Buying Packs Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

Buying Packs Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team


Buying packs is something that most of the community does at least once. But it is not as simple as it seems. You have to know which packs to buy and when to time buying. If you want to go deeper, you also should know what you can do to pay less for them. All these questions and much more are answered in our buying packs guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team..

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Introduction to Packs in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team


FUT 16 is a very popular FIFA game mode where we try to get the right cards to build the best team possible. Packs are one of the most important things in this game since they make it possible to introduce the cards into the game. Without them, there would be no cards and without cards FUT 16 would not exist. It is as simple as that.

All the cards are introduced in FUT 16 through packs by one of the following five ways:

    – when you create a new club, from the Starter Pack;
    – when you buy them on the store;
    – when you play FUT Draft;
    – when you win tournaments or seasons that include packs as reward;
    – or when you receive Daily Gifts, Welcome Back packs and other prizes.


99% of the cards are introduced in the game by the store, when players buy packs. This is what makes this game mode so special for EA Sports. It is a gold mine. Only in FIFA digital sales, which includes Ultimate Team packs, EA has profits higher than $300 million every year. FIFA digital net revenue is growing every year and microtransactions are now the core business of the game.

Follow us in this guide to get to know how, where and when to buy packs.


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How to Buy


If you want to buy packs, you need to go to the FUT store. You can access to the store through the console or through the FUT Web App / Companion App.

It is possible to browse them in the store until you find the right pack. Details of each pack are also provided, including the number of rare cards each pack has. The store has also a folder ‘My Packs’ where you can claim any packs that you have earned but not yet opened.

There are two ways to pay: with coins or with FIFA Points. To know more about FIFA Points, click here.

To buy a pack you just need to select it in the store and choose the payment method. If you need more details about it, just watch the video we have published in this page.


Buying Packs Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

FUT Store’s Main Menu



The Packs of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team


There are three types of packs:

    Regular Packs
    Always available on the store.
    Promo Packs
    Available only on specific periods of time, like the Happy Hours.
    Free Packs
    Not available to purchase on the store. They are assigned to you in the beginning of the game, as daily gifts and as tournament and seasons rewards.


PACK NAME [Coins] [FP] Players Consum. Items Total Gold Silver Bronze Rares
Bronze Pack 400 Yes Yes Yes 12 0 2 10 1
Premium Bronze Pack 750 Yes Yes Yes 12 0 2 10 3
Silver Pack 2 500 50 Yes Yes No 12 0 11 1 1
Premium Silver Pack 3 750 75 Yes Yes No 12 0 11 1 3
Gold Pack 5 000 100 Yes Yes No 12 10 2 0 1
Premium Gold Pack 7 500 150 Yes Yes No 12 10 2 0 3
Gold Contracts Pack 800 No Yes No 4 10 5 0 0
Jumbo Premium Bronze Pack 1 500 75 Yes Yes No 24 0 4 20 7
Prem. Bronze Players Pack 1 800 Yes No No 12 0 2 10 3
Consumables Pack 3 000 50 No Yes No 12 8 3 1 1
Gold 13 Pack 5 000 100 Yes Yes No 13 11 2 0 1
Prem. Silver Players Pack 7 000 150 Yes No No 12 0 11 1 3
Premium 13 Gold Pack 7 500 150 Yes Yes No 13 11 2 0 3
Jumbo Premium Silver Pack 7 500 150 Yes Yes No 24 0 20 4 7
Silver Upgrade Pack 15 000 50 Yes No No 12 0 10 2 0
Jumbo Premium Gold Pack 15 000 300 Yes Yes No 24 20 4 0 7
Rare Consumables Pack 20 000 400 No Yes No 12 12 0 0 12
Premium Gold Players Pack 25 000 350 Yes No No 12 10 2 0 3
Rare Gold Pack 25 000 500 Yes Yes Yes 12 12 0 0 12
Gold Upgrade Pack 30 000 75 Yes No No 12 10 2 0 0
League Premium Players Pack 30 000 400 Yes No No 12 10 2 0 3
Mega Pack 35 000 700 Yes Yes No 30 26 4 0 18
Prime Gold Players Pack 45 000 600 Yes No No 12 10 2 0 6
Rare Players Pack 50 000 1 000 Yes No No 12 12 0 0 12
League Prime Players Pack 55 000 750 Yes No No 12 10 2 0 6
Rare Mega Pack 55 000 1 100 Yes Yes No 30 26 4 0 30
Jumbo Rare Players Pack 100k 2 000 Yes No No 24 24 0 0 24
Ultimate Pack 125k 2 500 Yes No No 30 30 0 0 30
Starting Pack Free Free Yes Yes Yes 34 3 3 29 0
All Players Pack Free Free Yes No No 12 4 4 4 1
Gold Gift Pack Free Free Yes Yes Yes 4 4 0 0 0
Silver Gift Pack Free Free Yes Yes Yes 4 0 4 0 0
Bronze Gift Pack Free Free Yes Yes Yes 4 0 0 4 0
Jumbo Gold Pack Free Free Yes Yes No 24 20 4 0 3
Legends Shot Pack Free Free Yes Yes Yes 8 1 1 6 1
Ultimate Loan Player Pack Free Free Yes Yes Yes 4 4 0 0 4
Loan Legend Pack Free Free Yes Yes Yes 4 4 0 0 4
Loan Messi Pack Free Free Yes Yes Yes 4 4 0 0 1
Coins Pack Free Free
Premium Coins Pack Free Free

(1) Slight differences may occur


If you want to know better the FIFA 16 packs, please click here



The Best Packs to Buy


During Happy Hours the regular packs are exactly the same: there are no discounts and the chances of pulling a good card don’t change

Another question that the community asks us almost every day is ‘which pack to buy’. Obviously it depends on what you want. If you want to build a bronze squad, you should buy a bronze pack. If you want to get more contracts and other consumables, you should try the consumables packs. However, most of the players want to put their hands on the best and most expensive cards in the game. In that case, they will need to buy Gold packs. But which one ?

Our advice is very simple: purchase the available gold pack with the lowest price per rare player card. These are the only cards that can make some one rich. The other cards are almost worthless. To know which packs have the lowest price per rare card, we only need to divide the price by the number of rare cards. It is easy to do it, following the table above. However, we should pay attention to the category of the pack and if there are other cards besides players. The best packs are the ones with guaranteed rare gold players cards. Into this group, the Premium Gold Players Pack is two times more expensive than the Rare Players Pack or the Jumbo Rare Players Pack. This difference is not so high if we use FIFA Points to pay instead of coins. It may be weird but EA Sports doesn’t use a proportional relation between coins and FIFA Points. For example: Jumbo Premium Gold pack and Silver Upgrade pack cost both 15,000 coins but the first one may be purchased with 300 FIFA Points while for the second we only need 50 FIFA Points. Players should also pay attention to this aspect.

125k, 100k and 50k packs are the best packs to buy for those who are looking for top players or profit

Forget the calculator. We did that job for you. We analysed how many gold rare players cards (GRP) each pack brings, in average, and we built the following table showing the rating of the best packs to buy. As you probably expected 50k, 100k and 125k packs are the best ones, because you only have to spend 4000 coins for each gold rare player. However, those of you who thought that 25k were good, well you are wrong. It is cheaper to buy multiple 15k and 7.5k packs.


#1 Rare Players Pack 50 000 1 000 12 4167 83
#2 Jumbo Rare Players Pack 100 000 2 000 24 4167 83
#3 Ultimate Pack 125 000 2 500 30 4167 83
#4 Rare Mega Pack 55 000 1 100 10 5500 110
#5 Mega Pack 35 000 700 6 5833 117
#6 Jumbo Premium Gold Pack 15 000 300 2 7500 150
#7 Premium Gold Pack 7 500 150 1 7500 150
#8 Prem. Gold Players Pack 25 000 350 3 8333 117
#9 Prime Gold Players Pack 45 000 600 5 9000 120
#10 League Premium Gold Players Pack 30 000 400 3 10000 133
#11 League Prime Players Pack 55 000 750 5 11000 150
#12 Gold Pack 5 000 100 0,3 16667 333

(1) GRP means Gold Rare Player

Buying Packs Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team



Best Times to Buy Packs


It is impossible to talk about the best times to buy packs without referring to Happy Hours.

There are several misunderstandings about what Happy Hour is and how it works. Some players insist to say that Happy Hour is a period of one hour in which the chances of getting better cards are higher. This is not absolutely true. We will try to clarify this to those people.

A happy hour is a period of time with promo packs available in the store. It may be just one hour but it may also be a full day or even a weekend. Besides the regular packs, during happy hours other packs also exists. They are usually more attractive than the regular ones, because they have a lower cost per rare card. The chances of getting a good card during a happy hour are exactly the same. The only difference is that, most of the times, there are cheaper packs during Happy Hours.

There are a very rare kind of HH in which the chances of getting a good card are higher. These special Happy Hours are announced as ‘2x Chances’, which means that the chances of getting an IF card during this period are two times higher than usual. However, these special Happy Hours are very rare. They only happen two or three times in a year.

The Happy Hours are not announced in advance. You may know if there is any Happy Hour in the main page of the FUT Web App or the consoles while it is active, or here.

The Happy Hours are more common at the end of the game. It is impossible to know when will be the next Happy Hour but they occur almost always at 6pm (UK time) and they are very common in these moments:

    – During European Champions League matches;
    – at most of the weekends, usually during large periods of time;
    – during popular IF cards release;
    – and during the Christmas period (last ten days of December and first two of January).


Something that should be avoided is to buy packs between 5:30pm and 6pm of Wednesdays because it is impossible to get IF cards in these periods. In other way, it is a good strategy to buy packs during good TOTW weeks or on TOTY/TOTS weeks. In the case of success, the profit will be much higher. Remember that when a player gets his IF cards in packs, it is impossible to find his regular card there. Your odds of pulling an IF card from a pack are exactly the same of pulling the regular card of that player during that period.

There are rumours that EA uses some extreme tactics to sell more packs. People say, for example, that there are better cards inside packs paid with FIFA Points and packs bought after new IF cards being released. Both make sense. In the first one, they are promoting the buying with FIFA Points. Fresh money. In the second one, they are creating the snow ball effect of ‘if they got it, I also have good chances’. We can’t prove if they are only rumours or not but in other times it seemed to us that there were better cards in packs mentioned. The manager tasks rewards are a good example. It also makes sense since it was created for beginners, we think that all the packs have good cards inside. Anyway, the only time that we have been sure about good times to buy packs are in the Happy Hours.


Buying Packs Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

Click over the image to access the FIFA 16 Happy Hours list



How to get Better Prices


There are many players confused about what they should do: buying packs on the store, subscribing the Season Ticket / EA Access or buying the DeLuxe / Super DeLuxe Edition. We will try to give a help.

Let’s start by the DeLuxe / Super Deluxe editions. It is true that the packs purchased on the store are more expensive than the ones these Editions offer. However, we strongly recommend to not buy these special edition since it only gives one/two pack per week. Which means that players need to wait 24 weeks to get all the packs. No one wants this.

About the Season Ticket the things are a bit different. As it happens with the DeLuxe/Super Deluxe Edition, subscribers only get one pack per week but it is also true that Season Ticket holders pay 20% less to buy packs on the store with real money (FIFA Points). For who buys many packs, this may be something very useful. The one year subscription gets paid after buying packs that is worth 10k FIFA Points. EA Access is not so interesting because you don’t get free packs and because the discount is only 10%.



EA stooped selling Season Ticket Subscriptions in March of 2015 and they are replacing it
by EA Access which is XBox One exclusive and only gives 10% discount.


Price [£] Price [€ or $]
FIFA Points Included Bonus Normal Season Ticket EA Access Normal Season Ticket EA Access
100 0 0,79 0,65 0,71 0,99 0,89 0,89
250 0 1,99 1,59 1,79 2,49 2,09 2,24
500 0 3,99 3,19 3,59 4,99 4,19 4,49
750 0 5,49 4,79 4,99 6,99 5,89 6,29
1050 50 7,99 6,49 7,19 9,99 8,39 8,99
1575 75 11,99 9,69 10,79 14,99 12,49 13,49
2200 200 23,99 15,99 21,59 19,99 16,69 17,99
4600 600 31,99 23,99 28,79 39,99 33,39 35,99
12000 2000 79,99 63,99 71,99 99,99 83,39 89,99

Note: The prices and the currency can be different according to gamer’s region

Buying Packs Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

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If you don’t know how to buy a pack, watch this video:
(this video is for FIFA 15 but you can use it as reference for FIFA 16 because there are no changes)




New Stuff


For experienced Ultimate Team gamers, most of what we have published here isn’t new. In that way, we have created this very short chapter to show what has changed with packs:


FUT 15 >> FUT 16

  • Introduced the Ultimate Loan Player Reward Pack
  • Introduced the Loan Legend Reward Pack
  • Introduced the Loan Messi Reward Pack


FUT 14 >> FUT 15

  • Introduced the Legends Shot Pack



Frequently Asked Questions about Packs


Q: Should I Invest in Packs ?
A: In our opinion, no. Only if you don’t care about spend real money to get a good team.

Q: What is the Card weight ?
A: Card weight is a metric used to estimate how often a particular card is traded on the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team transfer market.

Q: Which Packs Should I Buy ?
A: Always look to the available gold packs with the lowest price per rare player card. Check our choices here.

Q: Where do I need to go to buy packs ?
A: To the store. You can do it through the console, the FUT Web App or the Companion App.

Q: What is a Happy Hour ?
A: A happy hour is a period of time with promo packs available on the store.

Q: It is easier to get better Cards on Happy Hours ?
A: No. Only in the Happy Hours announced as ‘2x Chance’.

Q: When is the next Happy Hour ?
A: Nobody knows. The HH are announced on the console when they start. You can also check them here.

Q: Should I buy Ultimate Edition or Season Ticket/EA Access subscription or should I use that money to buy packs ?
A: If you buy packs too often, subscribe the Season Ticket. Otherwise, invest in packs and forget these services.


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