FIFA 17 FUT Birthday 8th Anniversary Guide & Updated Offers

FIFA 17 FUT Birthday 8th Anniversary Guide & Updated Offers


FUT Birthday Anniversary Celebration was created to celebrate the success of the FIFA Ultimate Team game mode and it currently is one of the best FIFA promotions. This event is released every year in late March and lasts for about a week. During FUT Birthday Anniversary event, great offers are shared with the FIFA fans, including free packs and very special tournament. In this guide you can know everything about the FIFA 17 FUT Birthday 8th Anniversary, including how it affects the market, how it was in previous years and an updated promotional offers list.

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FIFA 17 FUT Birthday Promotions Introduction

What is the FIFA 17 8th Anniversary promotion?

FIFA Ultimate Team was first introduced in FIFA 09 on March 19th 2009. Since then, it has been the most successful and profitable game mode in EA Sports FIFA’s history. To celebrate it’s anniversary and the birth date of the game mode, EA release the FUT Birthday event. FUT Birthday Anniversary Celebration was first introduced by Electronic Arts in FIFA 14 and since then, it has been one of the best FIFA promotions. This event is released every year in late March and lasts for about a week. During FUT Birthday week, great offers are shared with the FIFA fans.

During the FUT 8th anniversary, Electronic Arts gives away daily free packs for all FUT players, includes player’s international positions into packs, releases a very special tournament and make available a new happy hour every 8 hours.

Details on FIFA 17 FUT Birthday offers will be updated below.


FIFA 17 FUT Birthday 8th Anniversary Date

When FIFA 17 FUT Birthday promotion will be released?

The FUT Birthday promotion has been going since FIFA 14.

For FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, the FUT 8th Anniversary event estimated dates are:

FIFA 17 FUT Birthday
20 March (Monday) to 27 March 2017 (Monday)


In the following table you can see the FUT Birthday Anniversary release dates of previous years:

Promotions Date
FIFA 17 20-27 March 2017
FIFA 16 21-28 March 2016
FIFA 15 23-29 March 2015
FIFA 14 19-24 March 2014



FIFA 17 FUT Birthday Offers

What you can win with the FIFA 17 8th Anniversary Promotion?

No offers were announced yet.
We will be updating all the promotional offers as they become available.



FIFA Anniversary Offers of Previous Years

How was the FUT Birthday in FIFA 16?

These were the offers available during the 7th anniversary of FUT.


FIFA 17 FUT Birthday 8th Anniversary Guide & Updated Offers


FUT Birthday offers were amazing in FIFA 16:

FUT Packs Offers
New FUT pack offer available on the FUT store every 8 hours: 1.8k Premium Bronze Players Packs, 7k Premium Silver Players Packs, 25k Premium Gold Players Packs, 25k Rare Gold Pack, 35k Mega Packs, 50k Rare Players Packs and 100k Jumbo Rare Players Packs.

Free FUT Packs
One untradeable pack each day, per account: 5k Gold Pack, 7.5k Premium Gold Pack, 15k Jumbo Premium Gold Pack, 25k Rare Gold Pack, 25k Premium Gold Players Pack, 35K Mega Pack and 50k Rare Players Pack.

FUT Featured Tournament
‘FUT Birthday Cup’, available during the promotion (a week), with ever-increasing rewards for both single player and online game mode:

First win – Exclusive Ultimate Team Kit
Second win – 7,000 coins
Third win – 25k Rare Gold Pack
Fourth win – 8,500 coins
Fifth win – 35k Mega Pack
Sixth win – 10,000 coins
Seventh win – 100k Jumbo Rare Players Pack

Single Player:
First win – 7.5k Premium Gold Pack
Second win – 3,000 coins
Third win – 25k Rare Gold Pack
Fourth win – 5,000 coins
Fifth win – 25k Premium Gold Players Pack
Sixth win: 7,000 coins
Seventh win – 50k Rare Players Pack

Player’s International Positions Cards
EA Sports released 21 cards with the player’s international positions, including Cristiano Ronaldo, David Silva, James Rodriguez and Gareth Bale.



How the Market is Affected by the 8th FUT Birthday

What happens to the cards’ prices during this promotion?

The FUT Birthday promotion has a medium impact on the FUT 17 market, especially on days when the best free packs are released. Usually the prices drop more than 15%, which means that you can buy cards and sell them shortly after by a small profit margins.

In the coming weeks, we will add a much deeper explanation to what will happen to the prices cards in the market during FIFA 17 FUT Birthday event.



FIFA 17 FUT Birthday Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know about FIFA 17 8th Anniversary

Q: What is the FIFA 17 FUT Birthday?
A: FIFA 17 FUT Birthday is an event that Electronic Arts organises to celebrate the Ultimate Team 8th anniversary. It includes very interesting offers .

Q: When is the FIFA 17 FUT Birthday?
A: The promotion runs between 20 March (Monday) and 27 March 2017 (Monday).

Q: Why do EA release the FUT Anniversary promotion after March 19th?
A: That’s because St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated every year on March 17th, which is two days prior to FUT’s birthday.

Q: What can we expect from FIFA 17 FUT Birthday?
A: A new pack offer every 8 hours, the ‘FUT Birthday Cup’ tournament, daily free packs and eventually Player’s International Positions Cards.

Q: Can we expect 100k Jumbo Rare Players Packs?
A: Yes. These packs are usually released during the FUT Anniversary promotions. We estimate 100k packs for March 25 and March 26, 2017.

Q: Can we expect a featured tournament related with the FUT Birthday?
A: Yes. The FUT Birthday Tournament is one of the most important FUT tournaments of the year. We expect to see it again in FUT 17. You will be able to play it up to eight times and get ever-increasing rewards.

Q: Will EA Sports release free packs to everyone during FIFA 17 FUT Birthday?
A: Yes. Just like FUTmas, that’s what makes this event so special. Instead of offering loan player packs, in FUT Birthday promotion Electronic Arts rewards the players with popular packs everyday.

Q: What do I have to do to get these free packs?
A: You just need to go to your PC or console and open your FUT store. You can also use the Companion or Web App to redeem your daily free pack. Remember to claim yours each day because they don’t carry over. You can not sell them and the discard price is 0. These packs should be available for everyone except for mobile players. A new free pack is announced every day at 6pm (UK time).

Q: How many free packs can we expect?
A: Eight.

Q: When the best free packs will be released?
A: In the last two days of the promotion.

Q: What are the Player’s International Position cards?
A: Original players cards are usually released when FUT starts in their natural positions. In other words, the positions of their regular cards are the ones where they usually play for their clubs. International position changes are regular not in form cards in which the players have the positions where they play for their national teams. That’s the only difference. Ratings and stats are exactly the same.

Q: For how long player’s international position cards are available in the market?
A: These cards are released for a limited time, usually a week, replacing the respective regular card during that period. If someone own the original regular card, they will keep unchanged. If he wants the ‘improved’ version, he will need to buy the corresponding version in the market or pull it from a pack.

Q: Where I can see which offers are assigned for each FIFA 17 FUT Birthday day?
A: You can check in this page the complete program as soon as it becomes available.


FUT Birthday History


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