How to get FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Coins as a Gift


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The free lunches are not over yet. Neither in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. The important thing is to enjoy them …

Learn how to receive FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Coins as a Gift.


How to earn FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Coins as a Gift ?

It is possible to receive FUT 13 coins as a gift. We just need to watch out or to search a bit./p>

Basically there are three main ways of doing this:

  • By EA Sports

During the holiday season, EA Sports usually offer Daily Gifts. For a specific period, they offer packs or coins every day. If you receive packs, you can always convert them into coins. These offers are repeated when the EA Sports try to compensate their followers for problems with servers or other game failures. Some of these Daily Gifts are available only in FUT Web App.

  • By Giveaways

Giveaways for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team are everywhere on the Internet. They are a kind of contest in which the winner receives the coins as a prize. Many times the participant only has to make an application, while in other he has to answer questions, make some sort of registration or other kind of task.

  • By Offer of Other Players

Unlike giveaways where coins are disputed by several people, in the offer of other players the coins are assigned directly to a person. This type of situation is very common when launching a new FIFA game series. Players no longer need the coins of the old version and graciously offer to those who continue to play it. There are also those who earn coins by appealing to the solidarity of the richest or making use of loans.


The 3 Step Method

Here is what you should do to earn FIFA 13 Ultimate Team coins as a gift:

  • Step 1 – Find

You should participate in all the giveaways you find. The more you participate, the more chances you have of winning. If EA Sports is offering Daily Gifts, be sure to access your account daily.

  • Step 2 – Participate

You should participate in all the giveaways you find. The more you participate, the more chances you have to win. If EA Sports is offering Daily Gifts, be sure to access your account daily.

  • Step 3 – Trade

Except for Daily Gifts, in which the prize is awarded directly, you have to put a card in auction with a BIN equal to the value agreed and wait for the other player to buy.


The Method Exemplified

One of the best examples we can give you are the Giveaways that we made until now. We already offer over one million coins (!) for FUT 12 and we will do it for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team too. The five giveaways were announced on the website and on Facebook. The only admission requirement was that participants were followers of our Facebook page.
To some participants it was enough to be the first to comment, to others it was necessary to bring new followers and to others they needed to publish an article. With more or less work, the winners received coins without having invested anything.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Coins as a Gift

FIFA U Team distributed probably the largest amount of FUT 12 coins from whole the Internet.
Our Facebook page was the preferred channel of communication with participants.


The delivery of the coins was made by placing a card in auction with a BIN equal to the value of the prize net of tax(5%).


Optimize the Method of receiving FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Coins as a Gift

The optimization of this method depends entirely of the improving of your search. The more giveaways and players willing to offer coins you find, the more coins you will receive.


How many FUT 13 Coins can I earn with this Method ?

The amount of coins you can earn is highly uncertain.

In each Daily Gifts, you probably will not get more than 2,500 coins. Most likely you stay up for about 500-1000 coins daily.
The giveways usually hover around 100k coins of prizes but they may be much lower or much higher than this value.
About offers from other players, the best ones are those that result from drop-outs. In that cases, they may amount to several million coins but the more likely it is to stay up for about 500k coins.


Advantages and Disadvantages of this Method of receive FUT 13 coins as a gift

Receiving FIFA 13 Ultimate Team coins as a gift is something often overlooked by gamers. There is not any risk of loss in this method because there is not also any investment.
The only danger that exists is to be cheated. There are hundreds of people who claim to offer coins but they only want to stay with what you have. If you are careful, do not give your account information to anyone, not follow suspicious links and respect the safety recommendations, you can search for this coin for free without big surprises.


Simple and easy.
No risk.
Difficulty in finding those who make offers.
Possibility of being cheated.


Should I use this Method ?

Yes, you should. Since you have careful with the fake offers, search for free coins is rewarding.

Access your area every day to enjoy the Daily Gifts while they are active. If you have time, try to participate in all Giveaways you find. If you have even more time, try to search for who can offer you some coins.



Born in late 70s, Rodrigo Lopes is a video game enthusiast. He started on the old ZX Spectrum 48k and played every FIFA game. This engineer, that also writes about FIFA games in another popular website, is an Ultimate Team expert, loves football and is a huge Benfica fan. Join him on Google Plus.

  1. Parrot1234 says:

    How d u get free gifts

    • We explained on this article that are three ways to get it: by EA, by Giveaways or by offer of other players. For example, in September 2012 we offer 1.300.000 coins to our Facebook fans. We will do it again on this Summer.

  2. coconoco says:

    Hi guys nice article I remember I used to have loads of accounts for the daily gift so every morning I would get about 15-20 daily gifts and transfer them to my main account :D and anyways sorry for being greedy/selfish or whatever the word is, but could you perhaps give me 20,000 coins for the PS3 please? I promise I’ll do anything you ask.

  3. Apo says:

    I have a problem.
    I don’t receive the daily gift anymore on the fifa website this all happened
    when I installed the app ‘EA Sports football club’ on my Iphone
    can you tell me what the problem is and can you help me with this.

    Greetings Cnz

    • Hi.
      The last daily gift season occurs between 14th and 18th February and was exclusively to the FUT Web App.
      You don’t get it any more because it expires. It have nothing to do with your EASFC App. It was a coincidence.

  4. Apo says:

    I joined for receive daily gift but i still dont get it.

    What i need to do for solve my problem?

    Please help me, I cant get my daily gifts for a long time.


    • Hi. We already answered you to this question.
      The last daily gift season took place between 14th and 18th February and was exclusively to the FUT Web App.
      You don’t get it any more because it expires.
      It will be back some weeks later.

  5. Mihai says:

    Hi,i can`t find where i can join for daily gift

    • Hi.
      Daily Gifts are not always available. Currently EA is not giving daily gifts but you can find in other places. FIFA U Team Facebook page, for example, are awarding their followers with coins in some contests.

  6. Regan says:

    I really like fifa

  7. Regan says:

    Hi am trying to get fifa points and coins

  8. aryn mumby says:

    how do you receive free daily gifts?

  9. aryn mumby says:

    i desperatly need some fifa points on ps3, if you lend me 4000, you will have 6500 back within 2 weeks, reply if ps3 playes please

  10. Dafydd Owen says:

    I need 300k

  11. lucas says:


    is there anyway you can buy fifa points to use it on the webapp ?