FIFA 14 Tips: Introduction to the new FIFA 14 Game Play

FIFA 14 Tips: Introduction to the new FIFA 14 Gameplay

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You can find here some FIFA 14 tips about what has changed in the new game play.


FIFA 14 Tips: Introduction to the new FIFA 14 Game play

Players have momentum in FIFA 14, meaning quick turns result in a shift of body weight and a delayed reaction if sprinting. Use sprint sparingly and ease off RT / R2 earlier than you would have in FIFA 13 when going in for tackles or when wanting to get past defenders. Create space with clever movement and burst away with sprint. Use LT on your XBox controller or L2 on your Playstation controller to protect the ball.

Pure Shot lets you shoot for goal in a variety of ways. Dipping shots, rising shots and knuckle shots are all possible. Try shooting from distance or difficult angles. You may just surprise yourself and your opponent with a goal thanks to a ball swerving in the air or a deflection. Skill moves no longer need LT / L2 held down in combination with the right stick. Use RS on its own to perform skill moves, and hold RT (XBox) or R2 (PS) and flick RS in a direction to perform a knock on. Team mate Intelligence means players make better runs off the ball. Make use of a good build up passing game to create better opportunities in the final third.


Introduction to the new FIFA 14 Game play Video

This week tips on The Boot Room, Darren Cross from Match Magazine shares in a video what has changed in the new FIFA 14 game play.



This article is based on The Boot Room, an EA magazine.

We will publish more FIFA 14 tips that help you to improve your game play. Stay alert and good games!



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    What about skill moves in pc ? Can we do skills without holidng shift alond with right stick directions ? Can u please teach me how to swing the long shot in air !