FIFA 17 Lunar New Year Guide – FUT Chinese New Year Offers

FIFA 17 Lunar New Year Guide - FUT Chinese New Year Offers


FIFA 17 Lunar New Year Promotion is a FUT event which takes place once a year to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Basically, it offers multiple FUT pack offers and several featured tournament. In this guide you can know everything about the FIFA 17 Lunar New Year promotions, including how it affects the market, how it was in previous years and an updated promotional offers list.

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FIFA 17 Lunar New Year Introduction

What is the Lunar New Year Promotion?

The FIFA Lunar New Year promotion, otherwise known as FUT Chinese New Year, was first time released in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team to celebrate the Chinese New Year. It takes place every year in late January / early February and is typically a week long. Each year is related to an animal sign and 2017 is the year of the Rooster.

During the FIFA 17 Lunar New Year, one of the less known FUT events, EA rewards the FUT fans with many special offers like promo packs in the FUT store, lightning Rounds with limited number of packs to be sold (first come, first served) and featured tournaments with better rewards for online and single players winners.

Details on FIFA 17 Lunar New Year offers will be updated below.



FIFA 17 Lunar New Year Date

When FUT Chinese New Year promotion will be released?

The Chinese New Year promotion has been going since FIFA 12 and is now more atractive than ever.

For FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, the Lunar New Year event date is:

FIFA 17 Lunar New Year
27 January (Friday) to 2 February 2017 (Thursday)


In the following table you can see the Lunar New Year release dates of previous years:

Promotions Date
FIFA 17 Rooster 27 January – 2 February 2017
FIFA 16 Monkey 2-9 February 2016
FIFA 15 Goat 18-25 February 2015
FIFA 14 Horse 31 January – 6 February 2014
FIFA 13 Snake 9-12 February 2013
FIFA 12 Dragon 22-25 January 2012



FIFA 17 Lunar New Year Offers

What you can win with the FIFA 17 Chinese New Year?

SBC and Themed Kits
New squad building challenges will be released during the Lunar New Year event.
The following exclusive themed kit will be delievered to the winners:

FIFA 17 Lunar New Year Guide - FUT Chinese New Year Offers

We will be updating all the promotional offers as they become available.



Chinese New Year Offers of Previous Years

How was the Lunar New Year promotion in FIFA 16?

These were the offers available during the Chinese New Year in FIFA 16.


FIFA 17 Lunar New Year Guide - FUT Chinese New Year Offers


FUT Packs Offers
New FUT pack offer available on the FUT store every 8 hours: 25k Premium Gold Players Packs, 25k Rare Gold Pack, 35k Mega Packs, 50k Rare Players Packs and 100k Jumbo Rare Players Packs.

FUT Featured Tournaments
‘The Lucky Number 8’ Featured Tournament was available during all week, exclusively online, and rewarded the winners with 8,800 coins. It was not easy to play it because the team chemistry had to be exactly 88 and 8 players had to be from the same league. Additionally, six other single player tournaments were played up to 8 hours, rewarding winners until 5,000 coins.



How the Market is Affected by FIFA 17 Chinese New Year

What happens to the cards’ prices during the FUT Lunar New Year?

During the FIFA 17 Lunar New Year, one of the less known FUT events, the cards prices on the transfer market are low because it is the first promotion that takes place after the popular Team of the Year release and its market crash. However, there are no great prices fluctuations during this week.

In the coming weeks, we will add a much deeper explanation to what will happen to the prices cards in the market during FIFA 17 Lunar New Year.



FIFA 17 Lunar New Year Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know about this event?

Q: What is the Chinese New Year?
A: Chinese New Year, known in modern Chinese as the “Spring Festival”, is an important Chinese festival celebrated at the turn of the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar.

Q: What is the FIFA 17 Lunar New Year?
A: FIFA 17 Lunar New Year is an event that Electronic Arts organises to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Q: When is the FIFA 17 Lunar New Year promotion?
A: Between January 27 and February 2, 2017.

Q: What can we expect from FIFA 17 Lunar New Year offers?
A: New daily featured tournament and a wide range of FUT packs offers.

Q: Is FIFA 17 Lunar New Year only a day?
A: No. It is one week long.

Q: Which Happy Hours can we expect on these days?
A: All the most popular FIFA 17 packs will be available during the promotion.

Q: Can we expect 100k Jumbo Rare Players Packs ?
A: Yes. In FIFA 16, 100k packs were released in the fourth and fifth day of the promotion.

Q: Do the Lunar New Year special FUT packs have special items?
A: No. Basically they are regular promotional packs with a new pack design.

Q: Can we expect a featured tournament related with the Chinese New Year?
A: Yes.

Q: Will EA Sports release free packs to everyone during FIFA 17 Chinese New Year?
A: No, it is highly unlikely. Not even Daily Gifts should be available during the event.

Q: It is true that last year Halloween Promotions were also available for FIFA mobile?
A: Yes, it is. However, the promotions were not the same ones of the consoles. For Android and iOS devices, EA released ‘The Grateful Eight’, a limited edition of eight players red cards.


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