FIFA 15 Controls Guide

FIFA 15 Controls Guide


Are you looking for FIFA 15 controls ? You can find them here.

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It is the first time you play FIFA ? Are you used with PES controls ? Do you always make confusion between cross and shot buttons ? You don’t know how to sprint ? We are here to help you. This short guide has all the FIFA 15 controls you will need to play the game.

Don’t forget that you can change the button configuration to match with your preferences. You can either choose between three controller configurations (classic, alternate and two buttons) and select which one do you want to use before each match with an easy LT/RT or L2/R2 move.

There is a video at the end of this guide that shows you all the FIFA 15 controls.



FIFA 15 Controls for XBox and Playstation


  • Move PlayerLLS
    First Touch / Knock-OnRT + R + directionR2 + RS + direction
    SprintRT + directionR2 + direction
    Stop and Face GoalLB + no directionL1 + no direction
    Protect / Slow drible / JockeyLT + directionL2 + direction
    Face Up DribblingLT + RTL2 + R2
    Skill MovesRRS
    Stop BallRT + no directionR2 + no direction
  • Short Pass / HeaderAX
    Lob Pass / Cross / HeaderX
    Through BallY
    Shot / Volley / HeaderBO
    Trigger Player RunLBL1
    Chip ShotLB + BL1 + O
    Finesse ShotRB + BR1 + O
    Fake ShotB then A + directionO then X + direction
    Fake PasseX then A + direction■ then X + direction
  • Hard Stop Protect (when dribbling)LTL2
    Lobbed through ballLB + YL1 + ▲
    Bouncing lob passRB + XR1 + ■
    Low CrossX (double tap)■ (double tap)
    Ground CrossX (triple tap)■ (triple tap)
    Early CrossLB + XL1 + ■
    Dummy a PassRB (press and hold)R1 (press and hold)
    CancelLT + RTL2 + R2
    Finesse PassRB + AR1 + X
    Flair ShotLT (hold down) + BL2 (hold down) + O
  • Offside Trap↑, ↑↑, ↑
    Team Press↑, ↓↑, ↓
    Swap Wings↑, ←↑, ←
    CB Joins Attack↑, →↑, →
  • Change PlayerLBL1
    Switch Player (manual)R + directionRS + direction
    Tackle / Push or Pull (when chasing)BO
    Pull and Hold (when chasing)B (press and hold)O (press and hold)
    Sliding TackleX
    JockeyLT (hold down)L2 (hold down)
    ContainA (press and hold)X (press and hold)
    Team mate ContainRB (press and hold)R1 (press and hold)
    Running JockeyLT + RT (hold down)L2 + R2 (hold down)
  • Drop KickB or XO or ■
    Throw / PassAX
    Charge / Drop BallY
    Stay on Goal LineY (double tap)▲ (double tap)
    Pick Up BallRBR1
    Switch to GKBACKSELECT
  • Ground PassAX
    High Pass / CrossX
    Curled ShotBO
    Driven ShotLB + BL1  + O
    Wall Jump (when defending)Y
    Wall ChargeAX
    Move WallLT or TRL2 or R2
    Wall CreepRBR1
  • Call 2nd Kick TakerLTL2
    2nd Kick Taker Curled ShotLT + BL2 + O
    2nd Kick Taker Layoff PassLT + AL2 + X
    2nd Kick Taker Layoff ChipLT + XL2 + ■
    2nd Kick Taker Run Over BallLT + B then AL2 + O then X
    Call 3rd Kick TakerRBR1
    3rd Kick Taker Curled ShotRB + BR1 + O
    3rd Kick Taker Run Over BallRB + B then AR1 + O then X
  • Corners (Lob Pass)X
    Corners (Low Cross)X (double tap)■ (double tap)
    Corners (Ground Cross)X (triple tap)■ (triple tap)
    Corners (Cross)AX
    Short Throw InAX
    Short Throw In (manual)Y
    Long Throw InX
    Move Throw In ReceiverLBL1
  • ShootBO
    Finesse ShotRB + BR1 + O
    Chip ShotLB + BL1 + O
    Goalkeeper DiveR + directionRS + direction
    Goalkeeper Move Side to SideL + directionLS + direction
  • Call for or suggest passAX
    Suggest Through BallY
    Suggest CrossX
    Suggest ShotBO
    Toggle Camera TargetBackSelect
  • DiveR + direction (hold)RS + direction (hold)
    DiveA + direction (hold)X + direction (hold)
    AutopositioningLB press and holdL1 press and hold
    Slow movement facing ballLT + LL2 + L
    Charge / PunchY press and hold▲ press and hols
    Dive at feetX
    Anticipation saveBO
    2nd Defender ContainRB press and holdR1 press and hold
    Toggle Camera TargetBackSelect


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    If you don’t know what are LS, RS, LT, just check the following picture that shows the buttons of XBox and Playstation controllers:


    FIFA 15 Controls Guide

    Click over the image to maximize it



    FIFA 15 Controls Video and Tutorials


    If you want some help to perform any of these FIFA 15 controls, take a look to this video:



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