 26k on PS4 and under 22k on XB1. Once again, this is one of the safer investments for next week.

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FIFA 17 OTW Predictions - Investment Tips for Week 28[/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″]MALLI

Has been a pretty solid OTW investment since his card got releaed in February. Consistent performer in a pretty weak Wolfsburg side. Plays either behind the striker or partnering him upfront. Wolfsburg’s manager likes to switch up the tactics quite often. Everything goes through Malli and he’s the main cog in a pretty lackluster side, so it’s to expect that if there is a goal that he’ll he involved, one way or the other.

Summary: you wouldn’t wanna go over 27k on PS4 and over 22k on XB1. As stated earlier, consistent performer and it’s prime time for him to make something happen. I’d tag him as one of the safer investments for next week as well.

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FIFA 17 OTW Predictions - Investment Tips for Week 28[/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″]MORATA

Real Madrid play against Leganes at home. I simply can’t see Benzema starting this game. Benzema and Morata have both been used in some sort of pattern, where each of them plays one or two games and then sits for the next game. Given that Benzema played the last game, it’s time for Morata to play now. Also take notice that Morata scores a goal every 74 minutes, which is pretty damn impressive. Last game he started he was between 75-80k on PS4.

Summary: evidence suggests that he could start next game. Playing against a very weak opponent and playing at home, he’d want to cement that starting spot ahead of Benzema so I believe he’ll be sufficiently motivated. PS4 max price you should buy is 50k and 41k on XB1.

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/3″]
FIFA 17 OTW Predictions - Investment Tips for Week 28[/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″]SCHNEIDERLIN

After the disappointing exclusion from the TOTW two weeks ago, his price tanked incredibly. But that actually helped, as there is some hype around him now. He peaked at 42k PS4 before his last game, which was an incredible spike in price for such a defensive minded player.

Summary: I’d take a gamble on him here, worst case scenario that can happen is that you break even. So don’t buy too many. Max buys are 32k PS4 and 30k XB1.

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/3″]
FIFA 17 OTW Predictions - Investment Tips for Week 28[/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″]NIANG

I’m gonna tag him as THE best investment you can make right now. Watford play 3 games in a span of 8 days. Yes, three games. Last time something like that happened, Jese played 2 games in a space of 5 days, his price after the first game dropped a bit but continued to rise until the next game. Which looked something like this: 30,5k → 38k → 45k. I think that it’s safe to say that Niang currently has the highest amount of hype on him of any OTW currently in the game. Back to Watford’s schedule, 2 of the 3 games are home games, one of the is against relegation battlers Sunderland and the other one is against WBA. Both of these teams are pretty lackluster when playing away from home (Sunderland especially) and I can see quite a lot of goals being scored in those 2 games. The last game is against Tottenham on White Hart Lane, don’t expect too much out of that and i believe that there’ll be massive undercutting before the game starts.

Summary: 3 games in a span of 8 days, 2 of those are home games versus 2 pretty bad away teams. A lot of potential goals to be scored and that’s always a good sign for OTW’s. Buy range is 35k max PS4 and 28k XB1.

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/3″]
FIFA 17 OTW Predictions - Investment Tips for Week 28[/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″]JESE

After having a horrible start to the 2nd part of the season, with numerous missed chances (both of which he either created or were created for him) he finally had a breakout against his former club, Real Madrid. He scored 2 goals at the Bernabeu and was the undisputed Man of the Match. What happened next is that he got sidelined with a small injury so he was on the bench for the next game. But as I stated earlier with Schneiderlin, whenever an OTW scores a goal after a long stint without one, hype starts to build around it and there is profit to be made. I personally have watched 2 least 5 games of Jese since he joined Las Palmas, and one thing I can say for certain, is that he creates a lot of clear cut chances for either himself or his teammates. As you can already guess, the biggest problem is finishing those chances, but that’s a good sign, with the way he moves without the ball and how accurate his through balls are, it’s only a matter of time before one of those chances find the back of the net.

Summary: a low price and a lot of hyped surrounding him make him one of the better candidates to invest in. Another plus is that they have 2 games in a span of 3 days. Max buy on PS4 is 40k and 32k XB1.

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/3″]
FIFA 17 OTW Predictions - Investment Tips for Week 28[/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″]MILIK

With the form of Mertens and Insigne, many of you might call this a bad investment as he’s probably not gonna start. My answer to that is that that doesn’t matter. Milik is currently below his average market price. Which is roughly 45k on PS4 and 38k on XB1. Napoli play at home against Juventus and there will be sufficient hype regardless if he starts or not.

Summary: current price is below his market value, safe to invest in a couple. Max buy PS4 is 40k and XB1 34k.

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/3″]
FIFA 17 OTW Predictions - Investment Tips for Week 28[/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″]GIULIANO

One of the best players to invest in since the Russian Premier League started. Currently in a small stint where he’s underperformed, but his talent and ability are undeniable. Best player on the team’s roster and proven quality against much bigger opposition on the European stage as well. Another plus is that if he gets an IF, his OTW will jump from 84 to 87. If that’s not a sufficient for you to invest in, take a look at his price graph and you’ll notice that his price fluctuates by around 15-20k up and down throughout the week, which means that there is quite a lot of coins to be made even before kickoff or lineups. A must buy for me.

Summary: One of the best players in the Russian league, plays for one of the best teams in the league. Had a bit of a rough patch but that just means that it has to happen sooner or later. Consistent fluctuations in price make him as a must buy. Max buy on PS4 is 58k and 42k on XB1.


That would be all for this week’s FIFA 17 OTW Investing, see you next week and happy Investing. OTW Trading & TIps.


This article was written by a guest contributor identified on the top of the page.



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