FIFA 17 Team of the Season Guide

FIFA 17 Team of the Season Guide


FIFA 17 Team of the Season is one of the most important moments of the game and, for that reason, we are publishing a guide with everything you need to know about it. On our FIFA 17 TOTS Guide, you can learn more about these blue cards, including the release date of each league, the rules, the predictions, the market behaviour, leaked squads and the answers to the most common questions.

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FIFA 17 Team of the Season Introduction

What is the Team of the Season?
FIFA 17 Team of the Season Guide

Since FUT 12, that in every end of the season (European calendar), more exactly in May and June, Electronic Arts builds teams based on the players real performances on that season. Unlike what happens with the TOTY, on the TOTS the players are chosen by their performances in the season and not for the full calendar year. Instead of releasing a single team, the Team of the Season is made by around sixteen squads, each one of a popular league or region. Besides these ones, a All-Star MLS is also released in early August.

Each Team of the Season has 23 players that can be of any quality. Depending on which TOTS we are talking about, the players may be chosen by the community (Most Consistent TOTS) or by Electronic Arts (other ones).

To each one of these players it is assigned a new blue card, replacing the corresponding regular card. In other words, during the period that a player gets his TOTS cards in packs, it is impossible to find his regular card there. Your odds of pulling a TOTS card from a pack are exactly the same of pulling the regular card of that player in another time.

If you own the regular card of a TOTS player, your card will keep unchanged. If you want the improved version, you will need to buy the corresponding TOTS version in the market or pray to pull it from a pack.


FIFA 17 Team of the Season Guide
FIFA 17 TOTS Card (gold, silver and bronze)



FIFA 17 Team of the Season Release Dates

When the FIFA 17 Team of the Season will be released?
FIFA 17 Team of the Season Guide

TOTS season happens once per year. Any Ultimate Team player knows how important the TOTS teams are. During the release, it is possible to make big improvements to our teams and make amazing deals in the transfer market. That’s why it is normal to see the FIFA community eager and waiting for the launch of the first squad. The usual way things go is that EA Sports doesn’t announce when it will happen. In the best of the chances, they do it one week before the release date, but it is unlikely to happen.

Year after year, EA follows a very strict calendar. Looking at the release dates of the previous years, it is possible to get a good idea about when the TOTS of FUT 17 will start. The experience tells us that we can predict the FIFA 17 Team of the Season release date based on three factors: international competitions, MC TOTS discussion and transfer market health.

This year there is no World Cup or European Championships to be played, which means that the end of major European leagues is in line with what happened in 2015, when the first TOTS was released on May 20. Last year, for example, due to the UEFA EURO 2016, it went out in late April, just like it already happened two years earlier because of the World Cup 2014.

Like it happened in previous years, the Most Consistent but Never In Form TOTS will be the first one to be launched. In fact, this was officially confirmed by EA Sports that started to consult the community about the most suitable players for these three teams (gold, silver and bronze) on April 13. Their deadline is April 24. Usually, the discussion starts 5 to 6 weeks before the first TOTS goes out and it closes one to two weeks earlier.

Based on what we already explained, we predict that the first FIFA 17 Team of the Season will be released on May 19, 2017 at 4pm (UK time) and released in packs two hours later. Since these teams are always announced at Mondays and Fridays, the alternative dates are May 12 or May 15.


First TOTS 19/05/2017 (Fri) 29/04/2016 (Fri) 20/05/2015 (Wed) 23/04/2014 (Wed) 08/05/2013 (Wed) 02/05/2012 (Wed)
MC TOTS Discussion 13/04/2017 (Thu) 22/03/2016 (Tue) 02/04/2015 (Thu) 02/04/2014 (Wed)  


Based on the experience of the previous year, the most popular squads are announced on Fridays, at 4 pm (UK time), during the period of six weeks in which TOTS are active. The cards are released in packs two hours later, at 6 pm, and you can find them in packs during a week. The other Teams of the Season cards are announced on Mondays, at 4 pm (UK time), and are released in packs in the same day two hours later, at 6 pm. They only last 48 hours in packs. It is possible to find one of these cards in any pack with rare players cards that you open during the TOTS season.

According to the lineup of the last year, the estimated release dates for each squad are the following ones:

From May 19 Friday to May 26 Friday
🥇 Gold Most Consistent but never IF TOTS
🥈 Silver Most Consistent but never IF TOTS
🥉 Bronze Most Consistent but never IF TOTS

From May 26 Friday to June 2 Friday
🇬🇧 Premier League TOTS

From May 29 Monday to May 31 Wednesday
🇬🇧 Football League TOTS
🇧🇪🇳🇱 Benelux TOTS

From June 2 Friday to June 9 Friday
🇩🇪 Bundesliga TOTS

From June 5 Monday to June 7 Wednesday
🇸🇦 Jameel League TOTS
🇵🇹 Liga NOS

From June 9 Friday to June 16 Friday
🇪🇸 LaLiga TOTS

From June 12 Monday to June 14 Wednesday
🌎Latin America TOTS
🇷🇺 Russian League TOTS

From June 16 Friday to June 23 Friday
🇫🇷 Ligue 1 TOTS
🇮🇹 Serie A TOTS

From June 19 Monday to June 21 Wednesday
🇹🇷 Süper Lig
🌍 Rest of the World TOTS

From June 23 Friday to June 30 Friday

From July 26 Wednesday to August 2 Wednesday


FIFA 17 Team of the Season Rules

How the FIFA 17 Team of the Season works?
FIFA 17 Team of the Season Guide

Every year, Electronic Arts makes a few adjustments to the squads they release but they shouldn’t be very different from the ones we published above. Maybe they will split the Benelux TOTS into two different squads or add a new league but don’t expect too many changes.

The ratings and attributes of the FUT 17 TOTS cards are usually boosted in four, five or six points, depending on the players performances and their IF cards. The attributes have a similar increase but it doesn’t mean that all attributes have to be improved. The position of the players in these cards may change if, in the most of the season, they played really well in a different position. If a player has moved from one club to another one, he is candidate to a TOTS card only in the club where he was in form.

You can have the regular card and the TOTS card of the same player in your club. However, you cannot play with both in your squad at the same time.

Each player can only have one TOTS card, even if he was selected for more than one team of the season. For example, he may be chosen to the Community or the EASFC TOTS and also make part of the TOTS of the league where he plays. Any of these cards will be exactly the same. In these cases, their cards stay available in packs for more time.


FIFA 17 Team of the Season Predictions

Who have higher chances to be included on the FIFA 17 Team of the Season?
FIFA 17 Team of the Season Guide

If you want to have an idea about the players that you will be able to find in packs in their TOTS version, check our FIFA 17 Team of the Season predictions for each squad.

🇬🇧 Premier League

FIFA 17 Team of the Season Guide

🇪🇸 LaLiga
FIFA 17 Team of the Season Guide

🇩🇪 Bundesliga
FIFA 17 Team of the Season Guide

🇮🇹 Serie A
FIFA 17 Team of the Season Guide

🇫🇷 Ligue 1
FIFA 17 Team of the Season Guide

🇵🇹 Liga NOS
FIFA 17 Team of the Season Guide

🇹🇷 Süper Lig
FIFA 17 Team of the Season Guide

🇧🇪🇳🇱 Benelux
FIFA 17 Team of the Season Guide

🇷🇺 Russian Premier League
FIFA 17 Team of the Season Guide

🇬🇧 Football League
FIFA 17 Team of the Season Guide

🇸🇦 Jameel League
FIFA 17 Team of the Season Guide

💛 Gold Most Consistent
FIFA 17 Team of the Season Guide

💛 Silver Most Consistent
FIFA 17 Team of the Season Guide

💛 Bronze Most Consistent
FIFA 17 Team of the Season Guide

FIFA 17 Team of the Season Guide

You can find the complete predictions for each squad clicking here.



FIFA 17 Leaked TOTS Cards

TOTS cards leaked before the official release date

Sometimes, Electronic Arts announce by mistake TOTS cards before the official release date. However, until the moment, no TOTS card were leaked on FIFA 17.

We will also publish here the most popular fake leaks about the FIFA 17 Team of the Season.

APRIL 22, 2017

FIFA 17 Team of the Season Guide


Final FIFA 17 Team of the Season Squads

Each one of the FIFA 17 TOTS squads
FIFA 17 Team of the Season Guide

At this moment, there are no squads released.
As soon as they are announced or leaked, we will publish them here.


The Market

What happens to the market during the FIFA 17 Team of the Season?
FIFA 17 Team of the Season Guide

In general, NIF cards lose value as the first TOTS approaches. However, this is only visible on the week before the TOTS, a period in which cards can get price decreases of up to 10%. Naturally, the biggest price drop occurs between the day of the release itself and the day before it. In just 24 hours, cards lose more than 2% of their value. Which means it’s safe to say that a good day to buy your players is the day the TOTS are released.

If we compare the prices of cards along these weeks, we come to the conclusion that there is a pattern: they’re always cheaper on the day new TOTS are being launched. On the other hand, the biggest price increases always occur from the first to the second and third days of each TOTS. However, if Electronic Arts maintain their rule of releasing the best TOTS on Fridays, these fluctuations won’t be too noticeable due to the Weekend League’s reverse effect, which consists of the highest prices appearing on Fridays and the lowest ones on Sunday. Along each week prices remain more or less stable, reacting very little to the midweek Team of the Season.

Week after week, the prices go through slight decreases. They’re not highly affected by the quality of the current Team of the Season. The historical minimum of the game is reached by the time the penultimate TOTS is released, when prices hit values that are only comparable to the day when the first TOTS is released and FIFA 18’s post demo.

The pattern which was previously described for NIF cards is also followed by IF cards, although, percentually, the price increases and decreases are smaller.


DAY -7 -5 -3 -2 -1 D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7
% ↓ 1% ↑ 0% ↓ 2% ↓ 1% ↓ 1% ↓ 2% ↑ 1% ↑ 3% ↑ 1% ↑ 0% ↑ 0% ↑ 0%

The Team of the Season and FIFA 17 Cards’ Prices


Every TOTS card hits its historical maximum price on the day it’s launched. Most of the times, the initial price is almost two times higher than the average price for the card on the rest of the year. Prices on the first week are almost always the highest, and they don’t reach such high values again until the end of the season.

During the Team of the Season there are always some fluctuations, although prices naturally tend to decrease over time. The biggest drop is registered already on the first week, a period when the market is still balancing itself, and the second biggest drop occurs on the week after that. From there, prices show an apparent stabilisation, which only becomes definitive at the end of all TOTS. This stability maintains itself until the end of July, when prices increase at about 15% in a period of two to three weeks, then previous behaviour is resumed after the FIFA 18 demo comes out.

There is a broad number of TOTS cards, although this pattern isn’t always followed by all players in exactly the same way. Players from the least popular leagues tend to divert themselves.

About the NIF cards of players who received a TOTS card, the tendency for those who are high rated (a.k.a. more popular) is for their price to increase (about 10%) due to the lack of cards on the market. For the minority of players with lower ratings, the new TOTS ends up causing a reverse effect: since it’s easier to make the upgrade and not many people are interested in the old card, its price decreases.


Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know about FIFA 17 Team of the Season
FIFA 17 Team of the Season Guide

Q: What is the Team of the Season?
A: Team of the Season, commonly abbreviated to TOTS, is a team of In Form players released on a yearly basis. These blue In Form cards are assigned to the best players based on their real performance on the season.

Q: What is the difference between Team of the Year and Team of the Season?
A: TOTY is a team made by the players who played better during the calendar year, according to the FIFPro’s voting. The TOTS has nothing to do with the calendar year. It is about the players of each league who have played better during the season (usually between August/September and May) and they are not chosen by FIFPro members.

Q: Which one is better: TOTY or TOTS cards?
A: To the same player, TOTY card has better stats than the TOTS version. That’s why they are more expensive.

Q: Who picks the players for the Team of the Season?
A: EA Sports, except Community squads which are chosen by the community.

Q: How many players are selected for each TOTS?
A: Each squad has 23 players (11 on the main team, 7 substitutes and 5 reserves).

Q: How many defenders, midfielders and forwards each TOTS has?
A: There is no rule about it. Usually, it has something like 2 goalkeepers, 6 defenders, 6 midfielders and 4 forwards.

Q: Can a FIFA 17 Team of the Season player’s rating change?
A: TOTS card ratings remain unchanged after being implemented into FUT 17.

Q: How much the rating and the attributes increases on a TOTS card?
A: There is no rule about it but usually the rating increases 3 to 6 points comparing to the regular card or, if exists, the last IF card. The attributes have a similar increase but it doesn’t mean that all attributes have to be improved.

Q: Are certain stats upgraded to reflect a player’s TOTS performance?
A: Yes, if a player made many assists through the season for example, his passing stats would likely receive a significant upgrade.

Q: Which players have the biggest boost?
A: Usually the ones with lowest rates, like the ones from the Most Consistent but never IF TOTS.

Q: Can a player change his category on a TOTS card ?
A: Yes. But not in the MC TOTS.
In the most consistent TOTS, any bronze player that get a TOTS card, will increase his rating to 64. Any silver player that get a TOTS card, will increase his rating to 74. If a player already has rating 64 or 74, it will not change on TOTS version. Only players that already have changed their categories on a previous IF card will get a different category from the one they have in their regular cards.

Q: When the first TOTS will be announced?
A: The estimated date is May 19, 2017.

Q: In which platforms TOTS cards will be released ?
A: They will be released for Playstation 4, Playstation 3, XBox One, XBox 360 and PC.

Q: Are OTW cards upgraded when a new TOTS card is released?
A: No. Ones to Watch cards are only affected by TOTW new versions.

Q: Are TOTW released at the same time of Team of the Season?
A: Yes. Team of the Week are released interrupted every Wednesday.

Q: How can I know who are the players of FIFA 17 Team of the Season ?
A: We will publish every final squad on this page.

Q: How long are FIFA 17 TOTS cards available in FIFA packs?
A: The squads of the most popular leagues lasts in packs a week while the other squads are only available in packs for two days.

Q: How can I get one of these cards ?
A: You can get a TOTS card in the same way you can get any other card: on packs or on the transfer market. If you want to try your luck on packs, you can go to the store and buy them with coins or FIFA Points. The chances of pulling a TOTS card in a pack are low.

Q: Will FIFA 17 TOTS cards be released all at once?
A: No. Each week, at least two new squads should be released.

Q: How the new ratings and attributes are calculated ?
A: It is EA Sports who decides and it depends on the player performance during the season and his IF cards.

Q: Can a player receive two TOTS cards if he has moved to another club?
A: No. In a case like this, he will receive a TOTS cards of the club where he played better.

Q: There will be happy hours and special packs during the TOTS season?
A: Yes, it will.

Q: How easy is to find FIFA 17 Team of the Season cards in FUT packs?
A: Your odds to find a specific TOTS card are the same of finding the respective regular card in another time.

Q: In which FUT packs I can find FIFA 17 TOTS cards?
A: TOTS players can be found in any pack players cards. Obviously, the chances of finding one of these cards are higher if you open a pack which contains more player cards.

Q: Can I store packs to open during the TOTS week?
A: Yes. It doesn’t matter when you got the packs. The cards you will find inside depend exclusively on the date you open them.

Q: It is possible to get a TOTS card when opening a free pack like the ones of the Manager Tasks?
A: Yes, it is. It is possible to find one of these cards in any pack with players cards that you open during the TOTS season. If you got a pack a few weeks before TOTS begins, you can save them to open during the blue cards season.

Q: Do I have chances to pull a Team of the Season card from a pack that I won before the TOTS season?
A: If you open it during the TOTS season, then you have chances.

Q: I have the regular card of a TOTS player. Why my card hasn’t changed?
A: Because the cards don’t change. You will need to buy the new card if you want the improved version of that player.

Q: How many squads will be released ?
A: There is one Team of the Season for each one of the most popular leagues. There are around sixteen squads in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team.

Q: What is the ROTW Team of the Season?
A: It is a squad made of the best players of the season from the whole world not included on others TOTS.

Q: What is the EASFC Team of the Season?
A: It is a squad chosen by the FIFA Dev Team from the best players of the others TOTS. It is the last Team of the Season to be released.

Q: Can a player be released in more than one TOTS?
A: Yes. All players from EAS FC TOTS are picked from the others Team of the Season. Besides that, a player released in MC TOTS can also be re-released in the respective league’s TOTS. When that happens, the new card has exactly the same overall, stats and position. It is like a relaunched.

Q: Are FIFA 17 TOTS cards available in the FUT Draft mode?
A: Yes, they are available in all modes, including FUT Draft and FUT Squad Building Challenges. Obviously, you can only find one of these blue cards after its release in May/June.

Q: I have another question about the FIFA 17 Team of the Season.
A: First check if that question was not already answered in this guide. If it wasn’t, feel free to ask us in the comments.


TOTS of previous years:


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Hola Rodrigo, the reward for the actual MM SBC is an untradeble TOTW-card. Would I get a TOTS-card if I open this TOTW-reward in the period when the TOTS-cards are issued? And more specific – I want a La Liga TOTS-card; would I get it if I open the pack in the TOTS-La Liga period? (7/9-7/16) Or would I get a TOTW-card of the latest TOTW although TOTS will be more recent then? Thanks!


Hello – Is it better to sell all players from my squad including TOTW’s now, and run with a cheap team until TOTS/TOTY comes out? When is the best time to sell players to make most the most profit?


Hello rodrigo. Do the prices of IF’s that dont get a TOTS increase, or decrease?


Market is already really low. Too late to sell?


Will OTW Card be upgraded with TOTS Card?