Best FUT Division Rivals Rewards to Choose: Packs or Coins

Best FUT Division Rivals Rewards to Choose: Packs or Coins

In FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, you have the chance to choose which type of reward you want to receive from your FUT Division Rivals campaign. For each division and rank, there is a reward in coins, other in tradeable packs and a last one in untradeable packs. Which one you should choose? We are here to help you with that choice.


FUT Division Rivals Rewards: Packs or Coins

Coins, tradeable packs or untradeable packs?

The wait is over! It’s Thursday and your effort on FUT Division Rivals will be finally rewarded. However, when you are going to redeem your reward, the game shows you a pop-up screen that makes you undecided. You know that it is safest to choose the coins but, at the same time, you feel tempted to try for the packs. ‘And if it is this time?’, you think. As if that was not enough, you have also to decide whether they will be negotiable or not. You are free to choose any of the three alternatives, but it is recommended that, whichever you choose, you do it consciously. This is where we come in with the publication of this guide.

The moment that by the first time FUT Division Rivals rewards were announced was, in our opinion, a historical landmark. We found in the equivalences between rewards in packs and in coins, answers to questions no one had ever explored. One of the most obvious things we learnt is that an untradeable pack is worth half of an equivalent tradeable one. Interesting. More important than that, EA ‘admitted’ for the first time in 10 years, that coins are more valuable than packs. We can even calculate how much they think each one of them is worth. All these findings, when explored exhaustively, allow us to draw an infinity of conclusions that would give us material for many guides. For example: by crossing the odds of pulling a specific card in a pack with its value in the FUT Division Rivals rewards, it is possible to calculate an estimated value for every single pack (note that we are not talking about a guaranteed minimum value, but an estimated average value, something that was never done before in FUT). However, for today we will limit ourselves to two questions: packs or coins? Transferable or not?

Best FUT Division Rivals Rewards to Choose: Packs or Coins

To simplify, let’s put aside the untradeable packs and compare only the other packs with the coins. In order to do that, we have published a table where, besides other relevant information, you can see the rewards – coins and pack’s commercial value – for each division and for each rank. As you can easily see, the coins reward is lower than the cost of packs you have as an alternative. In other words, if you were to buy these packs on the FUT store, you would have to spend more coins than the ones you would get on the other reward. If EA thought the odds for the packs to result in profit or loss was the same, then the two reward options, coins and packs, would have exactly the same commercial values (for example, you would have to choose between 35,000 coins and a Mega Pack). But this is not what happens. By saying that packs usually cost twice as much (see ‘coins/packs’ column), it gives the clear idea that paying packs with coins is one of the most stupid things you can do in this game. On average, you will lose half of your investment.

We can also look at all this from another perspective. In FUT Division Rivals, when you opt for packs instead of coins, you are like buying them at half the price. Even if it is not the pack you have chosen (they are not all the same!), you will feel that nothing is coming out of your pocket as it was all merit of your workweek. Is this a good strategy? The answer is on the table. As you can see, the minimum selling price (‘MSP’ column) is far from covering the correspondent reward in coins that you have given up. Further away, if instead of selling you decide to discard everything (see column ‘Discard’). For a perfect comparison, we would need an extra column that shows the estimated average return, the one that takes into account the luck of pulling a top card. We have already been able to calculate an approximate value but, unfortunately, the fact that the cards do not appear in packs with the same regularity, does not guarantee us an acceptable degree of accuracy. Perhaps in the future, we can effectively calculate how much the average return is going to cover the investment, but right now we are only able to conclude that coins are the safest choice and the packs the riskiest path.


DIVISION 1RANK I80 000160 00026 69034 6400,500,53
 RANK II61 000125 00019 80024 0000,490,39
 RANK III42 00085 00014 81020 2400,490,48
DIVISION 2RANK I75 000145 00024 84540 2500,520,54
 RANK II58 000120 00023 97039 5700,480,68
 RANK III40 00080 00013 35016 8000,500,42
DIVISION 3RANK I70 000140 00019 96034 2600,500,49
 RANK II53 000105 00016 56534 2300,500,65
 RANK III36 00075 00011 23015 5000,480,43
DIVISION 4RANK I65 000120 00020 01027 5900,540,42
 RANK II50 000100 00018 11027 8900,500,56
 RANK III34 00070 00013 78021 2800,490,63
DIVISION 5RANK I58 000115 00021 41035 5400,500,61
 RANK II44 00085 00014 81020 2400,520,46
 RANK III32 00065 00013 49025 9400,490,81
DIVISION 6RANK I52 000105 00015 40023 8900,500,46
 RANK II39 00075 00010 63014 5500,520,37
 RANK III27 50035 0006 89010 6400,790,39
DIVISION 7RANK I45 00080 00012 66520 6000,560,46
 RANK II35 00070 00013 78021 2800,500,61
 RANK III24 00045 0008 73014 8500,530,62
DIVISION 8RANK I40 00080 00013 30025 1000,500,63
 RANK II30 00040 0006 50010 8400,750,36
 RANK III20 00030 0005 40010 8000,670,54
DIVISION 9RANK I34 00051 00011 04024 8500,670,73
 RANK II25 00048 00010 47023 9000,520,96
 RANK III17 50035 0006 89010 6400,500,61
DIVISION 10RANK I28 00047 5009 54516 5600,590,59
 RANK II20 00030 0005 40010 8000,670,54
 RANK III15 00025 0005309 2000,600,61


This table also allows us to draw other interesting conclusions. One of them has to do with the way how EA have set the rewards for each division and rank. They were based in the commercial value but it is important to note that the fact that a reward from a superior division has a higher commercial value does not imply that the content of the packs is also better. If, for example, you compare the top-ranked rewards of divisions 4 and 5, you can easily see that the minimum selling price is much higher for those in the lowest division, which does not make any sense.

The last column shows us the risk of buying packs, something that you can also use for your own good. The higher is the value, the lower is the risk. If, for example, you are in division 5, it will make some sense to choose the packs if you finished in rank III, but not if you qualified in the second tier. Case-by-case analysis can help you take the right decision.

Packs or coins? Generally speaking, those who seek the highest profitability possible, should always choose the coins. However, since this is a game, it is acceptable to choose the packs, especially if you prioritize the fun. Do it but be aware that you will most likely be paying for having fun, and you will end up regreting it. If this happens to you, you can sell your content, thereby reducing the damage, unless you have opted for untradeable packs. In our opinion, you should only do it if you own squads from several leagues/nations and you are a regular Squad Building Challenge player. If you usually don’t play FUT Division Rivals, you should reconsider because by playing only 3 matches per week, you can get around 30k coins, which is much more that any other game mode will give you.


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