FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Community Weekend

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Community Weekend


This weekend will be special. It is the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Community Weekend, that brings to you free packs, a great tournament and new happy hours every day.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Community Weekend


To celebrate FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Community Weekend, EA Sports will be holding special events throughout the weekend.
Let’s see which ones…



Free Packs


Everyone loves free packs. And EA know it. They are giving for free to every FUT fan one free pack on Friday May 8, Saturday May 9, and Sunday May 10 at 18:00 UK. You just need to go to your PC or console and open your FUT store. Remember to claim yours each day because they don’t carry over. You can not sell them and the discard price is 0. These packs should be available for everyone except for mobile players. A new free pack is announced every day at 6pm (UK time).

Don’t forget to share with us in the comments section what you pull from these free packs.


    Free Packs

    May 8 – 35k Mega Pack
    May 9 – 25k Pack
    May 10 – 25k Pack


Community Clash Tournament

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Community Weekend


Like the FUT Birthday Cup last March, Community Clash is a very special tournament, because it has good rewards and something more.

The new tournament starts at May 8 6pm (UK time) and ends exactly 48 hours later at March 10. The only requirement to play is to use a squad with no more than 3.5 stars rating team and full chemistry. If you win the online tournament, you get 15.000 coins. In the first win you also get a 50k Rare Players pack (12 rare players). Then, for each win you only get a 25k Pack and 10.000 coins.

But, as we previously said, there are something special in this tournament: play at least one match in the Community Clash Tournament for a chance to win rare tradable In-Forms from previous Team of Weeks. And we are not talking about common IF cards. As you can see above, the cards that will be assigned are from top-players. Each one of the three days, 1,000 gamers will get one of these amazing cards. Winners will be chosen at later date, so you will need to be patient. Once again, mobile gamers are not eligible to this giveaway.

You can know more about FIFA 15 Ultimate Team tournaments here.


First NameLast NameOVRType
C. Ronaldodos Santos Aveiro99TOTY
C. Ronaldodos Santos Aveiro97Record Breaker
AndrésIniesta Luján95TOTY
C. Ronaldodos Santos Aveiro95MOTM
LionelMessi95Record Breaker
ÁngelDi María94TOTY
SergioRamos García94TOTY
Thiago Emilianoda Silva93TOTY
David LuizMoreira Marinho89TOTY
Neymarda Silva Santos Jr.89MOTM
Thiago Emilianoda Silva88MOTM
SergioRamos García88MOTM
KevinDe Bruyne86MOTM
Ricardo AndradeQuaresma Bernardo82MOTM


Daily Happy Hours


As usual in these special occasions, new pack offers will be available every day. Starting at May 8 and until Sunday, a new Happy Hour will be released at 6pm (UK time).

EA Sports has not announced which Happy Hours they will release, but it is easy to guess that they will release the most common ones: 15k, 25k and 35k and eventually 50k or / and 100k packs.

You can know more about FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Happy Hours here


Good luck!



  1. Hello, I won a tournament Community Weekend single player, after I won the tournament i did not receive the awards were a rare package of players and 10,000 coins.
    What shall I do?


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