The Best Packs to Buy on FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

The Best Packs to Buy on FIFA 18 Ultimate Team


Opening packs is part of the FUT 18 fun. However, it is much funnier when you pull good cards from packs, which is something not easy to achieve. If you are thinking to open packs, you should know which ones are the best packs to buy on FIFA 18 Ultimate Team.


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The Best Packs to Buy with Coins
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What this guide will show you

If you are reading this guide that’s because you want to know, or at least to confirm, which are the best packs of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. Obviously it depends on what you want. If you want to build a bronze squad, you should buy a bronze pack. If you want to get more contracts and other consumables, you should try the consumables packs. However, most of the players want to put their hands on the best and most expensive cards in the game. In that case, they will need to buy Gold packs. But which one?

The Ultimate Pack, which contains 30 gold rare players, is by far the best promotional pack in the game. However, it is also the most expensive one. What is important here is to know which pack has the best cards for the less price possible. Our advice is very simple: purchase the available gold pack with the lowest price per rare player card. These are the only cards that can make some one rich. The other cards are almost worthless.

To know which packs have the lowest price per rare card, we only need to divide the price by the number of rare cards. It is easy to do it, following the table below. However, we should pay attention to the category of the pack and if there are other cards besides players. The best packs are the ones with guaranteed rare gold players cards. Into this group, the Premium Gold Players Pack is two times more expensive than the Rare Players Pack or the Jumbo Rare Players Pack. This difference is not so high if we use FIFA Points to pay instead of coins. It may be weird but EA Sports doesn’t use a proportional relation between coins and FIFA Points. For example: Jumbo Premium Gold pack and Silver Upgrade pack both cost 15,000 coins but the first one may be purchased with 300 FIFA Points while for the second we only need 50 FIFA Points. Players should also pay attention to this aspect. That’s the reason why we analyse separately the packs bought with coins and the packs bought with FIFA Points.


FIFA 18 Packs

Full list of FIFA 18 packs

There are three types of FIFA 18 Packs for Ultimate Team:

Always available on the store.

Available only on specific periods of time.

Not available to purchase on the store. They are assigned to you in the beginning of the game, as daily gifts and as draft, SBC, FUT Champions, objectives and seasons rewards.


Bronze Pack400✔️✔️✔️1202101
Premium Bronze Pack750✔️✔️✔️1202103
Silver Pack2 50050✔️✔️1201111
Premium Silver Pack3 75075✔️✔️1201113
Gold Pack5 000100✔️✔️1210201
Premium Gold Pack7 500150✔️✔️1210203
PROMO PACKS          
Gold Contracts Pack800✔️410500
Bronze Players Pack1 250✔️1202101
Jumbo Premium Bronze Pack1 50075✔️✔️2404207
Prem. Bronze Players Pack1 800✔️1202103
Consumables Pack3 00050✔️128311
Gold 13 Pack5 000100✔️✔️1311201
Silver Players Pack5 000100✔️1201111
Prem. Silver Players Pack7 000150✔️1201113
Premium 13 Gold Pack7 500150✔️✔️1311203
Jumbo Premium Silver Pack7 500150✔️✔️2402047
Gold Players Pack12 500250✔️1210201
Premium Electrum Players Pack12 500250✔️126603
Silver Upgrade Pack15 00050✔️1201020
Jumbo Premium Gold Pack15 000300✔️✔️2420407
Rare Consumables Pack20 000400✔️12120012
Prime Electrum Players Pack20 000400✔️126606
Premium Gold Players Pack25 000350✔️1210203
Rare Gold Pack25 000500✔️✔️✔️12120012
Gold Upgrade Pack30 00075✔️1210200
League Premium Players Pack30 000400✔️1210203
Rare Electrum Players Pack30 000600✔️1266012
Mega Pack35 000700✔️✔️30264018
Prime Gold Players Pack45 000600✔️1210206
Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack✔️2420407
Rare Players Pack50 0001k✔️12120012
League Prime Players Pack55 000750✔️1210206
Rare Mega Pack55 0001.1k✔️✔️30264030
Jumbo Rare Players Pack100k2k✔️24240024
Ultimate Pack125k2.5k✔️30300030
FREE PACKS          
Starting PackFreeFree✔️✔️✔️3433290
All Players PackFreeFree✔️124441
Bronze Gift PackFreeFree✔️✔️✔️40040
Silver Gift PackFreeFree✔️✔️✔️40400
Gold Gift PackFreeFree✔️✔️✔️44000
Bronze Contracts PackFreeFree✔️40040
Silver Contracts PackFreeFree✔️40400
Jumbo Bronze PackFreeFree✔️✔️2404203
Jumbo Silver PackFreeFree✔️✔️2402043
Jumbo Gold PackFreeFree✔️✔️2420403
Jumbo Premium Gold 26 PackFreeFree✔️✔️2622407
Electrum Players PackFreeFree✔️126601
Loan Player Reward PackFreeFree✔️✔️✔️44001
Premium Loan Player PackFreeFree✔️✔️✔️44001
Ultimate Loan Player PackFreeFree✔️✔️✔️44004
Two Rare Gold Players PackFreeFree✔️22002
Premium TOTW PackFreeFree✔️33003
Ultimate TOTW PackFreeFree✔️11110011
Bronze 3 FUT Champions PackFreeFree✔️10101
Bronze 2 FUT Champions PackFreeFree✔️20202
Bronze 1 FUT Champions PackFreeFree✔️30303
Silver 3 FUT Champions PackFreeFree✔️22002
Silver 2 FUT Champions PackFreeFree✔️33003
Silver 1 FUT Champions PackFreeFree✔️33003
Gold 3 FUT Champions PackFreeFree✔️33003
Gold 2 FUT Champions PackFreeFree✔️44004
Gold 1 FUT Champions PackFreeFree✔️55005
Elite 3 FUT Champions PackFreeFree✔️12120012
Elite 2 FUT Champions PackFreeFree✔️15150015
Elite 1 FUT Champions PackFreeFree✔️20200020
Top 100 FUT Champions PackFreeFree✔️45450045
Draft Token PackFreeFree✔️✔️55001
Coins PackFreeFree
Premium Coins PackFreeFree
Mystery PackFreeFree

(1) Slight differences may occur


If you want to know more about the FIFA 18 packs, click here.


The Best Packs of FIFA 18

The most wanted packs of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

Here are the best packs of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team.


The Best Packs to Buy on FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

Cards: 45 | Players: 45 | Rare: 45 | Gold: 45 | TOTW: 44 | ICON: 1

This is the most wanted pack of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. Can you imagine to open a pack with guaranteed 44 TOTW gold players and an ICON? Unfortunately this pack is only available as a monthly reward for who ranks in the top 100. If you are not one of the best FIFA players in the world, all you can do is to watch it on Youtube.

The Best Packs to Buy on FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

Cards: 20 | Players: 20 | Rare: 20 | Gold: 20 | TOTW: 20

Just like the TOP 100 FUT Champions pack, this one is an exclusive for the best FUT Champions players of the month. It includes 20 TOTW players from the month they were earned in. If it was possible to have this pack on sale in the FUT store, it would cost more than a million coins. There is also a Elite FUT Champions pack with 15 cards and another one with 12.

The Best Packs to Buy on FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

Cards: 5 | Players: 5 | Rare: 5 | Gold: 5 | TOTW: 5

The Ultimate Pack, which contains 30 gold rare players, is a great pack but we still prefer this one which guarantees 5 TOTW players with overall rating 81 or higher. Once again, you will not be able to get one of these packs unless you are a top FIFA player.



The Best Packs to Buy with Coins

Ranking of the best packs your coins can pay

The packs of the previous chapter are amazing but they are not available on the FUT store.

We watched hundreds of pack openings to determine, in average, how many gold rare players cards each promotional pack includes. It was not easy because we need to know, for example, how many consumables cards a Mega Pack has or how many gold players cards are rare in a Jumbo Premium Gold pack. You will not have to worry about that because we did the hard job for you. All you have to do is to check the following table to discover the best packs to buy with coins on the FUT 18 store.


#1RARE PLAYERS PACK50 0004,166
#3ULTIMATE PACK125 0004,166
#4Rare Mega Pack55 0005,000
#5Rare Electrum Players Pack30 0005,000
#6Mega Pack35 0005,303
#7Rare Gold Pack25 0006,250
#8Prime Electrum Players Pack20 0006,666
#9Jumbo Premium Gold Pack15 0006,849
#10Prime Gold Players Pack45 0009,000
#11Premium 13 Gold Pack7 5009,036
#12Premium Gold Players Pack25 00010,000
#13League Prime Players Pack55 00011,000
#14Premium Gold Pack7 50012,000
#15League Premium Players Pack30 00012,000
#16Gold Players Pack12 50015,060
#17Gold 13 Pack5 00017,857
#18Gold Pack5 00023,809


As you probably expected 50k, 100k and 125k are the best packs, because you only have to spend 4000 coins for each gold rare player. However, those of you who thought that 25k Premium Gold Players packs were good, well you are wrong. It is cheaper to buy multiple 15k packs.


The Best Packs to Buy on FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

Cards: 12 | Players: 12 | Rare: 12 | Gold: 12

This is the best pack your coins can buy. Well, in fact this is as good as the 100k and 125k packs. The biggest difference between them is that with this pack you have the option to pull less cards. For example, you don’t have to open two 100k packs if you only want 36 rare gold players cards.

The Best Packs to Buy on FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

Cards: 24 | Players: 24 | Rare: 24 | Gold: 24

You are still thinking why 100k packs are the most popular ones but were not chosen for the top of our ranking, right? We can give you another reason. When you open a 100k pack you can only pull one Ronaldo while when you open two 50k packs you have the chance to pull two of these cards. Yes, we know that will never happen but it is still possible at least with other high rated players.

The Best Packs to Buy on FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

Cards: 30 | Players: 30 | Rare: 30 | Gold: 30

The Ultimate Pack was released for the first time in FIFA 16 and it is now one of the favourites of the FIFA community, just like the Jumbo Rare Players pack. Usually, it is available during the most popular FUT events of the season.



The Best Packs to Buy with FIFA Points

Ranking of the best packs bought with FIFA Points

As we already explained, the ranking of the packs bought with coins is different from the ranking of the packs bought with FIFA Points.


#3ULTIMATE PACK250083,33
#4Rare Mega Pack1100100,00
#5Rare Electrum Players Pack600100,00
#6Mega Pack700106,06
#7Prime Gold Players Pack600120,00
#8Rare Gold Pack500125,00
#9Jumbo Premium Gold Pack300136,99
#10Premium Gold Players Pack350140,00
#11League Prime Players Pack750150,00
#12League Premium Players Pack400160,00
#13Prime Electrum Players Pack400177,78
#14Premium 13 Gold Pack150180,72
#15Premium Gold Pack150240,00
#16Gold Players Pack250301,20
#17Gold 13 Pack100357,14
#18Gold Pack100476,19

The Best Packs to Buy on FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

Cards: 12 | Players: 12 | Rare: 12 | Gold: 12

Once again, the 50k, 100k and 125k are the best packs money can buy. The Rare Players Pack is the one you will find more times in the store.

The Best Packs to Buy on FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

Cards: 24 | Players: 24 | Rare: 24 | Gold: 24

There is no reason why 100k packs are viewed by the community as much better than the 50k packs. In fact, it is very easy to compare them: double of the cards, double of the price.

The Best Packs to Buy on FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

Cards: 30 | Players: 30 | Rare: 30 | Gold: 30

We are almost at the end of our guide and we almost forgot to give you our best advice: don’t buy packs. They are a waste of your money. Even these Ultimate Packs are too expensive, especially when you can trade or buy coins directly.

Born in the late 70s, Rodrigo Lopes is a video game enthusiast. He started on the old ZX Spectrum 48k and has played every FIFA game to present day. He is an engineer, that also writes about FIFA games on another popular website. Rodrigo is an Ultimate Team expert, he loves football and is a huge Benfica fan. He has influenced thousands of FIFA gaming fans with his cutting edge insights and scientific level approach to writing about FIFA gaming modes. Join him on Google Plus.


  1. Oh another thing. Today’s promo is 12500 coins for premium gold players and rare gold packs. Rare mega packs is 27.5k

  2. Qn: Can I buy packs in the store but open them at a later time? Like is there an option to place them in My Packs folder?

  3. Is it okay in FIFA RUKES If I help my friends in getting more coins in exchange for players by buying them higher?

      • Okay but I contacted EA support and one advisor told me that you must not use the BUY NOW option when getting player for usually high price from your friend/brother otherwise you will be banned.
        Also I was told that if you buy the player from your friend/brother for higher price than the player’s avg price then you will be banned too.

        Please valid this fact.

  4. “They are a waste of your money. Even these Ultimate Packs are too expensive, especially when you can trade or buy coins directly.”

    You say that we can buy coins directly ? how does it work ? isnt this against fifa rules ?


  5. Hi Rodrigo.
    Nice guide man. I want to buy fifa points. Do you have a guide or can you tell me when is the best time to do so ?


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