Calculate Automatically the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Chemistry

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Do you want to find an easy and quick way to calculate the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Chemistry ?


Calculate Automatically the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Chemistry


Chemistry it was always something very complex to understand and even more to calculate. There are many situations in which we want to know what would change in chemistry if we make a particular change. Most of gamers uses squad builder to see what have changed. But it is a too hard working way. You need to input lots of informations, wait to the page load and, if you want to make minor changes, you are often forced to reinput the data and wait for new page load.

To avoid all these problems, we joined to FIFA Game News website and we have created, specially for you, two FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Chemistry Calculators: one for the squad and another one for individual chemistry.

They are both very easy to use, with automatic results and in English. Try it and you will see how good it is this tool for any FIFA 13 Ultimate Team player.

Now you can find out in which position you should place your RM on a 4231 formation to play him as CF or which formation you should choose to avoid the popular but also expensive 41212. You will be able to know what you need to change to improve your chemistry.


To view the calculators you only need to click in one of the following two links:

Individual Chemistry Calculator for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team (available at August 2nd)
Squad Chemistry Calculator for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


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