TOTY Guide – Team of the Year of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

TOTY Guide - Team of the Year of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

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Do you want to know something about the Team of the Year of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team ? We will help you with this TOTY guide.


TOTY Guide – Team of the Year of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

Q: What TOTY means?
A: TOTY means “Team of the Year”.

Q: What is a TOTY ?
A: A TOTY is a team that gathers the players who played better on the whole year. A TOTY card is an In Form card.

Q: How many TOTY exist ?
A: For each FIFA Ultimate Team, there is only one TOTY.

Q: TOTY and TOTS are the same thing ?
A: No. The TOTY gathers the players who played better during the calendar year according to the FIFPro. The TOTS gathers the players who played better the whole season according to EA.

Q: How TOTY cards are ?
A: The TOTY cards are blue, no matter the player level is. It has improved rating and improved attributes. In the image below you can see how a TOTY card looks like.


TOTY Guide - Team of the Year of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team


Q: How the Team of the Year of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team is chosen ?
A: TOTY players are not chosen by EA Sports. They are chosen by the votes of thousands of professional players members of FIFPro, the worldwide representative organization for all professional football players.

Q: How can I know who are the players of Team of the Year of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team ?
A: Before January 13th you can only see the shortlist HERE. On that day, you can see in our website or live at the Ballon D’Or ceremony at Zurich’s Kongresshaus. Click HERE to see the TOTY players of FUT 14.

Q: How much increases the rating and the attributes of a player on a TOTY card ?
A: There is no rule about it but usually the rating increases 5 to 8 points. The attributes have a similar increase but it doesn’t mean that all attributes have to be improved.

Q: How many cards are on a TOTY ?
A: 11. One goalkeeper, four defenders, three midfielders and three forwards.

Q: How can you get one of those cards ?
A: As usually, you can buy them on transfer market or you can get them on a pack. These cards are only available on packs by specific periods.

Q: Do I need to buy any special pack to have the chance of getting a TOTY cards ?
A: No. You can get a TOTY card in any gold packs with rare cards.

Q: When the TOTY is released ?
A: Monday night, January 13th, 2013 at the Ballon D’Or ceremony at Zurich’s Kongresshaus.

Q: When the first TOTY cards are released ?
A: Just after the FIFA World XI is made official, at 8pm (UK time).

Q: When these cards are released in packs ?
A: For each position there are specific dates :
Goalkeepers and Defenders – January 13th 8pm to January 15th 6pm;
Midfielders – January 15th 6pm to January 17th 6pm;
Forwards – January 17th 6pm to January 18th 6pm;

Q: The TOTY cards will not be released all together in packs ?
A: Probably. On the weekend January 25-26th or in January 18-19th.

Q: The TOTY cards are expensive ?
A: Yes. A lot. Several cards cost more than 1 million coins. They are the most expensive cards of the game.

Q: There will be happy hours and special packs as the popular 100k pack during the TOTY release ?
A: Probably yes.

Q: What happens to the market with the TOTY release ?
A: No one can be sure. It may crashes. In an attempt to get one of these millionaire cards, the players tend to sell almost everything, in order to get coins to invest in packs. The natural effect of this behaviour is to drop the cards’ prices. We think that the greatest drops will be only during the 100k packs and on the weekends (forwards and all team).

Q: When should I sell my players ?
A: We think that the best thing to do is to sell them before the new year.


If you still have questions about the Team of the Year of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, use the comments to ask us please.



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  1. forno97 says:

    I have 1 million coins to spend on packs, when should i spend them (all on the weekend when the full toty is released or maybe 200k on defenders, 300k in midfielders, ecc…)?

    • Kevin Duser says:

      You have a better chance of getting a TOTY on the Weekend so i would recommend the Weekend or exactly when they are released in Packs. :-)

    • UjustGotEHEHed says:

      I recommend you go with your 2nd option as it would be more preferable to get midfielders and strikers (ribery, bale, ibrahimovic, ronaldo) as they would most probably cost more on the market. They would also be more fun to play with. So spend around 200k on goalkeepers and defenders, 350k on midfielders and 450k on forwards. But at the end of the day, it is your own choice. Choose carefully!

    • If they release all the TOTY players in a single weekend it will be a good time to try your luck. The best one.
      Try to buy always on happy hours to find the best packs.

  2. Cristian Reyes says:

    what do you mean about the times they are released in packs and is it in USA time and is this only for one day

  3. Abdoulay says:

    Can you buy only one TOTY card with 200k?

  4. Kevin Duser says:

    URGENT!!!! The times that are listed above are they all GMT????

  5. Ahmad says:

    at what time is 9pm uk or ??

  6. Food stuff says:

    I have $50 of fifa points when would be the best time for me to use them to try to get toty players?

  7. Danny Cutting says:

    Are 100k packs available to buy when the full TOTY squad is released? And what date will this be available?

  8. Dylan Hefflinger says:

    Can you use the Green EA Coins to buy the packs during the ToTY week? If so how much do the 50,000 and 100,000 cost? Thanks.

  9. Zach says:

    Is there a place I can get updates on when happy hrs and special packs that will only be out for limited time or quantity become available? Thanks!

  10. zaid says:

    how many toty cards are available

  11. rob waddell says:

    Will all of the totys be available in packs on the weekend 18-19th of january? Please reply, thanks

  12. Mohammad Sabbagh says:

    At what time is it in Lebanese time?

  13. dean says:

    Is mmoga legit for buying coins need help lol

  14. Justin Wong says:

    When will the prices of normal players go up after the market crash? Exact date?

  15. Michele sullivan says:

    My sons are are wanting to know if they are definitely going to realease all the toty out in packs for certain on 25/26 or are they best purchasing the positions of the players they want as they are realeased?

  16. Ryan Ocego says:

    Can i have coins Rodrigo?

  17. Alix Laurent says:

    How much will a pack cost in coins or fifa points for TOTY pack? and will they give at least 1 player from TOTY on those pack?

  18. Alix Laurent says:

    This is my fist year getting involve with Ultimate team.. Right now i have a great team except for Messi and Reynaldo, and have 900,000 in coins. should i continue saving to buy player from TOTY in market or try my change in those TOTY pack? thanks

  19. Julian Symons says:

    how long does toty last for?

  20. Amir Khan says:

    What time will toty be available in the UK? Exact time

  21. David jones says:

    What time is the toty released ?

  22. Mike says:

    What time actully does the first toty player or players come out like not date proper time

  23. matt says:

    when do they go out of pakcs

  24. Zimlo says:

    When is the first happy hour …….today?

  25. Lewis says:

    When should I buy my team back?

  26. SohYl says:

    Hey !
    I sold my Brazil team, but when should i buy my players back. thiago silva and alves are in the toty, so the reguler card aren’t in packs. so will there price go up?

  27. Is mmoge a reliable coin websit not mmoga there is one called mmoge could you reply

  28. John Doe says:

    what happens to the prices of the normal cards of toty players?

  29. Ahmed Sharaf says:

    Hey can i ask you if 100k packs are available in weeks so the week with Goal Keepers and Defenders only or will there be 100k packs immeadiatly when toty is released on FUT?

  30. Amaan Mirza says:

    I have 5 million coins so its how much chance to get all toty players in packs

  31. Liam says:

    …And Ronaldo is the winner! Ronaldo is the best player in the world!

  32. Parth says:

    Should I buy 7.5k packs or the happy hour packs???

  33. Dre Myn says:

    Will toty available in fifa 14 app? like android or ios

  34. Kieran says:

    How much does a toty pack cost with fifa points

  35. Mark says:

    When are the prices the lowest compared to TOTY fifa 13? On the weekend while the 100k packs are out, or after them, or what?

  36. Lukic says:

    Hello, the release of the toty already started?

  37. Oisín Sahafian says:

    When should I get the 100k pack?

    When all the TOTY players are in packs or when FORWARDS/MIDFIELDERS are in packs, or once defenders are released in packs will they always be i npacks until all toty players have been released? What date should I buy the 100k pack?

  38. george farrell says:

    what time are any of the toty players first released

  39. rob waddell says:

    are totys available in packs now?

  40. Roberto says:

    What time are TOTY released at

  41. Daniel yearsley says:

    When will 100k packs be relesed

  42. Patrik Daniel Mrozek says:

    Hey rodrigo!
    So i’ve been confused about today and these packs. Is it not until weekend its possible to buy packs and have chance to get them all? Is it day by day goalkeeper, defenders then midfielders then strikers then in the weekend all players?

    • Check the schedule we published in this article. First, it will be released only GK and defenders. Two days later, only midfielders and two days later only forwards. There is a chance to see all players being released together in the weekend after the forwards.

  43. Patrik Daniel Mrozek says:

    Is it best to buy the packs today or wait until the weekend? Didnt quite get it if the release all today or keeper/def today midfield tomorrow attackers after that then the whole team.

  44. adrian says:

    hey Rodrigo, is it 100% confirmed that the whole TOTY will be released on the weekend, I don’t want to wait until then to open packs and find out its finished!

  45. Jordan J says:

    I got the TOTY dani alves in a pack when would be the right time to sell him?

  46. Byron morales says:

    When is happy hour for the US to have the best chance of getting the TOTY players? and what days?

  47. CJ says:

    How many cards of each player will be released?
    so like, will there be 1000 Neuer’s released and then there won’t be any more?

  48. Jeff says:

    Hi Rodrigo,
    I havent gotten a TOTY card but in case I do, when is the best time to sell them? Immediately, or after the TOTY release is over. (How will their prices change as time passes?)

  49. Justin Wong says:

    How Long will the toty be available in packs?

  50. ellis bradley says:

    Hi just wonderimg, i have a million coins and im going to get a 1 mil bpl team with all expensive players like aguero, hazard, etc. My question is, when abouts during the toty should i buy them or should i buy them now cause some of the prices are rising now. Cheers

  51. Andreas Holm says:

    will there be a day you can get all of TOTY players in packs

  52. Lukas says:

    Where is the chance bigger to get a Toty card?
    Pc or Ps3?

  53. philip andersson says:

    Will regular players like eto and lewandowski rise back after toty or will they stay cheaper? :)

  54. babbles says:

    at some point, will TOTY defenders/midfielders/strikers all be available in packs?

  55. brandon says:

    when should i buy a team

  56. pillnor says:

    Hey Rodrigo! When or if will regular players start rising again?

  57. Rajan Soni says:

    I just bought TOTY Lahm for 650k on the ps3. I want to sell him before the weekend so I can carry on trading. Would I get my money back tomorrow morning UK time when the least amount of cards are on the market, or on Thursday or Friday when the defenders are out of packs and do you think I will get my money back?

  58. Nicholas Kam says:

    When is The Best time to buy back your Team during TOTY . This is my situation , i want to buy this team it currently costs 640k and i have 530k PS3 , at what time would i probably able to afford it . In your opinion and your suggestions .

  59. rob waddell says:

    Will there be a time where you can get defenders/midfielders/forwards in packs?

  60. Recently my dad & I have been noticing players we have sold that were bought through packs come with 7 contracts, but when we sold them we have noticed on occasions the contracts have been removed, but NO games have been played.
    Please can you tell us how this is possible.

  61. anonymus says:

    Will all the TOTYS be out at one time? And if so, when?

  62. killo says:

    When will all the TOTYS available in packs at one time?thanks

  63. Tyler smaha says:

    If I am looking to buy ibra when should I during the toty? The prices have been fluctuating so much idk when the best time is

  64. Jay says:

    When should I buy Lewandowski? I’m guessing when the forwards are out because everyone will care about them

  65. Ace says:

    Hi Rodrigo. I have normal Ibrahimovic since few months back but I haven’t sold him. Is it too late to sell him now? Will his normal card price rise when the TOTY Ibra version is out? Thank u.

    • Hi.
      Most of the regular cards tend to get cheaper when the TOTYs are out. However, with the regular cards of TOTY players, it usually happen the opposite: they are more expensive now. Messi and Ronaldo are the exception. Maybe you should sell him now.

  66. killo says:

    When is the most likely date that all of the totys will be available in packs? This weekend (18-19th)

    • Since forwards will be released this Friday afternoon and they usually are available in packs for 2 days, I think it is more likely to have all cards available at the same time in January 25 and 26.

  67. NevioCarlo says:

    I want to buy some TOTY players, when is the best time to buy for example Dani Alves ?

    • The prices of TOTY cards have a behaviour very unexpected. It is difficult to know. The best time to buy a TOTY card is probably the last day they are available. For example: tomorrow for midfielders.

  68. Alex says:

    Which time does the midfielders get in packs in Sweden?

  69. conor says:

    On Fifa 13 they released all 11 Tory players in packs directly after the forwards. Would they not do the same for Fifa 14?

  70. Andres says:

    i have 800k in coins. if i spend all of it on packs do you think i have a strong possibility of getting any toty player?

  71. wout kamers says:


    Lucky me, got a toty Ramos!
    When should i sell him? He’s now selling for around the 610k, will his price be higher in a few days?

  72. Harry says:

    Hi when u say all the TOTY players will be out on the 25-26th weekend will their be TOTY out during the time between the 18-19th weekend and the 25-26th weekend

    • Harry: it is not official. We believe that all the TOTY players may be out on the 25-26th weekend. But it not guaranteed. According to what happened last year, they will be available on that weekend but not on the week days between the two weekends.

  73. killo says:

    When will we know when all the totys will be out?

  74. anonemouse says:

    why would it bhe the weekend 25-26 and not 18-19?

    • Hi.
      First of all, nobody said that it will be the weekend of 25-26. It was only a suggestion. 18-19 will be difficult since forwards will be released friday and they will be in packs by two days.

  75. Tyler smaha says:

    Ronaldo is going for between 1.7 and 1.8 mil on Xbox right now, if you had to guess, what do you think his price will drop to this weekend when the TOTY forwards are released and the entire team? I have around 1.5′mil and really want him

  76. killo says:

    When shud i use my 5000 fifa points?

  77. Dave says:

    after toty cards stop being released i.e after 26th, the supply would be low. Is it a good idea to buy a toty for about 700k (ramos) and selling later. Is his price likely to rise by a lot in say april when there are few toty cards on the market?

  78. FifaFreak10 says:

    Do you know when the deadline date to get any TOTY player in a pack is?

  79. Andrew Qumsieh says:

    After all the Toty players r released r they still possible to get in normal packs?? or is it only now when they get released???

  80. killo says:

    Is there any chance all the TOTYS could be released tonight,along with the forwards?

  81. andrewmichie says:

    When is the best time to tade? When will the market crash be at its best

  82. andrewmichie says:

    When will 100k packs be out

  83. killo says:

    When will all TOTYS not be available in packs anymore?

  84. matt says:

    I have 300k and want to build an expensive team. if I build an expensive team now will they drop in price or are they gonna get higher

  85. Haddin says:

    Hi Rodrigo
    I got Normal Ronaldo in a pack yesterday
    So should I sell him now or after Toty ?
    Now his price is around 1.4 m on ios

  86. Kaas says:

    When come all players together in packs?

  87. Sam says:

    When will 100k packs be out for toty

  88. David says:

    When does the opportunity to get toty in packs end?

  89. Jens says:

    is there only one 100k pack for each person?
    and will all the toty only be available this weekend, or next weekend as well?

  90. Tom says:

    100k packs are currently available and i bought loads of players that are usually worth 4000-5000coins for 650-1000coins and now they’re worth only 850-1000… will their prices go up at all when toty has passed?

  91. s4ndz says:

    Got IF Damia on the 100k pack.. rest all were discard players .. :(

    how much will that sell for?

  92. dankar says:

    Hi Rodrigo,

    As I understood from all the above comments and replies,

    All the 11 TOTY players are now available till today in packs until 6 pm (GMT time) ,So the best chance to get any TOTY player in pack is today before 6 pm GMT time?

    My 9 year old son insisting to buy him a pack ( I have 600k coin now)
    Kindly I have 2 questions :

    What would be the best pack to buy with the best chance to get one of the TOTY players

    There is 3 options now:

    100k pack (Jumbo rare players pack)
    35k pack (Mega)
    15k pack (gold)


    If i have FIFA points ..could it be transferred to coins?

    Thanking you in advance.

  93. Madrid says:

    Hi Rodrigo,
    I have 4 questions:
    1) I baught a bunch of packs with fifa points while the happy hours where on. I didnt get any toty informs but I got valuable players like Suarez, Vidic, Willian, Oscar etc. Should I sell them now, or should I wait a bit for about a week or so?
    2) In the same packs I also got a bunch of discard players.Now that toty are no longer available will the price rise for at leat 1k each?
    3) I also tried to invest on some cheap players that I thought their prices would rise after the market crash. For example I mananged to get Cavani for 5k. His price has risen a bit but not that much as I first thought, should I wait for another week or should I sell now?
    4) In one of the packs I got inform Adrian from West Ham, should I sell him now or wait for a week untill the market has recovered completly?
    Thanks for your time.

    • Hi.
      1) Wait a bit more.
      2) Discard players ? What is that ? Players that have no commercial value ? Discard prices never change.
      3) Nobody can be sure but I think it will raise a bit more, yes.
      4) Wait one week if possible.

      • George says:

        Hi Rodrigo, thanks a lot for your help… When I meant discard players I meant players which werent very usefull (75-81 rated players in bad leages or with bad attributes). My mistake as I often play fut in spanish and I didnt realise that discarding players was quickselling them, so nevermind and thank a lot for all of your help with this specific topic and many other topics such as the formation guide etc. On the other hand I’m following your advice and are selling everything this monday, hoping to get to about 250k to 300k. Because of this I started researching trading tips etc and got a bit confused. When I started reading about the peak hours I couldnt figure out at what time I should sell and at what time I should buy. I know that the peak hour takes place from 3:30 pm to 12:00 am (uk time) yet I dont know if I should sell inside this lapse of time or buy. So basically I have 2 questions:
        1) The peak time is a wide lapse of time between 3:30 pm and 12:00 am uk time, so 5:30 pm is part of the peak hour or am I wrong? Isn’t any peak hour supposed to be shorter?
        2) Should I sell my players inside the peak time and buy outside of it, or should I buy inside the peak time and sell outside of it? Ive read both versions one saying that selling inside the peak time is better as there are more buyers and the other version saying that buying inside the peak time is better as there are more sellers.
        Thansk ALOT

  94. callum says:

    I have toty thiago silva should i sell him now, later or keep him

  95. Ahmad says:

    How to get toty in pack?

  96. Shak says:

    Were they released on the 19-20 or 25-26??

  97. Ahmad says:

    how to get lots of money to buy toty players

  98. Tom says:

    When are happy hour packs sold??

  99. Sake31 says:

    Are there going to be toty packs available on the 25th of Jan?

  100. Ahmad says:

    how do you trade

  101. Ahmad says:

    where is that

  102. Charles says:

    Hey, I bought an in form Lichtsteiner today for 14k. Are the prices of informs like him going to go down or up in the next few days/weeks? Should I keep him and sell later or opposite?

  103. Ian jones says:

    Hi, does team rating have any affect on the game is it better to be higher or lower or basic. As I’ve heard that the team has a handicap when your team rating is so high

  104. Noorullah Pashtoon says:

    when will toty be released again in packs

  105. Junior says:

    Do i still have a chance to get a TOTY Player in a golden pack?

  106. Miguel says:

    Why is there no legends for PS3 ?

  107. Cale says:

    Is the a scam or should I buy from mmoga

  108. Yolo says:

    Help i don’t know what to do. I bought a toty ibra a few weeks ago for 4.830.000 and played with it but know his price is rapidly dropping (because of the tots coming up?) and i don’t know if i should sell him for maybe a loss of 300k or wait until his price rises again.