FIFA 17 OTW Predictions – OTW Investment Tips for Week 29

FIFA 17 OTW Predictions - OTW Investment Tips for Week 29


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Hi guys, OTW Trading & Tips with you again with another OTW Investment guide! If you’re interested in making some easy coins follow me here on the site for updates on my trading journal and you can also drop a like on my Twitter account as well. This time, we will be covering all the players which play from the 4th – 10th of April (week 29).

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FIFA 17 OTW Investment – Week 29


This time around I won’t be putting in buy ranges as we’ve got a big event coming! FUT Birthday is probably gonna be the biggest event of the year and prices have already dropped quite low on numerous high-end cards. Given the fact that I can’t predict what EA will do for the event or how big of a market crash there will be I won’t be putting in buy ranges as it’s impossible to predict them.


Player Name
Time (GMT)
Squad Status
Worth it?
EmboloWerder Bremen – Schalke04/04/201719:00InjuredNo
DembeleBorussia Dortmund – HSV04/04/201719:00StarterYes
Renato SanchesHoffenhaim – Bayern Munich04/04/201719:00BenchNo
HummelsHoffenhaim – Bayern Munich04/04/201719:00StarterNo
BerahinoBurnley – Stoke04/04/201719:45RotationYes
NiangWatford – West Bromwich Albion04/04/201719:45StarterYes
SchneiderlinManchester United – Everton04/04/201720:00StarterYes
BaillyManchester United – Everton04/04/201720:00StarterNo
PogbaManchester United – Everton04/04/201720:00InjuredNo
SansoneReal Betis – Villarreal04/04/201720:30StarterYes
GaitanAtletico Madrid – Real Sociedad04/04/201720:30Late game subNo
DepayMetz – Lyon05/04/201718:00StarterYes
JovetićBarcelona – Sevilla05/04/201718:30RotationYes
UmtitiBarcelona – Sevilla05/04/201718:30Expected to startNo
KolodziejczakBorussia M’Gladbach – Hertha05/04/201719:00RotationYes
BaileyDarmstadt – Bayer Leverkusen05/04/201719:00BenchYes
NtepWolfsburg – Freiburg05/04/201719:00InjuredNo
MalliWolfsburg – Freiburg05/04/201719:00StarterYes
SakhoSouthampton – Crystal Palace05/04/201719:45StarterYes
van AanholtSouthampton – Crystal Palace05/04/201719:45StarterNo
GabbiadiniSouthampton – Crystal Palace05/04/201719:45QuestionableYes
MustafiArsenal – West Ham United05/04/201719:45StarterNo
ManeLiverpool – Bournemouth05/04/201720:00StarterNo
BatshuayiChelsea – Manchester City05/04/201720:00BenchNo
KanteChelsea – Manchester City05/04/201720:00StarterNo
StonesChelsea – Manchester City05/04/201720:00StarterYes
SaneChelsea – Manchester City05/04/201720:00StarterYes
Gabriel JesusChelsea – Manchester City05/04/201720:00InjuredNo
MorataLeganes – Real Madrid05/04/201720:30RotationYes
JeseEibar – Las Palmas06/04/201718:30Expected to startYes
SansoneVillarreal – Athletic Club Bilbao07/04/201719:45StarterYes
NiangTottenham – Watford08/04/201712:30StarterYes
KolodziejczakKoln – Borussia M’Gladbah08/04/201714:30RotationYes
EmboloSchalke – Wolfsburg08/04/201714:30InjuredNo
BaileyRB Leipzig – Bayer Leverkusen08/04/201714:30BenchYes
NtepSchalke – Wolfsburg08/04/201714:30InjuredNo
MalliSchalke – Wolfsburg08/04/201714:30StarterYes
BerahinoStoke – Liverpool08/04/201715:00RotationYes
ManeStoke – Liverpool08/04/201715:00RotationNo
GabbiadiniWest Bromwich Albion – Southampton08/04/201715:00QuestionableYes
StonesManchester City – Hull08/04/201715:00StarterYes
SaneManchester City – Hull08/04/201715:00StarterYes
Gabriel JesusManchester City – Hull08/04/201715:00InjuredNo
GaitanReal Madrid – Atletico Madrid08/04/201715:15Late game subNo
BatshuayiBournemouth – Chelsea08/04/201717:30BenchNo
KanteBournemouth – Chelsea08/04/201717:30BenchNo
DembeleBorussia Dortmund – Bayern Munich08/04/201717:30StarterYes
Renato SanchesBorussia Dortmund – Bayern Munich08/04/201717:30StarterNo
HummelsBorussia Dortmund – Bayern Munich08/04/201717:30StarterNo
GiulianoZenit St. Petersburg – Anzhi08/04/201717:00StarterYes
PjanićJuventus – Chievo08/04/201719:45StarterNo
HiguainJuventus – Chievo08/04/201719:45StarterNo
MorataReal Madrid – Atletico Madrid08/04/201715:15RotationYes
JovetićSevilla – Deportivo La Coruna08/04/201717:30RotationYes
DepayLyon – Lorient08/04/201719:00StarterYes
UmtitiMalaga – Barcelona08/04/201719:45Expected to startNo
SportielloSampdoria – Fiorentina09/04/201711:30BenchNo
SaponaraSampdoria – Fiorentina09/04/201711:30StarterYes
Luiz AdrianoFC Ufa – Spartak Moscow09/04/201712:00StarterYes
PayetToulouse – Marseille09/04/201714:00StarterYes
SansonToulouse – Marseille09/04/201714:00StarterYes
AlissonBologna – Roma09/04/201714:00BenchNo
GagliardiniCrotone – Inter09/04/201714:00StarterYes
DeulofeuMilan – Palermo09/04/201714:00StarterYes
SchneiderlinEverton – Leiicester09/04/201716:00StarterYes
MilikLazio – Napoli09/04/201719:45Late game subYes
JeseLas Palmas – Real Betis09/04/201719:45Expected to startYes
Gonacalo GuedesPSG – Guingamp09/04/201720:00BenchYes
KrychowiakPSG – Guingamp09/04/201720:00BenchNo
Ben ArfaPSG – Guingamp09/04/201720:00BenchNo
DraxlerPSG – Guingamp09/04/201720:00StarterNo
MustafiCrystal Palance – Arsenal10/04/201720:00StarterNo
SakhoCrystal Palance – Arsenal10/04/201720:00StarterYes
van AanholtCrystal Palance – Arsenal10/04/201720:00StarterNo


Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk OTW Investment. This week we’ll be covering mostly the more expensive OTW’s as I believe there’s a lot of coins to be made off of them and with FUT Birthday and a potential market crash they might end up being quite cheap. So, let’s get to it.

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FIFA 17 OTW Predictions - OTW Investment Tips for Week 29[/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″]NIANG

We’ve covered Niang in our last prediction last Tuesday, click on this link to see what’s been said about him

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FIFA 17 OTW Predictions - OTW Investment Tips for Week 29[/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″]BAILEY

Leverkusen have just like Stoke and Watford 3 games in a span of a week. I fully expect Bailey to make his debut against Darmstadt as Leverkusen plays just 3 days after a tough game against RBL on the road and i believe that the coach would like to rest some of his players against a very lackluster side like Darmstadt.

Summary: possible long term investment, but i believe it’s just a matter of time before he gets a start. Can’t really ask for a better fixture than against Darmstadt and given how tight the schedule is would seem like an obvious choice.

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FIFA 17 OTW Predictions - OTW Investment Tips for Week 29[/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″]MALLI

Same as last week, if you can get him at a respectable price then it’s really a must buy as there is always decent profit to be made on him. Although I’d advise to sell before the game as Wolfsburg face a formidable foe in Freiburg, even though they play away from home.

Summary: sell before the game and reinvest after, no reason to take a gamble on him given how Wolfsburg’s scoring record looks like.

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FIFA 17 OTW Predictions - OTW Investment Tips for Week 29[/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″]GABBIADINI

Numerous news site already have ruled him out of this weekend’s game against Bournemouth, but there are some reports which suggest that he’s gonna be available to play against Crystal Palace and WBA. I’d invest heavily in him after this week’s game is finished, his price is gonna be really low and given the possible market crash which is coming with FUT Birthday, he’s gonna be at an all time low.

Summary: big market crash and panic selling from the guys which aren’t aware of him being ruled out of this week’s game will cause his price to plummet and it might see a sharp rise after the event is finished and he’s cleared to play next week.

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FIFA 17 OTW Predictions - OTW Investment Tips for Week 29[/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″]DEPAY

his price just keeps on dropping which is really great to be honest, for a card with those stats, he’s literally a bargain. Also looking at his recent form and scoring record he seems like a shoe-in for another IF before the season ends. Be very wary tho, don’t jump too soon on him as the potential market crash might make his price very unpredictable.

Summary: anticipation towards FUT Birthday and a potential market crash is driving his price very low, he’s in great form and Lyon have 2 relatively easy games against Metz and Lorient in a span of 4 days.

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FIFA 17 OTW Predictions - OTW Investment Tips for Week 29[/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″]GIULIANO

Same reasoning as last week, only difference is that Zenit now play the worst side in the league at home. Anzhi during the winter break due to a finnacial crisis sold off almost all of their players and have filled up their roster with 25 players which came from the 2nd Division or even lower. Their first eleven consist of 5 players which have never played a First Division game until a few weeks ago.

Summary: probably gonna be the easiest game of the second part of the season for the home side. I can see Giuliano scoring and/or assisting in this one, seems like a perfect game to end his slump.

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/3″]
FIFA 17 OTW Predictions - Investment Tips for Week 28[/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″]JESE

This one might be a bit of a long shot, but his price has reached it’s lowest point since the end of February. Having two games against average opponenets such as Real Betis and Eibar (not so much, but far from impossible) I really feel that he can continue making plays and scoring since it looks like he’s found his feet in his new/old club and got to know his teammates a bit better.

Summary: as I said, it might be a shot in the dark, but a few things make him a very feasible investment in my eyes. Low price, increased squad chemistry and a season which could make or break his top flight career all seem like very sound motivators to me.

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/3″]
FIFA 17 OTW Predictions - Investment Tips for Week 28[/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″]DEULOFEU

He’s finding his feet in Milan to say the least. Alongside Bacca he’s been the standout performer for a pretty average side. So far he’s scored a goal and created a couple of them. This week he even got a cap for the national side and managed to celebrate it with a goal. He’s been left out of the TOTW due Tuesday games not counting towards the said TOTW, but i don’t see a reason why he couldn’t continue his form against a very poor side which is Palermo.

Summary: has been in pretty decent form the last couple of games and the goal he scored for his national team might increase the amount of hype surrounding his OTW card so I believe he warrants an inclusion in this weeks predictions.


That would be all for this week’s FIFA 17 OTW Investing, see you next week and happy OTW Investments. OTW Trading & Tips.


This article was written by a guest contributor identified on the top of the page.


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